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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 53

Chapter 53

  2010.03.15. 18:44


„Mart? Maaaartinnn!“
„Geez, why are you yelling through half of the studio now!?“
„April’s on the phone! She’s got the dummies ready!“

The blond keyboarder makes his way over to the couch area, snapping a digestive from the table in the process. The tea in his mug is expectedly cold. Slumping down next to Dave he curiously tries to listen in.

„She could fly in later. Would that be an option?“
„Sure, I’m already bloody curious!“

Finally hanging up on her the brunette man puts his blackberry back onto the couch table, reaching for his own mug – a huge union jack sticking all over it. Recognizing Mart’s grin he slurps his coffee noisily.
„Home, sweet home!“
„Yeah, god shave the queen!“
„Ugh, nah! Now I have very bad images in my head, yuck!“
„Shush, our loyal british subject is approaching! We better be nice!“

Fletch comes nearer, carrying his MacBook and the infamous ‚Fletch Cam’.

„Looking for gay porn, Andy?“
„Bollocks! I need to update that Brat guy with video material!“
„Then you ARE looking! That dude is a fag and a hyper, you know.“
„Hey! So’s my dear bro!“
„You know how I meant it, Dave! Phil is just sweet.“ Mart can just dodge his friend’s hand.

The ginger head rolls his eyes and chooses one of the couch chairs, flipping the laptop open. The moment he sits down an odd noise emanates the seat. Dave and Mart slap their thighs and burst into an uncontrollable laughter.

„Stop farting! Where are your manners?! Too much cream? Or did you rob the banana supply again?“
„Very funny! What the fuck happened to you guys yesterday? Not only that you dared not to show up at all – I just got a memo from John that you two are out of town on the 23rd!“

Martin turns serious again and brushes over his freshly dyed curls.

„You know I hate my birthday.“
„Ah, and that’s why you take loverboy out for a ride, or what? We’re nose deep into work here!“
„Well, then scratch the afternoon session as we have a fitting with the lovely Ms. Johnson later.“
„Fuck! Why do we have a schedule anyway?! I don’t recognize you any more, Mart! You used to be so straight concerning business!“
„Calm down! Better now as when we’re in the final process in Chung King. Well, we need an appointment again anyway.“

Andy closes his portable PC again, without starting any application.
„Gawd, I’m not in the mood to feed that bugger in Burbank now anyway.“
He eyes his band mates suspiciously.
„Umh, you two do not look really relaxed and healthy, you know.“
„A little lack of sleep.“, is Dave’s short answer and Mart nods his head.
„We had a few things to settle – like every old couple, you know.“ His lobsided grin betrays the dark shadows that cross his eyes.
„I guess I do not want to know any further details.“
He pats Mart’s shoulder after getting up, fetching his mobile.
„If there’s anything I could be of help, you know where to find me. I better give Grainne a hoot. Sheesh, she’s been on Twitter again!“

„Errr, don’t you think those pants are a little tight in the crotch area, April darling?“

Martin scans himself in the huge dresser mirror in his master bedroom. The place looks like the wardrobe of a burlesque show. Glittering trousers, jackets, vests...all piling up or resting somewhere. The time when all were hanging neatly on the mobile clothes rail is way gone. What do you expect when two male guys with a well developed ego try on things that are supposed to be presented on the stages of the world, left alone the universe?

„I don’t know what you’re complaining about, Curly. Tight at just the right places, rrrrrrrrr!“
Dave eyes his lover with kinda drooling expression. The silvery shimmering trousers fit Mart’s forms perfectly.
„Do you have a hard on?“, he whispers into the blond man’s ear.
„Geez, if you go on like that I might have one soon! See, there’s no extra space for it!“, he retorts quietly. When April turns her back and looks for another garment Dave quickly grabs Martin between his legs.
„Umh, a bit crowded there, loverman!“ His dark, velvety baritone starts his blood simmering in his veins.
„Martin, you might want to try this sequin combination. I think it’s quite hot.“
The stylist returns and hands the addressed another vest. Fixing the bulge in the mirror she smirks.
„Well, I think I can give it a little more back up space. Step out off it and I’ll put it on the list.“ She quickly slaps Mart’s bottom. „You are made for this style, such a perfect ass!“
„Hey, hey – what about mine?! Who’s the frontman, ay?!“

While Mart slips out off the tight pants Dave buttons his dark, sparkling vest. Looks like multiple, colourful, shining dots when the light falls onto the fabric in just the right angle.

