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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 58

Chapter 58

  2010.04.05. 19:28


58. part one

He lets the key card slip through the reader and the suite door opens with a click. Entering with a confident gait his right hand hits the light button and the lounge area is illuminated in no time. Putting the card and his mobile onto the couch table he lets his jacket lazily glide over the rest of the next chair. With another blink of his lids the room sinks back into darkness. Clack! He swears under his breath. Fucking power outage! Trying to adjust his eyes to the lack of light his hand pats along the wallpaper remembering two switches near by. Finally finding them he presses the buttons. Nothing. The room stays dark. Suddenly there’s a slight motion behind him, the air brushes along his nape. Before he can even spend any further thought his arms are forcefully pulled to his back, the grip around his wrists is tough like iron fists. A rush of adrenaline flushes through his system, letting his senses buzz. Handcuffs snap closed. The warmth of the other body behind him seems to seep through the back of his shirt. Next he hears is a sharp rip and then a layer of gaffer tape covers his mouth and cheeks. He could have yelled earlier, why didn’t he?! He’s still too perplexed to move and if he’s honest somehow he enjoys the thrill. Inhaling the smell of the fingers dealing with the sticky material he tries to quickly analyse it. Latex, fucking latex!

He’s roughly pushed forward by some indignant knees and hands. More hands dragging him forward. Another person?! Or is his mind playing tricks on him now? Everything happens so fast his brain barely is able to process it properly. He can hear just the breath of the person behind him. A tiny spot of light appears on the carpet ahead, granting him a dim outline of the doorway near by, into the major bedroom. Then it’s gone again and the next he senses is the soft fabric of the comforter on the huge, cosy bed. Now he’s pretty sure that somebody else must have been waiting there for him as his legs this very moment are fixed with some flexible bonds. His body is pushed up against the headboard. The arms against his back are not really comfortable and a light groan escapes his mouth, muffled by the tape.

The weight on the mattress shifts again, leaving him alone on the bed. He still tries to catch some scents but the air seems just to carry over the common room desinfectives. Usually he can easily detect the arousal or angst, that typical smell on sweaty, warm skin.

With an audible flick the bedside lamp next to him explodes to life. Blinking rapidly to adjust his pupils he can see the silhouettes of two men in the dim, cold light. They’re standing at the foot of the king size bed now, their arms crossed over their chests. The shorter one turns his head slightly.

“I could get used to that sight, what do you think?”
“Seeing the bewilderment in his eyes…uh uh…I could turn into a wordsmith finally. Be-wilder-ment.”
His opposite chuckles, his tension decreasing a little due to his mate cracking up such a joke. The brunette man fixes him assuringly, a slight, wicked grin on his face. Then he turns back to the pale man on the bed, stern expression again.

“It’s pay back time, Charlie.”

He nestles in his jeans pocket and pulls out a butterfly knife. Letting it snap open makes Alan visibly flinch on the blanket. His pupils widen in horror. The glistening blade stands in stark contrast to the black latex gloves his former band mate usually wears for meet & greets.

“We’ll come to that later.” David places the closed knife onto the dresser to his right. Martin steps behind him and their eyes meet in the mirror.
“We look fucking gorgeous together, baby.” His voice is breathy and seductive. To stress it he grabs Dave’s bottom and squeezes it gently. The short haired man lets out a content grunt.

“Oh, and if you speculate that your sweet pal Trent might show up to help you out – bury that hope. It was us calling him two weeks ago to arrange a meeting with you. He was so very supportive when we told him it was a secret meet up concerning a possible band reunion.”

Dave drags Mart into his arms and seals his lips with a deep, passionate kiss. Letting go again his blazing eyes meet Alan’s.

“You shall see a reunion, Charlie. Not sure you’re going to enjoy it though. At least it’s your very own, private show. Be our VIP…Very Impertinent Prick!”

58. part two

Martin walks over to the closet and slides the door open. Mustering the spacy inside he turns back to David.

