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Useless-girl - Strange Affaction
Useless-girl - Strange Affaction : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2009.10.01. 08:41


Chapter 5
Dave hasn’t returned after two days either so because I’d finished off the rune books and the sun was shining bright, I’ve decided to take a step. I didn’t want to die from boredom. I’ve got dressed, picked up my bag after giving a little massage to my injured shoulder – it was getting better and I could move it a bit more now. I carefully stepped out to the corridor and closed the door behind me. The bolts slid onto their places with a loud click. Or at least I found it loud in the empty hallway’s silence. I prudently walked towards the elevator. I knew that the guards were watching me from the shadows, but I wanted to get out of here for a little while. I wasn’t the type of girl, who could sit in one place without doing anything – I hated being locked in somewhere.
In the moment I pushed the button to call the elevator, I saw the guards’ eyes flash in the dark. The guy, whom Dave called Darren, stepped out from the shadows.
“Where are you going?” he asked on his cool voice.
“I’m sorry, but I think it’s not your business. I’ll get back in a few hours.”
He growled something under his nose, but I could just make out that he was cursing Dave a bit, but he didn’t fuss anymore. With a little smile on my face I stepped into the elevator then walked across the hall, which seemed deserted. I sighed in relief when finally I was hurrying on the fresh air. It didn’t matter that this was a safety house, I was still among vampires. And my chasers were from that kind too. It felt good to melt into the everyday mass a bit, drifting with people in the noon traffic.
I’ve got to the hotel quite quickly. It was clear that the receptionist was relieved that I showed up. I assured him that I pay for the extra days too and I checked out then with the key in my hand I’ve got into the elevator to get my stuff. When I stepped onto the quiet corridor, my left grabbed the grip of the knife in my bag. I approached my room carefully, checking every direction in the hallway. Because I haven’t seen anyone, I slowly opened the door until it touched the wall of the room – I wanted to be sure that no one was standing behind it. Maybe I’m getting paranoid? No, I was just aware. I looked around the room and the bathroom properly, but none of my long-teethed “friends” were there. I sighed deeply and went on all fours to pull my bag out from under the bed. I quickly checked my stuff. Everything was there. It seemed that the vampires didn’t care about checking my belongings. Great!
As I was sitting on the bed, I couldn’t stop myself, I had to dip into one of the books. It seemed that it was some kind of a diary. There was scratchy writing on the old, yellowish pages, which probably belonged to a man, but around its end I discovered another writing style, it seemed to belong to a woman. It seemed more modern than the previous one. Curiosity sparkled in my eyes as I flipped through the pages. An envelope was between two pages. I lifted it up and from the small letters I knew that it was my father’s handwriting. My name was on it. I was about to open it, when I’ve heard someone stop in front of my door. I quickly packed my things together and put my carryon across my shoulder too. I sneaked to the door and peeked out on the peephole.
A big bald man with beard was paddling with the lock. My heart jumped up into my throat as I very slowly took out the key from the lock and stepped behind the door with a heavy vase in my hands. The door had opened and I waited for the perfect moment before I hit him in the head. The guy moaned and fell onto the floor. I quickly jumped out of the room and locked the door behind me. Then I ran along the hallway as fast as my legs could take. By the time the elevator’s door opened and I jumped in, I’ve heard the banging on the door then the fat bald guy tried to kick it open.
I waited impatiently to reach the ground floor and hurried towards the reception. As I passed by I threw the keys to the young guy behind the desk and told him that I’ve locked a bald guy into my room, who tried to break in. I could see that he called the security and probably the police. After it I didn’t care, I just wanted to get out of here. I’ve managed to run out from the building through the glass door, but then I bumped into someone with full force. I thought that the both of us will land on the pavement, but I felt that he grabbed my upper-arm firmly and he managed to keep our balance.
“What the fuck were you thinking, Liz?!” I’ve heard Dave’s angry voice and as I looked up it was really him. A smile crossed my face from relief.
“What a lucky coincidence!” I grabbed his hand and flagged down a cab. I quickly forced him onto the backseat and slammed the door shut behind me. I saw that the security guys’d caught the bald man. I sighed a big one as I fell back onto the seat with my bags on my lap.
“Well, would you explain me what this was? And why did you have to do this?”
“The big guy was after me, but I disarmed him” I shrugged with my healthy shoulder. Dave grabbed my arm and looked angrily into my eyes. For a second I saw his other self flash behind his face.
