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Sea Of Sin

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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 57

Chapter 57

  2010.04.05. 19:22


In the cold of the full moon
On this night
Time itself it slips away
Now you are mine
Slowly hours pass
All through the night
Together we can disappear
For a while I am still
Forever and ever and ever
Now I am still
Forever and ever and ever
Now I am still
Your body is endless

Martin turns in the sheets for another time, finally tossing the damp, sweaty blanket onto the floor. Lying on his back, the cotton fabric sticking to it, his body emanates all the pent up heat.
Here I am on my own again and you for sure just make love to your sweet wifey on the beach!
He’s pretty convinced of it. They have this special connection – feeling what the other does in certain moments. In this very second of his desperate need he might just satisfy his own and hers. Damn, could be just his overactive imagination though, playing tricks on him. That sweltering August heat even at nights is nearly unbearable this year! Perhaps it was just him, who could be so sure about it?

Watching the hourglass
On that night
We touched the stars
And reached the moon
For a time
I'm lost in a moment with you
It feels right
We're floating above the stars
You and I

Now I am still
Your body is endless

“Oh, David…!” His sigh is heartfelt and he wipes some sweat from his brows. It was exactly what was happening that full moon night back at his birthday. It’s not difficult to recall all the emotions, the touches, tastes, smells and moans. His cock is already painfully throbbing against his lower abdomen. Jacking off won’t help much – he’s been doing that the last nights, to not much relief. He closes his lids and immediately feels his lover’s long, experienced fingers on his buzzing skin. The light breeze that sweeps through the open windows only increases the torture. With a furious yell he jumps from the mattress and yanks the long, featherlight curtains to the side, stepping outside onto the deck.

“This place was just mine before I brought you here! Now you haunt me like a ghost!”
As a matter of fact the summer house wasn’t the same since Dave set a foot into it, since they experienced pleasure and pain. Well, first pain – the pleasure came later. His eyes roam over the close shoreline, the sand and water kind of melting in the twilight. He paces down the little path and breathlessly reaches the recurring waves, the fresh water licking at his legs, a fine spray touching his face and arms. The taste on his lips is salty. He walks farther till all of his body is surrounded by the gurgling masses.
I just need to let them take me away…
His feet loose contact to the sandy ground. He spreads his arms and lets himself fall.

Dave shoots up in his bed, in full sweat, yelling out loud. Jen stirs next to him and she moves closer, putting her arm around his neck.
“Shush, you just had a bad dream, Sweetheart.”
“Jenny, I wasn’t sleeping.”
“Sure, you were, hun.”, her sleepy voice breathes against his ear. “After all that hot sex at the beach and the last round under the shower – you peacefully drifted away like a baby.”
“I made you believe I was.” He eyes her and sees the confusion in her face. Smoothing back a strand of hair behind her ear he sighs.
“I was thinking of Martin. Something ain’t right.” He swallows and then smiles at his wife apologetically. “Sorry, this is your…our holiday. Let’s get back to sleep.”
Outside it’s dawning and another hot day is already lurking. She lightly kisses his cheek and then rolls back to her side. He pretends to go to the bathroom, silently snatching his mobile from the side table.

