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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 69

Chapter 69

  2010.06.13. 20:26

69. part one

“Ah, you can’t be serious, Martin! Yellow socks?!” Alan focuses on Mart’s ankles again and shakes his head. The ice cubes in his Pimm’s clatter when he places the glass with the long drink back onto the couch table. “You should sue your dentist! Gosh, that toothpaste grin could cause a seizure!” Going on picking at his former band mate’s appearance he reaches for the remote to pull up the volume a little. “Stupid journos! Is that supposed to be a press conference or a slobbering fan gathering?! Hell, Dave! Not those porno glasses again!” Mustering his figure head to toe he stops at his crotch area. “Couldn’t have chosen an even tighter pants, bastard. Pairing elegant trousers of a three piece with a design motorcycle leather jacket – no wonder the women are screaming! You’re both fashion terrorists!” Once he’s riling himself up he watches Andy adusting himself on the bar stool – another totale through the ranks of the Olympiastadium – packed with excited fans, merely dressed in black. “Gained some extra pounds, have we, Fletcher? Prada glasses? What the fuck?!” Taking another sip he nearly chokes when Dave suddenly grins and blows a kiss into the audience. “Mad Steph? From Paris?! Oh, holy cow – I remember! Does Jenny know about that little tête a tête, Davey boy? Oh, la la!” He fixes the plasma screen while the band members get up and walking along the barriers, chatting with a few fans and press people the brunette man pulls a red haired woman closer and pecks her cheek. “Couldn’t be more obvious! Yeah, that’s Stephanie, the bitch from that hip radio station in Paris. Sometimes it’s great to have friends in the business.” An evil grin slips over his face. “You stupid little lay…and your Prince Charming has no idea I also had a little something with you.”

After the broadcast he contemplates if he should call a special acquaintance of his and then stops within the dialing process. “No, that’s too obvious!” He puts down his iPhone and walks over to his desk to log into one of the numerous DM forums. With a sly grin he chooses his nick ‘mave.dmgirl’ and browses through some chats. “You naughty girls should know where your heroes spend their nights.” He doesn’t have to search for long to find the desired info. A top class, more discretely located Berlin hotel. Reading the name he has to snicker. “Nurturing wolves – how befitting!” Now he just needs to trick the security.

“Christ, I’m glad we’re through for today! I just want to fall into bed and sleep!” Dave picks his key card while the door of the elevator rolls back, giving way to the actual floor. “You telling me! I’m really fed up with all those flashlights and stupid questions.” Martin snakes his arm around Dave’s waist, something he strictly avoided the whole day in public.

69. part two

“What the…?!” When they enter Mart’s suite the living room is stuffed with lots of bouquets – all black, long-stem roses. The huge, white candles – pointedly placed – create a stark contrast. Dave tries to grin but it’s just a lopsided one. “Black celebration, huh? Now where’s the coffin?” “You’re not that far off, babe.” Martin picked up an envelope and reads it’s content.

I know you’ll be not on your own when you read this. You two will worship each other’s dark desires. There’s another little surprise waiting for you. I hope you’ll appreciate it. I would, of course.
Always remember…

Dave swiftly pushes the bedroom door open. The comforter is covered with dark red and black roses all over. Mart dashes over to the ensuite bathroom. “Nothing spectacular in here.” “I really expected someone tied up under the sheets. I still trust in Alan’s wicked sense of humour.” “Dave, honestly – I wouldn’t have been surprised to find somebody in the bath tub.” Then both men burst into some hysteric laughter. Coming down again Dave grabs his mobile to dial Jonathan’s number. “I still have an odd feeling.” “Hmh, yeah- what’s the ‘little’ surprise he was referring to?”

