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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 27

Chapter 27

  2009.10.08. 00:01


„So, Phil...what do you think?“
„Bro, the same I always did – you are one darn lucky bastard!“
„Ah, come on!“
Dave’s younger brother puts down his drink and smiles.
„Well, for me that’s easier to say as I’m for sure gay. Martin is right for ages stepping out off those narrowminded boundaries. In the end it doesn’t matter if you’re queer, bi or hetero – it’s all about the real, deep emotions – the connection between two or more people.“
„Yes, I said that – even between more. Fuck ethics! OK, to a certain extend that is.“
His eyes twinkle and he slaps David’s shoulder lightly.
„You just have to admit it to yourself – it’s not that difficult. I always thought you were way more open than you realized. And you constantly supported me when times were rough.“
„I’m just afraid it will turn my life upside down – my family and kids...I have so many responsibilities.“
„Well, I wouldn’t go and tell Jen straight into her pretty face that you fuck guys now. Oouch, you know how I mean it!“
The brunette man flashes his brother a lobsided grin.
„You need to talk with her – if she’s still your top priority, next to your kids. Does Jack know?“
„Hell, no! You’re the first I filled in sorta! Still in the process to understand what’s going on with myself. Even more after that meeting with Alan.“
„He really scared the shits out off you, didn’t he?“ Phil’s look is sympathetic. „Good learning curve though me thinks.“
„God, yeah!“
„Nevertheless – he’s a bloody tosser!“
„He is so!“
„A part of him for sure is – but haven’t we all our dark spots?“
„Getting all soft there suddenly?!“
„No, but I try to be at least fair. Otherwise I wouldn’t be better than him.“

The next moment the door to Phil’s living room flies open and the first both men see is some messy, blonde curly hair – and then the man it’s belonging to dashing towards them. Jason, Phil’s bf, stands in the door frame and smirks.

Martin looks tired, but his eyes are as alert as usual.
„Gosh, Curly – don’t you squeeze me to bits!“

„I better leave you two for a little. Ah, J – let’s pop out for the pub!“
Discretely the younger of the men walks to the other end of the room, kisses his mate and before he closes the door behind them he quickly cuts in: „Don’t forget Jack will pop in later, lads!“

Dave cuddles closer against Mart’s chest and drowns in the scent he dearly missed the last days. Martin’s hand in his hair – running through it and then wandering to his nape, pulling his face towards his own. The kiss now is question and answer at the same time. Their lips reassuring them of their feelings for each other. David’s mind starts to relax – his head kinda empties itself from all unnecessary thoughts. No more Alan, no more Jennifer – no more worries about the political correctness of his - of their behaviour. Only Curly and Dave – physical attraction, desire, lust – yes – but more important – a deep understanding and perception of love.

„Oh my god, David - I can’t...I don’t want to ever be without you again!“
His eyes find the marks at Dave’s neck. Softly he let’s his lips travel over them.
„I should make him pay for this!“
„Shush, no. Let it rest. He’s not worth it. I made my peace with it – so should you finally.“
„That easily?“
„Yes. I allowed him way too many thoughts already over the years.“
Dave pulls Martin with him onto the couch. Kissing his face at different spots a few times he continues.
„He raped me during the Violator tour. I should say ‚violated’ if it had been funny. It for sure wasn’t. I was wasted and he took advantage of me. My memory is blurred, but the shreds I recall were still giving me the creeps – till recently.“

Before Mart can curse again Dave kisses him deep and passionately, pulling him tighter into a horizontal position with him.
„No more words now, Curly.“
His eyes have this certain yearning in them and Martin reaches down for his lovers fly, sensing the growing arousal there.
He breathes more than he speaks and Dave loosens his grip on him slightly so Mart can shift his weight and quickly starts to open the black jeans of the trembling man under him. David escapes a content sigh when a pair of warm and velvet lips softly closes around his aching member. He doesn’t need to direct the motion of the head that’s now moving up and down with increasing speed and suction. Muscular fingers dig themselves into the smooth skin of his hips. Every now and then a few strands of the blonde hair tickle his thighs and he can’t suppress a giggle.
Martin lets go for a moment. Then he grins broadly.
„Ah, ticklish we still are!“
Just to tease he moves his curls again leaving Dave shaking with laughter.
„God, Curly – stop it!“ Taking another deep breath he goes on in a more subtle tone. „Please, angel – make me come!“
Martin’s expert lips to not need long and Dave writhes under them, climaxing hard. Licking away the last remains he bends up his head again to see his band mate still panting and gasping for air – face and neck all flushed red – tiny pearls of sweat all over his skin.
Not thinking for long Mart starts to push up Dave’s white tank and lets it fall onto the carpet. The jeans follows. When he wants to get rid off his own clothes, two hands stop him.
„Don’t you spoil my fun!“
He feels David’s fingers creeping slowly under the fabric of his anthrazit t-shirt.

Dave lifts his head from the TV mag – checking for the time the cricket match against India should start.
„Da, do you have a minute or two – in private?“
„Sure, Jack. Shoot.“
He tosses the mag back onto the couch table. Phil and Jason might take their time. The pub has TV.

