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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 21

Chapter 21

  2009.09.29. 12:56


„Promise me you won’t tease Alan or even let slip anything concerning what you know now.“
„Curly, I told you – I won’t. If he should poke me concerning the past I’ll even try to stay away from my own issues.“
„You better do. He’s a strong personality and you are not used to that dark side – as much as you want to appear as the cool guy who tested ‚it all’ in his life so far. I already hear you again in an interview: I have done a lot of things in my life I’m not proud of! Geez, and then you put on that wicked, knowing look – all that attitude! Just be yourself when you’re not on stage. We all love you very much – even for your less appealing features.“

Mart turns off the light and then cuddles closer to Dave’s warm body. After a while both of their breathing kinda synchronized.

It’s David again waking up first in the morning. Apparently he had some rough dreams as the blankets are dragged down on the carpet and both of them lay there uncovered. His hazel-green eyes roam over the well defined figure of his band mate. He can’t help it to move over and let his fingers explore all the curves and areas that are so freely presented to him. His breath hitches a little when his right index slips over the crack that’s dividing Mart’s muscular glutes. He never really spent a thought about finding this part of a male sexually attractive. Now it seems to send tiny electric jolts through his system. Martin appears to be still fast asleep so he bends over and starts placing tiny, featherlight kisses onto his bottom. The little smile that creeps over the blonde man’s lips escapes him in his delight.

Dave flinches when a hand with a bottle of body oil pops up next to his face. Mart still rests on his stomach – same position. Just his arm must have moved down, next to the bed, grabbing that little item.
„Smooth it over my back and then follow your instincts, Dave.“
Sensing the little hesitation he chuckles.
„Come on, give me a nice, stimulating massage.“
With slightly trembling fingers David starts to apply some of the fragrant oil and gently rubs it over the warm, soft skin of Martin’s shoulders and back. Gaining more and more confidence – listening to his friends satisfied moans – he lets his vivid hands wander all over the backside – not sparing the glutes and the ominous crack. Easily gliding between them he realizes that his hardness already painfully throbs between his thighs. More by accident than intentional his hands slip off and he dumps with his full chest onto Mart’s back. Feeling himself gliding on that slippery surface he nearly looses his mind.

„Oh, Christ – Dave! Don’t stop it! Go on!“

Encouraged by this feedback he starts to move his body against Mart’s up and down. The scent of lavender and lemon let’s his synapses shoot impulses into his groin. When he closes his eyes he already can see tiny, colourful sparkling stars. Oh my god – now there seems to be no way back! Reaching for the bottle again he hastily applies a bit more oil onto his now rock hard member. Tossing it aside he gently opens the space between those lower cheeks a little more and then positions his tip at the entrance that is still firmly closed.

Mart feverishly moves under him, grunting and growling in anticipation.

„Dave, I want you! For heaven’s sake – fuck me! Do me now!“

Not thinking for another moment the brunette man pushes himself forward and after a slight point of resistance his hardness easily glides into the tight, muscular tunnel ahead. Building up a steady, fast rhythm he dives even deeper inside and lets out a raw yell. The animal is wide awake – and he enjoys it!

„Oh my Lord – harder, Dave! Deeper! I need to feel all of you! Don’t hold back!“

And Dave does as he’s told. He plunges into his mate again and again – his senses on overload. His body is just following it’s own program now and it speeds up to find it’s final release. Martin now meets each of Dave’s thrusts with and upward move of his pelvis. It’s like a cyclone breaking loose. Both men are shaking and twitching, experiencing one hell of a climax. Both of their names linger in the room and the last bit of self restraint evaporates into the air. Dave feels like erupting endlessly. Gasping for air he clutches his fingers into Martins skin. The blonde curly man needs around five minutes before he’s able to voice a reasonable word. Turning slightly under Dave’s body he pulls him into his arms, resting his glowing, hot face against his heaving breast.

„I knew it! I was so sure you’d be so fucking gorgeous, Dave!“
„We still haven’t it done face to face, Curly.“
David twinkles when his eyes meet the green sparkling ones of Martin.
„Hell, what have I nurtured at my breast?!“
„An insatiable beast!“
„Just a little pause to catch my breath, please!“
„Granted. Just a little one. I can’t leave not having had all of you!“
Mart fixes his view and he drowns in all the lust he finds in Dave’s dark and endless irises. Yet there’s so much more. A happy, fluttery feeling makes it up into his stomach – then way up straight into his head.

„Put your legs over my shoulders, Dave, and try to relax.“ His voice tones down to just a hot whisper.

„NO, no more shower sex, Dave! You will miss your flight!“
„Aw, come on! I can’t help it – I have the feeling I need to take all I can get before we meet again in New York. Everything will change then.“
He lets out a deep sigh and his hand slips off Marts bum – back next to his wet, glistening body. Mart turns off the water and gets the huge bathing sheet from the nearby hook. The deeply sad expression in Dave’s eyes hasn’t escaped him. He himself feels melancholic all of a sudden.
„Shush, my dark angel – not all will change. Come now! We only have 30 minutes to get all spruced up and get onto the track!“
Hiding his own uneasy feelings behind a dazzling smile he drags his friend back into the bedroom – in front of the closet.

After a quick coffee the limo service rings at the front door.
„You’re really not coming with me, Curly?“
„No, Dave! I know where that would end – me or you loosing control and mauling the other on the floor of that friggin vehicle.“
He sees an obvious red tinge creeps over Dave’s cheeks.
„Gosh, now you certainly get your ass with me into that bleeding car! And I won’t take no for an answer!“

The flight stretches. David tries to adjust himself to the seat again and again. He already walked the Airbus up side down – knowing every single screw or scratch on the walls. Lost in thoughts he plays with the black-silver wristband Martin sneaked into his pocket shortly before he had to let his hand go, entering the security zone. It oozes his scent, mingling with his fav cologne. A broad smile flushes over his handsome face. He imagines how Mart will bury his face in his t-shirt later that still lies on his bed. Isn’t it kinda sick? More like teenagers experiencing their first infatuation! Yet it’s way more than that! Oh yes – and that realisation makes his whole body buzz again. With this content smile on his face he finally slips over in an exhausted sleep, the wristband still clutched firmly in his long, slender fingers.

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