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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 64 - part 1-2

Chapter 64 - part 1-2

  2010.04.14. 14:50

64. part one

“You don’t expect me to lay down and sleep now, do you?”
Dave lets his leather jacket fall onto the couch and goes for the mini bar to grab some mineral.
“Water? Juice? Coke?”
Martin sighs and joins his lover at the tiny fridge, slinging his arms around his waist.
“No need to apologize again, Curly.”
“You’re sort of angry with me – I can sense it.”
Dave loosens the embrace gingerly and turns around, a bottle of Evian in his slender, long fingers.
“I’m not angry with you. A little confused and…well, disappointed.” He pulls a grimmace. “It’s been like a F1 car dying on the last metres before the finish line, you know.”
Martin holds his friend’s view – dragging him into his whirling amber irises.

“I want you, Dave.”

David is not afraid to stand the intense stare.
“I want you, too – but I’m not in the mood anymore.”
He simply uncaps the bottle and takes a little sip. Next he relalizes is his blond partner fisting it out of his hand and pushing him against the mini bar, turning his face to wall. The brunette tries to free himself from the vice like grip and shakes partially free, them both loosing balance and landing on the carpet. Dave manages to get the better of Mart and straddles him, pressing his back against the soft ground. He doesn’t give up that easily though and hence both men roll over the floor, struggling and breathing heavily. Then the blond one suddenly stops.
“Oh no! You’re not tricking me, David Gahan. Some angry, rough sex, huh?”
“So what! Do you give it to me?”
Mart can’t help it and bites into Dave’s neck, drawing in some skin. The man under him growls with pleasure. With a fast, rough move he tears the t-shirt off his chest, throwing the shreds somewhere into a corner. His teeth are now feasting on the well shaped torso, targeting the already hard, tiny nipples.
“Oh god, give me more!”
Additionly using his fingernails his lover follows the contours of his body, provoking more lustful moans from David. The jeans does not resist Mart’s fingers for long and nearly ripping it over the ankles he can’t help to smirk. Quickly lowering his head he meets Dave’s towering erection, closing his full, soft lips around the tip. He seems so in the rush, eyes tightly shut, that he doesn’t recognize the other man kneeling down next to his blond mate, changing positions. Closing his muscular fingers around the base he starts pumping up and down, opening his mouth and taking the throbbing member inside, sucking and licking.
“Hell, you’re soooo goooood, Curly! More, more!”
The dark haired man increases the speed and intensity of his ministrations and just a little later he can see the abdominal muscles tense and the man under him spurts his cum down his throat. Taking it all and swallowing it he continues stroking Dave, a broad grin on his glistening lips now.
“I take it you enjoyed it!”
Dave’s eyes fly open in shock and he meets Trent’s sparkling, dark eyes. Letting his head sink back with a dull thud he tries to keep his breath back under control.
“Martin Lee Gore! You are evil!”
Mart’s telltale, dark laughter fills the room.
“That’s the plain truth – I confess.”

64. part two

Dave braces himself on his elbows. “What made you change your mind?” The addressed grins and pecks his lover.
“Always good to have a ‘Plan B’ or ‘Plan C’, don’t you think?”
Trent chuckles and turns to open the fridge for some drink. The funny expression slowly slips from Mart’s lips and eyes. He helps Dave up to his feet and then his arms find him, holding him tight to his frame.
“The only one who fucks you like an animal will be me.” His voice is quiet and very emotional.
“I’m so sorry, Martin. I didn’t expect it backfiring at me…us.”
“I already sensed it in the restroom – something wasn’t right.”
“Some ugly memories.”
Mart’s fingers squeeze Dave’s back. His eyes travel over to Trent who sips on a beer.
“Come over to the bed. Let’s get comfy. Don’t you feel a little odd Dave, being the only one here completely bare?”

The small plastic wheels of the mid size suitcase squeak a little while it’s owner drags it with him along the corridor. 520, 522…he finally stops in front of the door with number 528. Hesitation is written all over the face, right next to tiredness. The knock is partly swallowed from the thick, precious wood. A moment passes with nothing happening. He repeats his action, knowing fully well it’s in the middle of the night already, yet he seems desperate.

