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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 24

Chapter 24

  2009.10.01. 08:35



Dave’s heartbeat pulses frantically up in his throat. Alan’s too wellknown scent lets him freeze for a split second – lying there paralyzed.
Even as it’s nearly pitch black in the room - as the subtle light from outside must be obstructed by clouds – he can see the dark outlines of the man over him – his warm breath against the skin of his face.
“Will you stay quiet or do I have to gag you, David?” The pressure on his mouth increases slightly.
With the last bit of consciousness he tries to nod and Alan releases him.

“I think we need to sort a few things out.” The voice has a dangerous timbre and Dave wishes he’s never set his foot into this house. Something stiff and thin now pricks into his chest. The next moment the bedside lamp flashes on and he can look into those abyssmally deep, dark blue eyes above – his own horror reflected in them. A riding crop is directed at him. Alan just wears a leather jeans.

“You bastard buggered me those days – admit it! I only remember shreds but it’s engraved in my mind! You took advantage of my intoxicated state!”

David hisses more than he speaks, taking his chance before Alan might silence him again.
“I did – and it was bloody hot!” The crop slowly wanders down his abdomen.

Dave wants to smack his fists into that evil face but Alan puts all his weight onto his arms and shoulders now.
“You are not a weakling like Martin. You never were the tough, potent stud you always pretended to be, though! You wanted – you needed control over yourself – yet you didn’t manage to – so I was so generous helping you out!”
His eyes sparkle with want and lust now – and something else he can’t lay his hands on.
“Never forget: I owned you in the past – I do now and in the future!” He tips on Dave’s forehead.
“You see, I’m still in there – and don’t deny you doesn’t want me there! I saw your face when you were standing in front of the closet! I could smell your arousal!”
Alan lets the riding crop slowly scratch over his growing erection.The dark haired man gasps and his attacker bends quickly over to close his lips with his greedy ones. A hand makes it between their bodies – the direction obvious.

No way, Alan! You will never own me again!

When Dave recognizes Alan’s view over to the black bondage strings he takes his chance to suddenly lift up his right knee and then rolling him over. He might be taller and slightly heavier than David but he’s way better trained at the moment. Fixing his arms next to his face he squeezes his legs around Alan’s leather covered ones to immobilize him – at least for a moment.

„Never ever again threat me or any other person I know! It’s over, Al! You never had me and you will by no means get me! All you have done is hurting me physically – and even if I spent all the years suffering kinda - I only belong to myself!“
„Woohoo, now I’m scared, Dave!“
„You better be – as I intend not to play! You can’t slip out off this here like you used to out off your fucking black boots! Now you’ll pay!“

David presses every word through his clenched teeth – the dark fire in his pupils lets Alan dawn that tables just were flipped on him. With a swift move Dave gets the silk ropes and then ties Alan’s right hand to the metal elements of the headboard – keeping the other arm in check with his elbow. Having fixed the other wrist as well he slides further down and rests on Alan’s lower legs. Picking up the riding crop a cynical smile makes it over his face.
„I should beat you till you bleed – but I’m afraid you might enjoy that. I have a better idea!“
Having detected the leather straining over a reasonable bulge in his crotch he bends over and unbuckles the belt.

„Dave! God, I’m sorry for all I’ve done – but please...don’t let this chance slip! I could teach you more about pleasure than you ever might have experienced! Come over here and put the belt around my neck!“
„You can’t be serious!“
„Deadly serious! Channel your anger for me! I know you’d like to strangle me – then do it with lust! This way we both get what we want! If you’re so eager to deal with control then do it properly and not such half assed stuff! And for fixing my legs a belt is not really sufficient. You will find some velcro bonds down there in the vanity, 2nd drawer on the left.“

Didn’t Curly say Alan was a dangerous creature?! This is definitely nothing to play around with!

Dave swallows hard and then gets up to fetch the said items. Returning to the bed he fixes view with the man there.

„What are you wating for, David?“

He unbuttons the leather pants and then slowly pulls down the zipper. A low moan escapes Alan’s mouth.

Fuck! He shall not enjoy this!

With a fast move he drags the leather down till the trousers pass the ankles. With a loud thud they land on hardwood floor. Avoiding the sight of Alan’s arousal Dave quickly fixes both ankles to the metal bed frame.

„Christ, you look so hot when you’re fuming, Dave!“

Alan tests the bondages and has to admit that his former band mate did a great job. He really can’t move much on the mattress.

„OK, Alan – I’ll proove you now that you can’t have me – and you better watch! I will be generous as well – helping you to loose control!“

Bracing his hands on his hips he musters the man on the bed – apparently shivering in anticipation. That much about self control!

Alan hasn’t realized that he brought more than just the bonds from the vanity. Putting on a pair of black leather gloves he starts smoothing down his chest. Returning one hand back to his face he opens his full lips and licks over his index finger and then painstakinly slow circles around his left nipple. A deep groan tells him he’s on the right track. The gloves wander further down, over the taut abdomen, pausing at the navel.

„Shall I go on, Alan? Are you man enough to take it?“
„Fuck, do it!“
The hands reach his semi hard cock and start gently massaging it.
„Gimme more, Dave!“
„You be quiet there! I decide how much I want to offer!“

Saying this he turns away from the bed so Alan can just see his nice behind. The movements of his arms continue and he can see in the mirror of the vanity that Alan is going nutz behind him – sweat already streaming over his temples.

Spreading his legs a little more he lets him see his balls and the leather covered fingers squeezing them slightly.

„Don’t be cruel – turn around!“
„What’s the magic word?“
In slow motion kinda Dave turns again and grants Alan a look on his meanwhile rock hard member. The leather gloves pumping up and down easily now – slickened with the first amount of precum.
Tugging at his bonds furiously the bed is shreaking and Alan’s breath is ragged and erratic. Not being able to hold himself back any longer Dave spurts his milky cum over the shiny black leather of the gloves – panting and trembling.

Alan yells meanwhile – from lust or frustration – who knows exactly?

„Please, let me lick it!“
„Hell, let me taste those gloves!“
„Can’t do.“
With a naughty smirk David lets his tongue dart out and does the job himself.
„Did I say I like my taste?“

Looking over the suffering man on the sheets – face, neck and chest flushed red – and very close to the brink – he finally moves nearer to the mattress. When his glove covered hand closes around the raging erection another loud gasp escapes Alan’s throat and with a few quick twists and pumps he no longer denies him his release. He never heard a man groaning and screaming during his climax like this before.

Grabbing the towel that rests in a rack under the night stand he cleans away the signs of lust. Looking back into Alan’s face he clearly sees the disappointment there.

„Why didn’t you lick it off, Dave?“
„Cause I’m not a dog sniffing at your private parts.“
Turning very serious he adds: „ And even more because I’m not your lover.“

„Then put the belt around my neck now, David. Let me feel your hurt and anger. Free yourself.“

Dave hesitates for a moment – then he strips off the gloves and tosses them into a corner. Taking the leather belt into his long, slender fingers he crawls onto the bed and straddles Alan – letting him feel his testicles and dick pressing against the hot skin of his abdomen.

„Dave, you’re pure evil!“ Alan’s voice is hoarse.
„I can easily return that compliment!“

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