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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 41

Chapter 41

  2010.02.25. 11:49


„Madre di dio!“
Imelda lets the towel she was using to dry a delicate glass bowl slip off her hand and it lands on the hardwood floor. It’s early morning and Dave just steps into the kitchen to grab something to drink and eventually kick off the coffee maker – completely in the nude. He freezes a second in the door frame.

„Oops, sorry! I didn’t expect you here – and so early.“
The mexican housekeeper tries to avert her eyes but can’t help to muster the trained, well defined body standing in the doorway.

„Master Martin really has a bad influence!“ She quickly gets the towel and fixes it at a hook next to the sideboard.
„I told your friend I had to swop days due to my 2nd daughter’s wedding.“
There’s a commotion in the hallway and the next moment Mart joins Dave in the open door. He must have heard Imelda’s loud yell.
„Shoo, shoo! Too naked men in my kitchen! No way! Off with you and get decent! Now I have to go to church and confess!“

Martin bursts into a hearty laughter and quickly approaches his long time employee – kissing her cheeks.
„Ah, you know me! It’s really not the first time you see me netto.“
„It’s not right! You can’t tempt an old woman like this! Wee, and then your mate... you are some real diablo et demonio!“ She crosses herself. The little smirk in the corner of her mouth though gives her real thoughts away.

„Shall I serve some breakfast on the patio?“
Dave can’t hold back a cheeky grin now.
„You won’t serve it in bed I suppose.“

Before the wet cloth from the sink can hit him he jumps out off the way and Mart can just duck to avoid contact.

„OK, OK! Dave, let’s not tease poor Imelda any longer – or we’ll have to get our meals elsewhere.“

Dave lolls on the deck chair in the sun, polishing away another huge slice of the delicious water melon the housekeeper set on the fever wood table earlier. Martin takes another sip from his iced lemon green tea mix – the ice cubes clicking against the steamy glass.

„You’re so naughty, Dave!“
„Why’s that now?“
„Ah, come on! You know bloody well HOW you suck at that friggin thing!“
The brunette man tries to look as innocent as possible.
„Umh, I don’t know what you think you’d know but it more reminds me of a sweet, wet pussy.“
„Brilliant! I lie here – like the creator made me – and all you can think of is female genitals!“
„Hey, I’m a man after all!“ He blinks over to his band mate. „And I’m yours as well. So stop complaining.“
„Argh! OK, then please be so kind to hand me some piece of that drippin’ cunt over.“
David shakes with laughter.
„Shush, Imelda might overhear us!“
Mart turns his head and then snickers.
„No chance! Those odd sounds – that’s the vacuum cleaner. She’s busy as usual.“
„I’ve seen her face! She’s capable of popping up just in the wrong moment and then ‚bye bye’, cock!“
„Explain yourself!“
„Well, you’re the clever guy here. What could she do with that hoover? It creates some hell of a suction.“
„Mark my words.“
Martin rolls his eyes and then reaches for the towel that hangs over the arm rest. Covering his private parts he shows a lobsided grin.
„Better play it safe then.“
The plates on the table shake and clatter while Dave nearly drops off his chair, holding his stomach.
„You really believe any sick thought that crosses my mind, right?“

Both men do not see the shadow up on the balcony over them. The next moment something oddly shaped lands very close next to Martin’s deck chair and explodes, water splashing in all directions. Some good amount hits the sun heated body. Another water bomb smashes down at Dave’s feet.

„Holy moly!“
Dave is the first to react and fishes for the remains of the attack.
„Latex gloves?!“
A telltale guffaw gives away the instigator. Imelda looks definitely pleased.
„Sorry, I couldn’t resist! You two are worse than my kids!“
„Kids...I wonder WHO the kid up there is? Didn’t you say you turn 62 in September?“
Mart shakes his partly wet curls and then has to sneeze.
„We just have four days before the next session starts and all the other big kids will invade our privacy again.“
„I’m out off your hair in about an hour and for the next week. I hope you will be able to survive – though I doubt it!“
„Yes, momma! Dave can operate a dishwasher for a start.“
Imelda threatens with another glove and then turns to go back inside.
„What about a round in the pool? We’re wet anyway.“ The blond haired man gets up.
„Good thinking! I’d prefer a swim at the beach though.“
„I’ve plans for later in the evening. Some romantic sun set picnic?“
Dave’s eyes get a dreamy nuance.
„You for dessert...mmmmmmm!“
„And tomorrow some press camping in front of my place.“
„Nah, not going to happen. I have a place in mind that’s private. Nobody else than us, the sand, water and jellyfish.“ He goes down to his haunches and caresses his partner’s cheek. „You’re the main course, my dark angel! Who cares about dessert?“

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