“Congratulations! You’ve risked your life for some stuff!” he pointed nervously onto my bags.
“Relax, Dave, he was ‘just’ a human. I could handle him. I don’t know why you’re so upset! As far as I know I’m not a prisoner and I don’t have to tell you every step I take.”
“It’d be better if you did so, if you want me to be on your side and protect you.”
“If you wanted to protect me that badly, then you wouldn’t have left me alone for days!” I began to loose my temper too.
“I had some things to do” he turned forward.
“Sure – fucking your wife” I said with irony in my voice. Suddenly he grabbed my jaw and turned my head towards him.
“Be careful, cuz you overstep the line!” he hissed through his teeth, close to my face.
“Miss, should I call the police?” I’ve heard the driver’s worried voice.
“No, not necessary, thank you” I pushed Dave’s hand away and started staring huffily at the streets through the window.
The cab stopped a few corners away from the safe-house. Dave was still edgy when he gave the money to the driver and grabbed my elbow to pull me not so nicely towards the entrance. I saw in the taxi-driver’s eyes that he thought I was Dave’s lover, who was used to get some slaps into the face. Then I’ve heard him drive off. It wasn’t his business. When Dave dragged my right elbow painfully again, I hissed and wrested it out of his grip.
“Let me go! I’m not your property to drag along!” I snapped at him.
“Elizabeth, don’t make a scene on the street!” he growled at me and tried to grab me again, but I pulled away as we stepped into the building. When Dave nodded towards her, a young and skinny black-haired girl disappeared behind the reception’s counter, her long rastas following her movements.
“And why not?”
“Please, don’t be a drama-queen!” he frowned and pushed the elevator’s button.
“Why? What’d you do to me if I didn’t stop?” I followed him into the lift and pushed his arm “Beat me? Rape me? Or bite me?”
“Just do it!” I provoked him, although I didn’t know why I was doing this. Maybe because my chances to see the way out of this situation were thin. Dave towered over me menacingly, but he didn’t touch me as I was leaning against the elevator’s wall.
“Please, stop it! I don’t know what’s got into you, but I don’t want to hurt you! I’d like you to leave another option for me. I have to protect you and I have to solicit you not to do such little actions in the future.”
“But why? I’m fine, nothing had happened to me! I’ve disarmed that guy!”
Here he didn’t answer my question until we got through the guards and the door’d closed behind us.
“Because you’re my responsibility now and it wouldn’t be good to risk your life with such little trips!”
“Aha, so this is why you’re so frightened – you’re scared of being punished! What a noble feature!” I threw my bags next to the couch.
“You’d do the same if you knew what kind of punishment they could cook up” he turned away for a moment.
“And how long do you have to take care of me? Why were you ‘ordered’ to my side?” I grabbed him by his black shirt and forced him to look at me “Why? What’s going on here? Tell me already! Why do they want me again?! Why are you torturing me?” I hit his chest, but he grabbed my wrist and wiped away my tears. He reached under my chin and lifted it up to kiss me. For a minute I let him do so with closed eyes, but then I tried to protest. “Don’t change the subject, Dave! I don’t want it now!” I resisted, but he didn’t stop. He pinned me against the wall and began unbuttoning my blouse.
“You’ll have your answers soon” he whispered into my ear.
“How soon?” I moaned upwards from the feeling as he freed my neck from my scarf and kissed along it.
“Very soon. Oh god, the raging emotions in your body drives me crazy!” he moaned onto my collarbone and he pushed down my trousers and panties. I let him find my mouth, which he started kissing greedily while he loosened his belt. In the next moment I was in his lap and I moaned towards the ceiling again from his forceful thrust.
A few hours later I was drying the water from his back with a towel, standing in the bathroom and I gave little kisses onto his shoulder.
“How did you mean that ‘again’? That they need you ‘again’?”
For a minute I remained silent while I reached forward and dried Dave’s chest too. I didn’t know whether I should share my dream with him or not. Maybe he knows a lot more about the situation and the things I was about to show him would mean different things to him. Maybe I’d get into more trouble if I shared them with him. Cuz I barely know Dave! I can’t trust him completely. What if he just wanted to throw me off my guard with fucking me a few times and making me fall for him? I hoped that this wasn’t possible, but I had to count with such possibility too.
