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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 18

Chapter 18

  2009.09.26. 21:21


„Did you read the latest shit in the mags, guys?“ Andy chuckles and turns over the next page in a hip music magazine.

„Suppose you’ll fill us in any minute, Fletchy!“

Martin and Dave enter the studio kitchen after another session. Like Mart predicted they made it to work some time after lunch and now the sun already is starting to hide behind the horizon.

„OK, listen. When will we see Gahan’s slithering, seductive form swirling over the catwalk again? Depeche Mode fans eagerly await the release of the next studio album and the accompaining tour. Rumors have it the band booked some studio time in New York’s Chun King Studios and in Santa Barbara. Perhaps they might choose to work in London as well – which would come in handy for our Andy Fletcher who’s said to be sick of travelling around the globe meanwhile. He better adjusts that attitude for the upcoming tour though. Well informed sources also tell there’s some shift in the guys relationships. Are they going all cosy and mushy now? Last album started with Dave and Martin having a severe fight and the two hot heads needed a two weaks time out before heading back into the studio. The winds apparently changed meanwhile. The two guys were seen at a Santa Barbara beach – dipping in the nude. Unluckily there’s no photo footage. Leaves much food for speculations that seemed to have ebbed down already in the late 80ties. The more as it’s Alan Wilder’s birhtday soon, on June 1st.

The redhead scratches his chin. „Need more?“
„Uh, no thanks.“ Martin bursts into laughter and David shakes his head.
„So that’s why you caught a cold, Dave?“
Andy eyes him with a quizzical look.
Letting his teeth sink into a tuna sandwhich the addressed man shows the middle finger.
„What’s so strange about swimming in the nude?“ Mart reaches for another piece of mozzarella-tomato pizza.
„Umh, the tiny fact that it was the two of you?“
„So what?“
The tall, spectacled man glances over to his blonde band mate.
„Was there more to see than just that?“ He winks now. „I called the editor and threatend him a little with legal matters and he sent me the script with the full quotes of that so called ‚source’. Interesting read, very revealing – if it’s true.“
He now grabs another sheet of paper lying on the table and hands it over to Martin. Flying over the lines his expression changes.
„Martin you see now, why they haven’t published that bit.“
Mart swallows and then tries another grin.
„Whoever that was – he has a hell of a vivid imagination.“
Dave moves closer to get a glance at the text as well – and promptly swallows the wrong way.
„Holy shit!“
„So is it true?! You dared to kiss in public – tongues and all – and then...well, spare me further details!“
„Come on – how many times did we tease the press with it? Remember Bologna those days? It was YOU sticking your wet tongue into Alan’s ear!“
„And you let Alan lick your nipple!“

David bends over in incontrollable laughter, patting his thighs.
„You should hear yourselves talking! I don’t give a flying toss about the people – never did. Whatever that guy might want to have seen – there’s no evidence for it.“
„And we for sure will not give any – though perhaps we should start acting up now deliberately, Dave? I already can envisage the headlines: We always knew it – after over 25 years the truth finally seeps through – Martin Lee Gore is dating David Gahan! Special insights from his frustrated wife Jennifer on page 3! Also read what Alan Charles Wilder has to say – one of the former said to be boyfriends!

Andrew stares at his two friends for a moment in true horror – and then tosses the mag into a corner, shaking with a reasonable guffaw, having to wipe away some tears from behind his glasses.

„My place?“
Dave shoulders his back pack and checks where the other guys are – as they all seem to be on the leave.
„I have to chat with John about a few appointments concerning the promo shoots. Couldn’t you sneak into the hotel later instead?“
„David – I don’t want to ‚sneak’ in. Feels like we had anything to hide – though I don’t want to share this with anyone else at the moment.“
„And Andy? Doesn’t he suspect anything? He still is your best friend and knows your ways.“
„Andy is Andy – always was, always will be. He openly asked me after you returned to Ben to record your vocal part.“
A slight red blush appears on Mart’s tanned cheeks.
„He was quite blunt: Do you fuck Dave? My reply was sorta: And if it was the other way around? After that he fixed me with his blue eyes and just sardonically retorted: I hope you know what you’re up to. Do you ever grow up? Then he padded my shoulder and left the room.“

