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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 68 - part 1-2

Chapter 68 - part 1-2

  2010.05.16. 17:56

68. part one

Trent stands in front of the bathroom cabinet, checking his face in the mirror and applies some shaving foam. Silently he hums to himself.

You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you
Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I’ve got no soul to sell
Help me the only thing that works for me, help me get away from myself
I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

Dave enters the room and slaps the other man’s naked bum. “How many times to I have to tell you that you’re adorably naughty?” He eyes the reflection in the silvery square and then dips his finger into the white, creamy mass. “Have some for me too?” “You want a shave?” Trent winks at him and then, after preparing his face with some of the slippery stuff, he tenderly lets the blade glide over Dave’s cheeks and chin. “Whoa, you’re so sexy like that!” Quickly smacking a kiss onto the brunette man’s lips he smears parts of his own foam over him. Dave clearly senses the hardening dick against his thigh. “Hey, easy man! I really need to go now. Promised to take the kids to school.” A fast kiss back and he reaches for a towel to clean his sticky face. The firm tone in his voice must have convinced the NIN singer. He slightly bends his head, staring at his own, wet-glistening hands. “Will you tell Martin?”
Dave turns his head, placing the towel onto the rim of the basin. “Of course I will. I have nothing to hide.” His expression turns very stern now. “No idea if I should bother Jenny with it, but she deserves the same openness. It will just cause more pain.” All the positive tension seems to leave David’s body and he turns to quietly walk back into the bedroom.

While adjusting his clothes, a hand pats onto his right shoulder. “Hey, Dave…don’t regret anything now. There’s nothing…” “Oh, you’re wrong that there’s nothing to feel bad about. I don’t blame you, Trent. I’m responsible for my own actions.” The olive eyes fix the green ones of the other man. “Let’s leave it like that.”

Martin wakes up with a dry feeling in his mouth. Turning in the sheets to reach over for the water bottle his eyes take in the empty side of his bed. At once the sad, lonely feeling is back. So Jenny was the lucky one. Trying to shake off the morning fogginess he jumps off the mattress and dashes into the bathroom, going through is morning spruce up routine. Back in the lounge ara, sipping at a hot Assam-Kenia tea his mind is already busy with today’s chores at the studio and the soon to be launched press conference in Berlin. Just two days to go. They will fly in a few days in advance. Anton called he wanted to do some more promo shots with the band and Jonathan as usual packed their schedule with numerous additional interviews and promotion. He sighs and takes another gulp, nearly burning his lips. Ugh, filming a spot for an ad campain for a tech store called “Saturn”. They will feature their forthcoming album. Like Dave he’s not really keen on all this promo hazzle yet it has to be done, no doubt about it. Dave…he takes his iPhone and lets his finger slide through his phone book, tipping onto his smiling avatar. The connection builds up.

“Hey, gorgeous! I just dropped Rosie and Jim at their school. Are you stalking me?”
“Sweet morning to you, too!” A telltale laughter at the other end. “Come on, Curly! I’ll make it straight to the Chung King.” “No need to hurry. I’m still in the hotel, having breakfast.” He pauses for a moment. “Don’t you want to join me and we start off together?” Knowing Dave he’s quite sure he hadn’t had anything but his coffee at this point of time. It’s just a little after eight. “I’m near the corner deli. I’ll get some hot bagels.” David feels a pang of guilt. “Why don’t you come over here?” “To exchange my luxury, healthy, five stars deluxe breakfast with that trash?!” They both join in a hearty laugh, though Mart doesn’t feel like it, Dave neither. “Curly, I think it’s not a bad idea to be in the studio in time. Wasn’t it you and John whining that we put private matters too much in front of work recently?” Martin angles for a piece of honey melon. “OK, you’re right. Meet me at the studio in 15 minutes.”

The microwave spits out Andy’s pizza and the ginger head kind of inhales it, his cheeks hectically moving.
“Geez, Fletch! Nobody is going to rip that bleeding thing out off your paws!” Dave shakes his head in disgust, hearing the slurping sound Andy deliberately produces now, sucking in some of the melted cheese. “Fuck, you really want me to throw up, don’t you?!” “Don’t be such a pussy, Dave.” The red-haired man’s words are partially muffled by the contents in in mouth.

