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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 33

Chapter 33

  2009.10.25. 18:25



Martin wakes up from the pain. It’s some sharp teeth biting onto his left nipple. A pair of muscular hands hinder him from shooting up from the mattress.

„Jesus, I missed you so much, Curly!“
„Me or the sex?“
Mart can’t resist – the thorn still sitting deep inside his mind.
„Oh, please, Martin! Not again!“
The olive eyes that hold his view now are serious and dark from emotions. Before he can retort any more stupid things he decides to kiss those gorgeous lips hovering over him. Grabbing Dave by his nape he pulls him closer and forces his tongue into his warm, slippery mouth – bathing in the distinctive taste.

„You look like a little, innocent angel, when you sleep, Martin.“
Dave rests his forehead against his lover’s.
„When you’re awake though you...“ „...I can be mean, scathing, destructive and darker than all hell’s spawn together.“ The blonde man has a lobsided grin on his velvety lips.
„I knew it – we already met before! You were simmering in that fire next to my left! What did you do to piss off the big boss down there that he so generously catapulted you back onto the surface?“

Mart bursts into a fit of giggles now.
„Must have been my horrible singing – plus I forgot to tune up my guitar.“
„Bullshit! You have a lovely voice, Curly!“ He lets his slender fingers slowly wander down the neck.
„Especially when you cry out my name.“
Then Dave abruptly takes off his hand and turns away.
„Hey, Dave! What’s now?“
„Sorry for being so...physical again!“
Martin sighs and drags him back, pulling him into a tender embrace.
„God, David! Forget about my stupid, insensitive words! I didn’t mean it that way!“
He presses his lips onto Dave’s quivering mouth.
„It’s just not easy to handle for me as well – I didn’t expect it and I’m not used to it!“

Martin’s iPhone goes off and let’s the two men flinch a little.
„Fuck!!“ The curse escapes them unisono.

„Fletch is worse than a slave driver!“
„Well, it’s after 10 am. We should have been in the studio half an hour ago!“
„Shit! I won’t go without breakfast!“
„Ah, Dave – we can get some hot bagels at the corner café! Let’s hurry now! I’m not keen to listen to a litany again.“

The dark haired man still rummages in his back pack while Martin snatches two apples from the fruit bowl in the kitchen.
„Here, catch it!“
He throws his band mate one of them and lets his shiny, white teeth sink into the other.
„If you speed up now I promise you that we could find a few calm moments while I can slam you against the wall of the keyboard storage room.“
Dave’s deep hazel green eyes lighten up and suddenly he seems to be ready to leave the flat.

„Argh, that coffee is bleeding hot!“
Mart catches the ‚to go’ cup quickly from his friend before anything more severe might happen.
„Take your time now – yes, you heard me alright. I will go and you follow about five minutes later, OK?“
Dave nods, rolling his eyes. It’s really not the time yet for all the others to have more insights. He looks down to his half consumed boysenberry-creamcheese bagel and then stuffs it back into the brown paper bag. Appetite’s already gone. The strong, black coffee with the extra ounce of sugar starts pulsing through his system, the caffeine kicking in. A text arrives on his blackberry and glancing over it he smiles slightly. Rosie sent him a pic from the beach and a few, very sweet lines – ending with the usual ‚Daddy, I miss you so much!’.

The further day in the studio passes by with lots of discussions, tests, recordings – so neither of the guys find enough space to even twist one single cell of their brains on any wierd thoughts or emotions. At least the work turns out prolific.

Nibbling at a digestive Dave takes another gulp from his tea mug and stretches his legs. It should be his turn to sing soon again. Fighting a tiny wave of tiredness he pops in his earplugs and starts the little iPod attached to his leather belt.

He returns from the bistro kitchen a little after six – having warmed up a portion of his fav apple pie with custard cream – when there’s suddenly a murmur amongst the people in the main studio, all eyes set onto the person that’s dashing into the room. She looks furious like a greek goddess. Dave nearly let’s his plate drop when Jennifer walks straight over to the blonde, curly man behind a synthesizer.
Wham! In a split second Martin has two reasonable clappers in his face. She lifts her hand again, yet Andy is alert and now fixes her arms from behind.

„Geez, Jen!?“
„You fucking asshole leave your dirty, pervert fingers off my husband!“
Martin still looks kinda shellshocked.
„You’re a sick bastard, trying to destroy our family!“
„Jennifer, shut the fuck up!“
David’s baritone thunders through the room.
„You be quiet, David – I’m not watching this travesty any longer!“
She quickly purses her lips and spits Martin into his face eventhough Andrew tries his best to keep her at bay. When she bites into one of his bare arms he swears and lets her go. Tiny spots of blood become visible around the imprints of her teeth.
„Enough! Someone please call the security guys!“
David now grabs his wife hard by her shoulders.
„You go back to our flat and wait there! Martin and me will join you there asap to end this matter once and for all!“
„I’m going nowhere! You stop letting yourself be fucked by that drag queen over there!“
„I fuck or let myself be fucked by whom ever I want, dammit! Stop insulting my friend!“
„Dave, it’s enough!“
Martin’s voice sounds strangely high pitched.

When Jennifer finally left, guarded by two employees of the house security, David sinks onto the couch and covers his face in his hands.
It’s quiet now around them, just the air condition and the permanent humming of the computer fans waft through the air.
Christian is the first to find his words again.
„What the heck was that supposed to be?“
„You better come clean now, guys.“, Andy chimes in. „It’s having too much effect on the recording process already.“
Mart returns from the restroom, still cooling his left cheek with a gel pad. He lets himself drop next to Dave and then the uncomfortably cold feeling spreads over his cheek.

Opening his eyes he stares into the cat like green eyes of his band mate. He’s grinning at him, holding a little blue cool pack in his left hand.

„What the frigg?!“
„Zonked out there, my sweet?“
He pulls at the white cables of the tiny earphones.
„God, is she gone?!“
Martin’s eyes widen slightly.
„Hey, you must have had a hell of a dream!“
„Oh my god!“
Dave grabs the cooling aid from Mart’s hand and puts it onto his forehead.
„Why are you running around with this?“
„I thought you might need it, your headache returning. You should have heard yourself moaning!“

After Dave explained himself concerning his horror visions Martin watches him with a stern expression.

„Hey, relax! It was just a freaky dream. We really need to talk with her soon. It’s not healthy for you to bottle it all up – neither it’s good for me.“ Then a little, smug grin makes it back onto his face.
„I can easily envisage her storming in here like a fury – she’s so hot blooded sometimes. Yeah, just like you!“
„God beware!“
„Hah, biting Fletch!“
„Please, let me never ever experience such a nightmare!“
„He might bite back!“
„Argh, stop it!“
David can’t help to laugh as well. The odd feelings start to disappear from his conscious.
„Move your lazy bum now! Let’s get ‚Ghost’ into the pipeline.“

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