John isn’t amused at all. A few moments later he pops up with hotel security and the head of their own – scanning the suite upside down. “You better wait in my room.” Their manager ushers them towards his own suite. After a little while they all meet there. JK’s face is stern. A few tiny cables are dangling from his fingers. “This is turning into a cheap TV thriller.” “Is it what I think it is?” Mart moves closer to have a look. “Yep. Even better than the webcams in your Macs.” “Shit! Then we could broadcast it straight via Skype!” Dave eyes the micro cam and his face shows a little red tinge on his cheeks while Mart’s complexion gets even paler – not just from the shocking revelations but also anger.

“That fucking son of a bitch!” “How did he manage that again?!” “He must have bribed somebody from security and room service.” Dave scratches his chin. John paces through the room, mumbling some curses. “Imagine yourselves going straight to a server…sort of live! There would have been no fucking way to stop the broadcast. Needless to say recognizing it at all!” “Alan is a clever bastard. There won’t be any traces that’ll lead into his direction.” The blond curly man runs his fingers nervously through his hair. “All we have is his fucking flowers, and he fucking knows it!” Before Dave can go on raging a rap at the door interrupts their conversation. It’s the general hotel manager. He looks like he has to throw up any minute yet tries to hide it behind a charming mask of professionalism.

“I have all the necessary protocols now.” He furrows his brows and adjusts his half moon spectacles. “The roses and candles were definitely ordered by Mr. Wilder. As for the camera…umh…it must have been there for about nine months now. Well, as far as we could trace it back. Maybe it was never in use as it lacks the necessary power supply. We tested it. Probably it was targeted at some celebrity guest we accommodated around that time in the past. There’s no excuse though for causing you such an inconvenience. We’re really awfully sorry. The privacy of the suite can be fully guaranteed now.”
“So this is just a coincidence?! I find it hard to believe.” “Leaves another question: What further surprise was Charlie hinting at?!” Martin shares Dave’s thoughts. Now the hotel administrator shows a tiny smile. “We hindered a male person in hotel staff clothing to enter the premises. Apparently he’s a…well, an exotic dancer sort of. No idea how he managed to get the work dress. He just failed concerning the electronic ID. The owner of the real one must have swopped shifts on short notice. Our surveillance system sent an alarm when the name was logged at two different areas at the same time. We have check spots to provide motion profiles of every employee – not just for insurance reasons.” “Duh, now that’s just lame!” Dave rolls his huge eyes. “I was so sure he had his bloody fingers into that camera thing. Would suit him, you know.” “Could we finally get some sleep? I’m really fucking tired.” Mart yawns and turns to reach for the door handle. “Oh, and could somebody be so nice to remove the freaky flowers and candles? I don’t want to attend my own funeral!”

“Shush, everything’s alright.” Dave’s soft words in his ear Martin sinks back into the pillows – just having shot up from another nightmare. “I fucking hate him for this, Dave!” “Don’t allow him back into your head, Curly.” He gently pulls him closer against his naked body, slipping the blond, messy curls into the crook of his neck, sensing his lover’s fast pulse throbbing. “Relax, baby. I’m here.” “If that fucking cam would have worked…if you hadn’t had that feeling, calling John…” “Don’t! No more if’s and when’s.” “But…!” “Not buts even! Hell, I have a family to protect as well, Martin!” He increases the pressure of his embrace slightly. “I’ll protect you as good as I can…us.” “I’m so sick and tired of hiding. You see how paranoid we already are. On the other hand I still don’t want to share it.” Mart fixes Dave’s dark, hazel eyes. “This should be just for us, exclusively.” “I’m afraid too many people already know about it.” “John and Jenny do not count, Andy neither. Did you tell Christian?” “No, though he knows me. He’s no retard and one of my best friends. Suppose he doesn’t count either then?” “You get my drift.” “Let’s try to get some sleep. Ant will kill us. We’re supposed to meet him for some more promo shots.” He smoothes down Martin’s face. “We’re not twenty anymore, angel.” The blond man cuddles closer and closes his lids. “God, I swear I’d like to make love to you now if I wasn’t that fucking tired. No chance for a boner I’m afraid.” “Just be with me, that’s all I need now. I hope I’ll dream of some nasty idea how to…” A little snoring sound tells him his friend is asleep.

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