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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 56

Chapter 56

  2010.03.28. 23:54


“Don’t be a stranger.” Mart embraces his lover firmly before letting go again. He knows that August will be tough. Dave belongs to his wife and family. Hopefully there still was anything like that. Another pang of guilt flashes through his conscience, not going unnoticed by his partner. The full, velvety lips tenderly wander along his neck, him whispering into his ear.

“Lets take this as another chance for clearing our minds and hearts, Curly. It will make us grow, I’m sure. Don’t you ever forget: I love you, you crazy pervert!”

Mart’s fingers snake around Dave’s nape, running through the smooth, short hair, inhaling his familiar scent deeply. The limo’s horn yanks them both back. The traffic is busy in front of the terminal and they still obstruct the short time parking lane, ‘drop off only’ to be concrete. Martin has to let the brunette man go and seeing his lean form disappear in the glass revolving door he hesitantly slips back into the soft cushions of the vehicle, taking him back home.

Alan adjusts the green-white striped awing over the terrace. The August heat is simmering down in the south of England though he wouldn’t exchange his place with dusty, sticky London at the moment. Sipping at his iced soda his slender fingers slip along the wetness that is collecting along the outside of the glass. Licking his lips unconsciously he closes his eyes and leans back in the deck chair. The taste of the freshly cut lime slices mix with the salty aroma of his own sweat.

Soon, my darling, soon…

Recalling the horror in Marts voice when he called him at his birthday a week ago the corners of his mouth curl slightly up. Yes, his blond slave wasn’t able to properly hide it. His trained ears could hear Dave’s accelerated breath in the background. Awww, disturbed a little pleasure play there – too bad! Oh, it must have taken all of Martin’s restraint not to yell into the mobile. Well, it wasn’t really about exchanging pleasantries in the end.

“How could you, Alan?!”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He was feigning innocence knowing it would rile the blond man even more up.
“It’s over anyway. I showed Dave your nasty emails. He knows everything!”
“And I’m still here – in his bed!”
“Oh, so my reception still works well. I thought I heard you huffing and puffing there, David. Not getting younger, are we?”
He hears a commotion and some muffled voice, Mart obviously hindering Dave to speak.
“I know about the groupie, too. You are such a low, rotten, disgusting spawn of hell!”
“Oh, Prince Valliant we are now. Is it just the distance, us talking on the phone or did I miss anything, DOG?!” He tried to lay some dangerous impact into his voice now – knowing fully well how receptive Martin was to it. Another shuffling and then Mart’s voice – kind of through clenched teeth.
“Do you hear me barking? No?” The quiet, controlled timbre let him listen up. There was a change – something had changed.

“You are mine! I’m not letting you go!”
Alan smashes his drink onto the stone tiles. “Fuck!” Imagining Dave’s gorgeous body wrestling with Mart’s in the sheets his hands ball to fists and the lines on his face increase reasonably. Closing his eyes half way, lowering his brows gives him a demonic look – stressed by the flickering shadows cast over him from the awning. Reaching over to his iPhone he checks his calendar.

“I will get you by the balls, my little boys! Hell knows why I got all soft and mushy for a moment! You might think you’re all so clever…big, big misconception!”


“Thank you.”
His slender, long fingers slowly trace along the pleasant forms of the female hip that’s still tightly resting against his own, naked body in the smooth sand.

“Thank you for taking me as I am – with all my failures and misses.” His voice trails off, him swept away by his emotions.
“It’s been a while since we made love under the stars, Dave – having your undivided attention and presence.”
Jennifer kisses him lightly onto his trembling lips, holding his view.
“I’m still here and I can’t let you go – don’t want to. I love you, David.”

His olive eyes glisten in the dim light of the night sky above.
“The Dave that’s with you and the kids loves you to bits, believe me, baby.” It takes all his energies to hold back his tears.
“The Dave that’s with Martin – he can’t live without his love. A vital part of me would die, Jennifer. I can’t sacrifice him for you. God, I feel so bad about it – you have no idea!”
“Don’t, baby, don’t! I know how that’s like.” She closes her dark, brown eyes for a moment and deeply exhales.
“As you know there was a time I found Martin damn attractive.”
“That serious?!”
“For a while – yes. Untill he realized and tried to destroy my emotions. We both got carried away.”
“Mart said he lost faith in me, my ability to stay clean and sober. What about you?”

The pain is clearly visible in his dark irises and his timbre slips into the low range of his baritone.
“Oh, god, Dave – I never gave up on you! Sweetheart, please believe me! It was a horribly tough time, but I never ever lost my belief in you!”
Dave pulls her closer, showering her face with numerous kisses.
“Then stay with me a little longer, Angel.” He blinks. “What do you think about re-newing our vows? Next Valentine’s is our 10th anniversary.”
“I’d love that, Dave.”

She snuggles even closer and rests her face in the crook of his neck, sensing his strong pulse throbbing there. It’s not the only sign the body under her is alive – very much alive.


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