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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 43

Chapter 43

  2010.02.25. 11:54


„Don’t send me through hell again. I’m not sure if I can arise from the ashes again.“

Like in a trance Dave traces the phoenix tattoo with his trembling fingers. It faded reasonably over the years. Not as bad as the barbed heart though. Red pigments are usually the first ones to disappear and they did. It’s just the natural teint of his skin shining through the dark outlines now.

Already after 2 am and still no trace of Martin anywhere around or in the summer house. Dave gets up from the deck chair and extinguishes the hurricane lamp. What use does it make? A guiding light home – what a joke!

The mobile phone still rests on the table, staring at him kinda. Several times he picked it up, flicked through his caller list, stopped at a certain name and then lost his guts to call.
Ten hours’s still early enough to get him on.

„Fucking hell, Martin! Please stop me from making a grave mistake now!“
The answer is silence. Just the faint shreaking of some sea bird meets his ears.

He must have been staring at the tiny display for ages again as a wellknown, male voice yanks him back onto the patio. If you call for the devil...

„Why don’t you call him? You didn’t do it so far?“
Mart’s voice is cold and void any other emotion. His eyes are red and puffy, yet he doesn’t hide it and musters Dave with a piercing look.
„Tell me why should I call him? You know what? I’m sick of your games, Martin!“
„Games?! So this is a game for you – finally the truth breaks through! How could I ever trust your sincerety! Go and creep back into Jen’s bed! It’s a convenient choice – back home to the loving family, the normal routine of political correctness!“
„Don’t you ever call me that again, David Fucking Gahan!! You don’t deserve it!“
„I want to wake up from this nightmare, please! This can’t be real – Marty, I beg you!“
„You better get your stuff and call a cab – before I really forget about manners. Leave my life, Dave!“
„I do not understand a fooking word you say!“
„Once a no-brainer, always a no-brainer!“
That’s it. Dave smacks a strong clapper into Mart’s face, hitting his left cheek. The next meets his nose and it immediately starts bleeding.
„Is this what you want, Mart?! Is it pain enough for you now?!“
Martin just stands there, staring – not even bothering to clean his nose. The blood keeps dripping onto the wooden floor of the deck.

When the cab Dave finally called arrives the blonde man’s position still hasn’t changed. It’s like he’s his own ghost meanwhile. After the sounds of the vehicle’s engine trailed off he starts moving and falls onto his knees, smearing some more blood over his ankles in the process.

„God, forgive me! I had to do it – even if it’s unforgivable. Dave...Daaaaaveee!!“ The last word dies in a throaty gurgle.

A few tiny traces of the emerging dawn become visible at the horizon, dipping the shattered man into a weird, purple light. The cold, wet cloth against his face lets him flinch in absolute terror. An arm follows and then his battered senses register the cologne.

„You didn’t really think I would leave you in this state, Curly?“ His expression is stern and impenetrable. „You can tell me to fuck off to the farthest galaxy – I did and do not believe a word you said. Obviously I’m on the right track.“ He gingerly wipes away some more bloody traces.
„What on earth – or in hell – is going on? I’m not letting you out off it that easily.
Unless you really want me to beat you to a pulp. You nearly got me there! Gosh, I’m terribly sorry! Does it hurt much?“

Martin fixes the blood drenched, wet cloth and then his band mate. Trying to get back onto his feet he staggers a bit and Dave just gets him by his shoulders before he can loose his balance completely.
„Feeling dizzy? I should get you into the next hospital!“
„No, I’ve been far worse. Just help me into the living room, onto the couch. Please.“

When Mart let’s himself sink into the soft cushions Dave’s eyes register the MacBook on the couch table.
„Yes, open it, Dave and hand it over.“
With a few clicks Martin opens his mail server and seems to look for a certain message. Hesitating for another moment he turns to Dave, utterly pale in the face.
„I keep getting these for a while. See yourself.“

David bends forward to decipher the tiny letters without his reading glasses. Zooming in the text the attached images let him fall back against the back of the leather sofa.

My favourite slave,

do you like my little reminders? I swear I’m up to no bad. Sooner or later you will have to come straight with it anyway. I know how you tick, my little pervert dog! God, I can still hear you two moaning and screaming! Doesn’t she look hot, your white little ass on top of her? If Dave would know that his sweet wifey was riding your greedy dick while he was struggling to get clean and sober? Would he still look at you with his silly, loving, boyish eyes? It’s funny – a blonde, little soon after the tour? Well, I learned my maths properly. Do you like the piccies? Is your cock twitching again? Chances are not bad she’s your daughter – that many times you laid her while innocent Dave was building up his holy, little family. I still can’t believe I was so lucky to get you in front of my lens – you two completely oblivious, fucking your minds out.
You know what you have to do. You are mine. Dave is mine. I do not share – I’m your MASTER! I was and I will always be! Never ever forget about it. I’m nice though – I let you decide who reveals the shocking news to our Mr. Hot Piece Of Ass. You or me? I have no doubt you will come to the right conclusion, my dirt under my boots!

I am in CONTROL!


Jen in their bed – Martin holding her calves over his shoulders, kneeling between her wide open legs. His wife sitting on top of his mate – her face contorted in lust, her tiny tits pinched by Mart’s muscular fingers. She already wears his ring! Judging Mart’s hair style and the covers of the bed it must have been shortly before kicking off the Singles Tour. She refused to accept his proposal – telling him he should return safely and healthy from the event before she would consider any more serious steps. The thoughts and emotions start whirling in Dave’s poor head and he suddenly feels very sick.

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