“Did you hear that rap? Was that the door?” Dave cocks a brow and faces his watch. “Did you order anything from room service, Curly?” The blond mate shakes his head. Trent jumps up.
“I’ll check. It’s lovely you have that video intercom. Should be standard with any suite soon.” His naked back disappears from sight. They can hear his muffled voice and a few blinks later he reappears with a puzzled expression.
“Looks, your ‘Plan A’ is waiting outside.”
“What the fuck?!”
“Alan stands in front of that door, his luggage and all.”
“You’re kidding, right?”

Alan patiently waits for anyone to return and talk to him again. Hearing T-Rez’s voice wasn’t such a big surprise in the end. Before he can spend another thought the door flies open and Martin stands in the frame, just dressed with a white towel around his hips, furious expression on his handsome face.

“How dare you to show up here?!”
“I got your letter, Martin.” His lips are slightly trembling when he continues. “We need to talk.”
“No, Charlie – I think I made myself clear enough!”
“OK – please, listen…!”
“Mart, need any help?”
Dave’s and Trent’s heads show up behind the blond man. They do not wear much more and Alan recoils a little from the door way. His eyes widen and then – to everyone’s surprise – water obviously. It’s David who’s first to find words.
“Charlie, you better return to your hotel.”
“He checked out this morning. I thought he already was back to England.”, Trent cuts in.

Alan lowers his head. He can’t stand the cold stares any longer.
What did I expect after all I’ve done?

This moment the hotel’s own security staff comes around the corner.
“Any problems, Sirs?”
Martin thinks for a split second then he reaches for the handle of Alan’s suitcase.
“No, just some…one we know stranded and will stay with us. Thank you for being so alert.”

The hotel operates a full circle surveillance and they must have observed their floor and detected the odd scene in front of the suite. The two uniformed men tip their caps and walk back direction elevators.

“Well, now here’s my additional key card. You can take the other bed in my suite.” Trent rummages in his leather jacket that hung over a chair before. “Mart for sure will call you a cab.”
The room telephone interrupts him kind of. Martin takes the call. It seems to be his personal body guard, sleeping a few rooms down the hallway. Security must have alerted him as well.

“No, everything’s fine. I would have let you know if otherwise. Yes, Alan’s going back to his hotel now. Alright, see you in the morning then. I’ll text you, OK? Cheers!”
“I didn’t know you had Michael with you, Curly.” Dave is astounded. Well, they’re not on tour and no real official business except the studio sessions.
“He follows me like a shadow since…”, he looks over to Alan, who still waits next to his black bag. Then he dials again to order a cab.
“Martin, please! Please…”, his voice trails off to a low whisper. “I do not want to be alone.”

Dave turns his head direction half closed door. The murmur in the lounge area still goes on, interrupted by several of sobs and sighs, mostly Alan’s. He looks back at Trent, who lolls in the sheets next to him, in well dosed distance, properly covered with the blanket.
“They will need some time, Dave. Hopefully they will sort out some things from the past finally. I really could not watch it any longer, you know. Don’t get me wrong – I still have no real idea what’s going on but that much I caught up meanwhile is way enough for some nightmares.” He slips an arm beneath his head. His vivid dark eyes muster the other man in the bed.
“You want to talk with me about something, spit it out. I might have a clue anyway.”
A slight red tinge creeps over Dave’s face and he inhales sharply.
“Tell me about you and Curly.”
“Why do you want to know? To suffer even more? It’s not just curiosity I’m sure.” His expression is serious but a little bit of something different mixes with it.
“I’d know something better. Something that would relax you instead.”
“Christ, why can’t you stop hitting on me! Do I have a sign written all over my forehead?!”
Trent stays calm and smiles.
“Not really. It’s just like with women who are…well, who are ready for some adventure. They do not have to look obvious or behave in a certain way. The subconscious signals just exude them like an aura.” His hand reaches over and the fingertips lightly caress over Dave’s bare arm. He wants to pull it away from the touch but the other man’s hand holds him by his wrist now.
“Dave, I don’t bite. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do to you. Those little signs are all there. You must keep sending them since you are aware of yourself – aware of your physical desires towards male bodies.”
“Sex is not enough, Trent!”
“I know, I know! Sex is never enough, yet it can help to communicate. Even if it’s just at a very basic, primitive scale. It’s still something valuable and very human. We need it. We can’t live without the other’s touch.” His eyes are glowing meanwhile. “It’s the very old, ancient animal inside us.” His fingers let the wrist go and wander slowly upwards. “Don’t ignore it. I heard the call and you did as well.”
The sound of two different, low moans meet both mens ears. Dave turns slightly pale, brushes Trent’s hand off and quickly sneaks to the door. Daring to glimpse through the crack into the other room he freezes on the spot. Martin and Alan snuggle against each other on the large leather couch, covered with a plaid. The heap of clothes on the floor leave nothing to the imagination. They must be naked underneath. The sight cuts into Dave’s heart like a knife. The green eyed man must have felt the desperate stare. His quiet voice adds to the pain.
“Angel, go back to bed. I need to finish this here.”

