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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 67

Chapter 67

  2010.05.15. 19:43


“Trent, there’s someone for you!” Aaron, one of the sound engineers pokes his head through the door frame, looking for the dark-haired man. He seems to be sunk into what he’s doing, twiddling around with some buttons on a sequenzer. Raising his head he detects a pair of amber-green eyes behind Aaron’s face.

“Hey, Dave! Nice you could make it over!” “Well, we’re almost through with our daily session. My vocal parts are ready and Mart’s haggling with Ben and Ferg concerning some changes and nit picks.” He grins and rolls his eyes. “I’m not known for being the most patient one.”

Trent stretches his legs and yawns. “How late is it?” “A little after 9 pm.” “Ugh! Haven’t had a bite yet. Coming for some dinner?” Dave bursts out into a hard laugh. “Dinner sounds fine with me, but it’s not really a motivation for coming.” The NIN singer lowers his lids and twinkles at his opposite. “Sounds after a hot Thai place, spicy and all.” He still fixes the brunette with his glistening, green eyes. “Though I could recommend room service in the Ritz.” Both men stare at each other now, taxing the other one. David is the first one to blink and swallow. “They shouldn’t have any problem to serve some exotic food.” Trent gets up from his swivel chair and reaches for a black back pack. “Let’s leave then.”

Sitting in a yellow cab to the Ritz-Carlton the unspoken agreement seems to sink in. Trent leans over to Dave, starting to gently nibble at his ear. “Shush, not in public!” David shoos him off, trying to make a joke of it. “You can’t be THAT hungry!" He knows immediately it was the wrong prompt. The posh hotel coming into sight kind of rescues Dave as Trent now has to nestle in his pocket to find his wallet to pay the driver. If he thought the dark-haired man would behave until they reached his suite he’s proven wrong the moment they enter the spacy cabin of the elevator. As soon as the doors close he’s pushed against the wall, Trent pressing his front against him, letting him know the state of his arousal. Dave can’t help to grin against the other’s demanding lips. “Not really inventive, cornering me in the lift.” “It serves the cause well.”, Trent breathes against his neck and a glimpse later his sharp teeth sink into the soft flesh. A guttural sound escapes David’s throat. His system already runs high on adrenaline. Strong fingers grab his crotch, clamp around his rapidly growing length through the rough fabric of his black jeans. With a chime the doors open to the next floor, an elderly couple waiting to get in. “Going down?” “No, definitely up.” Trent can’t hide a feisty smirk. “Oh!” Now the woman seems to have recognized what the two men were doing there, following their hands with her spectacled eyes, blushing. The next moment they disappear from view as the elevator continues it’s journey.

“You’re so bad, Trent Reznor!” “And you’re an angel, sure!” Another deep, passionate kiss and Dave feels weak in his knees. “If you’re going on like this I’ll feel lightheaded enough to spread my wings for good!” Now the NIN frontman has to giggle. Meanwhile the doors open again to their destined floor. Sliding the key-card through the reader they enter the comfortable suite.

“Can we have dinner first? I’m really starving.” David tries to keep Trent at bay. His own growling stomach lets the well toned man chuckle. “OK, you win, Gahan! This time.”

Waiting for the room service they have a drink on the huge, saffron-yellow leather sofa. Observing Dave’s long, slender fingers clasping around the glass with sparkling mineral, Trent lets the tip of his tongue wander over his full lips. “What made you change your mind, Dave?” The addressed stares into the sizzling, clear liquid for a moment. “I read Martin’s diary. November 1993, you know.” He searches for the slightly younger man’s eyes. “You told me I wouldn’t want to know but I’m glad I went through those pages. You should know how Mart ticks – he would have told me but he…fuck, I really thought you took advantage of him.” “Well, to a certain degree I did. What did he write?” “All the naughty bits he could remember in his juiced state.” His hand makes it over to the other one’s that rests on his leather clad thigh. “What happened later in the hotel…made me cry.” Dave’s voice sounds a little hoarse now. Trent’s expression is serious. “Would you let me read that bit?” “I’m not sure if that’s OK.” “Well, it’s about me and nobody needs to know.” “I’d feel like I’d betray Martin, his trust in me.” Suspiciously he faces his fellow musician. “What makes you so sure I could show the book to you?” “Martin told me you never leave the house without them.” “He mentioned I had his diaries?!” What else must they have talked about behind my back?!
“David, that man loves you for a little eternity. I knew at once when I saw you two on stage back in those days.” A rap at the door interrupts him and he opens for the dinner being served. They take their seats at the ebony dining table and tug in.

