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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 47

Chapter 47

  2010.03.07. 22:06


The low whirring of the air condition is finishing him off. He jumps out off the bed and heads for the window. It’s still dark outside. Just the familiar ocean of tiny light dots of a city that never sleeps. The walls of the guestroom could tell stories. He’s just adding another. The scratching sound at the door to his back yanks him out off his thoughts.

„Daddy? Why aren’t you in your bed with mommy? I wanted to cuddle with you both and you weren’t there.“
His tiny star is standing barefoot in the pale light of the hallway, dressed in a pink nightie, her blonde pony tail bouncing with every move of the little face. She eyes him suspiciously and then crawls into the deserted bed.
„What are you waiting for?“
Dave walks to the door and closes it properly before he slips under the blanket. Immediately his daughter cuddles closer into his strong, safe arms. Her hair is tickling his nostrils and he has to fight a sneeze.
The results should be ready this morning. Be patient, Dave! You will love her all the same.

„I must have been snoring again. She told me she needed her sleep cause she has an audition later.“
The view onto the alarm clocks tells him it’s 4.56 am. Stella giggles and groans contently against his chest.
„Well, then we’re a great team.“
„Oh, yes! You sound like a little lion cub – I remember my birthday, little missy!“
„Hah, you are an old Grizzly bear!“
She pokes him into his flanks. He repays with some tickle attack. Finally both of them are squirming and tossing around in the sheets.
Gathering back his breath David turns serious again and faces the happy, little girl. Kissing her forehead and nose tip he closes his arms tightly around the soft, slim body.
„Baby, I love you so much. I will be there for you as long as I can.“
„Daddy, let me breathe!“
He loosens his grip at once and faces his precious girl. Her vivid, brown eyes stare back at him – all the love and trust he finds there give him a warm, mushy feeling deep inside.
„I know that, dad. I love you, too.“
She leans back against his shoulder.
„I’ve seen those nice Hannah Montana bracelets. Can we get one later?“
Her voice trails off and seconds after she’s fast asleep.

The light brown Manilla envelope rustles when he pulls it out off his shoulder bag. He couldn’t have waited for the mail. They phoned him as soon as the results were ready and he dashed through half the city to collect them. When the blonde assistant handed him the envelope his fingers were furiously trembling. He could have ripped the bleeding thing open, yet he was so much afraid not to read his name in the papers that he let it slip out off sight, into the depths of the fashy bag.
Don’t chicken out now, Dave! Come on, you’ve seen worse...

He places the lengthy, flat object onto the slick surface of his desk and leans back into his office chair. Fixing it with a dangerous stare till his eyes start to burn he wonders if the contents would magically appear from the inside if he just waited long enough.

Jen’s low voice drags his attention towards the now open door. Her pale face follows his eyes and then she recognizes the brown, still sealed envelope.
„I’m scared to death, Jenny. It’s so stupid, but I can’t do it.“
„Do you really want to know?“
He looks into her deep, brown eyes.
„This tension is killing me. I’ve gone too far already.“
His fingers move closer to the rectangle item on the polished surface yet he flinches back like he’s suddenly touched a hot stove top.

„Shall I open it for you?“
Dave swallows and just can manage to nod. Sweat starts to creep out off most pores of his skin. Jennifer reaches the desk and gingerly takes the paper into her hand, grabbing a scissor that rests in a container near by. The ripping sound let’s the brunette man shiver. Unfolding the pages from inside the cover her eyes vividly wander over the text. Finishing the last page she gasps. Not saying a single word she places the documents into her nervous husband’s lap. As he can’t decipher her expression he has to look for himself now – finally ending the suffering.

„99.89%...what the frigg does that mean?!“
Jenny exhales and wipes away a single tear.
„You’re Rosie’s begetter – her father.“
„Absolutely certain?“
„Dave, we just sent in our own samples.“
The dark haired man leans over, bracing his face in his hands and starts crying heavily. The loud sobs shake his body, all the pent up tension realeases now in guttural sounds – voicing all the pain deep inside his soul.

Jennifer bites her lips and wipes her own eyes again and again, trying to keep her composure. She has to give in soon and helplessly clings her arms around Dave’s quivering shoulders. It’s takes a while then out off the blue he swivels around with his chair, grabs her and presses his wet, salty lips onto hers. Pulling her up with him he lets her bottom down onto the desk, wiping some stuff hectically off the space – them landing with some clatter and dull thuds on the hardwood floor. Pushing up her short, beige skirt his muscular fingers find her panties and swiftly rip them off her thighs. The torn remains of lace meet the other objects on the ground. With his other hand he doesn’t make much work with his fly and within the next breath he pushes into her with one hard, deep thrust. Both agitated voices mingle, their breathing accelerates and with feverish touches and kisses they consume each other like there would be no tomorrow. According the speed and intensity none will last long and with the next profound entry Dave releases his hot, sticky load in recurring spasms. Jennifer yells out his name, followed by his throaty, loud moan of hers. Biting into the soft skin of her neck he enjoys the slowly decreasing waves of the aftermath.

„Do you have everything, baby?“
Dave checks his flight coupon he shortly printed from the online booking site.
„Yes, cab should be here any minute now.“
He turns towards her and embraces her firmly again. Rosie scurries around the corner and along the hallway towards her father who already goes down to his haunches.
„I see you at the beach in two weeks, gorgeous! Don’t terrorize your mom and Jimmy!“
She smiles at him innocently and then puts on a telltale grin, cocking her left brow. He can’t help to smirk as well. It’s like watching himself in a female miniature sort of.
„Jim can defend himself very well. I just give him some training lessons.“
„You’re lucky he’s off with his Nicks pals.“
„OK, see you soon! Poke uncle Fletch’s tummy from me.“
„You better do that yourself next time. It’s too dangerous. I need all of me still intact.“

Another sweet kiss and then his blond little girl dashes back to her room to collect some belongings as she’s got a date with two of her school mates later.

„Jenny, it will need a bit of time, but...“ he kisses her softly onto her lips again, „I’m looking forward to our time in the summer house. Just us and the kids.“
„Well, luckily we have some nice neighbours who will be too willing to take those little fire crackers for a day or two...not to forget the nights.“
His eyes get a dreamy glimmer.
„You better listen to ‚Endless’ then till I’m back to make it real again.“

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