“What’s your opinion?”
The addressed moves closer and lets his hands roam over the tight black jeans, stopping at the studded leather belt. His nimble fingers finding the buckle while his lips meet the blond one’s again. Slowly he pulls the long item out off it’s place. Both men stare at it simultaneously and nod.

“It will look like some naughty business got out off hand.” Martin now shoots daggers into Alan’s direction. “We already saw the dress rehearsal.” The metal eye clanks against the palm of his other hand. “As you are so keen and adamant we will give you what you want, Charlie – and even more.”

The eyes of the shackled man on the bed seem to pop out and lots of sweat already drenches the collar of his fashy, navvy shirt. Reading the expressions on both faces it seems to dawn him this wasn’t a game any more. Nevertheless the bulge in his elegant pants is growing, already straining against the costly material.

Dave lets the belt drop to the floor and faces his lover. Button by button he starts to reveal Mart’s chest, pushing the anthrazit shirt gently over his trained shoulders. Bending his head forward he closes his eyes and inhales his friend’s manly scent – visible and audible for their captive on the sheets. Mart runs his hand through Dave’s short hair and silently growls in content, then both of his hands creep under the hem of his partner’s black, silk dress shirt – resting there for a moment. You can see the tiny movements of his knuckles under the fabric, as he’s caressing the soft skin he finds there. Dave’s tongue darts out and teases the left of Mart’s nipples which turn immediately hard by the senstion. Digging his fingers firmer into the brunette’s back he finally yanks the shirt over his head with a swift move. His green irises signal the man in front of him to change position. David follows the call and pushes Mart against the wall, fixing his wrists next to his head.

“Yes, Dave, yes! Make me yours!”
His excited voice is cut short by his lover’s greedy lips, consuming his, biting and licking. Their tongues meet in a more and more heated quarrel. Dave releases Mart’s hands and sinks down onto his haunches, tracing along the body’s outlines – to end at the waistband of the jeans. The blond curly man crosses his arms behind his head and moans when he senses the tip of a tongue bathing in his navel. Painstakingly slow the brunette opens the button and then unzips him, freeing the hardness that is ready to burst. Smoothing it back against Mart’s abdomen his other hand pulls down the trousers and it’s owner hastily steps out of it, tossing it out off the way.

“Mmm, you’re a big boy, baby! Big and delicious…and…”, he eyes over to the bed, “…mine!”

Alan yanks at the restraints, trying to roll off the mattress – to not much avail. The sounds that emanate his rib cage are desperate and angry. His complexion changed to slightly scarlet.

“Save your energies, Charlie. You might need them for later.”
“Dave, go on – I want you now!”
“You don’t have to beg me for it, Curly – just lets move over onto the bed. Me thinks our dear guest deserves an optimal view.”

When they creep onto the soft surface of the king size bed Alan seems to freeze for a moment, just glaring at them in disbelief. Kneeling in front of each other Martin tenderly wipes a drop of perspiration from Dave’s back of nose. Before he can go on with his previous activities Mart holds his hands gently back, following their their forms up to his toned arms to softly wander along his flanks and coming to a rest over the visible signs of arousal the material of his jeans barely can hide.

“Little change in plans.”, he whispers and while kissing the full, welcoming lips again his fingers disapper behind the waistband in front. Dave moans intensely into his mouth, obviously enjoying the subtle touches. When the tip of his tongue starts to follow the impressive v-line a furious growl comes from the other end of the bed. A wicked grin on his face Mart nestles with the fly and slowly peels the denim layer over hips, thighs, knees, calves and ankles. Dave is bare underneath – no briefs. The jeans meets the carpet with a low thud. Another groan from Alan. They both turn on their heels and then crawl closer to him. David sees the multiple pearls of sweat on his forehead, wet strands of hair sticking against the skin. When he bends over his face, lightly touching his leg with his he can sense the trembling. Fixing his view he hovers over him like the creator made him. It’s an odd picture – two naked men above a fully clothed, quivering one – helpless in his bonds, shackled to his desire.

