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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 25

Chapter 25

  2009.10.01. 08:37


WARNING: Nothing for the faint of heart! Deals with BC (Breath Control)!


Alan slightly lifts his head. The irritated feeling Dave had moments ago seems to dissipate. Positioning the strong belt around the neck he sees the veins already protruding slightly, beads of sweat glistening on the reddened skin. Pulling the end through the buckle he recognizes the wicked sort of mad glowing in his opposites eyes.

„I’m totally at your mercy now, Dave. Now tighten it. We will go through this step for step.“
„It’s not the first time. A woman let me do it to her some years ago. Not that it would be my top choice but she seemed to have gotten her kicks from it.“
He glares into Alans eyes now.
„Not that I really want to do you a favour. This is going to be a limit experience, Al.“
„I expect nothing less.“
Slowly Dave starts to tighten the leather loop, listening to the distinct sounds the material is making while gliding through the metal eye. It’s very quiet in the room – just these little noises and their breath is perceptible.

„Dave, please...touch me!“
„No way!“
„Then free one of my hands so I can help myself!“
„Isn’t going to happen, Alan. Now shut up and spare your breath!“
The sling around his neck now starts to cut into the flesh and Alans eyes begin to widen. Breathing is laboured now.
„You hold it... till my... eyes... start to... flutter!“
Dave nods imperceptibly. He senses his own sweat dripping down his temples.

Now look into that contorted face and let out all your hate!

Alan starts gasping like a fish on dry land.

„How could you hurt Martin?!“
The alarmed and suprised look in the wide open blue eyes gives him already a tiny bit of satisfaction.
„Yes, I know about your disgusting games with him. He suffered long enough in silence and filled me in – and I tell you what – he had tears in his eyes! No, not cause he’s a weak man. He respected and loved you and you hadn’t anything better to do but to inflict your perverted mind on him! I really hate you for that!“

Dave pulls the belt tighter again. Alan isn’t able to speak any longer but his eyes are flicking nervously around. He tries to arch his back, his chest no being able to exchange any more air. Seeing the white appearing in the bound man’s eyes he releases the leather and Alan greedily inhales – his chest heaving frantically.

„I...I didn’ his side.“
„Sure, but if only 50% would be true that’s enough for a life time, you asshole!“
„But...I...I love...him.“
„Pardon me?!“
Alan takes another deep breath.
„I love him – still do. Call it in my...perverted way. And he...knows it.“
He wets his lips.
„Could you get me some water, please?“
„No, I want to know, what’s going on in your fucking head!“
„I’m so sorry – believe me – that it got out of hand somehow. I wasn’t aware that he couldn’t deal with it, I have to admit that.“
Dave angrily slaps onto the blanket.
„You nearly skipped his sanity over the cliff, didn’t you see it?!“
„Why do you think I left the band? Not just cause I couldn’t bare it any longer watching you destroying yourself. I saw no other way with Martin. I was responsible – I had to take action.“
„You ARE still responsible for his ill feelings! Oh, and let’s not forget mine!“

Dave starts to pull a the belt again and Alan nods. With a slight sigh Dave leans back and grabs Alan’s cock with his other hand. Al closes his eyes for a second and breathes sharply in. Same feelings – the tightness taking possession of him – yet this time his groin is firing impulses to his dizzying brain.

„Don’t let go...till...I...come...whatsoever!“
Then there’s just the terrifying rattling. His dick is rapidly hardening and throbbing under David’s rough fingers. Not time for subtleties. Dave bends forward and stares directily into Alan’s protruding eyes. Quickly he lets his tongue flick over the dry, open lips. Puffing his breath against the glistening wetness he watches him nearly dying there for more than this.

„Oh, yeah – I know you want me! Your eyes already stripped me when I got out off the Porsche. You should have seen yourself drooling!“
Holding the leather belt in position he continues - more and more whispering now.
„Martin had me in every single room of his house in Santa Barbara. I sucked his beautiful cock in the studio kitchen – the guys threatening to walk in on us any moment. Letting him fuck me at the beach in the sun set was as thrilling as making love with Jen under the stars in the sand near our summer house. You will never have that with me – I swear!“
Closing his lips now around Alan’s – feeling his uproar and air deficit – he remains there for a moment.
Looking straight into the now terrified eyes again he holds the view.

„You know what? I’m a forgiver. I will leave you with this knowledge and will grant you one last pleasure.“
Tightening the belt to the max now he senses Alan tensing and then his hot cum shoots over Dave’s hand. The very next moment his eyes roll back in his orbits and he faints at the peak of his climax.

Fuck! I should have known!

Dave loosens the belt at once and reaches for the puls at his neck. There it is – regular and strong. Phew! Only shortly after Alans stirs and gasps for air. David waits till he opens his eyes and there’s a sign of recognition. Then he tears the velcro bonds open and gets off the bed to untie Al’s wrists.

It takes around ten minutes before Alan can speak a word. When Dave asks him for the fifth time if he was OK he just nods his sweatty head. Longing for the towel he wipes away the profuse wetness, still heavily panting. His eyes are glassy.

„Thank you, David.“
The addressed shrugs his shoulders, trying to calm his own nerves.
„You said you had one last favour for me?“
„Wasn’t that just enough?!“
„Dave – we both know it wasn’t what you were offering me.“
„Ah, yeah?“
Alan slowly turns around on his stomach. His voice is slightly muffled from the pillow.
„Fuck me, Dave – and do it hard!“
„You’re not using me for this!“
The man on the bed shifts his head more to the side.
„No, it’s just the other way round. Perhaps then you might feel a little even with me.“
„I don’t want this, Alan – I don’t want you!“
With these words Dave grabs his jeans and cigarillos and leaves the room. Still outside in front of the door – zipping his pants – he can hear Alan silently sobbing.

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