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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 72

Chapter 72

  2010.08.10. 10:47

[Image: sbdxmasillus700.jpg]


His slender yet muscular fingers are gliding over the keys of the grand piano. Little, melancholic melodies – all in minor. Nothing really uplifting. Every now and then he blinks – his lashes trying to hold back some glistening drops that are threatening in the corners of his light- green eyes. Like resonating his pain, heavy raindrops slash against the huge window panes of the lounge.
They have snow in New York now – crosses his mind. Reaching for the mug with meanwhile cold tea he quickly sets it back next to the bench onto the hardwood floor. The taste is as appalling as the feeling of self hatred he experiences again at this very moment.

“Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I’m supposed to be happy to spend it with my kids and family!”

Indignantly he brushes through his fluffy blonde curls.
“God, David! I miss you to bits!”
He lets his forehead drop against the cool, polished wood and the last three or four keys slip away in a shrill cadence. His hands fall back into his lap, useless now. There seems to be no way to really express his feelings at the moment. Not even in music – left alone in words. Numerous times he’d grabbed his iphone to call him, yet every time he simply didn’t find the courage to wait for the call to go through.

Dave has every right to spend this time of year with his own family. Even his mom and Jack are flying in. You can’t be such a selfish prick, Martin!

Yet the truth is: There’s nothing more he yearns for than holding that brunette, cocky bastard in his arms – backing and blocking out all other people he knows plus the rest of the world – if that was possible.

With a deep, heartfelt sigh he shuts the piano.
“I consider myself a grown up, right? Why don’t I act accordingly then?”

This moment his mobile phone goes off. The telltale ring tone lets him jump.

“Martin? I’m on the way from the airport. When I knock at your door later – would you let me in?”

His heart leaps in his breast all of a sudden. Perplexed and excited to every fibre of his existence he can’t answer at once, just breathe agitatedly. Dave chuckles at the other end of the line.

“Curly, my angel – relax! It’s just me!”
The next moment the door bell nearly lets Martin drop his phone.
“Hang in there, Dave – the bloody door!”
He dashes into the corridor. Checking the intercom he sees a well known face grinning from the video monitor, waving his blackberry.
“Sweet Lord, David!”

Ripping the front door open Dave doesn’t know what hits him for a moment. A blonde whirlwind comes over him, dragging him forcefully inside – clinging at him for dear life, taking away his breath with a feral, deep, passionate kiss. When the first wave finally ebbs down Dave pulls Martin a little bit away from him, watching his face in amazement and slightly puzzled. His olive-green eyes fix his mate’s view.

“Hey, baby – have you been crying?”
Blushing visibly Mart looks down to the floor for a moment. Dave gently places his index under his chin and lifts his face towards him.
“Everything’s fine now. Santa Claus is here.” He smirks and wiggles his brow. “And he’s got his big package with him.”

Martin can’t help himself and bursts into a fit of hysteric giggles. David joins him and drags him into another firm embrace – brushing tenderly up and down his back.

“God, Dave! You’re mad! How long can you stay?”
The taller man checks his watch on his right wrist.
“Tomorrow, around this time. The jet is scheduled for 3 pm. I’ll just make it in time for Christmas Eve dinner with the wife and family.”
“You took the private jet just to…?!”
“Yes, just to see you for a few hours – and a night.”
He lays special emphasis onto the last part of the sentence.
“Then let us not waste precious time, my dark angel!”
“Easy, easy! This is not a race!” Dave chuckles again as the blonde man tries to drag him with him.
“Sorry, Dave! It’s just…sheesh, you’re in my system all the time! This day really started miserably without you near.”

