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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 37

Chapter 37

  2010.01.21. 22:17


Martin stands in front of the studio kitchen window. Sipping his Verbena tea he peers over the vast number of skyscrapers. David leans against him from behind and lets his long fingers slowly brush up and down Mart’s left, bare arm – resulting in those tiny, blonde hairs to stand up straight. There are no words necessary between them for the moment. The closeness is enough. Mart leans a little back against Dave’s chest and his lover inhales the scent of his freshly washed hair. The numerous curls slightly tickle his nose tip. He takes the cup from his mate’s hand and has a sip himself, handing it back.

„Don’t even think about it now, Dave.“
„No idea what you’re talking about, Curly.“
„I can feel it against my bottom.“
David sighs.
„You know he’s never calm around you.“
Then he senses Mart’s hand taking one of his and placing it a lot lower on his front. There the fabric of his jeans is already straining over the prominent proof of the blonde man’s desire.

„Dave, we don’t have the time now – as much a my body betrays my words.“
Dave breathes against his neck.
„You really don’t want my skilled fingers? I can be really quick.“
Martin escapes a little groan.
„Don’t you tempt me.“
He brushes his jeans clad ass over the brunette man’s hardness.
„Who teases whom?“
Mart feels teeth scraping along his nape now.
„No, David! I can smell Jenny on your skin. I can’t.“
With these words he gently loosens Dave’s arms around him. As much love there’s still in his light green eyes – there’s another nuance now. Dave can decipher it well and the hurt he sees there gives him a painful pinch in his heart.

„It’s OK, my dark angel. I knew what I was in for – I thought.“
He lightly pats Dave’s cheek now and turns towards the sink to get rid of his empty mug.
„You know – maybe it’s just the right mood to record ‚The Sun And The Moon...’.“


One subtle look
God help me
Is all it took
To sell me
One single word
Your name unheard
And I'm broken

The sun and the moon
and the stars in the sky are laughing
They've seen it all before
For the wind in the trees
and the waves on the seas
It's the same thing
They can't take any more

One gentle touch
And I'm helpless
It's all too much
For my senses
One simple prayer
Denied me
When you're not there
Beside me

The sun and the moon
and the stars in the sky are laughing
They've seen it all before
For the wind in the trees
and the waves on the seas
It's the same thing
They can't take any more

„Your vocoder part fits in well, Dave.“
Ben adjusts his glasses and plays around with some buttons on his Mac. Martin puts down his headphones and glances over to David. Though he takes everything very professionally – like usual – his dark eyes tell him everything he needs to know. He’s on the verge to tears.

Gosh, not here, Dave! I should have known, I’m so sorry! It’s the only way to tell you how I really feel about you.

„I need a smoke.“
Quickly David grabs his cigarillos from the couch table and hurries for the stair case.

When he lights his smoke his hands slightly shake. Inhaling deeply his full lips firmly close around the end of the horrible little thing.
You’ll finally ruin your voice, Dave!
That song got at him again. Not that he wasn’t aware of the text. He heard Martin rehearsing it a few times before. Today was so different though. All his heart, all his soul was lying bare – hitting him straight into the face.

„Please leave me alone for a while, Martin. I need a little space to think.“
Dave escapes Mart’s hand that he wanted to place gently onto his left shoulder.
„Don’t be like that.“
The brunette man doesn’t answer and keeps staring through the dusty, slightly smeary window pane – a cloud of smoke billowing up into the air.
The blonde haired band mate hesitates for another moment, letting his eyes linger on the pleasant form of his friend.
„Staying the night with me? It’s been a while.“
Not getting a prompt answer a sad expression crosses his pale features.
„Don’t let me beg on my knees, David.“
Silently he turns and walks back up the few stairs to the exit.
„I will think about it.“
The door already fell shut.

„You must be fucking kidding!“
Dave is about to cut the connection. Marti s curling against him under the sheets, starting to stir now.

„Who’s on the phone?“, he mumbles with a sleepy voice. His question gets answered when Dave goes on talking.
„Alan, it’s all you having fucked up things! Don’t expect me now patting your shoulder and console you!“
Mart moves slightly and reaches over, touching Dave’s finger lightly and presses the speaker phone key. Both can now hear Alan’s upset voice bouncing back at them from the suite’s walls.