„Umh – I don’t know where to start.“
„Come here.“
Dave pats to the seat next to him on the black leather couch and Jack hesitantly follows his direction.
„Problems in the ladies department?“
His son blushes slightly and nervously fiddles around with his fingers.
„Sort of.“
David rises his left brow.
„Don’t tell me you got Jenna up the pole!“
„Hell, no! Hey, I’m not that stupid, you know! And she’s on the pill.“
„Stranger things happened, son. It’s still not 100% safe.“

Jack rummages in his jeans pocket and presents a sealed little pack.
„It’s not about family planning, dad. I wish it was that easy. Errr...and I’m not seeing her any longer anyway.“
„Oh. You know I like her. She seems to be quite clever and sweet. Sorry to hear this. Any bugger snatching her from your plate?“
„No. We both thought it would be best to go our own ways – well, alright – I told her I wasn’t really into it any longer.“
He eyes his son closer again.
„What’s the problem then? You know you can tell me anything – whatever it is.“
Jack stares at the plaster on his left ankle as if the answer miraculously would pop up there among all the scribbled names and sketches.

„How is it to kiss a man?“

Dave nearly spits out the tea he’s just sipping.

„Well, shouldn’t you better ask Phil as it’s more down his road?“
„I already did – a while ago. Now I want your view on it. You’re not gay, aren’t you?“
Jack seems a little nervous and tensed.
„You and Martin – I’re not counting daisies. Plus you’re obviously still into women.“
David puts down the mug and wipes his lips – an unconscious gesture when he’s insecure or alarmed about something.
„I’m not blind, dad – nor deaf.“ He fixes his fathers eyes now. „And I have no problem with it. Does Jen know?“
The dark haired man closes his eyes for a second, trying to gather his thoughts in order.
„No, not yet. Jack, listen – I’m not aware of it for too long either.“
„But you had those feelings for a while, ay?“
Dave swallows.
„If I’m honest to myself – since I was 14 – but I tried to bury them deep down inside. Well, times were different then, son. And a lot of moms had lots of beautiful daughters.“
„So, can you answer my question then?“

Dave gets up from the couch, a little smirk around his lips, goes for the door and shouts into the hallway.
„Curly! Could you please come over to the lounge for a while?“
Somewhere from a distant spot in the house a muffled voice wavers over.
„Let me finish dressing. I just stepped out off the shower!“

Five minutes later a freshly shaved and spruced up Martin pokes his head into the living room.
„Tell Jack how it feels to kiss me.“
„Fuck, what?!“
The two men on the couch burst into a roaring laughter.
Mart pours himself a tea and then lets himself drop into the opposite couch chair.
„So what’s this all about?“
„He fancies a guy from his soccer team.“
„Well, that’s what I got the last minutes. Didn’t you say you wondered how it would be to touch...?“
„Dad, please!!“

Martin faces Jack with a smile yet a serious expression in his eyes.
„Relax there, Jack J. Gahan. It’s nothing irregular – at least in our books.“
He blinks at David.
„Is it just physical attraction or do you have more in common with him? And does he know him?“
„I simply can’t get him out off my head. We’re good friends for a while and I’m bleeding sure he’s gay – though not the obvious kind.“
„Hah, no skirts and make up? Well, that helps.“
„Martin, you’re such a bugger!“
„Just messing, sorry. So he wouldn’t mind if you’d ask him to get your friendship to – let’s say a new level?“
„Umh...actually it was him hinting at it kinda...soaping my back after a match. Usually we do not get that close, you know. Hell, you have no idea what was going on inside of me!“
The blonde man winks at his opposite.
„You would loose your bet that I damn well know. It’s no shame to get hard – though it might have been embarrassing in that situation for you.“
„Fuck, it was! And he recognized it.“
Jack reaches for his orange juice and takes a big gulp.
„It’s just – I’m not sure about anything. Somehow I want to touch him when he’s close – on the other hand it just doesn’t feel right.“
„Is that so? Jack, don’t you give a damn what other people think what’s right or wrong. You have to decide what makes you happy in the end – and before you haven’t tried it there’s no real answer to your question. You’re young and it’s the time to experiment with your sexuality. It might only be a phase and you perhaps laugh about it in the future.“

David musters his friend with glowing eyes.

„Yes, you go your way, son. Don’t bottle it up, but handle it wisely. It’s not just sex – it’s about people’s feelings we’re talking here. Doesn’t make any difference if it’s a man or woman.“
„And it’s never too late to discover anyway.“
Martin answers Dave’s look with a similar green flash in his irises. The blonde curly man gets up from his seat and slips next to his lover.

„Now watch closely, Jack. This is a proper kiss.“

Mart gently turns Dave’s face and cups it with his slender fingers. Then he tenderly brushes over the full, pink lips – letting his own hover just inches above them. Dave can’t hold back and moves against his mouth, sucking the bottom lip gingerly in.

„Woah, I think I got the message!“
Jack blushes furiously.
„Hey, you two can stop now!“
„We just started.“
Dave chuckles into Mart’s kiss and then both men part their lips again.

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