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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 17

Chapter 17

  2009.09.26. 21:09


Martin was right. When Dave wakes up with the first daylight he experiences a nasty burning in a certain, violated area. Suppressing a groan he cautiously slips out off the bed – letting his eyes linger on the blonde curly firgure that still sleeps peacefully on his stomach – before trotting towards the bathroom for a pee. Washing his hands his eyes meet the white-yellow pack, that rests on the cabinet next to his shaver – a little post it sticking at it.


I suppose you’ll feel much more comfy after using this! -M.

It’s a haemorrhoids ointment – and the applicator lets him shiver again.
„You can’t be serious, Curly!“
As every abrupt move he makes hurts like no good he finally opens the box and reads the instructions. Just a few minutes later he relaxes as the pain subsides kinda magically.

Returning to the bedroom Martin hasn’t moved an inch. He looks so sweet drooling slightly onto his pillow that Dave feels reminded of his own son doing so onto his shoulder – being fast asleep after feeding.

Not to disturb him he very gingerly enters the mattress again, reaching for the diary he fetched from his bag on the way back. He still can’t get Alan out off his mind. Curious what there might be lie beneath he opens the book.

London, January 2nd, 1988

Only 4 days before the start of the UK leg of the tour. I still feel sick from New Year’s Eve party. Hell, shouldn’t have let that get out off hand that much! The marks around my wrists are the least obvious things. I really hope that Dave’s use of coke will keep within limits during the concerts. Alan distracted me way enough so I have no clue where and with whom our star ended up. Well, he will have fallen softly judging all those girls around. Poor Joanne – eventhough Jack is born Dave still goes over the rails – and with the tour coming up that’s just going worse. I’m no saint as well – and yes, this permanently being on display really starts to piss me off kind of – yet that seems to be the price to pay if you’re growing famous.

Alan appears to be the only one besides Andy who has his feet on the ground so far. Nobody would ever expect anything about his dark side. He’s a bleeding perfectionist – whatever he does! It’s a real plus when it comes to nervewrecking mixing in the studio – though I can easily do without staying there till 4 in the morning! Does this guy ever have fun?! Well, I was asking myself this question a numerous times before – till I discovered what Alan means when he talks about having a „good time“.

It still leaves me a little speechless – me, the kinky pervert from Basildon! Well, flirting with the idea – like I often did and do is one thing – living it to the bottom of the jar a complete other. I know I’m playing with fire but I need more! I tasted blood – I’m under his dark spell!

The smell of his high, black leather boots still linger in my nostrils. He uses this expensive english saddle balm for it. No, not profane shoe shine! I see him sitting in front of me – sprawled on the couch, his right leg over the arm rest.

„Rub yourself against my boot, Martin!“

It wasn’t a plea. His voice didn’t leave any doubt about his intentions.

„Do it slowly! I want to see your white dick gliding up and down the dark leather!“

He was still completely clothed and I was standing there – already completely stripped. Still wonder how he managed to make me take my clothes off – he didn’t move a single finger for it.

Feeling the soft yet strong material against my most delicate area nearly let me faint. He told me to speed up. My cock already started throbbing with need. Before I was able to come he kicked me away and I landed on my butt – panting like no good.

„How does it feel, acting like a horny dog?“

I wasn’t able to muster an appropriate reply, still trying to get back my composure.

„I don’t hear you, DOG! How does it feel?!“
„Good – it’s so good!“
„So you need more? Do you want to come?“
„Oh, yes – please!“

He readjusts his leg and points to it with his long, slender index finger.

„Then come!“

I crawled back, got up to my feet and went back into my former position. My body was still so hot and crying for release that it didn’t take long and after a few more slides up and down my muscles tensed and my cum spurted all over the shiny, black leather.

He suddenly grabbed me by the hair and forced my face down onto his boot.

„Now clean up the mess – and do it properly!“

So I licked all my juices from it till there was only the wet shine of my saliva left. My head was buzzing. I never felt like this before.

„Good boy.“ Alans eyes still had that cold stare and I was wondering what would be next. Yes, I was sure this wasn’t the end yet.

Mart starts stirring next to him in the sheets. Yawing he stretches a little and then faces Dave with a sleepy smile.

„Good morning!“
Dave let’s the diary sink onto the blanket and smiles back, leaning over for a passionate kiss.

„Been reading again? Obviously some naughty things - though that’s no surprise. There are lots of naughty revelations about me.“

Mart eyes Dave’s hard on and smirks widely, reaching out with his hand. Closing his fingers around it David let’s the book slip off the bed with a thud and leans back, closing his eyes.

„Oh god, let me feel those velvet lips of yours again!“

„We need to hurry! The guys already should be in the studio!“

Martin puts his empty tea mug back onto the sink and grabs his IT-bag. The voice of his brunette friend echoes down the hallway.

„Give me a few more minutes, Curly! Oouch!“

Curious what’s going on there still in the bathroom Mart heads down into the direction of the odd sounds. He finds Dave standing in front of the large mirror, with bare chest.

„Geez, Dave! You can’t be serious! Waxing?! Now??!“
„Argh, I wanted to do this for the last two days just every time I was kinda distracted.“
He now throws a smug grin at his mate standing next to him. Obviously he seems to like what he sees as he grabs his cellphone and presses speed dial.

„Ah, morning Andy! I have a bit of trouble here with Dave. He seems to have caught a cold and croaks like a moose! Additionly I just messed up some files on my better start without us. I’ll try to get things with this diva here straight and fix the files. Suppose we’ll meet you around lunch.“

Dave pulls a grimmace and judging the lenghty reply and Mart rolling his eyes Andy appears not to be too much amused. Finally Martin ends the call and lets the phone slip back into his jeans pocket.

„Now where were we...?“
He lets his cold fingers run over Dave’s partially red, heated chest.
„Umh, I think I need to help you with that. Have you taken care of this, too?“
His left hand wanders down into the crotch area.
„I can’t really remember though I had some nice memories from last night. So we better make sure you don’t forget the main bits?“

Dave sharply breathes in when he senses the grip around his promptly hardening member.

„What about yourself, my curly wurly? Your arm pits could need a bit of attention – and for the rest...may I complain?“
„Wipe that evil grin off your face Dave! Alright, let’s play. You’ve got enough supplies?“
„Well, if we should run short you just need to call Suzy in her Day Spa. She for sure could help out.“
Martin bursts into a roaring laughter and Dave simply has to join in. It’s too infectious.

„You know – it’s a big turn off having hair between your teeth all the time – trying to make you jerk off! I wonder why no woman ever gave you a pointer concerning that!“
„Shut up, Dave! Let’s get that wax...and then have sex!“
„Curlyyyyy – oooouch!“

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