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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 35

Chapter 35

  2009.11.02. 14:54


„Sweet Jesus, you recorded me coming as well!“
Both men listen in awe how Dave yells out Martin’s name and the moans and groans already make Mart hot as hell again.
„Edit it at once! Geez, if the others get to hear that!?“
The blonde curly man chuckles and moves the mouse over some boxes on the screen. Clicking a few times he presses rewind and the last words of the song echo through the studio. With a reasonable clicking sound the voice layer ends.
„God, Dave – I need you so much!“
Martin’s deep green eyes mesmerize his friend’s hazel ones. The want and lust layers with a soft, endearing expression...of love. Dave puts his headphones away, simply hooking them onto the micstand. He walks over to Mart and takes the remote out off his hand.
„I don’t think we’ll need that any longer.“
His beautiful, long fingers wander over the facial contours of his opposite and then his velvety lips place numerous, featherlight kisses onto the delicate skin.
„Take me to your bed – where I belong.“

„Wow, what got into you, Dave?! This is absolutely stunning! I never expected your voice being that...that...I have no proper words for it!“
Ben seems definitely excited the way he’s buzzing through the studio the next day.
„Ah, come on – you should know Dave! He can be a bloody, fookin seducer – the tempting devil himself, if you ask me!“
Martin giggles and his eyes have this little, naughtly inkling in them.
You better have asked WHOM Dave got into, hah!

Dave stretches on the couch, playing around with his blackberry.
„Well, let’s say I was in the mood. I take it you want to keep it for mixing?“
Ben and Ferg nod their heads eagerly at the same time.
„You could give „Ghost“ the same kind of flavour – yeah, that would kick it off!“
Mart eyes Dave and it’s obvious for each of the two what’s cruising their minds. David coughs and grins broadly.
„I might consider that, but not now. It’s way too early for that.“
„DOH, since when does it matter to you what time of day or night you get a lay?“
Fletch peels his second banana of the day and throws his bandmate a lobsided smirk. Dave cocks his left brow and puts his mobile into his grey back pack.
„It DOES matter, alright? Are you already eating our pack lunch? Is that mine? I didn’t get one!“

Before the situation can get tense Daniel waves the guys over to the control panels. They still have to decide over the „Perfect“ mix. Half an hour later all let out releaved breaths. Ferg and Ben did a great job.

David just bends over his red lyrics folder that’s resting on the couch table when he feels a pair of lean arms entangling him from the back and a pair of damp lips kiss him behind his right ear. The scent is unmistakable.
„David, I missed you!“
He turns around and can’t help to embrace the sudden appearance.
„Jen, baby!“
In the corner of his eyes he can see Martin freezing behind the Steiner-Parker Synthacon.
„I thought I pop in and check on you guys. How’s it going, John?“
She turns towards JK who just finished a phone call. He dumps his mobile in his jeans pocket and hugs Jennifer heartily.
„Where’s the little firecracker?“
„At her gran’s. I didn’t want to distract you all too much, especially my sweet hubby.“
Jonathan chuckles and his eyes twinkle at the pleasant appearance of Dave’s wife. He knows too well that the ‚nice weather’ might be just the start of a hell of a scene. Dave filled him in concerning the latest facts.
She turns back to Dave who seems not really sure if he’s having a strange vision or not.
„Want a nice Latte in the kitchen or lunch somewhere? I’m ready for a break anyway.“
„A coffee would be splendid. Hey, Martin! What did you do to your hair? A bit longer in the middle and less platinum? Let’s you look lots younger. I like it!“
„Errr, well – yeah, I simply let it grow a little.“
Dave knows immediately Martin hated this situation and tries to drag Jenny away direction bistro kitchen.

As soon as the door closed behind them Jen’s hands grab the well shaped, round bum he shows her while searching for some fresh coffee beans in the cupboard. Leaning closer against him he can feel her hot breath against his nape.
„You’re not trying what I think you’re having in mind?“
„Dave, I want you! Take me here and now!“
„Geez, the guys walk in and out!“
„You used to get pleasantly hard in such situations.“
She reaches around for his crotch and he can’t pretend to be not aroused. The box with the coffee clatters back onto the shelf.