Trent firmly closes the door of the bedroom. Walking back to the huge bed he shakes his head. Half an hour later he checks for the bathroom in which Dave immediately had disappeared after realizing the situation in the lounge.
“For how long will you stand under the shower, dude? It will not make it any better, believe me.”
“What the fuck do you know, Reznor?!”
He finally comes dashing out, still glistening with wetness all over. The addressed pulls back the blanket, leaving his toned, bare body uncovered, the throbbing erection lying against his abdomen.
“Give me all your anger, your pain, your desperation! Come on, take it out on me, Gahan!”
Without thinking, just still furious the brunette man jumps onto the slightly shorter man’s frame and two strong arms welcome him, pressing him against his warm, smooth skin. Sharp canines clamp into his neck and Trent growls in approval. He takes all the angry, fierce kisses Dave has to offer and pays back in the same currency. Soon both men are out off breath, rolling in the creased sheets. David’s nails are raking along Trent’s arms and back, leaving deep, red lines. His brain just processes a burning sensation, his partner apparently doing the same. With another push he manoevers Trent onto his stomach and he instinctively grabs the barrs of the headboard. Not thinking long Dave collects some wetness from his moist hair and chest and prepares himself. Not being completely satisfied he spits into his hand and pumps his cock a few times. With a merciless move he enters the man under him, thrusting into him like…he can’t deny it…like an animal.
“Oh my god, yeah!” Trent’s voice is hoarse with excitement.
David takes him hard and fast. It’s a matter of less than 2 minutes and he releases his hot juices, erupting with force, shaking and groaning like mad. The movements have been hard enough to make Trent ejaculate into the sheets under him. Both panting and gasping for air they stay there, resting against each other. The blood is pounding in Dave’s ears and temples. Slowly he comes down from his peak and his muscles start to relax. Slowly rolling off the body beneath him he falls back onto his back.
“God, what have I done?!”
“What you should have done earlier already, my dark angel.”
Martin stands in the door frame, his white fingers clamping around the bathing sheet he left in earlier, now just hanging down onto the floor.
“Do you join me in the shower and then some talk?” He eyes Trent.
“No, please stay. I could need your input and help later.”

“Dave, you are no slut. If there’s one then that’s me – and supposedly I always was.”
Mart applies some more shower gel onto Dave’s soft chest and lets his hands wander everywhere.
“Why do I feel dirty then?” He closes the lids with the amazingly long lashes. “And I used Trent.”
“I think he doesn’t feel like that. He for sure enjoyed it.” His green eyes look a little puzzled. “You start to think and feel like a girl. I thought I was wearing the skirts.” Now a grin spreads over his face.
“Oh, Curly, stop it!”
“Can I join the fun?” Trent’s full, sonor voice fills the room. “I started to feel a little sticky and lonely over there.”
“We’re just ready. You can have the shower all for yourself. I guess you know where to find us then.”


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