David’s eyes grow big while Mart speaks. Then he nods his head.
„OK, so I’ll give you a call when I’m through and then get a cab.“
Mart turns quickly around, checking for the others and then swiftly kisses Dave on his lips.
„No, precious – I’ll be ready when you call. Andy wants to have a drink in the bar – so I’m going to join him for some chit chat.“

„David, what’s all this fuzz with you and Martin recently?“
Jonathan Kessler ticks the last dates into his blackberry and Dave stretches in his chair – happy the schedules are fixed now – after nearly two long hours.
„There’s nothing odd going on, hell! Did you read too much in the tabloids recently? It’s just that Mart and me definitely grew over the years and our friendship couldn’t be better at the moment.“
„Friendship, uh ha.“
Dave pokes John into his ribs. „Stop teasing me! You know me for such a long time.“
„Exactly that’s why, Dave. There’s something new yet very wellknown in your eyes. I know when you’re in a certain emotional state of mind. It’s definitely not Jennifer.“
David escapes a sigh. He faces his friend and then tries a lobsided smile.
„Obviously not – yet there’s nothing to worry about it. You know we have sorta turbulent relationship and she can be quite a die hard when it comes to her own career plans colliding with my ego trips.“
He sips from his diet coke.
„John, it’s the joy in my eyes you see – being able to do again what I love most – singing Martin’s beautiful lyrics and melodies – and contributing my own visions once more. We both know the business – and we all are aware of the fact it needs to be fed with tiny sensations every now and then. Hell, I really wonder for how long I can keep up with my shape to please all those drooling fans who just want a piece of my well shaped ass. And playing around with the gay sujet – we did that from the beginning.“
John brushes his mustache and grins broadly at his opposite.
„It’s just you are like quicksilver - now even more. I just don’t want anybody get hurt by unnecessary missinterpretations.“
„Did I ever give a damn about what people say or think about me? Mart and Andy are the same. And be honest, John – we’d never been economically that successful without all that juicy gossip around us.“
„Whatever – just be a careful, David. Rosie is still too young to understand why nasty people might point at her calling her dad a pervert and dirty fag.“

Half an hour later Martin gets Dave on his mobile.
„Suzy called. Calo seems to be seriously ill. He’s got temperature and she alarmed our physician. I need to calm her down and check for myself. Might be just a regular children’s disease. Sorry, Dave!“
„No prob, Curly. My head is full of today’s speculations anyway. John just tried to get my say on it. He also suspects something. Hope, everything will be fine with your little sweety! Keep me informed, OK?“
„Will do, Dave. Don’t forget to dream about me. I already miss you! Bye!“

Dave puts down his cell and stares into the quiet, sterile room. Maybe it’s for the better. He needs to clear some thoughts for sure. Seeing the edge of the green diary peeking out of his back pack he stretches and bends down for it.

„There was so much talk about Alan today – strange enough. I should resume reading those pages - after I was so sweetly interrupted.“

Before he can turn the page he stopped at earlier the phone rings again.
„Dave, I’m in the hospital now. Calo seems to have an appendicits and the Docs say he’ll need surgery.“
„Sheesh! Martin, do me and yourself a favour and cool down. It could be worse. Obviously it’s early enough and remember – Rosie stayed in medical care just for five days. You even can’t see the scar if you don’t know where it is.“
He hears his friend deeply breathing in and out. When he continues talking his voice still sounds worried and a little shaky.
„You know it – don’t say you weren’t scared as well those days.“
„Sure. I drove Jen nutz with my pacing up and down the corridor. Oh, well – poor Suzy then! Shall I make it over to you?“
„That would be nice, Dave. I could need a hand to squeeze.“ The timbre of his voice changes slightly. „And a strong shoulder to snuggle against.“

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