“Umh, I think I could read that passage to you.” With two Espressi they return to the soft couch. Dave rummages in his back pack and flips the blue diary open. While reading Trent nods every now and then. At the end he has to clear his throat. “Bloody, stupid, emotional bastard!” “Hey!” “Dave, you know how I mean it.” He gingerly takes the book out off the brunette man’s hands and places it onto the low glass table. “Last chance to change your mind, Gahan.” His eyes are emerald lakes of fire. “I want you, Reznor, stop blabbering!” “Into the bedroom with you – now!” He drags Dave with him and entering the luxury master bedroom he pushes him onto the neatly covered king size bed. Following him he reaches for the left drawer of the nightstand and fetches some black silk and leather straps out of it. “Hands to the headboard!” “Don’t you want to strip me first?” “Shut up, this is my game now and you’ll obey my rules, you got me!?” Bending over him he softly whispers into his ear: “If it’s too much just say ‘hurt’. God, you’re so adorable!” Retreating he returns to his bossy behaviour. “So, where the fuck are your wrists?! Move it, you bloody wanker!” With strong, fast moves he fixes Dave’s hands to the metal elements of the headboard. Straddling over him he swiftly unbuttons his mate’s black tussah shirt, revealing the bare skin and his tattoos. With another fast approach he rips down the jeans and pulls them over the ankles. Still kneeling over him he drags his t-shirt over his head and then lets his muscular fingers run along his sides, inch for inch, traveling finally over the shiny, black leather of his pants, grabbing his prominent bulge – moaning. “You make me so damn hot, Dave!” His eyes darken even more. “I will fuck you like an animal. Finally.” Dave wriggles under him, close to explode. “Hell, do it!” “Shut up!” Unzipping himself hastily he gets rid off his last piece of garment. His manhood bobs in front of the bound man. “Legs over my shoulder!” Dave obeys, already in kind of frenzy, his own hardness erect against his abdomen. Trent angles for the lube and uncaps it. The crystal, viscous liquid drips into his open palm. With some fast strokes he applies it to himself and smears the rest into the other man’s crack. Adjusting his position he hovers over Dave’s face, placing a greedy kiss onto his luscious lips. David senses a growing pressure against his sphincter. With a sudden push Trent fills him to the hilt, muffling Dave’s yell with another fierce kiss. Increasing the speed of his thrusts he leaves the man under him no choice but to climax hard while the dark-haired man’s fingers hold his throbbing cock in a vice grip, pumping up and down. Riding out his own pleasure his balls slap against Dave’s ass and with a raw, throaty yell he throws his head back, releasing all his hot juices, his muscles tensing in recurring spasms. Out off breath he sinks onto the sweaty, squirming body beneath him, burying his hot face in the crook of David’s neck. Reaching up with one arm he loosens his bonds blindly. The brunette singer instantly slips his arms around the man on top, still heavily breathing. The sticky fluids mingle between their fronts.

“I don’t know what it is exactly, but you really swept me away, Dave. It’s rare I start roughly and end up making love.” He snuggles closer against the warm, soft skin and inhales Dave’s specific scent. “Was it how you’d expected?” The other man closes his eyes and tries to gather a clear thought, his whole body still buzzing from the former activities. “Trent, honestly, I don’t know what I expected. When I had you it felt really good, but somehow it remained sort of incomplete to me. I needed more…more of you.” “Wiser now?” “A little.” Dave smiles and pecks Trent’s forehead. Then he lets his arms go, intending to get up. “Shower?” The dark-haired man groans. “No, just stay with me for a little, Gahan. No need to rush.” His right thumb travels along his left cheek-bone. The depth of his dark, emerald eyes lets Dave’s stomach wobble. “Hey, I’m not your lover, T-Rez. I will fall asleep in another man’s arms.” “Martin is such a lucky tosser!” He tries to bribe Dave with another longing, wet kiss. “You’re already here and it’s after midnight. Stay with me. Please?”


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