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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 63

Chapter 63

  2010.04.14. 14:46

63. part one

The waitress clears the table, the plates and cutlery towering on her tray. Jonathan leans back in his seat, taking a last sip of his Merlot, offering the empty glass to the busy lady with the long, black apron.
“Sorry, Sir. I’ll take that momentarily when I bring the Espresso.” She staggers away with her load.
Martin stares at her voluminous bum and has a big smirk on his face.
“Gore, you’re bad!”
“Ah, come on, Trent! I saw your eyes. Same rotten thoughts!”
The dark haired man twinkles and checks his cell phone for messages. Having switched it to mute not to disturb the dinner he changes the setting now back. Three texts, not the one he was waiting for.

“Lets dip into ‘Lacey’s’ for some drinks, guys.”
Andy checks the round. Christian and Martin nod, Dave looks a little concerned – usually avoiding places like that. He’s been significantly quiet the whole evening so far. Trent puts his mobile into his pocket.
“Cool, I like that place. Great music, great booze.”
“OK.” Dave gets up and not only John throws him a surprised look.

The bar man passes over another diet coke. Dave clasps his long fingers around the cold glass and takes a sip. The noise level is quite enormous in the tiny club. The murmur of voices layering with the ambient music gives him the impression to be in a well frequented train station. Maybe it’s just his still stressed mind and body. Mart sits next to him, talking to Andy. John just left for the restroom. Feeling the urge to escape for a little moment he slips from his bar stool and takes a deep breath, when he reached the sidewalk outside the building. The music is still wavering outside due to more people entering or leaving the place. A pat on his shoulder lets him turn his head and he looks into Trent’s dark, glowing eyes. He offers him his pack of cigarettes, lighting one for himself.
“Thanks, I quit smoking these. Only cigarillos every now and then.” He puts up a lopsided grin. “Looks it’s ‘then’.” Nestling in his trousers he presents the white box and takes one of the dark brown things between his index and middle finger. Trent silently watches him doing so, puffing some smoke into the air.
“Umh, isn’t that a song of yours?” The brunette’s ears detect some electronic melody. “No idea though which one. Bad memory.” Dave really means it. It’s an open secret his capacity concerning that suffered due to the narcotic excesses in the past. He’s not ashamed though, using a teleprompter openly on stage. Trent doesn’t answer immediately. He finishes his smoke and throws the but unceremoniously onto the pavement, extinguishing it with the heel of his black boot. “It’s ‘Closer’ from the ‘Downward Spiral’ album.”
Then he leans over and whispers into Dave’s ear, humming.
“I want to fuck you like an animal. I want to feel you from the inside.”

All of Dave’s hair immediately stand up. Electric signals flood his nervous system, traveling down his spine, ending in his groin. He can’t escape the adrenaline rush and Trent does not even have to touch him. Simply with a few naughty words he’s able to set him on fire! This is impossible – I love Curly and yearn for his body!

The other man in the black leather jacket leans back and musters his opposite like the snake it’s prey. He knows all the signals – and Dave for sure is no exception to the rule. He nearly can smell the arousal.

“Hey, bad boy! What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you didn’t write sorta lyrics! Your ‘Deeper And Deeper’ leaves nothing to the imagination, you know. Well, I have a vivid mind.” He let’s out a little evil, dirty laugh.
“Come on, let’s get back inside before your bf goes onto the rampage again.” He winks, tipping his nose. “This time I would give back though.”
Let’s see how long it will take for the medicine to work. Your body is mine tonight. I know it!

Mart sees Dave and Trent returning, cocking a brow, throwing a fierce look into the latter one’s direction – which is answered with a broad smile.
“I hope you didn’t mind us smoking a fag outside.”
The blond man now feels a little sheepish and puts up a tiny smile himself. Not easy – but how did they say? The best way to show your adversary your teeth is to smile. He doesn’t trust Trent the black under his fingernails.

