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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 36

Chapter 36

  2010.01.21. 22:14


Dave lets his teeth sink into his cheeseburger. While munching he lazily lolls on the couch in his living room, feet up on the rest, watching BBC World. The Premier League and other sports news are long through yet he’s still a little restless and not tired at all. The day in the studio has been busy again and sharing his sexual energies between two demanding partners takes it’s toll after a week.

This can’t go on forever, David – and you know it!

„And now it’s time for our weekly celebrity break ups! Well informed sources have it that Hepzibah Wilder, married to Alan Charles Wilder – former member of 80ties Synthie band ‚Depeche Mode’ – left their Sussex mansion late last night. The vast number of luggage sadly indicates the end of this relationship. Apparently they must have had another row as the ex-singer of ‚Miranda’s Sex Garden’ was in a rather dishevelled state.“

David stares at the low quality video footage with big eyes. Hep wears huge shades yet the massive, dark bruises are still quite visible under her left eye.

„Fucking bastard! Godammit! I should have strangled you when I had the chance!“

He’s really outraged now. Jumping up from his seat he paces through the room, hands balled to fists. At least she finally found the courage to leave him. A buzzing sound makes him flinch.

„Dave, did you just see the news on BBC?!“
„Hey, Curly! Fuck, yeah!“
„Poor Hep! I really didn’t believe my sore eyes!“
„We should pay him a visit! I feel the need to straighten his ass out!“
„Umh, honestly – I’d like to see his face when he opens his friggin front door and faces to two of us.“
„Wow, would you really consider it?!“
„Well, I was thinking a lot about him the last days. It’s time to close that chapter once and forever. You’re right, David. I have to stop to dig it all up again and again.“
„Suppose we’re next on the news then.“
„Too bad our schedule is so tight. End of week we’re through with this session and then it’s just 10 days before the next turn in Santa Barbara.
„Mmmm, your birthday at home...don’t give me any ideas, Curly-Wurly!“
„Come over here – and I’ll give you some ideas!“
„I’d love to – but you already strung me out during lunch break. Not to mention the hot shower sex I had with Jenny earlier. I must have been really good as she’s fast asleep meanwhile.“
„You old macho, Dave! Still fooking twenty in your head, aren’t you?“
„I wish for! You don’t have that horrible back pain in the morning. I swear, age’s finally getting at me!“
„You have no idea! I’m just not that sissy you obviously are!“
„I really should come over and spank your butt for this!“
„Rrrrrr – now we’re talking, my dark angel!“
„Stop it! I better try to get at least a few hours rest. Hopefully without any nightmares.“
„Yeah, it’s really horrible. Hep is such a lovely, beautiful woman. Do you have her mobile number by the way? Perhaps she needs help?“
„She’s got mine. I gave it to her when we sat in that bleeding kitchen, you know. Must have had a gut feeling or something. Probably she’ll call.“
„OK. I dare you to dream about anybody else than me, Dave! I for sure will make love to you in my sleep. So – sweet dreams! And don’t drool too much over your pillow!“
„Dito! Curly, you’re my one and everything. Nite nite!“

Dave takes another photo with his slender fingers. It was shot some time back in Berlin. He and Alan – both smiling. There are more pictures like this. He tries to sort his mind and heart. No, Alan hadn’t been the bad villain sorta in the past – on the contrary. They were quite good friends. Alan always backed him against the Mart-Andy connection.

„When did things get worse, Alan? What happened to you – to us? I don’t understand it!“

It’s a fact that with him taking advantage on him the rift started to grow rapidly. Sinking more and more into his drug addiction finalized the drifting apart. Well, after Alan left the band they had a very loose contact, though he visited one of his concerts on his first solo tour.

„With all the fooking facts I know by now – damn you, Alan!“
„What are you doing there on the floor with all those scattered photos?“

David looks up and in the slightly puzzled face of his wife. She crouches next to him and gently wipes a few tears off his cheek.

„Sorry, didn’t want to wake you up.“
„Hey, it’s OK.“
„No, it’s not.“
„Come to bed with me. You need some sleep. It’s already 4.30.“

She drags him up from the carpet and he hesitantly follows her.

„Leave the pics. You can take care of them later.“


„You’re not going to the studio, David!“
He looks up from his mug of coffee and sees the determination in Jen’s face.
„I will call John. You’re not in the state to work today.“
„No, you won’t! It’s exactly work I need now! Keeping myself busy. The last I want is more time on my own – all those thoughts tumbling down on me!“
„God, but look at yourself! So pale and tired! You really start to scare the shits out of me!“
She reaches for his slightly trembling fingers. The grey stubble is worth four or five days and lets him appear aged and ruffled like a weak bird.

The phone rings in the hallway. Jen is faster and takes the call. With a stern face she returns into the kitchen.

„Hep, please keep it short. Dave’s not really well.“
She passes the handset over.

„Hey, David! I’m sorry to invade your privacy, but...“
„Hep, angel – it’s no problem! How are you? Gosh, I saw it on the news yesterday!“
„I was afraid so.“
Her voice is thin and he can feel all the hidden pain.
„David, I need a good solicitor.“
„Thinking of mine?“
„Yes. Could you give me his data, please?“
„Sure, no problem! Can I do anything else for you?“
He tells her phone and fax numbers, email - the usual contact information.
„Thanx, but not now. I’m at my sister’s and have a good shoulder to cry on.“
„Are you safe? Did he try to contact you?“
„Dave, I don’t want to bother you with more details. You have enough on your own plate. I will keep in touch.“
„OK. Be brave, Hep. Cheers!“

„I hope Alan is not the next one calling here.“
„Argh, Jen! He won’t, I’m pretty sure. And even if – we have the choice not to talk to him.“
„I know you, David. You can’t stay out of trouble if you’re angry.“
„Then you better let me go working now. You know – singing is the best outlet for me – besides sex.“

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