“How does it feel?” Dave’s warm breath meets Alan’s face and he rapidly blinks in response. “Do you want me? Does it turn you on?” Grabbing his crotch the bound man whimpers. “I think so.” With an unforeseen move Dave rips the gaffer tape off his mouth. To everyone’s surprise Alan stays silent, just breathing heavily. His pain tolerance still must be high. Dave lowers his face even more – his lips just inches away from his mate’s now, dragging the moment out into the long seconds. Their eyes hold each other captivated. Would he dare to move his head? Alan stays where he is but his view tells the man over him he’s nearly dying there. Dave exhales and with a quick flick of his tongue he licks over the puffy, sticky lips. An enormous moan escapes the tortured form. When he retreats Alan wants to speak but Dave covers his lips with his index.

“No talk, Charlie! Moan all you like but no words – or the tape is yours again.”
“Could you at least tie my arms to the headboard, please! I don’t feel them anymore.”

Dave throws a quick glance over to Mart and then both men take action. Mart opens the drawer of the night stand and presents another set of hand cuffs.
“Don’t even think of any odd business. I would knock you out before you could even blink.”
Seeing and hearing the determination in Dave’s face and voice Alan let’s himself being cuffed at the metal elements of the bed’s headboard.

“Are you sure he will be able?” Martin fetches a small bottle from the still open drawer – and something else. “The suite is soundproof – I checked for it with the floor manager. He can yell as much as he wants. It will not help him out off here, out of this.”

The two friends face each other again and then Dave presents Mart his wrists.
“Bind me. Tie me with your love.”
The thin black silk ropes glide over the skin and then straighten, carving themselves a little into the flesh when Martin fixes the ends in a secure knot. Before Dave can let his arms sink into his lap the blonde man stops them with an endearing grip and then moves them over his head, placing them around his neck. Their lips meet in a passionate, long lasting kiss. With a quick push Dave then finds himself on his back, Mart over his body. His shiny, white teeth scrape of the soft flesh of his neck, further down over his chest, stopping around his nipples. The man under him growls and stretches his tied arms over his own head.

“Do you feel it, Dave?”
“Christ, yes – go ahead!”

Martin musters his lover’s well shaped frame. Moving upwards his kisses start again at the wrists and then slowly wander along the inner arms. Reaching the pits he gingerly pulls at the few hair his teeth find there, evoking some excited gasps from Dave. Licking along his way he reaches the little, erect nipples another time and now nibbles at them with growing intensity.

“God almighty, Curly! I want to feel you even more!”
Instead of an answer the blond head moves further down, encircling the belly button and passing by the center of utmost excitement – biting into the inner, upper thigh instead. David’s erect member twitches and the pulsing increases. Not having the heart to let him suffer any longer Mart’s velvety lips close around the tip and slip down the shaft agonisingly slow. The guttural, little yell that meets his ears does not only come from one person. Dave is so much aroused that he can’t hold back and his cum shoots into Mart’s welcoming mouth.

“You’re such a naughty boy! So fast to get what you want, ay?”
He licks his glistening lips and swallows the rest of the short haired man’s juices. Dave moves his arms and encircling Mart’s neck he pulls him in for having a taste of his own. A shiver runs down Mart’s spine. Eying over Dave’s shoulder he recognizes Alan’s expression, the drool dripping off the corner of his mouth.

“Charlie, we haven’t even really started.”

Dave follows Mart’s view and then whispers into his lover’s ear. Next Alan sees is him undoing Dave’s bonds and the brunette man slipping off the bed and going to the dresser – getting the knife. Returning onto the mattress the tied man gulps, his Adam’s apple bobbing nervously up and down. The blade meets the expensive cloth at his left leg. With a rough cut Dave drags the knife upwards, stopping just inches before his crotch. Same happens to the other leg of his trousers. Mart unbuckles him and throws the belt onto the carpet. Dave’s hand comes closer, diving into the fly. With a fast move the fabric is in half and the other man rips the remains of the trousers off his body. Both stare onto the multiple wet stains on the silk white boxers. The outlines of Alan’s certainly painfully hard cock leave really nothing to the imagination.

