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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 30

Chapter 30

  2009.10.18. 20:26


„I’m so glad you could make it a day earlier!“
Still in the doorframe of the suite door Dave literally jumps at the blonde curly guy opening – urging him inside, smothering him with his greedy lips. The door falls shut on it’s own account and Martin doesn’t know what hits him for a moment. The kisses come sorta angrily and...yes, desperate in their intensity.
„Dave, hey, Dave! Let me stay alive!“
The dark haired man is clinging to him and he can feel all the raw energies stored in that perfect yet now trembling body – washing over him. Something must have happened. He never experienced him in this state before.

„Curly, make love to me – at once!“ The voice cracks with his obvious emotional uproar. He drags Martin with him and the next moment he feels the comforter against his back, being tossed onto the huge king size bed in the adjacent room. Dave’s body falls onto him, covering him with his weight – his mouth still biting and kissing his lips and neck furiously.

Shall I give in now? He’s never been so passionate before – wow! There’s a deep pain I sense though – this is not the Dave I know in bed – and maybe it’s not a good idea trying to solve the problem with sex...we need to talk....first!

„David! Please, listen! What’s going on?!“ He pinches Dave into his flanks and he flinches shortly.
„Martin, not now! Let’s talk later. I need you now – so much!“

Dave’s grip at least loosens slightly and he’s heavily breathing into Mart’s face, the pupils of his eyes widened like two dark holes, the olive-jade coloured irises swirling. You could get dizzy from just staring into them. And then something tiny and hot hits Mart’s left cheek – once and then again. Whatever troubles his friend – he seems not to be able to express it with words at the moment and Martin should know about this state – very well - concerning his own inability many times. So he just closes his arms around Dave’s waist now and gives in to the ongoing attack of his lips.

Nimble, long fingers travel along his chest. David simply ripped the t-shirt from him and the shreds now lie on the carpet – next to his own. When his teeth scrape the flesh around his already erect nipples Martin lets out a deep groan. One hand is already on the way between his legs – not fumbling long with his fly but pulling down his jeans with a swift, rough move. Yes, the Lord didn’t bless him with broad hips. The sensation of wet lips gliding down his abdomen and then meeting his rapidly hardening and throbbing member makes him moan deeply now. Yet before he can reach the ultimate bliss the touch disappears and he only feels the cool air on his salivated skin. David moves up and rolls on his back.
„Now take me for all you are worth, Curly.“
Martin doesn’t spend another thought as his body is screaming and urging for release. He quickly opens Dave’s jeans and moves them over his ankles. David already lifts his legs.

God, you’re more desperate than any groupie I was with!

Ashamed of his thoughts Martin doesn’t hesitate any longer, spits in his hand and lubricates a certain area between his opposites glutes. After wetting his cock he shifts his weight, grabs behind Dave’s knees to stabilize and then slowly let’s himself sink into him, using more and more pressure. Warm tightness awaits him and he has to close his eyes due to the overwhelming pleasure that spreads not only in his groin. David gets louder – he doesn’t hold back his lust and arousal. Soon both men are huffing and puffing and taking his hardness firmly in his hand he’s fast as close to the brink as the blonde man on top of him. Two guttural yells later all their excitement has exploded and the tension leaves their hot, sweatty bodies – them remaining limp and out of breath.

Martin gently traces the contours of David’s face. Lots of tiny pearls of sweat cover the silky skin – a few gathering in the corners of his mouth. He wipes them away with his thumb – tenderly like only a lover or a father can.

„Curly, she knows.“
„Jennifer? How? Did you tell her?!“
Dave reaches over to the night stand and gets the bottle with mineral water. After taking a big gulp he continues.
„I was so stupid again to forget about place and time – reading in your diary. She walked in on me and I dropped the book.“
Martin rolls his eyes in comical despair.
„You really seem to have a certain talent to get into trouble, my dark angel.“
„It’s not funny!“
„Sorry! I was already wondering about this angry cyclone hitting me.“

After picturing the current state of their relationship Mart looks very serious and stern. Knowing Jennifer he’s very much aware of the fragility of the situation.

„David, I don’t think it’s a good idea you staying with me here all the time – as much as I’d love it. Remember what I told you in Santa Barbara? This is your turf – your home – your responsibility. I’m the intruder here – in Jenny’s eyes – and she’s right to a certain degree.“
„I’m not keen to sleep in the guestroom and seeing her sad eyes every morning – like a beaten puppy. Yeah, it’s my fucking responsibility! I fucked things up again! Sorry I fell in love with you!“
„Spare that sarcasm, Dave. I was just suggesting we need to face the truth – with her – both. You don’t have any intentions to blow your relationship – the one you fought for so hard – blood, sweat and tears – now, don’t you?“
„Hell, no! I just hope Jen still feels the same!“
„The more you need to stand by her side now – giving her the feedback she needs now – that you still care and be THERE!“
„But? How we two get along? Working our asses of, Dave! You have no idea! Even Ben let out a big sigh when we went through the session planning. You will be lucky when you can fall into bed next to your wife in the wee hours! Nah, not that bad. We planned in some family time for you – and you will make use of it! I don’t want to see tears in little Rosie’s eyes when she’s on Skype asking when her daddy will come back home to tell her a bedtime story.“
„I will have Calo and Ava over here a few times, too – so just you know.“
He grasps Dave by his shoulders now and drags him closer against his chest.
„We will find a little time – remember the studio kitchen?“
„So we still keep it a secret with the guys?“
„It’s for the better, me thinks. As long as the recordings last. I don’t know about you, but even though him being my dear friend from the beginning – I wouldn’t stand Andy around making all his nasty jokes – following us for sure every bloody second with his fucking Fletch cam!“
„Gosh, you might have a point there!“


„You’re packing?!“
Dave stares at his wife in disbelief when he returns to his flat in the late afternoon.
„I just wanted to tell you that I won’t stay at the hotel. My place is here with you and the kids – and there never was a questionmark for me concerning that.“
„I’m going to the summer house for a week. Do you tell the kids? Shall we ask them if they want to stay here with you?“
David sighs deeply knowing the hidden accusation.
„I will be busy till late – but I have ‚family’ time scheduled. Hey, I’m really trying, you know!“
Then he lowers his head.
„Suppose Rosie and Jimmy are burning to get to the beach. So take them – but bring them back, please.“

When he enters the Chunk King Studios from the side entrance the rain stops. Very funny! Folding the black umbrella he heads down the corridor, opening the glass door after being buzzed in. The surveillance camera registerd him – no surprise. His band collegues are already buzzing around the studio and Andrew greets him with a broad smile behind his Prada glasses.
„I dare you to film me now!“
„Oh, did the rain ruin your precious hair? It’s getting thinner now – did you recognize?“
The tall, red head tries to run away but the brunette man corners him, glaring into his eyes and then unexpectedly poking him into his paunch.
„You be quiet there, Mr. Double Cream!“ And with a smirk he adds: „I better hide my bananas, too!“
Roaring laughter from everybody in the room.
„And stay away from my honey – I dare you!“
„Who wants your fucking honey?!“
Andy tries to protect himself from further attacks. Mart steps next to Dave and whispers into his ear.
„Well, I’d have a pretty good idea where to lick that honey from, my naughty one!“
Dave can’t help to blush and let’s go of Fletch.
„Watch out, ginger!“
Andy pokes out his tongue and turns to get over to Ben.
„Geez, Curly! You can’t work me up now!“ Dave’s voice is nearly inaudible.
Martin blinks at him and then innocently returns to the heaps of cases and boxes that contain all sorts of old synthesizers and bits.

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