63. part 2

“Wanna leave, Angel?”
Dave tries to read Martin’s eyes – at least decyphering the barely hidden jealousy there.
“Just let me go for a pee.”
“Good idea.” He gets up, obviously wanting to accompain him. Dave shortly wonders and then both men make it through the masses of chatting or dancing guests. The restroom definitely must have seen more glorious days. One of the light tubes is nervously flickering – the whole room quite dim anyway. A few other males are busy at the urinals or washing their hands in the two porcelain basins. All the cracks on the surface could tell stories of better days for sure. The floor could need a cloth and a bucket of water. Different patterns of shoe prints all over the place, every now and then chewing gums and all bits of rubbish, remnants of toilet paper, etc. Dave feels reminded of the past, when he was hanging over a toilet bowl, trying to find a vein he could sink the syringe into. It wasn’t that often he ended in such places, having had enough money to order his pusher to his house. Yet it happened, all the dirt and self destructive feelings…dirty, sticky floors, oh yes! He has to swallow hard, fixing Mart who finally found a place to get his relief, the sound of his zipper cutting into his flash back. The other two persons leave the room, the door clapping shut again. They are finally on their own. Closing his fly Mart turns and stops wondering why Dave still didn’t seem to have moved from his former spot.

“Everything OK with you?” Sensing the crawlies on his forearms it seems to dawn him what’s going on.
“Shush, I’m with you. You’re here and now, Dave. The past is in the past. We’re leaving this godforsaken place, come on!”
“I want to fuck you like an animal.”
“Fuck, what?!”
“That’s what Trent whipsered into my ear.” A lonely tear threatens to fall from his long eye lashes.
“I feel dirty, Martin. I’m that animal.”
“Baby, no!”
The blond man is bewildered and shocked. Quickly he drags Dave into a tight embrace, not knowing what more to say now.

“I didn’t mean it that way.”
Like out off nowhere Trent leans in the doorway. This is not going as planned, not at all! Fuck!
Martin’s eyes are fierce green fireballs. He shortly taxes his chances for a fight. The well trained, muscular guy is more or less sober and alert. Moreover he seems to read his mind.
“Gore, that’s just stupid – and you know it.”

He didn’t have David on his list. The brunette man suddenly jumps at him, his hands clinging around his throat. He just can block off his knee, trying to shake free. Dave is not a weakling but Yoga and running are not enough to compete with a pair of well shaped biceps. Mart wants to jump into the struggle when he freezes in his motion, his jaw dropping open. Trent has removed Dave’s fingers from his neck and holds his wrists to both sides of his body. Both men stand still and breathe heavily. Dave bends forward and presses his lips against Trent’s. He let’s his hands go and closes his arms around his waist, pulling him closer to his body. Shortly breaking the contact he searches his eyes and then meets his mouth in a deep, passionate kiss again.


Mart’s voice bounces back from the tiles with a hollow echo. Dave’s arm reaches out for him. He lets go of Trent for a moment and turns towards him. The expression in his nearly black eyes makes his stomach wobble.

“I want it. I want him to fuck me and I want you to watch. Here.”

The door opens and a guy enters, passing them, heading for the next cubicle.

“You can’t be fucking serious!”
He wants to grab Dave by his sleeve and pull him away from Trent, doubting his mental sanity now.
“There’s a storage room downstairs.”
Trent’s dryly cut in words seem to drive Martin even more furious. He fetches his iPhone and hits a key, obviously speed dial.
“Andy? Bring John with you – to the…” A strong hand wriggles the mobile out off his hand and ends the connection.
“Do you want all this in cinemascope, dude?!”
He additionly points towards a few more nosy faces that must have arrived meanwhile. After all this is a public place to pee.
“Gosh, Martin! Come on, out off here!”
He pushes the two mates forward and they finally follow his orders to at least get out off that friggin restroom. In the hallway they meet Andy who approaches them with a quizzical look.
Trent waves with the cell phone like a trophy. Before any of the other men can speak he pats Fletch’s shoulder.
“It was a bit crowded down there – we just wanted to let you know we’re leaving. Thought you might wanted to share a cab?”
“Not a bad idea. Christian chatted up some ‘girl’ and John’s on his blackberry for ages. Time to move on.” He grins at the strange trio. “I’ll take a car with JK. You do not want me to squeeze you, do you?”
Mart cusses silently. There’s no way to explain his long time friend what’s really going on – and that evil creepy guy next to Dave knows it fully well – judging the naughty grin on his cheeks. Andy turns and walks back into the other direction, not looking back.

