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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 42

Chapter 42

  2010.02.25. 11:52

42. part one

„Hey, this looks awsome!“
Dave jumps out off the cabrio and lets his eyes wander over the pleasant, remote shoreline. Mart meanwhile grabs the hamper and fetches some keys.
„Who did you have to bribe?“
The summer house isn’t really huge but well designed and the first sight already leaves a cosy impression.
„Nobody. It’s mine.“
His friend’s jaw drops shortly.
„You never talked about it so far!“
The blond curly man opens the front door and Dave follows him inside.
„I kept it low profile – to save it from Suzy’s greedy claws those days.“ He smiles bitterly. „It’s not so much about the money – I just love it too much. It’s my secret hide away if I really want to be on my own.“ He walks ahead and opens a door to a larger room. Moving the white venetian blinds the late afternoon sun floods the lounge.
„Please, keep it to yourself, baby. You’re the only one I want to share it with.“
He pulls Dave into a tender embrace and then points to a sandy path that starts at the wooden deck and leads directly down to the beach.
„Geez, is that a hot tub?!“
Martin winks and unexpectedley pinches Dave’s well toned butt.
„Outdoor showers, too.“
„So you feel the urge to get rid of your clothes again?“
Dave’s dark olive eyes glisten playfully as he lets his long, nimble fingers wander under Mart’s t-shirt.
„Aren’t you hungry? I could need a bite first.“
„Oh, I’m HUNGRY alright – but I’m not thinking of any vegetarian!“
„Why is it I’m not surprised a bit?“
„Cause we just share the same dirty thoughts?“ His voice trails off to a hot whisper. „The same passion.“
Martin shivers with anticipation but his stomach complains with a loud rumble. His opposite rolls his eyes and smirks.
„Let’s leave the tour through my secret abode for later, OK? You will be only interested in the bedroom anyway.“
Dave winks evilly.
„Umh, I more thought of a „tour l’amour“ through every corner of this sacred place...but let’s start with the beach.“
Mart shakes his head and quickly kisses Dave full force.
„You for sure can be damn romantic. I lurve it!“
„Isn’t there any better than making endless love in the fading daylights, wet sand against your back, the first stars appearing on a lilac tinted sky, smooth wind caressing your skin, the taste of salt and cum on your lips, the waves washing ...“
„Oh, Christ! Stop it, Dave! We’ll never make it down to the water!“

„I think I’m skipping my birthday this year.“
Dave musters his friend shortly and then smoothes gently down his hair. The platinum curls slip through his graceful fingers, one after the other.
„It’s just another year.“
„I do not feel like partying and lots of people buzzing around.“
„Those ‚people’ are supposed to be your family and friends.“
„Sure, I know – yet I’d prefer to spend the day and night just with you.“ He tries a slight grin. „Yet how to tell it to the guys? We’re in the middle of the session then – and every tiny escape will be greatly appreciated.“
„You promissed me something.“
„Errr, yes?“
„NO talk about work before it started again! We just have these few days.“
„I’m sorry.“
He reaches for the mango and cuts some more juicy slices. Dave swiftly steals two from the plate and leans over for the goats cheese.
„God, it tastes like heaven!“
„What?! Anything better than ME?!“
„No, I won’t dare to compare...and you are some sleazy bugger! I won’t cover you with food and eat it off! That’s just too much cliched!“
„Umh, but you would lick chocolate off’re such a hypochrite, Dave!“
Dave’s pupils grow bigger. His eyes start searching over the blanket in the sand.
„Where is it? Where do you hide it?!“
Martin is lost in a fit of giggles when his mate starts eagerly rummaging in the hamper.
„It’s in the drawer of my night stand – in the bedroom.“
Escaping Dave trying to wrestle him down now he runs for the water, his lover already at his heels.
Stumbling over his own feet Mart trips and disappears under the surface for a little moment. Coming up he recognizes Dave standing a few metres away, holding his flanks laughing.

„Hah, you remind me of Bo Derek in ‚Ten’!“
„OK, that’s it! Now you’ll get what bad boys deserve!“
Dave can’t help to laugh his ass off and tries to get out off reach. Martin starts running and shakes his wet curls like a dog it’s pelage.
„Yeah, just like that! You need some beads in your hair though!“
„Wait, till I get you!“

Teasing Martin a little longer David finally deliberately slows down to get caught. His lover promptly tackles him down into the sand, moving his head frantically and loads of tiny water drops land on the brunette man’s chest, leaving glistening traces there.

„We do not need any cheesy 80ties soft porn, do we?“
„You’re an 11 anyway.“
„Shut up!“
Mart silences him with a passionate kiss and follows all those tiny droplets down Dave’s gorgeous body.

„Oh, you still have marks!“ Mart gently caresses over the blue and purple imprints of his teeth – clearly visible on Dave’s inner thighs.
„Let me kiss them better! Don’t be scared – I won’t harm you this time, I swear.“
Tiny waves lick along the shore and the brunette man’s feet while his blond curly lover hovers over his outstretched, naked body - draped in the wet sand.

For a while both men stay silent. Just the soft breeze and the splashing sounds of the water is audible. Dave senses his pulse beating in his throat and a pleasant tingling in his groin.

