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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 52

Chapter 52

  2010.03.15. 18:41


Dave stays quiet, gets up from his kneeling position – and leaves the room. Martin freezes on the ground, suddenly sensing all the burning, stinging and throbbing from the previous violation. It’s like a wall crashing down on him. It was just about the sex, the anger. He showed his dominance and treated him the way he deserved – a fucking twat! The nearly unbearable feelings of being naked, vulnerable, used – and guilty, wash over him and keep him paralysed. The pack of butter still rests a few inches away – deep impressions of Dave’s slender fingers visible in the slightly glistening mass.
It’s the wet drops that all of a sudden trickle down onto his stomach that let him focus again. The scent of his lover’s shower gel makes it into his olfactoric senses.

David stands over him, his legs splayed out, framing his body, the fluffy towel he must just have used to ruffle through his wet hair hanging limb from his right hand. Staring up to his prominent package from this angle of view the blond curly head’s cock stirs again. It had gone flaccid with the recent jolt of negative thoughts. The traces of suffering are still quite visible in the glassy, green irises.

„You have to give me a little more to be your cowboy.“
With these words the brunette straddles his mate, avoiding contact with his sex though.
„Is this all I get for cleaning myself from the horse’s ass?“ His voice tones down to a dangerous hiss.
„Dave, stop playing Alan with me!“
It just hits home and voicing the name opens an abyss in his conscience. David cocks a brow and then crouches upward, stopping shortly in front of Mart’s confused face.
„This was never a game. For fuck’s sake – now shut up!“
It’s sheer, plain angst that flushes through the blond man’s body now. The person he dearly loves is up to fuck his face to silence him! With the last shreds of his own will power he digs his fingernails into the muscular thighs of his partner and holds him at bay.
„You do not have to force me, David. I’m giving myself to you, I’m at your mercy. You already broke my will, don’t you see?“
You broke my heart and my soul, now break my body, too. I did the same to you and now I’ll pay. I’m already dead.

Dave’s body tension changes reasonably. His dark, gloomy eyes fix Mart’s desperate ones and he slowly shifts his frame to move back to his former position. Still holding his view he gingerly starts pumping his lover’s hardening member. Martin is not sure what’s really going on behind that beautiful forehead. He can’t help though to falling into those amazingly deep eyes. It’s like a blind moving up and all the unfiltered emotions hit him like a twister, dragging him deeper inside. His cock painfully throbs in Dave’s firm grip. The next motion is him letting his perfect, round ass sink down onto the towering erection, not preparing for the entry.
His full body weight lets the hardness penetrate himself immediately balls deep. Tears are forming in the corners of his eyes and his lips open in a silent cry. Starting a mid tempo rhythm he rides through his self chosen valley of pain. Martin doesn’t want to enjoy this yet his system already started the involuntary stage of response, leaving him squirming and moaning under his friend. Dave meanwhile braces himself on his hands, head fallen backwards, to have at least a little leverage. Mart’s hips now meet every downward move and he senses the brink is very close. Moving up he grabs Dave by his waist and with a shudder he comes hard. Breathlessly he lets his heated face drop against his opposite’s, sweaty chest. Though in pain Dave seems hesitant to break their connection. He pulls Mart closer and cautiously moves one leg after the other to entangle him. This way they stay, sitting entwined – on the cold, naked wooden floor. The ground might be hard, their hardened feelings yet got some indentations.

„Will we ever be the same again?“
Martin stares over to his friend and weaves his fingers into the other man’s.
Dave braces himself on his left elbow, the nearly dried traces of tears still visible on his cheeks.
„We’re different – every single day. It’s tough not to live in the past – and I’m intending not to start with it again, you get me, Curly?“

Hearing his pet name from those lovely lips again let’s Martin’s heart leap for a second. Still he’s so insecure and afraid to ask what really burns in his mind.
What now, my dark angel? Am I forgiven? Do I still have a place in your heart? Are we able to survive this?


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