“Guys, this way.” Trent’s voice sounds determined when he points his index towards the next corner. The blond curly man feels awfully trapped. He can’t leave Dave in the fangs of this monster and he is not at all keen to end up in an even more undesirable situation. Fucking shit!

“Lets at least go back to the hotel!”
Ah, caving in, Gore?

“No, T-Rez!”
What ever you think, you can’t escape me. I’m already in your head and I already have Dave.

“OK, back to the plush cushions then.”

It doesn’t take long to hail down a cab and the three men get inside. Trent pushes Dave onto the back seat so Mart has to sit next to the driver. The street the NIN singer now tells the cabbie is definitely not the hotel’s – neither of theirs. Dave furrows his brows as well, recalling the neighbourhood.
After a while Trent pats onto the driver’s back.

“You can stop here. Would you mind to leave the car for about an hour or so?” He waves with a few hundred dollar notes.
“I will loose my license!” Then he grins. “Can’t take down such a nice offer though.” He grabs the money and counts it with greedy eyes. Then he answers his radio, telling he’s got to wait for clients per request. Pulling the keys out off the lock he opens the car door and gets out, not without looking back with a smirk. Mart can see him lighting a cigarette and then slowly disappearing in the darkness. The tiny alley they park is sparcely lit and quite deserted. Every now and then you could hear a dog bark or the sirens of a police car.

Martin stares back at the seats behind him, seeing the black leather jeans shining in the twilight, the bulge in front unmistakable.

“You little leather whore, Gore! You’ll have to wait, but I promise I’ll make it worth while.”

63. part three

Trent starts kissing Dave, pushing him further back into the cushions. Hearing his needy moan the blond curly head just can’t stand it any longer.


The action on the back seat immediately comes to a halt.
“Are you serious, Curly?”
“Sure, mate?”
“Insomnia, insomnia! Fucking hell, I can’t stand it!”
Martin wants to open the door to get outside but Dave’s arm holds him back. He sees the wetness glistening on the pale cheeks.

“Umh, I thought you…well, when you texted me…?”
“Shit, Trent! I didn’t expect it to turn into such a…trip!”
“Argh, baby, I shouldn’t have asked you for it. I’m sorry, Curly!”
“Dave, I love you. I thought I could…well, it’s just sex…yet it isn’t…fuck!”
Trent sighs and pulls out his cigarettes, galantly ignoring the non smoking sign. The flick of the lighter illuminates his prominent, facial features for a split second. Exhaling he eyes the two men.

“You really are some piece of work I must say. Don’t get me wrong.” He takes another drag.
“I don’t know what I was thinking.”, Dave whispers and tries to calm the still upset Mart who is sunken kind of in the front seat, his body a sign of regret.
“Tell you what – if I meet that Mr. Wilder next time I will give him a proper sticking in. No idea what he did to you two, but it scares the shit out of me.” He puffs the last smoke through his nostrils. “He’s a poor soul though, dear god!”

He reaches for his iPhone.

“Change in plans. The party is over. Come back and get us to the Ritz Carlton, please.”
It doesn’t take long and the cab driver returns, fiddling around with his key ring. Without further comment he starts the engine and the yellow cab leaves the dark place behind.

“No hard feelings, OK?”
The three men stand in front of the posh hotel, the porter already eager to open the door.
“Sure, no problem, Mart. I better leave now, granting you two your privacy.” He wants to turn to slip back into the still waiting car. Dave pokes Mart his elbow into his flank.
“Don’t want to come up for a nightcap?”
Trent fixes them again and then smiles a little.
“Get yourselves sorted. You have my number.”

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