„God, I adore you, Dave!“
The licks get more intense and Dave digs his fingers into the crumbly sand, the tension growing in his system – and not only concerning the inside. Martin’s excited groans and growls tell him clearly he enjoys those signs of hightened arousal very much.

Mart feasts his eyes on the streamlined body under him. Dave is so sensitive to any touch of his.
Damn, it still works though I'm near fookin 50!

He sees the crawlies developing on the smooth skin and all that tiny body hair standing straight. Sure, what’s more aluring than a growing erection, but he’s pleased with all the little signals his lover’s sending him. Willingly and unwillingly. The latter even more excites him. Dave not being in control over his body reactions – being tied within his lust and want.

He lightly kisses along the left, inner thigh and Dave’s cock twitches again. A hand grabs his curls and the needy moan invites him to more, concrete actions.

„Jesus, Curly! Enough adoration – give me your velvety, fucking lips! You know I can’t do without you, my...Gaaaaawwwd!“
This very moment Mart sucks Dave’s throbbing member deeply into his mouth till it hits the back of his throat.

42. part two

The raw yell that emanates David’s mouth is beyond guttural. His torso arches on it’s own volition. Mart needs all his strength to keep the hips in position, working his lips and tongue on Dave’s raging manhood frantically. His lover seems not to be capable of any more coherent words and writhes under him, all in sweat again.
„Gimme your teeth!“
Mart’s eyes widen in a shock second. Not thinking twice he starts scraping along the hard, slippery flesh – evoking more loud moans and growls.
Keep it soft! Don’t hurt him! He’s not aware who he’s dealing with!
Nibbling down to Dave’s balls one of his hands caresses the sensitive skin behind the sac, feeling the tiny scar where the brunette man used to wear his guiche piercing.
It’s a shame you took it off! God, what would I give to be able to play around with it now!
He senses the involuntary reflex and quickly returns to close his swollen lips firmly around the tip of his cock. Dave’s load hits him with all might. Hearing his name in that deep, smooth baritone range – yelled out at the peak of utmost passion – with all emotions a human being is capable in such a moment – nearly kicks him over the edge himself. He almost chokes with the recurring spasms and tears shoot into his now tightly shut eyes. Not much more and he will for sure faint!

Sinking onto Dave’s heated lap, barely conscious and completely spent, the last thing he realizes is his distinctive, male scent and the smoothness of his skin.

„You’re OK?“
After a while gentle fingers brush over his head and shoulders.
„I thought I was at the receiving end. Now look at you, Curly!“
With a little effort Martin manages to lift his face.
„Sweet Lord, why are you crying?!“
Dave moves and pulls Mart up into his strong arms.
„Shush, tell me! Did I say anything wrong? Did I hurt you in any way?!“
„God, no!“ He adjusts himself in his lover’s embrace. „It’s just...I realized what I’m about to loose if you’d ever deny yourself to me – not feeling for me any longer. Not sharing your radiant love with me – hating me for what I am. A blond pervert from fucking Basildon that tried to take advantage of you and your beautiful soul. I even can’t promise you I will be faithful in the future. I’m worse than you concerning that ‚hole to feed’, believe me!“
„Gosh, Martin!“ Dave grabs his partner hard by his toned arms and fixes view with him. His eyes are full of worry and love at the same time.

„What the frigg keeps you thinking such unbelievable bullshit!? It really makes me speechless!“
Mart stares at an imaginary spot in the sand, letting his head sink lower.
„I’m scared no end that you’ll leave me if you finally discover my innermost, rotten self. I saw the looks you exchanged with Alan. Whatever you didn’t tell me – there’s a special connection between the two of you and I take bets on my ass that he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut concerning me.“
He faces Dave again and the horror and despair is written all over his features.
„If at all I want to be the one letting you inside my dark abyss – and that might end the respect and love. I so much want to fight for you to keep you, but I can’t force you to love me, my dark angel.“
„Alan?! What does Charlie have to do with us? I really have no idea what hit your head and I didn’t recognize it – but you do not have to force me to anything, Curly! I thought I already made it clear that I love you – in pleasure and pain.“
„Ah, long time I didn’t hear that ‚Charlie’ one – so I was right!“
Martin wants to wriggle himself free but Dave doesn’t let him.
„Stop that paranoia, Martin! We all called him like that for some years. It’s just recently it slipped back into my conscience at least – no more no less.“

Mart finally brushes Dave’s arms away and jumps up to his feet. The other man follows him and looks alarmed.
„Curly, don’t shut me out. Don’t retreat into your shell again. It was so hard to get you out off there. I’m not afraid what might hit me following you in there. I don’t have to remind you I know the darkness better than anyone else.“
„I’m sorry, David. I need some time on my own now.“
Turning on his heels the blond curly man starts walking away, following the shoreline. His silhouette in the dim light begins to shrink with every step he moves away.

Dave knows it’s useless to follow him. The knot in his stomach grows with the bewilderment concerning the sudden change of the situation. With a desperate sigh he lets himself plunk back into the sand and reaches for his trousers. Nestling in the pocket he finds his blackberry.

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