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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 75

Chapter 75

  2010.08.10. 10:53


-two and a half months later-

The blond curls on the pillow look a little fuzzy. The man they belong to lolls and his stretched arm makes contact with some human skin that is not his own. He opens his catlike green eyes and can’t believe the sight, closing them quickly again. A little chuckle next to him tells him he’s not in some weird dream. Two pair of eyes stare at him now, one of them in a vivid dark brown.

“Sweet Lord!” Mart has no clue how he ended up here – all bare under the blanket. “Did we…?” He doesn’t dare to name it. Jenny shows a smug grin now, kissing Dave’s shoulder. “Make an educated guess, Curly.” The band mate still looks shellshocked. “Honestly, I have no idea! If you’d say Alan’s hiding in the bathroom – I have to believe it!” “Gosh, no! I’m not that fucked up!” Dave bends forward and places a wet kiss onto his lover’s temple. “Does it still hurt?” “Huh?!” The brunette man takes one of Martin’s hands and guides it to the spot in question. “Oouch! What the fuck is that?!” “A greeting from the lamp pole you ran into after church.” “I did what?!” “You seemed to have been so overwhelmed…” “Errr, well, suppose I was…am…”

Slowly bits of the previous day creep back into his conscience. “Shit, what else did I miss?” He suspiciously eyes the couple next to him in the big bed. “I guess I know who took my clothes off. Not me, that’s for sure.” Jenny giggles. “Yep, no private strip for us, that’s really a shame! Well, you could rectify that later when you’re back to your full senses.” Mart still can’t find his jaw. Is that the same Jen?! “Well, the nurses in the emergency were quite a sight.”, Dave cuts in. “You wasted 2 hours of our precious time in the bloody CAT scan.” He musters him with an evil grin. “Not that you’d look like a shiny angel now. At least that thing spit you out again in one piece.” Mart knows how much Dave despises hospitals and the way he tries to make fun of it just indicates how scared he must have been. Ridiculing it – that’s just him. “Hey, silly! Looks I’m fine.” The arms that now find him in a tight embrace make his heart miss a beat. “Shush, I’m OK. The docs wouldn’t have let me go if it was different, right?” “Yeah, they told us we should have you closely monitored though.” “Obviously you did.” Martin shows one of his megawatt smiles. “Well, we put you into the guestroom, but you always tried to crawl out off bed again and again, mumbling incoherent stuff.” “Shit, I ruined your 2nd wedding night!” “Umh, not really. After Jenny came up with the idea to put you in here and you slept like the dead…well, after two hours waiting we just couldn’t leave our hands from each other.” “You mean, YOU couldn’t resist any longer! Just to clarify that!” Jennifer pokes Dave into his flank. A slight red tinge flushes over Mart’s face.

At first Dave caught him on the wrong foot when he called a week after their New Year’s conversation. Inviting him for re-newing vows with his wife – not really a motivation to write a happy song. To be concrete – it more felt like a punch onto the solar plexus. His first reaction hence was an angry “You can’t be fucking serious!”. After listening to the soothing, dark voice a little longer he finally gave in. “Mart, this day is important for me. What’s important to me is also important to you. Trust me and come over on Valentine’s Day. I know you. You’d only sit there sulking about Suzy and get pestered about your bunch of barely legal acquaintances, just wanting to be in the limelight with you, not giving a damn shit about your feelings. I do care about you more than I can say.”

When he arrived in New York that cold February, 14th he was more than baffled to find just Dave, Jennifer, JK and Jen’s best friend in that greek-orthodox church. Yes, it did give him a pinch in his heart, yet seeing the fire and deep love in both of their eyes he just couldn’t feel bad about it. To his surprise – when the priest disappeared into an adjacent room – Jenny hugged him quietly and told him to stay. She and the others – excluding Dave – made their way to the outside.

“Martin, would you step up here, please.” Dave still waited at the first step in front of the altar. Not next to it like he did with Jen, but near by. He followed like in a trance. Just when his irises found the olive ones of his partner he relaxed and was at peace. All his doubts and questions seemed to be answered with just one view.

“I promise you my never ending love and devotion – at this sacred place. Do you still want me, love and encourage me?” He clamped his long fingers around his trembling ones. “Da…David, I want, I will!” “I love you!” Dave’s whole face seemed to be a dazzling smile. “And now shoot me for being king of kitschy romance! I just couldn’t resist!” He forces his lips onto the blond man’s, resulting in a deep, low moan – and some hot tears. “Now lets get out off here before we’re damned to the hell fires. I didn’t tell the priest about this little arrangement.”

Martin wipes his eyes. The memory gets at him. Dave’s clear, shiny eyes meet his ones. “Your memory comes back apparently.” “Yes. No wonder I ran into that bloody lamp!”

Mart lets his head fall back into the pillow. Exhaling deeply he glances over to the other two figures. Jenny kisses Dave tenderly and then gets out off bed, grabbing her black, silk dressing gown. “I’ll go downstairs and prepare some breakfast.” Her lips twitch. “You have half an hour.” She bursts out into laughter seeing his and Mart’s big eyes. “An hour should suffice. I’ll get Rosie from Mom.”

“You still don’t get it, do you?” Dave straddles Martin and his hands are busy crawling up his firm thighs. “Stop grinning, Dave! You’re evil!” “Alright, alright!” Moving further down his lips touch the blond one’s. “You’re sure you’re up to some naughty business? I mean, your head…?” Mart smiles against his lips, extending the kiss, meeting Dave’s tongue. “In good and bad times, isn’t it?” “Curly!” “Suck me into oblivion. Let me feel you.” Dave still hesitates. The next moment he’s pushed over onto his back, the well trained, slightly tanned body of his lover over him. “Prepare yourself to scream.” The singer looks up into the glistening, green eyes and shudders with pleasure. “A nice 69 should solve that problem.” “You’re even worse than I thought!” “I know…you love it!”

“Now, tell the truth.” Martin still breathes heavily, leaning back against the headbord. Dave comes up and swiftly licks around the swollen, red lips. “Mmh, didn’t your mum tell you not to spill the milk?” Mart surprises him biting him with the next move. “Oouch!” Then he turns serious. “Curly, nothing happened between the three of us – just as we told you.” He starts to grin. “You’re not disappointed now, are you?!” “Hell, no!” “She still likes you a lot, you know. You really broke her heart those days.” The blond man lets his arm fall off Dave’s back. “I was such a stupid, yealous prick! If she would have left you…””Martin, no! Once and for all – we should let the bygones be bygones.” He pinches his lover’s cheek. “I love her, I love you. End of story.”

The next weeks keep all band members busy with more promotion duties. Jetting from one european city to the next they don’t find much time to breathe, to worry about anything else but the forthcoming tour which should start one day after Dave’s birthday in Tel Aviv. Yet before the schedule says one week rehearsals in Luxemburg plus warm up gig in Esch sur Alzette on May, 6th.

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