“Curly, did I wake you?”
The voice at the other end of the phone sounds a bit muffled and disoriented.
“Not really. I just dozed off a few minutes ago.”
“Everything alright?”
Mart doesn’t escape the concerned tone in Dave’s voice.
“What do you think?”
“I…god, I felt something awful going on with you a little while ago! Could be the heat and exhaustion though, sorry! Christ, I miss you, you bloody fool!”
The blond man freezes shortly in shock and then rests against the pillows again.
“How’s it you always know when I’m about to do foolish things?”
“Have you been at the booze?”
His friend’s voice is calm, a little too calm.
“No, but somehow it felt like drowning.”
Dave’s fingers cramp around the blackberry and he leans his available cheek against the cold tiled wall, sitting on the bathroom floor, next to the bath tub.
“Tell me, baby.”
Next he hears is some silent sobs and the sound strangles his heart.
“I hate it to be so weak and helpless at times! You have no idea! This place is so deserted without you! I used to enjoy it to be alone here, for myself – just my little space in the universe. Now I feel lonely…empty…left back. I know I’m stupid! It’s just…you have Jenny…I see you two all the time…Endless, you know? That bleeding song haunts me into the wee hours! Then I feel the sand against my back again, your weight on my body…glistening in the kitschy moonlight. Your eyes telling me all I need to know – all the love. I still feel you deep and hard inside me, our fast hearbeats, the breath, the licks, the moans, the incredible scent of your skin, your taste…oh my god, I couldn’t stand it tonight and ran down to the beach!”
Dave is paralyzed and slightly shocked.
You’re really so close to me you know! You feel with my skin and I’m with yours!
“Martin, hey! We knew it wouldn’t be easy. Yes, I love you! It’s not going to change – nothing and nobody could do that!” When his friend remains silent he goes on.
“Curly, what did you do?”
“Trying to find you, your closeness. It wasn’t there, just the cold waves. I moved further in, closing my eyes…I might not have a drivers license but I’m a too bloody good swimmer as it looks.”
A gasp escapes Dave’s mouth and he quickly has to stifle it not to alarm Jennifer next door.
“How did you know, Dave? Why do I ask, my dark angel…it’s pretty obvious. I didn’t want to scare you, I’m better now!”
“Apparently loving somebody means worrying.”
“Dave, don’t let this go to your heart. In the end it was good for something. I came to a conclusion concerning Charlie. Looks I needed to feel that low and desperate to know where I want to stand.”
“Oof, you’re giving me a tough time here, you know?”
“Sorry again for that, but you know me. Once I started…Angel, enjoy your time with your family. I think I will head back to Santa Barbara and check a few things with Suzy. Viva has loads of fun at Meg’s in Spain and it’s my turn to take Calo and Ava anyway. I started to slack off a little, being so busy with the session and you.”
“Yeah, a little bit of ‘family mode’ might clear your foggy thoughts. I better stop now. Jen might wake up and wander why I got lost in the bathroom. Curly, be good for me – and even more important: for yourself! I can’t wait for the first September week.”
Martin hears all the compassion and love in the vibrant baritone voice.
“I’ll see…,” he pauses shortly, “…and feel you in New York then, hot stuff!”

“Oh, you’re in New York in September? Now that’s very cool! It’s been ages we had some proper chat, left alone some decent clubbing!”
Trent let’s out a content laugh.
“Well, Alan – we should rectify that! I have some demos I’d like your opinon on anyway. We could mess around at Jeff’s studio.”
“Sure, can do. I’ll have the Mac with me anyway. What hotel are you going to stay?”
“Not sure yet – I’ll book two suites and let you know, what do you think? You get your flights.”
“So I should trust in your known good taste? OK, I’m looking ahead for some debauchery then.”
“Duh, you haven’t changed, man! You Brits still crack me up! Talking about you lot – suppose you heard about the rumours that your former pals from Depeche will announce a world wide press conference in Berlin in October?”
Alan’s eyes show an evil glint now. Thanx for that piece of information, mate!
“Well, seems pretty official to me. I still have contact to David and Andy occasionly.”
“I see…still crossed with Martin though?”
“Trent, that’s water under the bridge. Put two overly creative people in one room and any sort of stress is guaranteed. Things went the way they did, me leaving was the only reasonable solution. If he would call me I for sure wouldn’t hang up on him.”
No, I definitely wouldn’t do that, my little, blond, curly pervert!
“Fans would be delighted!”
“Nah, I didn’t say I would rejoin the band. I never really liked being on stage. I’m more into the studio stuff, mixing, dabbling around with visuals.”
“Any future plans?”
“My mind always is busy, you know. We can chat in New York. I’m looking forward to it! I’ll mail you the exact dates tonight, OK?”
“Fine with me. I’ll see you then! Bye.”

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