They end at one of the white leather couches in the lounge. Dave drapes his long legs over all the length and Mart cuddles next to him, resting his head against his shoulder – slipping it further up against the crook of his neck. Closing his eyes he inhales his lover’s specific scent – bathing in the sensation.
“Shush, stop biting me! It’s too early for that, naughty boy!”
He quickly closes his full lips around Martin’s in a sensual, deep kiss.
“I missed you too, Curly – you have no idea.”
“Oh well, I have. You’re here now.”
“Why didn’t you simply call?”
“I didn’t want to bother you. Christmas time with the family – come on! Sweet Jenny would have killed me on the spot!”
“You might have a point there.” Dave grins. Then he turns serious again. “Don’t let me guess every time. Talk to me. Any time you want – any time you need!”
His slender, long fingers travel along Mart’s sweat shirt and further. Closing them around the prominent bulge in his crotch he intensifies the kiss he shares again with his opposite. A low moan – vibrating in his rib cage – is the answer. Then the blonde curly man simply wrestles Dave down, straddling over him and fixes his wrists next to his head. His eyes glisten dangerously. The beast surely is fully awake by now.

“Wow! Kitty wants to scratch?” He blinks and shows his canines. “I’ll bite back with pleasure!”
Mart lowers his face and quickly sucks in Dave’s bottom lip, grazing over it with his teeth and then gingerly biting down on it.
“Who bites whom that’s the question now.”
With an unforeseen flip Dave takes over again and both men land with a dull thud on the carpet. With David’s full weight on Martin’s body his hard on painfully strains against the fabric of his black jeans.

“Hell, just rip the clothes off me and fuck me hard, Dave!”
“No more preliminaries? Are you sure, Curly? No romantic encounter? I could make love to you till the end of time.”
“Later! I have to feel you now – deep and raw! Just satisfy our primal needs! And do it profoundly – I’m near to meltdown!”
“OK, OK! I’ll give you all you need – though I know you. We’ll end up making love anyway when the first rush is gone.”
“Less talking! Give it to me! Make me scream your name!”

That’s all Dave needs to hear. With a determined expression he grabs the sweatshirt at it’s hem and pulls it up and over Martin’s shoulders. He’s very anxious to lift his arms in the process.
“You should see the greedy look in your eyes, boy!”
“Not just my eyes. My fingers, too.”
Saying this he swiftly opens the button and zipper of Dave’s elegant black trousers and yanks them down with the black briefs. Within moments both men are stripped to their bare skin.

“Martin, come and get up from the floor. Let’s continue this in your bedroom. I know you’re not patient now but I want this to be special.” Dave needs all his self restraint.
The tone in his voice let’s Mart listen up and he immediately senses the change in mood. Following the taller man through the hallway and then upstairs he silently wonders what’s going to happen once they have entered the master bedroom. Dave walks over to the covered king size bed and crawls onto it, sitting down on his heels, patting on the space opposite of him. Martin follows his plea and tries to read in his friend’s abysmally deep, hazel eyes. David grants him one of his dazzling smiles. He fetches a little bag he must have had hidden under his clothes while carrying them up here and places two square, black boxes onto the comforter. They nearly have the size that they might contain a watch or bracelet.
“Christmas gifts anyone?” Dave smiles and reaches over for Martin’s hand.
“Don’t you want to open them?”
“Both? Do I get two?!”
“Sort of – you’ll see.”

Carefully Mart flips the first, smooth container open. On the purple velvet lining rests a quite huge silvery coloured ring. Two different gems are embedded in the glistening metal – a glowing fire opal and a crystal clear, shiny diamond. He knows immediately what kinda ring that is. Nervously revealing the contents of the other box his eyes meet an exact copy of the other piece of jewellery.

“You’re not turning crimson there, Curly-Wurly?”
Dave can’t hold back a deep chuckle.
“Cock rings?!”
“Special, custom made ones – to be concrete. Exactly fitting your and my size.”
“Err, how did you get my measures then?!”
With a sly grin David kisses the flustered, blonde man.
“Well, you look so sweet and innocent when you sleep, angel. I had to have you relaxed.”
“Geez, is that platinum? Are you crazy?!”
Mart eyes his ring a little closer.
“Only the best. Do you like the gems?”
“Oh, yeah! Any hidden meaning to them? I know you, my dark angel!”
“You know my soft spot for symbolism.”
He clears his throat and takes both of Mart’s hands gently but firmly into his own.

