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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 48

Chapter 48

  2010.03.15. 17:52


Mart nervously bites his nails again and cusses. Now he had to do all the black nail varnish again!
„Is he finally on the way?“
Andy peels another banana and sinks his teeth into the sweet, sticky thing.
„Yes, he called a few minutes ago. Flight was slightly delayed. He’s in the car already.“
„I hope he really had some severe reasons to have been invisible for nearly 5 days! They will charge us for the lost time!“
„Nope, they won’t. I talked to Sean. Relax there and eat.“

Half an hour later the buzzer goes off and Dave enters the heated studio, placing his keycard back into his wallet. His band mates are already busy with some recording and testing. Mart looks up from his Steiner and something in his friend’s expression lets a cold shiver wander down his spine. He points direction kitchen and so he lets his headphones drop and follows the dark haired man. The room is deserted, except for the usual chaos on the table and a fly buzzing around in the thick air – chasing the blades of the fan.

„You and your fucking big cock!“
Mart has no time to show any kind of reaction as Dave smashes him forcefully against the wall next to the cupboard. There’s no lust in his dark, whirling irises – just pure anger! His voice isn’t calm anymore.
„Shush, tone down! The others...!“
„Fuck the others! I don’t give a toss! You are such a lousy bugger! You knew bloody well she was my girlfriend!“
Oh my god! It’s me! I’m the father! The Lord helps me – he’s loosing it now!

„Dave, listen...!“, „No, now you listen! I’m sick of your excuses! It’s been you starting it, right?! Jen told me you had a nice shower shag in my dressing room! Fuck you! What the hell had you been doing there anyways?!“
The taller of the two men presses his full weight against the other one. Martin starts to fear for some of his body parts.
„I stalked you taking a shower before leaving with Geoff. Hell, I was juiced but wasn’t brave enough to approach you. Hiding behind the wardrobe I watched you till you were completely dressed again and left the room. After that I stepped under the shower and jerked off. I was depressed and disappointed. Jenny found me sitting there like a wet dog.“
„That’s right! A bloody stray dog who jumps at anything with a hole between it’s legs!“ A crimson shade spreads over his cheeks. „So far the story is coherent. Why didn’t you stop?! You had all those willing fans waylayering – and you indulged in it to the full!“
„Don’t talk to me as if I was a sex crazed beast!“
„Martin Fucking Lee Gore, you fucking are! I thought I was bad in the past, but you pull out new high scores!“
Dave has to wet his dry lips and goes on with his tirade.
„You were just thinking with your fooking dick! Calling me a no-brainer! Double fuck you!“
„What the hell is going on here?!“
Andy’s loud voice cuts into the short pause Dave needs to swallow.
„Leave us alone, Fletch. We can deal with it on our own!“
„I don’t think so, Dave. I dragged you two out off the studio last time, rember? Two fucking weeks before we could finally start with recording PTA!“
„It’s none of your business!“
„Andy, please let us finish this once and forever. I’m OK, please go.“
Martin’s voice is low but determined.
„You’re sure?“
The blond curly man nods and Fletch wags his head in disbelief, turning in the door frame.

Dave still holds Mart in a tight grip against the wall. A vein is throbbing at his left temple. He looks fierce and dangerous.
„I was waiting for the final outburst, Dave. You haven’t been normal in Santa Barbara. Now give to me what you have to – I deserve it.“
The knee between his legs, that quickly shoots up, lets him wince. He bites his lips not to yell out in pain.
„Your family planning is over, mate!“, Dave hisses. Then he pulls Martin at his nape and ravages his mouth, kissing him hard and violently. When he lets go to gasp for air Mart sees the tears collecting in the corners of his eyes. Letting him go Dave rummages in his jeans pocket and hands over a creased brown envelope. His band mate faces him still in disbelief and takes the item with shaky hands.
After having read the pages he lets out a deep, relieved sigh.

„Suppose I’m a lucky bastard. You’re the dad.“
„I’m not ready with you yet, Gore.“
„No, enough for now. We’ve got work to do.“
„Alright. Just one question?“
Dave musters his opposite sternly and then closes his eyes for a second.
„Jenny and me are OK for now. Summer holiday will tell how deep the scars go.“
He blinks and the unshed tears still glisten around his long, dark lashes.
„Don’t ask about us. I can’t ...“ His voice trails off.
Two arms come creeping around his waist and Mart pulls him closer, sensing the slight hesitation.
„No more words. Let’s go back into the studio. Andy will be going bonkers meanwhile.“

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