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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 28

Chapter 28

  2009.10.11. 23:43


The few days Dave planned to stay in England are running short – as usual. Mart took the late night flight back to LA – yet not before making Dave scream his name again – their hot, wet bodies squeezed against the cold, tiled wall in Phil’s shower – leaving not only Jack with a smug grin on his face. Apparently it was inspiration enough for Dave’s brother as he drags Jason with him into his bedroom and locks the door.

„Dad, I better hit the road now. It’s late and I’m not capable of witnessing another session like that.“
Dave opens his arms and his son heartily answers the call.
„You take car, Jack.“
„Sure will, dad. Have a nice early flight.“
„Ugh, don’t remind me but it was the only reasonable one – not taking the private jet.“

Jack faces his father again.
„Good luck with Jenny.“
„Oof, yeah – I could need a little!“

When Dave inserts his key into the lock of his flat it’s close to lunch time in New York. The place lies in silence – the kids obviously to school and his wife on a shopping spree – who knows? He shortly called her when he knew about his flight details and she just mumbled something about meeting in the late afternoon, having a relaxed meal at home together.

Letting his bags drop next to the bedroom door he makes it into the kitchen – to find a sticky at the huge, brushed steel door of the fridge.

could you please get some stuff from the grocers? The list in in my wallet on the counter.

„Am I a bloody housewife?!“
Then he recalls that their housekeeper was still in hospital after a car crash and it was her day off anyway.

Geez, I’m a spoilt asshole! I better get quickly back to ‚family mode’ for a while!

Glancing over the shopping list he reaches for the basket and sighs. Let’s get it done before he feels too tired and not motivated at all.

Sakis greets him with an ear to ear smile.
„γεια σου, Δαυίδ!“ ("Hi, David!")
„γεια σου, Ισαάκ! τι κάνετε?“ (Hey, Sakis! How are you?")
„καλά, ευχαριστώ!“ ("Good, thank you!")

The typical smell of fresh vegetables paired with garlic and several spices lingers in the little, crammed greek shop. The bright yellow awnings flap under a light breeze – giving at least a little shade fort he vast display of shining peppers, eggplants, various sorts of tomatoes and other veggies and fruits.

„Some of the lovely joghurt again, David?“
The old man changed back to English knowing his customer is not very experienced in the greek language. Dave checks his list.

„Yes, certainly – but as usual the one with 2%.“ He grins now. „We need to stay in shape.“
„Ah, come on! Real greek joghurt – you can’t beat the taste!“
„With almonds and honey – you keep telling me this for over a decade now!“

Sakis smiles back and gets a little plastic bowl and a large spoon.
„Then just have a small portion now – we won’t tell the missus.“

When the creamy, white mass with dark, golden honey touches his tongue he can’t help to moan with the pleasure of the sudden sensory overload. Cracking an almand while chewing his eyes twinkle and he shakes his head when the grey haired man reaches out for a refill.

„No, thanx very much! Enough sins for today! It’s absolutely delicious! ευχαριστώ!“

They stuff all the food Jen ordered into his basket and a few minutes later Dave steps outside onto the sidewalk again, adjusting his sunglasses in the bright midday light.

After he propped everything into the fridge, cooler and the fruit bowl on the kitchen table he decides to do the laundry – enough in his bags for a load. Bending over to put one of his favourite t-shirts into the maschine he can’t help to sniff at it. Mart ripped it off him the last time they made love. His intreguing scent still lingers on it and Dave feels his cock stirr immediately in his pants. Closing the lid and starting the wash program he walks over to his office and picks up the phone.