„Purple lining?!“
He checks the accompaining jacket.
„Cyclamen. Doesn’t it look deadly dangerous?“
„Yeah, like the lining of that ominous coffin the crew guys made me during the last tour! Geeez!“
„Count Dave Dracula, booo!“
Martin shows his tongue and feigns some grave fear. Then he shortly disappears into the bathroom. April snickers as well and adjusts the back and the sleeves of the jacket with a few pins and needles.
Dave stretches his arms and tries a few typical stage moves.
„Yep, it’s quite comfy – though I might only wear it the first song anyway. It’s so bleeding hot under the spots!“

When he hears the door where his band mate disappeared earlier he looks up and detects his figure in the reflection of the mirror. His jaw drops to the floor. Mart is wearing a graphite-silvery combination, tight trousers and vest. His arms and chest are glimmering as if he just got into a stardust shower. The expression in his eyes is indescribable. A bit of the naughtiness of a schoolboy mixed with an evil, seductive nuance.
I’m dead and gone straight to heaven! Oh, holy Lord! You can’t be serious, Curly!

„Come over here and let us have a closer look!“ Dave’s voice is a bit wobbly and he senses some sweat trickling down his back. Meeting him at the mirror, standing next to him the brunette leans over and whispers excitedly into his ear.
„You have no idea what you’re doing to me! Jesus, I want to lick that stuff off you – and more!“
„I know.“
Dave pokes Mart into his flanks. The New York designer watches the two guys and can’t help to grin broadly.
„I take it you love my idea with the glimmer lotion.“
The answer comes unisono. Mart smoothes along Dave’s right cheek.
„Hey, now it sticks to me, too!“
„It won’t be the last time.“ His look let’s the dark haired man tremble with want. It’ll need not much more and he’d simply rip those damn clothes off that deliciously shimmering body!
„Major Tom is ready for ground control then?“
„Oh, I will ground you later, don’t you worry!“
Dave signals him with his eyes that they better should stop those inuendos while the stylist is with them in one room. Though they can be sure there’d be nothing getting to the outside one could never be 100% sure.
„April, you are gorgeous! Me thinks Mart will buy that factory now not to run short of supplies.“
„Sheesh, stop it, guys!“
„You’re laughing, but I know him better...put that at top of your list.“
Martin twinkles and then smirks.
„More important than the suits? You prefer me playing naked with that stuff on?!“

Thank god the designer’s mobile chimes in now and she politely leaves the room to accept the call. The second the door shuts Dave is over Mart and pushes him onto a pile of clothing on the king size bed.
„Fuck, I would...if I could, but she’ll be back any minute!“
He ravages his lover’s mouth and Mart answers the wild attack accordingly.
„Shit, now look at you – glistening all over!“
„You’re kidding!“
„Nope, but it looks awfully hot on you.“

When April returns she just sees Dave drying his face with a towel. Mart stepped out off the last stage outfit and properly placed it back on a hanger.

„So, it’s six different outfits for the two of you plus the back up clothing for in between the shows. I’ll keep the ladies busy sewing then.“
„You better do have some spare ones – Dave’s an animal on stage.“
The woman blinks and grins sardonically.
„Oh, I got that one. I saw a few shows of you guys in the past.“
She starts sorting the bits and pieces.
„It’s just a shame you said farewell to your cute, fluffy wings, Martin. Sure, there’s no angel cruising up there in space?“
Mart smiles back at her, showing his full, white teeth.
„I think I’m grown out off them. Maybe nostalgia gets the best of me and I’ll change my mind, but at the moment I’m quite happy with the spacy outfits you came up with, dear.“
When she’s finally left and Dave passes the wardrobe in the hallway he freezes shortly, seeing his reflection.
„Mart, damn you! There’s still glitter all over my neck!“
The next moment a pair of velvety lips meet his skin there and the warm wetness makes him dizzy in the head.
„She for sure recognized it!“
„Even if – dig it. She only will have thought how damn lucky I was to have such a delicious band mate.“
„Shut up and kiss me!“


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