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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 19

Chapter 19

  2009.09.26. 21:33



It’s near dawn when three people walk through the automatic glass door of the community hospital.
The dark haired woman leans tired against the blonde curly man and the other, taller brunette man lights a cigarillo – throwing the match down onto the pavement.

„Let’s all get some sleep now. I already texted Andy that we will take the day off. We’re nearly through anyway – just two days to go. Nothing we couldn’t fix in New York.“
„Good point, Mart. Suzy, Calo is fine. Stop looking so tense – the doctor pointed out how easy and well everything went in the OR. You’ll see – after a few days your little sunshine will get on your nerves again.“
„Thanx, Dave. I’ll try – being so strung out now. You’re right. Take care – and thanx for your support.“ She winks at her ex-husband. „He can really be a pain in the ass.“

After turning around in the sheets for the sixth time Dave curses slightly, not being able to find some sleep. The diary waits patiently on the night stand.

Yes, I was sure this wasn’t the end yet.

„Stretch out your arms backwards and show me your wrists.“
Alan moved on the couch and fetched something from the pockets of his leather jacket. Focussing on it I saw it was black braided silk bondages. With a swift move he was up to his feet and fixed my wrists tightly to my back. His hot breath puffed onto my shoulder while he was standing behind me. I yelled out in surprise and pain when he suddenly dug his teeth into my left scapula. The other one followed. When his mouth reached my nape I felt my cock stirring again. As if he exactly new what he was doing to me his nimble, cold fingers wandered to my front and I let out another gasp when he squeezed my testicles hard.
„You enjoy it too much I’m afraid. Kneel! NOW!“
He roughly pushed me to the hard floor and I nearl lost my balance. My eyes now were in the exact height of his croth area. The black leather already was showing a quite impressive bulge.
„Don’t you dare to look at me that way, DOG!“
I felt a slap on my left cheek.
„It’s not about you - it’s ALL about ME to be PLEASED by YOU!“
Another hard clapper hit my face and my nose started to bleed. He didn’t care a bit. The warm liquid slowly dribbled down onto the harwood floor.
„As you seem to be so keen to stare – have a good look now!“
Painstakinly slow he started to open the button of his pants and then slid down the zipper inch for inch. The sound nearly let me faint. No need to explain the odd little crashing noises leather makes anyway. All of my body hair was standing straight. I had seen Alan’s dick several times before - in the restroom, after football in the shower, when I shared a hotel room with him instead of Andy or Dave.
This was so very different. It sprang free, bobbing in front of me – threatening me with it’s length and girth. And yet I wanted it so badly! My mouth was already watering.
I will never forget the nasty grin on Alan’s face!
„So you want to suck it, Martin?“
His boot kicked me into the ribs and I winced.
„I didn’t get that properly – what is it you want?“
„Please, Alan – I need to suck your cock!“
Another hard kick nearly left me breathless this time due to the pain.
Alan let his own hand slide down between his legs and he started to pump his throbbing member. If I only had my hands free to stop him and doing the honours myself with my trembling lips! He obviously denied me this pleasure. With a slightly supressed, guttural groan he released into my face.
„Next time be a little bit more alert and listen to what I say! I AM your master and CONTROL is mine! Did you hear that, DOG?!“
Then he shoved everything back into place, closed his leather jeans and pulled me up to my feet, my face still sticky with his cum. I felt the silk strings loosen around my numb wrists and when I turned around I just could see his back disappearing in the door frame, the door shortly falling shut.
Slowly I stumbled into the bathroom, watching myself in the mirror. Dried blood mixed with the milky, sticky fluids and suddenly I felt empty and used. Reaching for a towl I opend the valve and wetted it – getting rid of the stains. Though my skin appeared clean afterwards – I still had an ill feeling.

„Oh, Martin! What a bastard!“

Dave envisages Mart’s terrified face – feels the pain and disgust – the emptiness and disappointment. Being used – he for sure knows exactly! And now Martin kinda opens his heart to him – letting him know that he wasn’t the only one. You’re never too old to be taken advantage of!
It dawns him though that Mart must have found another facette – enjoying submission to a certain extent. Well, we all pay for our desires though as it looks.

An instant ringing lets David wake up with a jolt. It takes a split second to realize it’s at his door. Just in his boxers he makes it sleepily over there. Seeing into Mart’s grinning face he sighs and turns around again.
„Sorry, did I wake you up?“
„Do you really need an answer to that stupid question?“, Dave grumbles and wipes the sleep off his eyes.
„It’s already tea time so I thought I’d check if you’d like some?“
„Umh, as I missed breakfast and lunch that shouldn’t be such a bad idea.“
„Supposed so and room service should be here any minute.“
„I’ll take a quick shower if you don’t mind.“
Not waiting for an answer David closes the bathroom door behind him. Mart walks over to the window and peaks outside. Then he musters the room and his eyes stop at the wellknown, green book. Walking over he lets himself sink onto the mattress and checks which page Dave seems to be reading.

„Oh my!“
„What’s it?“
Like on a prompt Dave steps back into the room, still drying his hair with a towel. Seeing the diary in Martin’s hand he nods.
„I didn’t know Alan was such a fucking bastard!“
„He wasn’t. It’s just not everybody’s cup of tea.“

Dave leaves the towel hanging over the rest of the next chair and takes place next to his friend on the bed, reaching out with his warm, slightly wet hand – caressing his face. His eyes turn glassy.
„How could he leave you like that?“
Mart’s eyes darken and he starts kissing David’s fingers.
„You would have taken me to the bathroom and gently cleaned my face?“
„Certainly! And god beware – I’d never hit you in the face till you bled!“ His expression is puzzled now.
„Did you really enjoy that? Did that turn you on?!“
„No. It was his power, his dominance over me. I still wonder – he made me quiver for his control. I bathed in the feeling of helplessness for a while – before I realized I was used – left back – empty.“
He eyes Dave who seems to fight back the tears.
„Yes, I know this is familiar for you – feeling like you deserve nothing else, nothing better. Well, for me it’s slightly different though. I always hated to have to be in control of my life, the things I do, making decisions, taking up responsibilities – standing in the limelight. Oh yes – I was always so happy you seemd to enjoy that part, posing in the spotlights on stage.“

The knock at the door interrupts his talk. Roomservice rolls in a trolley loaden with some delicious tea time goodies. When the two men are on their own again Mart waves Dave over to the table.

„Come, you look as if you really could need a bite. Let’s pause with the other heavy diet for a while.“
Dave slips into a t-shirt and joggers and joins his mate for a steaming cup of tea.
„Curly, there’s more of it, I’m afraid.“
„Would you mind to tell me about it? I know you gave me those bleeding books not to feel to embarassed to talk about it again – but please...I need to hear it from you.“
Mart’s hand closes firmly over Dave’s on the table cloth.
„Alright – but let’s drive over to my place later and make it a special moment. I don’t want to be disturbed by anybody.“

„OK. I just need to pack my stuff anyway. You know – I want to fly over to London and then visit Alan for his birthday.“
„Geez, do you think that’s such a brilliant idea now!?“
„You’re afraid I might kick him in the balls after all I know so far? Relax – I just try to understand both sides. That’s why I don’t want to just read it. It didn’t escape me Alan still is special to you though you don’t talk about it often. And I have my little affairs with him, too – but that’s for another time.“
„I hope you really mean it. Last thing I want is stirring up dust that should have been buried for a long, long while.“

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