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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 51

Chapter 51

  2010.03.15. 18:39


„I wish I could remember all the facts.“ He looks up again. „We have something more in common. Those intoxicated black outs.“
„No, that’s not what I was referring to. You already mentioned he must have sneaked into the apartment one way or the other.“
„Dave, please, no! I’m not capable of another mind strip now.“
„You feel naked?“
The blond man’s eyes check himself all the way down.
„Errr, actually I am. Oh, I got you. Not the clothes thing. You see I’m not really up to scratch.“
„It’s tough to face oneself – stripped to the bare.“

Absentmindedly Dave stirs in the remains of his coffee. Martin fixes the motion of the heavenly long fingers with a yearning view. Unexpectedly their eyes meet. The brunette man places the spoon back onto the wooden surface and slowly pushes the mug to the side. Dipping his index into the raspberry jam he shortly after licks along the sticky traces.
God, you’re an awful tease, Dave! You know bloody well I have a thing for your fucking fingers!
His cock starts having a life of it’s own – the more he tries to ignore it. The colour in his friend’s eyes changes to the darker shades.

„I think I better get showered and dressed.“

It’s not only Martin’s head that’s buzzing and he’s keen to escape the situation. He doesn’t make it far and the next moment he finds himself on the bare hardwood floor, tackled down with a swift move by Dave. His body weight fixes him to the ground. Strong arms holding his wrists next to his head. Hot breath against his skin, the face hovers closely over his own, with slightly parted lips. When the canines scratch over the sensitive skin and he forces a feral kiss onto him he can’t hold back a deep, heartfelt growl. Dave’s tongue seems to completely fill his mouth. Wild flicks and licks bring him close to loose his mind. He barely finds a chance to gasp for air. Their juices mix with every feverish, wet suction, the sounds of them echoing in the silent room. His hardness is painfully pressing against Dave’s groin now, meeting a similar answer there. He starts brushing along, wriggling under the hot, sweaty body. The growl that resonates from the brunette man’s rib cage let’s Martin tremble with want.

„You filthy, blond slut!“ Dave bites into the firm flesh of his left biceps.
Oh my god, dirty talk! How did I miss that!
„Don’t you love to dig in the dirt?“
The veins at his lover’s neck are protruding and multiple droplets of sweat trickle down his temples and cheeks. The face is flushed and the expression in his deep, dark eyes is animalistic. The hellhound is off the leash. Yet – he still seems able to hold it back. Intensifying the pressure of his pelvis against the blond man’s meanwhile throbbing erection he faintly whispers onto Mart’s begging lips.
„So you want me? Do you need me?“
„Do you deserve me?“
A hand painfully squeezes his testicles. It completely escaped him, being so fixated on Dave’s lips and voice, that his lover let a hand slip between their excited bodies.
The grip around his yearning cock feels like a vice.
„Oh god, make me come!“
Dave’s hand retreats, leaving the man under him shaking with anticipation and frustration.
„Don’t you move!“, the brunette man dangerously retorts, sits up, turns backwards and angles for something on the breakfast table. Hiding it from Mart’s sight a smug smirk appears on his heated face.

„Wanna dance?“
Martin is completely bewildered.
„Last Tango in Paris.“
Without any warning he quickly flips Mart around onto his stomach, holding him down with one arm. His hot breath reaches his right ear.
„You gonna enjoy this.“

The next Mart senses is something smooth and creamy smeared into his crack.
„Hell, butter?!!“
A reasonable smack onto his glutes is the first reaction.
„Shush, shut up! You can call me Marlon!“
He can’t be serious!
It’s been a while but the scenes from the movie slowly pop up in Mart’s busy mind.
Christ, you’re really in a dirty mood!

He can’t follow that train of thought as the rough entry from behind lets him gasp and shudder. Pleasure and pain, his favourite combination! He lets the last inhibitions go and yells out his lust.
„Who’s the pussy here?“
„Me! Give me more! Please!!“
Dave thrusts into his partner relentlessly. Their bodies slide along the polished floor with all the force. Then he suddenly stills himself again. Martin can feel every single part, every outline of the long cock inside him. It’s like as if it’s pulsing in unison with his own, fast heartbeat now. The moment he wants to ask why a lust driven bite into his nape and one last, deep thrust end the waiting. David releases his hot liquids, holding him flat against the ground. Then the tension subsides slowly and he breathes heavily against his wet skin. Mart’s body still seems overly sensitized. To his own surprise he didn’t come. His dick is painfully pressed against the wooden floor. Hardwood, how befitting!
Then tears shoot into his eyes. All the recent events just overwhelm him and leave him quivering like a little girl.

Gentle hands turn him around and into a firm embrace. He can’t help but to go on sobbing.
„David, I love you! Please, don’t leave me!“
The fingers that smooth back his damp curls tenderly wander down his back, caressing him. When they find his still erect member he lets out a tiny gasp. Moving away a bit he faces his lover, still teary eyed but hot and needy the same moment.

„Ride me, my dark angel.“

He let’s himself glide back onto the floor, lying there, waiting.

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