68. part two

A vein starts throbbing at the singer’s temple. No, you’re not getting at me, Fletcher, no way!
Mesmerizing his mug of throat coat tea he tries to keep his cool. Luckily the door flies open and a bunch of platinum blond curls waver in the doorway.
“Gosh, I need a bite!” Eying Andy he raises his meanwhile thin brows. “I hope that’s not my mozzarella pizza!?” “Oops, sorry! Want it back?” Fletch rubs his prominent belly under the black t-shirt. “Nope, just messin’! It’s over here under the tin foil.” Martin quickly punches his band mate who playfully tries to avoid it. “I better go back before ‘Prince Un-Charming’ here explodes.” Throwing Dave a telltale look he snatches a banana and leaves the kitchen. Martin places his pizza into the microwave oven and shuts the lid.

“You look tired, Dave.” He moves closer and recognizes the slight shying away from him when he wants to smooth down his cheek. Cupping his face deliberately now he fixes his view before kissing him. “Hey, what’s up?” Dave swallows and his eyes give away some of his whirling emotions. “I spent some time reading in your diaries.” Martin nods knowingly. “Alright, Angel – but that’s not all I suppose.” He kisses his lips again. “I know you – a little.” “Do we have to discuss this here, in the kitchen, again?” “It’s funny, all the drama we had usually started here.” “You expect some drama? Oh, thank you, Martin!” The brunette man jumps up from the window sill but Mart doesn’t give way. “Was he like you expected?” Dave sinks back onto the sill. The now sad, green eyes still watch him. “Don’t you think I couldn’t see the guilt all over your face. Hell, David! I was sure it would happen, I sort of pushed you. It’s OK – but I don’t deny it hurts.” “Then you don’t want to hear any more – unless you’re a masochist.” “It’s not about me wanting to hear. It’s about you wanting to tell me. It’s your choice, not mine.” “It’s useless you already seem to have your opinion.”

Dave now definitely wants to pass Mart but he’s persistent and pushes him back, with more impact. Ferociously taking possession of his lover’s mouth he presses his whole body against the other one’s. “I’m all yours, Dave.” He bites the full, lower lip. “I love you like no other.” His left hand grabs Dave’s crotch hard. “Curly, please!” The attacked man tries to get a little distance to his partner. He sees the panic in Martin’s eyes. “Baby, I don’t want to loose you!” His arms close around him like a vice and the next moment David feels him shaking against his chest.

When Mart calms down a little Dave manages to speak, having been silently suffering with his friend. “Curly…I know. Better than you might expect.” Holding him by his muscular, bare arms he lays all emotion he’s able to show into his olive-brown eyes. “I’m here – with you. When I’m with you it’s completely.” He cleans his throat. “When I’m with my family it’s 100% as well. I don’t want to be an ass. I’m really trying to find a suitable way to share…myself, my love…between two worlds, you know. You opened the door, Martin…I had to walk on and see, feel, smell, taste…but I only belong to one man and that’s you, you stupid fool!” A lopsided grin makes it over his face. “I was never really known for my restraint…your words, Mart…but I’ll try.”

The smile through the tears that still glisten around Mart’s lashes gives the brunette man another little pinch in his heart. God, you really fucking love me! And so do I!
“Can we go back into the studio now? It will be embarrassing if we’d fly into Germany with not even the teasers ready.” “Fuck, I nearly forgot about the promo shit!” “Better hurry up. I’m pretty sure you haven’t packed your luggage yet. Left alone having done your dirty laundry!” “Hey, I reside in a Grand Hotel! Just a snip of my talented finger and it’s done in supersonic speed!” “Ummmh, I could need your talented fingers elsewhere…!”

Needless to say they arrived back in Martin’s suite way earlier that evening than expected, ignoring the others banter about suddenly being able to work very fast and concentrated in order to have a decent fuck as soon as possible. The band’s master mind just shook his blond curls and gave them the finger.

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