“With the fire opal I promise you my undying desire and eternal flame of my body. The diamond – clear and strong – is like my soul and heart. You made me see, you let me understand the inner truth – farther than any galaxy of our known universe. A diamond is the most enduring material – it cuts anything. Our love cuts deep and will hopefully last as long as these tough, precious stones.”

Dave stops within the sentence, sensing his lovers hands trembling in his and the wet glistening in his eyes and on his cheeks show him the effect of his words.

“Sweet baby, don’t you cry! Not for me! I’m just the slave here – of your love. These rings can never be binding – just our pure and true feelings can shackle us one to the other. They are just weak echoes – only man made signs for something higher and more valuable. Martin, I’m yours – if you want me.”
“Jesus, David – I’m yours!”
“So, do you want to wear my ring to remind you every day of the promise we now give each other?”
“Yes, I want.”
“Look, there’s a mechanism to alter the size – just after your needs. It will not squeeze you if you don’t want to – so you can wear it comfortably without really noticing it.” He smirks. “Unless you want to have some more fun. Then just press this tiny bolt slightly and it will snap into the next tighter scale.”

David caresses Martin’s balls and gingerly slips the ring over them and his already hardening member. With a quick snap he closes the ring. It now beautifully rests against the soft, delicate skin. Mart inhales sharply and his adam’s apple bob up and down in his excitement. He takes Dave’s ring with shaky hands and then places it around his manhood the same way.

“Dave, do you want to wear my ring as well every day and remember the promise we give us now?”
“Oh yes, I want!”

Both men kneel in front of each other and the emotions sweep over them, leaving them stunned and silent for a while.

“Hey, shouldn’t one partner kiss the other now?”
“Shut up, Dave!”
Martin tightens his arms around his lover’s waist while David curls his fingers around his nape and pulls him in for a soft, slow and sensual kiss. Gradually deepening it their tongues meet and dance with each other. Then the blonde man pushes the brunette one onto his back and lowers his head. His eager tongue gently touches the tip of Dave’s quickly awakening cock and then follows the full veins down to his testicles. Bathing them with his warm wetness and the tender velvety sensation of his pink lips he forces a needy groan out off the man under him.
“You told me you wanted to make love – so take it like a man, Dave. Do you want me to lick you senseless?” There’s a devious glint in his amber-green irises. When Dave manages to answer his voice is throaty.
“God, do as you please. I’m all yours!”
“Always or just tonight?”
“Hell, just tonight if you don’t stop teasing – cause I’ll die from the longing!”
Another smooth kiss and lick ends his talk and he squirms and moans again under Mart’s hot breath.
“Alright – I will only watch it now. Wow, you really look stunningly beautiful with that ring!”
Then he turns away, stretches himself a bit and opens the top drawer of his side table, fetching a little digital camera.
“I want a picture of both of us, baby. Us and just the rings. Move closer, come on!”
“And you call me crazy, Martin Gore!”
The addressed focuses onto them, tilts the cam slightly and then presses the shutter. Around six or seven shots later he seems to be content and puts the item away onto the table next to his side of the bed. Then he turns back towards David.

“I still can’t believe it. Us. That sounds so weird and yet it’s the loveliest I heard for a long while.”
“Angel, my Mart – we’re still the same and our lives will go on – we have to carry on, our families and friends.”
“I know that and I’m aware you love Jennifer.”
“Yes, but I also love you, you stupid, blonde pervert from Basildon! Hey, what’s that smug grin for now?!”
“I just envisage Jenny when she sees you with that cock ring. What will you tell her?”
“The truth.” He lifts his left hand where his wedding band glistens in the candle light. “I never took this off when I was with you. Why should I make a difference with our ring?”
“Umh, can I bring up the matter of size?”
“Haha, geez, Curly! I’m sure she will not complain about a little extra! And it will always be kinda generous greeting from you!”
Mart sighs and then shakes his head in wonder.
“You really don’t want me to turn all melancholic and moved about this all, do you?”
Dave gets a bit more serious again and smoothes down his right cheek and then kisses him on his forehead.
“I’ve seen enough tears today, lover. Shine for me – be happy with me – and for fuck's sake make hot love to me now trying out our presents!”

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