“Look who’s anxious?”
“I do not even need my reading glasses to recognize it.”

Now it’s Martin’s turn and he simply grabs the two ends of Alan’s elegant shirt and tears it open, a hand full of tiny buttons jumping into the air and landing on the blanket with dull little thuds. Taking the knife from Dave’s hand he takes short action with the two sleeves. The heap of shreds on the floor is growing. Mart straddles the body and crouches closer to his head. Giving himself a few strokes he fixes Alan’s view.

“Open your fucking mouth, Charlie.”
The addressed presses his lips tightly together, glaring at him.
“I said, open your filthy, dirty, fucking mouth, Alan Charles Wilder! Now!”
A slap hits his left cheek and then his right.
“Do as I say! Or we’ll have to convince you!”
“OK, you want it the hard way. Dave?”

Alan can hear the click of the blade snapping out off the hilt. Looking down at himself he sees David placing the blade against the skin of his outter thigh. The hard, sharp metal presses against it, moving further down, under the material of his briefs. With a swift cut one side is torn and parts of his package become visible. Cutting the other side as well his former band mate pulls the piece of cloth away from his groin. Slightly tipping the blade onto the delicate, hard flesh that’s bobbing in front of him now evokes a terrified gasp from Alan’s mouth.

“You won’t dare…!”
“Uh, you think so? After all you put us through? Leaving the room as a girl would be a mild compensation, believe me.” He exchanges a juicy view with his partner in crime. “We have you at your balls anyway – so will you open your mouth now?”

Within an instant the captive lowers his jaw, his lips slightly trembling. Dave moves next to Mart and both men now stare down onto their victim – no mercy in their dark eyes. Both start to stroke themselves, pumping up and down their sexes.

“You remember those days as a kid in Bas, Mart? I didn’t know you then but I’m sure you and your friends played the same games. Want a cookie?”
Martin chuckles and he pecks the man at his side.
“Sure, who hits the cookie last has to eat it. We could alter the rules slightly though.”

Working on themselves it doesn’t take long and with two relieved yells both men ejaculate into Alan’s face. The coughing and gasping for air tell them in their still dizzy state that at least one must have hit the target. The cum glistens and some of the sticky substance slowly glides down the facial structures, collecting at his chin, threatening to drop down. Bending over his head two toungues start to clean the skin lick by lick. Hands touch his chin, turning his face gently and then Alan nearly looses his conscience when Dave’s lips drag him into a deep kiss. Martin doesn’t stay away either. He kisses along his neck, biting his throat gingerly – to change position with his partner. Alan has to close his eyes when the softness of Mart’s mouth overwhelms him. He clearly feels it – Martin takes possession of him. He’s so different than he remembers him. The featherlight kisses on his chest now let him squirm under the two men, but they have no mercy. Mart still silences him with his lips, holding him in place while Dave evilly moves downward – till his wet, warm mouth finds it’s target. Bracing himself on the tied man’s thighs he lets the throbbing hardness slip into his cavern, sucking it deeply in. The blond man feels and hears the throaty cry into his mouth. Letting him go Alan’s full voice fills the room.

“Fucking hell!”
“Enjoy it, Charlie. It’s the last fun you’ll experience before you die.”
He bites into Alan’s neck and sucks in some flesh. It’s going to be a nice hickey for sure.
“You two are crazy, fucking nutz!”
“Oh, you’re so right! You made us who we are, forgot? Mart, get the belt.”
Dave returns to his task and Alan has no chance but to go on panting and moaning. Shortly later a leather sling closes around his neck and he looks into Mart’s green, whirling irises.

“You have no idea for how long I was waiting for this moment, Charlie.” He lets more leather slip through the eye of the belt, tightening the grip.


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