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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 54

Chapter 54

  2010.03.28. 23:40


„Are you ready?“
„Ready, when you are, Curly.“

After having finished the 22nd of July session day around 10.30 pm both men had left the studio quite tired and worn out. At least all the hard work was prospering and Ben rolled his eyes concerning all the editing and mixing piling up for the masters he wanted to have finished till New York.

Silently both sit in Mart’s posh cabrio, Dave behind the steering wheel. There was a non verbal agreement to spend the night and following day at the secret hide away though the memories are painful and devastating.

„Would you share the bed with me, Dave?“
Martin’s voice is quiet and a nuance too calm. He holds the handle of his wheeled suitcase and waits at the bottom of the wooden stairs that lead up to his private areas. Dave closes his lids for a second and then faces his friend sternly.
„Let’s not hurry things. I start to feel better, yet...I’m not completely ready for happy house, OK?“
With a light touch of his fingers he caresses over the blond man’s full lips, pecking them – to retreat again.
„With all respect, fuck me but you can’t sleep in one bed with me?“
„You of all should be able to understand, Martin.“
„I’m sorry, of course I do. It’s just so difficult...I miss you!“

There seems to be a short moment of reconsidering in the brunette man’s expression, but he doesn’t answer. With a low head and heart Mart slowly walks up step by step, dragging the trolley with him.

Dave’s sleep is light. Too many thoughts are still tumbling up side down in his mind. He must have finally dozed off as the smooth motion around his head let’s him start in the bed.
„Don’t be scared, it’s just me. Come on, please follow me.“
A soft blindfold hinders him to see the person to the wellknown voice. Not really into any sort of game now his curiosity is still bigger than his anger and he clasps his fingers around the offered hand. He’s gingerly guided through the hallway – apparently. He can hear the echoes of their steps on the ceramic tiles. Then his toes touch a bit of carpet. When he hears the shuffling of another door he’s sure they will soon enter the patio. A moment later the rough wooden planks under his soles confirm that assumption. They walk on, sand and marram grass touch his toes and he can’t avoid to crack one or the other sea shell under his weight. Finally the trail comes to a stop, Martin softly touching his shoulder. He can hear his slightly accelerated breath and the breeze brushes over his naked chest. The recurring clash of waves tell him they must be close to the shoreline now.

„When I now take off the scarf, please leave your eyes closed for a little longer.“
Nervous fingers start to fuss around with the blindfold and slip it off. Dave takes a deep breath and keeps his eyelids shut, waiting patiently.

„You can look now.“ Mart’s voice seems to have moved a little away.
Blinking a few times David tries to focus his view. There he is. His slender figure is magically glistening in the red tinged moon light. His whole body is coverered with glimmer. He didn’t leave out a single inch of it. Dave’s eyes are drawn to the groin where the effects of Mart’s anticipation are clearly visible. All of his long, strong cock is shimmering like a magic stick. Wandering up to his face he has to look twice. He hasn’t seen such shiny eyes for a while, so determined, so full It’s as if space just dropped one of it’s heavenly creatures onto the surface of planet earth. Dave is lost for words.

„This still full July moon is called the ‚Moon Of Claiming’, Dave. That’s what the celts say. I claim you back, I want you back. You are my sun, moon and stars. Come back to share my orbit in the endless universe of my love...our love.“

David feels the ground shaking under his feet – just for a short moment. He swallows hard, seeing his lover dying for an answer. Instead he moves forward, like drawn by a higher force, and stops in front of the sparkling figure. Reaching out with his left hand he hesitantly follows the contours of his shoulder down over the collarbone to the erect nipple. Mart covers his hand with his and guides it lower and lower. When the dark haired man feels the hard flesh under his palm he can’t hold back a low gasp. His mate releases his hand again and it falls back next to Dave’s side. Martin bends down and picks up a opalescent, medium sized jar. Getting rid off the lid he digs his fingers into it and then starts to smear some viscous mass onto his partner’s smooth, waxed chest. Millions of tiny particles start to glisten in the dim light. Crawlies make it all over his skin. He closes his eyes and enjoys the circling touches, caving in. Looking again he sees Mart going down on his knees to finish his task from his hips downwards.

„Oh my god, Curly! I can’t bear it! Your touch...!“ The rest of the sentence dies in a deep, guttural moan. The skilled hands work on, lift his balls and move along the inner thighs to return to the outer areas and end up at the bottom. When the muscular fingers squeeze his glutes a little the owner sharply inhales. Finally fnishing with his calves and feet Martin gets up and lets the glitter gel drop down onto the huge bathing sheet that’s draped onto the sand. Opening his arms he waits for another reaction of his lover.

„Please, let me make love to you, my angel of the darkness. Let me be your light.“

Dave licks his dry lips, realizing they are covered with glitter. To his surprise the lotion has no specific taste. It’s as if it waits for him to gather it from Mart’s body – to mingle with it and never let go of the infusion again. Following his instincts he staggers forward and sinks into the waiting embrace. There it is. As their lips meet in a deep, slow and wet kiss Dave finds the missing link sort of. Martin’s own distinctive scent and aroma. Their frames glide against each other, their sexes meet, causing an electric storm in both of their systems.

„Now you don’t have to be afraid any longer to have traces of me on your amazing body. I’m all over you and I don’t want to be washed away. No water shall ever remove myself from your skin, heart and soul. Not even tears. I’m yours – over and over.“

The next kiss is salty and Dave gives up to control the wetness in his own eyes.
Christ, I never ever cried this much over the years – but honestly I don’t care.
When he wants to turn to sink onto his stomach, Mart gently holds him back.
„Baby, this is not about sex but love. Let me hold you, feel you and taste you. Tell me, you want to do the same. Do you feel the same? Can you let yourself fall into my love again?“

„Curly, don’t! It’s enough. Enough pain and suffering.“ He smoothes through the platinum blond curls and his eyes are deeper than ever. „How would you put it? I’m not that talented with words. Yes, you are my darkest and brightest star. At the same time. I lost sight of you – all those clouds – but now I can see you shine again. I want to believe in you. Shine for me!“

When he senses Dave’s touches on his glittery skin he feels like a newborn. As a matter of fact he might be right as it’s way after midnight now. Martin’s 47th birthday.

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