With a swift move he lifts her up and nearly throws her onto the table – shoving away some left over food boxes and card board cups. Oh, he knows that dark glimmer in his wife’s eyes too well. Conveniently she wears a skirt. Eventhough he knows she’s pushing buttons he can’t help it and yanks the fabric up her lean, muscular thighs. She doesn’t hesitate to fumble at his fly and the next moment his jeans slips down onto his ankles. Positioning himself between her legs he senses all the electric jolts flickering through his system.

Mart leans silently against the door frame and watches the frantically moving bodies on the solid wooden dining table. The accelerated breath, the grunts and groans – the couple definitely is somewhere in their very own orbit at the moment.

So you’re trying to compete with me, Jenny. Want to convince him with your female tricks to return to you? Haven’t you realized you didn’t loose him at all? I really have to talk to you, woman – if I wasn’t so bloody introverted when it counts!

Seeing her climaxing and him at the brink he can’t stand it any longer and walks behind Dave – kissing along his sweatty back – up to his nape. The dark haired man throws back his head and lets out a guttural yell of pleasure. Resting breathlessly against Mart’s chest he’s not capable to process the current situation. Jen opens her eyes again and meets Martin’s stare – mustering him while he licks along his neck and then sucking in his left earlobe. His nimble fingers find Dave’s nipples and he gently caresses them. Jen and him still fix each other while Dave tries to get his composure back. He’s still joint with his wife and it starts to dawn him he should slip out off her. Martin gently turns him towards him and goes down to his haunches, licking Dave clean. It’s as well Mart who pulls up his lover’s pants and rearranges everything back at it’s usual place. When both men look at the dark haired woman again there are a few tears glistening on her cheeks. The blonde man slowly approaches her and gingerly wipes them away with his slightly shaking hand.

„You really give me tough time to hate you, Martin.“
Her voice sounds a little throaty. The next moment he bends over and kisses her onto her forehead.
„Damn, I should kick your balls hard!“
„Then do it, Jenny, if it makes you feel better.“
„Fucking prick – I wish I had the heart to! A week ago I surely would have...perhaps.“
She grabs Martin by his blonde curls.
„Looks you can give David what I’m not able to.“
„Jen, baby – listen...!“
„Shush, Dave – wait and let me finish this here first!“
Mart cuts in his band mate’s sentence.
„Jenny, I can just tell you the exact same. I can’t and don’t want to invade your territory – yet I also can’t help it to have deep feelings for Dave. Call me perverted – it’s as it is.“
„I know you for so long now, Martin. You always have been such a great, reliable friend. It just hurts so much to become aware of a possibly not even unusual fact...that you are bi...both of you. I have suspected it for a long time, yet I always hoped I’d never get into a situation like this – where someone has to make a choice.“
„So you’re telling me still I have to decide between you and Curly?!“
„Calm down, Dave!“
„Sweatheart, I had some time to think – I was cursing, crying, running along the beach like a mad cow. How could I ask of you to choose between two loves? If it was another woman that I could hate and scratch her eyes out – but no, it has to be one of our best male friends!“

She gets back to her feet again and looks for her elegant sandals. Dave meanwhile put his t-shirt back on and got some juice and water from the fridge. Martin nods and shortly after gets a filled glass.

„Jen, not much will change. I’m still the same for you and the kids. It’s just...“
„It’s just that when he’s with me in Santa Barbara I claim him for myself, Jennifer. Grant me those few days and weeks. We’re really doing all to be as discrete as possible. Take him home with you and cherish the time with him, worship him – like he deserves it. He feels just the same for you – I know it.“

David has to swallow hard at Martin’s emotional words. They do not leave the usually strong woman unaffected.

„I’m still not sure how to handle all this, but we’ve gone so far – too far to let it break us now. Shall we get Rosie and Jimmy now or might it be not a bad idea to let them stay at my mom’s over night?“
„Baby, I have no real clue how this will develop myself – I’m just as torn as you. Let’s give it time to grow. I don’t want to give Curly or you the impression he’s my part time lover or anything. He’s a part of me and vice versa.“
Recognizing Mart’s glassy eyes now he gently nudges him.
„You better get used to the fact. And now I will grab my sweet wifey and you might want to call your kids to fly over for the weekend?“
„Good idea, Dave. The girls want to visit Andy’s daughter in spain later that week anyway. I’ll tell them to pack for a stop-over.“

Jennifer twinkles at her husband.
„Suppose the nightover question answered itself?“
„As much as I love our offspring – I could imagine some time on our own.“

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