„Hey, Dave! Just thought of you.“
A soft smile flashes over David’s face and he lols in his arm chair.
„Why do you think I call, my love?“
„So your extremely hot piece of ass is safely back in your NY home.“
„Obviously – and the rest is quite in need for a certain of your body parts.“
„Let me guess – my lips?“
„Ooh, not bad – but no!“
„Umh – my naughty fingers then? I’m just warming up after breakfast – playing a few tunes.“
He chuckles at the other end of the line.
„You are pure evil – but again that’s not excatly what I desire now.“
Dave lets his hand slip behind the waistband of his jeans and emanates a little grunt.
„Having a little fun there without me, my dark angel? Is it right to guess you want my long, thick, hard and aching cock?“
His breath starts to sound a bit laboured as well now.
„Oh god, yes!“
„Then let’s just hope that Jenny is not walking into you now.“
„Christ, Curly – now give it to me!“
Martin’s voice changes to a more sultry tone and knowing exactly what Dave needs and wants to hear now he lowers it.
„Touch yourself, let your hand slowly run over your precious member – and imagine it is my palm granting you the pleasure. Do you feel me, Dave?“
The deep, long moan tells Mart enough and he goes on.
„Now close your fingers around the shaft and slowly glide up and down – not too fast yet – hold back – I know you too well!“
„I need more, Mart – oah, please!“
„You really want a quickie then – good. Increase pressure and speed and when you pump make those circular twists that drive me crazy every time I see them – every moment you exercise them on my yearning dick!“
Martin’s breath comes ragged now and judging the sounds he’s working frantically on himself, too. David closes his eyes, enjoying the jolts of electricity his synapses keep on sending into his groin. It doesn’t need much more and he has to give in to his climax.
„Are you ready to come with me, Dave?“
„Hell, yes! You are sooo hot!“
„Then turn around and let me grab those full and round glutes of yours – giving my throbbing erection enough space to...ram it inside!“
With an excited yell the brunette man spurts his come in recurring spasms over his hand and abdomen – listening to the not less aroused voice at his ear – panting and groaning heavily.

After cleaning the traces of his lust and writing down the time and day the next studio session should start at Chung King he realizes that there’s still some time left till Jen should be back. Sorting the last pieces of his clothes back into the closet his eyes meet the diaries – still resting on the ground of his travel bag.

„I and Curly just can be lucky Alan didn’t have the time to have a closer look at them!“

Another wave of guilt – Jen still has no idea what will hit her when he finally would find the right situation and words to tell her. Somewhere deep inside a little voice tells him to do it just straight when she will walk through the door – yet there is another one urging him to refrain from it as long as they are recording here.

You don’t want to ruin everybody’s nerves when not being able to sing properly due to the emotional stress that’s certainly linked with it!

Taking the green diary in his hands he trots into the living room and lets himself fall onto the huge black leather couch. It doesn’t take long and he’s lost in Martin’s thoughts again.


„Dave? Honey, I’m back!“
Jen stands in the middle of the room and he lets the green book slip out off his hands – it landing on the floor with a thud. Shit!
„Oh, didn’t know you’re such a jumpy chicken, David!“
She laughs in her telltale way and then bends down to pick up the item. Their both hands meet at the book and Dave tries to get it first but she’s a tiny bit faster.
„Jen, please!“
She eyes him suspiciously and opens it – reading a bit and then turning pale.
„Dave, I want to touch you all over – kiss every inch of your gorgeous body. I wanna suck your delicious cock till you nearly faint with pleasure and then let you feel my yearning hardness pulsing in your luscious behind...what the fuck is this?!“
She flips through some more pages and Dave just stands there – paralyzed. So this is the moment of truth.
„David?!“ She looks flustered and shocked. „Is this supposed to be Martin’s diary or what!?“
„His intoxicated private poetry – yes.“
„Private – hah! And why are you reading! Did he give this to you or did you snatch it?“
„I didn’t need to do that! And it isn’t’s the way he...we...Jennifer, I love Martin like he loves me!“
„You do what!?“
„I have sex with Mart and I have deep feelings for him. And before you ask – no, NOT THEN...I didn’t know till we started rehearsing in Santa Barbara in May.“

Jennifer sinks onto the couch, mouth open – apparently not able to catch the whole impact of the situation.
„You let Martin fuck you?!“
„It’s not a onesided business. And it’s making love.“
„What’s wrong with you, Dave? I always thought you were straight!“
„Wrong?! Nothing is wrong – except the tiny fact there might be a miss in our relationship, Jennifer – and not just since yesterday.“
„You don’t love me anymore!“ The bewilderment on her face speaks volumes.
„And I thought your affection changed towards me, Jen. I still love you – but recently there seems to be a rift I can’t lay my hands on – and it breaks my heart.“
„Are we both too busy to take the time to take care of each other’s feelings and needs?“
She fixes his view with her dark brown eyes – a sad expression on her face.
„Jen, I love you and the kids more than my life – you should know that! It’s just that my heart opened another door...for Martin. It’s still a little confusing for me, but it’s as it is – I can’t deny my feelings and I don’t want to.“
„I feel sick, David – and better lay down. You help yourself in the kitchen – and you better sleep in the guestroom tonight.“
„Sorry, but I can’t have you around now! Oh, and Rosie and Jimmy are at their granny’s. I wanted us to have a peaceful evening. That much about it.“

She slowly gets up from her seat and places the diary onto the couch table.

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