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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 40

Chapter 40

  2010.02.25. 11:45


„You will not be able to walk straight later on.“
„I don’t care! Take me like you didn’t take me before!“
Martin meets the hot, dark glow in Dave’s eyes and has to swallow hard.
„Then allow me to bind you...tie you to the bed.“
Now it’s the brunette man’s Adam's apple bobbing up and down under his slightly wet, glistening skin.
„OK, Curly. There should be Velcro bonds in the dresser.“
Shreds of images make it back into his conscious and he starts to shiver. Martin doesn’t escape it.
„It was here, where he...?!“
Dave can only nod.
„Second drawer on the left if I’m not mistaken.“
„You really...?“
„Go, get them!“

Martin faces his lover again and then swiftly gets up from the bed and heads for the dresser. It doesn’t take long and he returns with the items in question. David moves on the sheets and offers him his wrists. The expression on the blond man’s face is wicked. Dave hasn’t seen him like this so far. Before he can even blink he feels the smooth yet durable material on his skin and is pushed back against the headboard. Mart checks the tight fit again. The man in front of him spreads his arms like an eagle – not able to move. Personal Jesus – it’s just like that pose, yet he’s at my mercy now.
Again he stares into the excited face – the slightly flushed, sweaty cheeks, the begging, lust-filled eyes – the trust and devotion.

Without a further word he grabs another band and slings it around Dave’s left ankle to fix it to the right one. Then he starts to lift up the legs by their calves, opens them gently and slips them over his shoulders – moving up in between the space. His head is hovering over the brunette man’s lap. Exhaling onto the sensitive skin results in a low groan and some more tension in his thighs. Martin lets his teeth slowly scrape along the soft flesh and then sinks them firmly in. No more gentle nibbling. He starts to draw blood.

„Oh my god, Curly!“
Dave’s voluminous yell fills the room. He tears at his bonds – to no avail. Mart’s canines move on, piercing his skin again and again – his jaws clamping together. Every now and then he at least tries to soothe the pain by licking the read patches with his raspy, slippery tongue. The taste of blood on his lips lets his own rush through his system. Digging his fingers into Dave’s hips he holds the squirming body in place. Realizing that Mart seems to loose control sorta anxiety starts to flood David’s mind.
He won’t bite my cock?! We didn’t choose a safe word! Is this a game at all?!

Surprisingly sharp fingernails scratch along his outter thighs, digging deeper and deeper. He can see the red marks developing almost immediately. When Mart’s teeth find the area around his navel and tend to go lower, his breath hitches.


He must have heard the nuance. Not hesitating a second he slips out of his position and moves up to Dave. The kiss tastes of his blood yet it’s kinda relief at the same time. He can’t stop is lips from trembling. What’s wrong? He should take it like a man!

„I never wanted to see angst in your eyes, my dark angel – caused by me. I’m so sorry, Dave!“
He feels his arms being untied, listening to the odd sounds of the velcro opening.
„It must be the bad vibes of this place.“
„I should have known better! Please don’t be mad with me now.“

As soon as he can move his legs again he rolls against Mart and drags him into a tight embrace.
„Remember you told me it doesn’t need cords to tie one to the other? That there are way stronger bonds? It takes more to really scare me, Martin. I just...started to feel sort of uncomfortable.“
„I would never ever harm you!“
„Well, I wasn’t really sure for a tiny moment.“
He takes one of Mart’s hands and places it over his semi hard member.
„Geez, you thought...?!“
The blond man’s eyes widen in shock.
„The animal is rough but it doesn’t kill.“
„We should have a safe word the next time.“
„You really want to try again?“
„Some time, yeah. You were right – I’m not ready yet. Help me live and learn. And don’t call me sissy!“
„God, I would never joke about that!“
The seriousness and concern in his green eyes warm Dave’s heart. He brushes through the blond curls and then drag him into another deep kiss.
„I still want you, you know.“
Reaching for the Velcros Mart tossed onto the duvet before he pulls the puzzled man’s arm closer and closes the first one around both their wrists. Adjusting the other one is a little bit more tricky, but it works with a little effort.

„Suppose you don’t want to shake free, my Curly-Wurly. Now make love to me.“
„Umh, what about lube?“
Dave smirks at his lover evilly and starts rubbing his front against the other man’s – feeling his excitement growing.
„One has to come first me thinks.“

„Is Alan already up?“
Martin’s voice sounds a bit muffled, still rummaging in the bathroom.
„Yes, he’s down in the kitchen, drinking tea. I got something for breakfast after running. It was quite a bit to get to the next place.“ He chuckles.
„I finally returned and took the car.“

Dave closes the zipper of his suitcase and places the IT-bag on top of it.
„Ready packing?“
Mart reappears in the bedroom and dumps his toiletry bag into his still open travel case.
„As we speak.“
He moves over to his mate and pecks a kiss onto his full, rosy lips.
„Then let’s get us outta here. The flight’s in about 2.5 hrs.“
„Yeah, can’t wait to throw you into the hot sand.“

Arriving in the hallway, Alan steps out off the kitchen’s door frame. His complexion still is very pale, but the utmost desperation in his eyes seems to have decreased a little.

„It’s about time, Al.“
The addressed man nods and appears to feel a bit awkward. Slowly following the two guys to the main door he watches them silently while stuffing their luggage into the trunk of the black Mercedes SLR. A tiny smile smuggles itself onto his lips. No Porsche this time.

„You take care, Alan.“ Dave hesitates a second and then quickly hugs his former band mate. „Stop suffering. Live instead.“
Mart follows and David cocks his brow when he sees Alan closing his arms around his friend. He’s whispering something into his ear and the blond man squeezes him before letting go.

The mansion disappears from the rearview mirror when Dave takes the turn right to follow the road down through the meadows and woods – to get to the motorway back to London. He can’t help to let out a deep and relieved sigh. Mart nudges him into his side.
„Ouch, come on – you feel the same, admit it!“
„Alright, I’m glad we’re on the roll.“
David musters his lover shortly and adjusts his sunglasses. Turning on the car stereo he starts tapping his fingers against the steering wheel with the rhythm of the music.
„What did he whisper to you?“
„Nosy again? It’s not really your business.“
„Come on!“
Without a warning the brunette man steps onto the brake and the car comes to an aprupt halt, both men bouncing forth and back in their seats.
„Geez, if somebody would have been behind us! Are you nutz?!“
„I checked before – now tell me!“
Martin rubs his shoulder where the safety belt tightened during the manoeuver.
„He just said: I will always love you like no other though you broke my heart. You are mine but I have to let you go. Be happy with Dave and take good care of him. He’s special.

Dave’s fingers cling around the wheel. His sight gets blurry as he stares through the front window pane.

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