„Dave, please! For the sake of our friendship!“
„You mean the one you dragged into the dirt!!“
Martin can’t hold back his boiling anger.
„Marty?! Is that you?!“
„Fooking hell, yes! And that you know - I’m resting in Dave’s arms – pressed flush against his gorgeous, hot, naked body. Now piss off and let us go on making love!“

There’s a moment sort of shocked silence at the other end of the line – then Alan seems to clear his throat.
„I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have called.“
„Alan, wait!“
David immediately sensed the change in timbre and mood. That much he knows his former band mate over the years.
„Don’t hang up now. No time for silly ideas, Al.“
Mart eyes him with a bit puzzlement. Then he listens closer. No way! Alan silently sobbing?! He signals Dave to switch to mute for a while.
„Alan, hang on a sec – be right back.“

„What is it, Curly?“
„We’re not flying over to that prick!“
David sighs.
„OK, but what about inviting him over to Santa Barbara?“
„To wreck up our precious time without Jenny?!“
„Shush, keep cool! I see your point. So?“
„We’ve just 12 days between sessions. If we’re doing anything at all it has to be as soon as possible.“
„He sounds urgent anyways.“
„Duh, if he wants to jump the cliff let him be!“
„Argh, he’s a grown up – we’re not his nannies!“
Checking on Dave’s expression he tries to calm down a little.
„For fuck’s sake – tell him we’re coming around the weekend! Suppose he’ll make it for another two days.“
Dave nods and pecks Mart’s cheek before going back on speaker phone.

„Alan, you’re still there?“
The breathing at the other end tells them it’s the case.
„We’re meeting you Saturday – depending on our flight.“
It takes a while and then Alan manages to answer with a throaty ‚thank you’.

„We must be out off our minds, you know that.“
David puts the phone back onto the night stand, hearing Martin’s notion.
„I wish I could just block him out off my thoughts – out off my life – but I can’t. He’s not a bad person as such – which makes it so difficult to really hate him.“
„We have to finally get him out off our systems, my dark angel. One way or the other.“
„Yeah, but let us keep it civil.“
„And that from you! Who’s the first jumping the gun usually, hothead?“
„Talking about ME?“
„Know what your problem is? You’ve got a way too big heart, Dave.“
The dark haired man beams back at him and smiles softly.
„And I thought that was one of your better qualities – though you try to hide it well sometimes.“
„Hey, I’m not Mr. Untouchable!“
He’s got a cocky grin playing around his full lips now.
„And you’re not Mr. Irresistable!“
„Aww, come on!“
The glimmer in his olive-green eyes is pure evil meanwhile.
„Why are you hard then already?“
His long, muscular fingers close quickly around Mart’s erect member. He didn’t recognize his left hand sneaking under the covers while talking.

„That’s just a normal, physical reaction in the early morning. I need to pee.“
Then he bursts into laughter seeing Dave’s mouth falling open shortly.
„Let me scurry to the bathroom and then you can have all of me. Except you want to have a little extra drink.“
„Eww, nah! Hurry up!“
Mart seems not ready yet, being in a kinky mood.
„You should join me in the bath tub – giving you a bit of a golden shower. I heard it should be quite stimulating.“
„Fooking hell! If you don’t stop I’m loosing the mood!“
„Have you ever tried it?“
He sees Dave blush unexpectedly.
„Geez, it was enough having baby Jack peeing on my arm those days! Don’t think I need further elaboration! Now off with you!“

It doesn’t take long and he hears the flush and then the water running in the bassin – him obviously washing his hands. The fabric of the blanket softly rustles when Martin slips back next to David. Snuggling closer to him he starts whispering into his ear.

„Once a girl asked me if I could do her a favour. She wanted it straight between her legs. I drank a huge bottle of mineral and a little less than an hour later she was happily screaming, getting off from it.“
„God, you’re bad, Curly!“
„She said it was better than any jacuzzi.“
„Sheesh, what do I have to do to stop you talking?!“
He feels a tender touch on his inner thigh.
„Ah, should have known.“ He chuckles. „OK, move down.“

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