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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 70

Chapter 70

  2010.06.13. 20:27


Another morning in November – when the daylight refuses to emerge through all the heavy, dark clouds. Gusty winds toss and whirl a mix of wet, coloured, faded leaves and parts of other rubbish through the air. Some shreds of a newspaper cling around a lamp post. Dave’s not really keen on having to rush through that nasty, chilly inferno but work in the studio calls. He slightly shudders, sensing a well known freezy feeling in his bones. The itching nose, the raw and dry sensation in his throat…please, not now!

“Don’t be such a thickhead, Dave!” Jennifer musters him over the kitchen table, slicing some fresh fruit. “Better stay home, Sweetheart.” Before he can retort, a fit of sneezes shake his body. He reaches for the tissues and then takes another sip of his throat coat tea. “Ugh, when I’d lay down now I’ll really get ill. I better keep moving.” He throws her a tiny, tired smile. “I promise I’ll take it slow.”

She bends slightly over and takes his hand, letting her slim fingers rest on it. “I’m really concerned, David. You’re burning the candle from both ends again. If it had three you’d use that end as well. I know you…and I love you.” “We’re nearly done with the album, Jen.” “That’s not all.” He gently frees his fingers to take a spoon and starting with his portion of fruit salad. After having swallowed a bite he fixes her dark-brown eyes for another time. “You don’t want me to see Martin.” She holds his view. “No, I don’t want you to burn out, David. Working with him is one thing. You’re a professional. Having sex with him is a different one.” “Gosh, he’s no vampire sucking off my blood!” “He takes some of your life energy. Isn’t that nearly the same?” The corners of her lips twitch. “I’m really trying to cope with the obvious fact that you love him. I know how that feels…though I’m not proud of it in the end. He’s consuming. Even making love he’s a bleeding perfectionist. Always 100%.” She pauses and quickly wipes her eyes. “ It’s just scary to watch you becoming so thin and exhausted.” The singer’s face turns very stern now. “You’re afraid I’d sort of relapse cause I’m stressed out?” “No, I didn’t mean it like that! You’re just not taking enough care of your health. You’re not Superman!”

Dave can’t help it. A little smirk and then he gets up from his chair and walks around the table to heartily hug his wife. “I’m not your Superman?” “Aww, Baby! You’ll always be my hero!” She cups his face in her soft hands. “My phoenix who always arises from the ashes.” She pecks his lips. “Even phoenixes are not indestructible.” He inhales her flowery scent a little longer, resting his head on her shoulder. “I’ll really try, Sweetie. I’ll try. You’re my guardian angel, I know.” Then he stirs again. She turns around and opens a door of the cupboard. “Don’t forget your honey-bottle. Didn’t you tell me yours in the studio was nearly empty?”

“Umh, I’m not sure about that blue suit, Ant.” Dave flips through the numerous proof pics that are scattered all over the couch table in the chill out area. “Lets me look tired and…old.” “Hey, you are, old bugger!” Martin grins at his band mate and then quickly chokes his laugh. God, you really mean it?!
Anton places four shots in a row. “Come on, it’s not that bad. A little retouche in missing anyway. Not much. Trust me. The fans want to see your honest faces – as usual.” “I know, I know! Sorry. I’m just not really myself today.” Like a validation he has to sneeze and cough. “Shit!”

Half an hour later – Anton’s off to the airport – Dave still seems to be glued to the leather cushions, staring holes into the air. He doesn’t even recognize Martin standing in the doorway, mustering him.
You look fragile, Dave. It’s not just the germs attacking your body. Something else is eating you up.

He silently sneaks over to the couch and slips next to the brunette man – light like a feather. A warm, moist kiss behind his ear lets Dave cringe and come back to his full senses. “Hell, Curly! I don’t need a heart attack!” He gives in to Mart’s gentle caresses, his short protest melting away under the blond man’s skilled fingers and lips. “My dark angel, you give me a heartache. Just look at you. Jenny? Having a hard time again?” Dave lets himself drown in the amber-green irises and shakes his head. “She’s just as worried as you. It’s only a bloody cold.” “Dave, we promised ourselves always to be honest with each other. You feel torn between your family and me. I can see and sense it…and I should have known better.” He holds David by his shoulders. “I’m sorry I put so much emotional strain onto your back recently. If I could change the past with Charlie and Trent…and a few things more…” “Martin, don’t!” Now it’s Dave silencing Mart with an intense, deep kiss. A hand makes it into his crotch. He can decipher all the yearning in his lovers eyes, the ‘Dave, I want you so much!’. He tastes a little blood on his tackled lips, the blond man ravaging his mouth excitedly. “Everybody can see us!” “Fuck them!” “Martin, please!” The firm grip yanks Mart out off his frenzy and he checks the environment. So far nobody seems to have noticed anything. Andy ticks something into his MacBook, sitting next to Ben who’s busy with some curves on his screen. Ferg’s invisible and John? Perhaps in the kitchen smoking? Mart gets up and makes it over to the large window pane, closing the venetian blinds. Then he checks the door. Grabbing one of the papers from the nearby table he nestles in his pocket and finds a ball pen. Quickly jotting down a line he kind of nods to himself, spits out his chewing gum, opens the door and sticks the note at the outside. After turning the key in the lock he returns to the couch. Dave twinkles at him. “What the fuck did you post there?” “I have a headache. Please don’t disturb for the next hour. Dave.” “Fuck, you did not!?” “Oh yes, I did, my little Diva.”

