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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 22

Chapter 22

  2009.09.29. 12:57



„Put your legs over my shoulders, Dave!“

Mart’s eyes sear through him – the heat in them kinda melting all his senses. His mouth turns dry as he adjusts his weight on the mattress. Tender but strong hands make contact with his calves and help to lift them. Feeling a little weird David inhales the aroma of the body oil – now mixed with both of their distinctive male scents – which still lingers in the air.

„It’s gonna be alright, Dave. Look at me, please! Don’t close your beautiful eyes. Let me drown in them – in your passion!“
Dave props himself up on his elbows and tries to hold eye contact. He can see all the tiny pearls of sweat shimmering on his friend’s skin. Those luscious, full lips slightly open – greedily taking every breath in and letting it out again.

Martin opens the oil bottle again and massages a little amount onto his hardness. Closing his eyes shortly he moans wholeheartedly.

„God, I want to take this slow, Dave – make it special for you!“
„For US, Curly! It’s all about us now!“
He never has seen such joy and contentment on Mart’s face – and moreover he seems deeply moved.
His arms reach for Dave’s hips, the fingers firmly yet gently digging into the soft flesh. He still knees on the bed.

„Lay down, Dave! Let me move over you!“

The brunette man doesn’t hesitate for a second. Martin follows his direction till he’s face to face with Dave, releasing his hands and placing them next to his shoulders.

„I want you, Dave! I want you like I never ever wanted anybody else in my life! If that’s an unforgivable sin then let it be never forgiven!“

With a slight thrust he enters Dave, pushing himself very slowly further inside – not to miss a single sensation. The man under him convulses a little, trembling with want and lust. When Mart sees his tongue darting out again and again – which to some extend is not an unfamiliar sight – he can’t help it and meets it’s tip with his the next moment it comes in sight. David lifts his head slightly from the sheets and his eyes beg for more – his tongue dancing passionately with the blonde one’s above him. It’s nothing gross though – more a little quarrel for submission – and this time nobody wants to give in.

With the steady, still moderate but speeding up rhythm of Martin’s thrusts David’s own peak starts to near and he begins to arch his back. Mart senses it immediately – as well as his own restraint melting away.

„No, no – easy, tiger, easy!“

Stopping his movements he remains still – staring into Dave’s dark lakes of fire. Their ragged breathing fills the room and the tension is palpable. Exhaling deeply he wipes a bit of sweat off his forehead and then smiles into his lovers face, lowering his lips. Dave’s answer kinda is agitated – biting into the sensitive flesh, sucking in the lower lip and clamping his teeth around it. Yes, Martin knows he’s Dave exactly where he wanted him – experiencing these raw, mutual feelings.

„Martin, please!“ The voice is nearly inaudible – full of longing.

The blonde curly man starts moving again. Pacing up he enters his friend deeper and harder than previously and Dave grunts and groans now with pleasure. His erection pressing hard against his own skin he yearns for the final thrust to let go of the heavenly tension. Yet Martin slows down again – and it’s clearly visible in his facial expression that he’s near to faint from holding back this time.

„You’re evil! Don’t let me die this way!“ Dave nearly chokes.

Both bodies are glistening with a copious amount of sweat meanwhile. A series of drops trickle down on Dave’s face and he licks them from his lips – shivering from the salty taste – Martin’s taste. Mart bends down and lets his tongue wander over David’s facial outlines. Not greedily – more like cherishing the moment – taking his time. Then he pauses once more. It’s as if the world stops turning for this very glimpse in the continuum – like someone stopped a movie sequence and everything is on halt.

When Martin resumes his thrusts it doesn’t take long and the feelings get so intense that both men yell nearly at the same time – raw, guttural sounds - from the depths of their chests and souls. Their bodies have a life of their own now and it takes while till the uncontrollable shaking and twitching ebbs down. Dave’s stomach is covered with his cum and Mart bends down to lick it off. His tongue feels like that of a cat and the tickling lets him flinch and giggle. The next the blonde man realizes is being flipped around onto his back, Dave bracing himself over him. There’s no need for words. Mart smiles and lifts up his hips.

Dave wakes up when the plane obviously hit a turbulence. Nothing dramatic. He stares at the wristband he still holds tight and in the afterglow of his dream – which was just re-living the past mostly 1:1 – he sniffs at it again, a pleasant shudder making it down his back. The signals from his groin let him blush and he’s glad he slipped over the blanket the air hostess left him earlier.

I should go for the lavatory to take care of it...

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