He plunks back into the cushions and pushes David a bit more to the rest, lying nearly on his back now. “You really need a little rest, Baby. Shush, let me take care of you.” He gently presses him more into the soft leather, his nimble fingers opening Dave’s fly. When he touches his lower abdomen he can already feel the tension there. Inch for inch he wanders along the v-line, tracing it with soft, featherlight kisses. “Why do you stop, Curly?!” Mart’s blond curls move upwards, his hands shoving the t-shirt over the toned chest, making short process with his lifted arms. “It’s all about you. Lean back and let me give you what you need.” He swiftly gets rid of his own t-shirt and sinks onto the chest under him, his hardening nipples making contact with Dave’s smooth skin. A little gasp tells Mart he’s on the right track. “Feel me. Take your time to enjoy me – with every fibre of your existence.” The velvety lips suck around Dave’s Adam’s Apple, gingerly teeth nibble at the prominent piece of flesh. Puffing against the moist area the cold sensation makes his friend shiver, goosebumps becoming visible all over the skin. Martin moves on, tracing the clavicula and ends up in Dave’s left arm pit. He starts to squirm a little. “Hey, you know I’m ticklish there…!” His voice trails off in a moan when his lover starts to kiss and lick that area. “Gore, you’re sick!” “I love EVERY part of your gorgeous, hot body. Now shut up!” Mart continues kissing along Dave’s flank, following the contours of his ribs. You're way too thin! I can count every single bone!

A hand now fists in his blond curls. Dave’s breath starts to deepen the lower Martin gets. He so badly wants to feel him now somewhere else. Mart’s hand answers his unspoken plea, gliding simultaneously into his briefs. “I’ve got you, big boy.” His lips still play around his lover’s navel while the muscular fingers slowly increase their grip around the hardening shaft, tenderly pumping up and down. Dave meets him with an upward move of his pelvis. Martin frees him completely from his pants and crouches back over the aroused form. He lets himself further down and rests his face in Dave’s lap, inhaling his manly aroma. “Please! Curly-Wurly, please!” The blond man lifts his head a bit and searches for the other one’s glowing eyes. His manhood already throbs in front of him. Licking along his firm balls evokes another deep groan. When Mart sucks one inside his mouth Dave can’t hold back a little yell. He stays patient and pampers the other one the same way, his hand massaging the hard length. Kissing and licking he works his way and finally exchanges his fingers with his full, wet lips. Dave moans, getting what he was longing for. “Shush, not too loud, Baby. Opposed to the studio this room is not soundproof.” Dave rolls his eyes and then bites into his own hand, trying to control his accelerated breath. Quicker and quicker Mart moves over the singer’s still growing cock. It doesn’t take much longer and a set of spasms flood Dave’s groin and he ejects his hot fluids into the curly man’s throat. Martin clearly senses it. That’s not the usual strength and capacity. Well, a climax is a climax. He’s sure Dave must have noticed it too. Licking his lips he moves up and pulls his friend into his arms, smoothing some sweaty hair back from his face. A few minutes both men just rest there, gaining back their breath and composure.

“Dave, listen. I’ve come to a decision.” He tenderly kisses his opposites lips. “You’ll spend the last weeks of this year with Jenny and the kids. Like I mentioned those days – I’ll step back into the second row for now. No, let me finish! I love you too much to see you suffer like this. Yes, you do, David! I just give you some space to recover. I will encourage you here at work, I will pat your shoulder, goof around with you, hug you like a friend deserves it, you will see all the love in my eyes…but I won’t share the bed with you. Not here in New York. Don’t try to talk me out off this. It’s going to be tough for me yet I see no other way…for our love to survive.”


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