“I show you” I answered finally and embraced the man in front of me, burying my face between his shoulder-blades and I replayed my dream in my head. I felt his body tensing although he tried not to show it. After it was over, we were just breathing quietly for a few minutes, not moving an inch. I knew that Dave’s mind was processing the things he’d seen.
“This was more understandable for you than for me, wasn’t it?”
“Yes. Some things are clearer now.”
“And… would you enlighten me?”
This surprised me. I thought that he’d refuse me again just like every time before.
“Come, let’s get dressed first. Then we’ll talk. Later I have to take you to a place.”
“I’ll tell you that too. Come now!” he offered his hand. Our fingers interwove as we walked into the bedroom.
That conversation didn’t go off that quickly, because Dave got an important call and it seemed that it’d take quite a time. I went into the living room – leaving the bedroom for him – then I’ve started turning over the pages in the diary which I took out from my bag. It was about vampires, Vlad Tepes, Dracula, various myths, journals of several trips and there were entries about researches and results too. Most of them were written with the older handwriting, but as I flipped through the more recent pages with the female writing, a strange symbol caught my eyes. I turned the page back to it. I excitedly searched for the proof of my knife. The symbols of one side of the blade matched. I ran my finger greedily on the diary’s lines and it turned out that the sign said on a long dead language: “The blood is our empire’s coppers and silver”. I frowned.
“The blood is our empire’s coppers and silver” I whispered. I didn’t understand it.
“Did you say something?” Dave walked into the living room closing his cell.
“No, nothing.”
“Oh prepare yourself that maybe we’ll spend one or two days in the place I’ll take you to.”
“But where are we going?”
“To my Master. Into our clan’s house.”
“What? Are you serious? But why? Isn’t it safe enough here?”
“My Master wants to get to know you.”
“But why?”
“I’ll tell you right away” he sat down next to me and watched as I put my things into my shoulder-bag “So… it wasn’t a coincidence that they ordered me onto your side. It has a reason why I’ve saved you from your chasers. Probably they wanted to make you a vampire to prevent your abilities’ development.”
“What kind of abilities?”
“Wait a minute. I just said that it wasn’t a coincidence that I’ve saved you. My Master and all the Wits of our clan had ordered us a while ago to hunt up someone, who – according to the prophecy – will come to New York soon.”
“What kind of prophecy?”
“It was rather a curse they’d found centuries ago in that witch’s brew, who you were in your dream.”
“And what was in it?”
“I just know that this person’ll return with chasers on her trail to fulfill her powers and whom we have to protect. This is why I’d helped although I couldn’t know that you were this person. First I’d checked this with my Master and then I was ordered onto your side” he shrugged a bit and lit a cigarillo.
“I knew that you weren’t kind to me because of your good heart. My seduction was one of your orders too?” I said tensely and lit a cigarette.
“No, you can thank for that to your charm. And for your scent…” he looked at me with narrowed eyes.
“Dave, why is my scent this important to you?”
“Somehow it’s special. I can take more out of it…”
“What do you say?”
“Uh, sorry. So next to blood I can draw energy from scents too. It’s interesting that I can draw quite a lot from you without tiring you too much. This is why it was so difficult to withdraw for me in the hotel.”
“I see” I said, but to tell the truth I didn’t understand it. How can a vampire feed on scents? But I didn’t say a word just waved him to go on.
“I already knew that you were the one we were looking for when I nursed you, because in your feverous dream - unwillingly - you uncovered yourself. You were probably dreaming the same dream you’d shown me, you just couldn’t remember.”
“But what’s this all about? Why am I this important?”
“Because you are that witch from your dream. Most of your abilities are still asleep. But you can already fight” he smiled and suddenly reached out for me, but I grabbed his wrist without thinking “See?”
“Me as a witch? This is a little bit absurd, don’t you think?”
“Then what was this just now?” he freed his wrist. I couldn’t say anything to this. I surprised myself with that move too.
“But how can I be Elizabeth? She’d died.”
“Do you believe in rebirth?”
“I don’t know too much about that topic.”
“Maybe you should have read more about it. You look just like she in the past. Just your hair is shorter and yours is brown not black.”
“Alright, let’s say that you’re right. But why do you need me and why did those bloodsuckers want me in the past?”
“I don’t know that.”
“You don’t know or you just don’t want to tell me? Why do you want to protect a ‘sleeping’ witch, who doesn’t even know how to use her powers – if she has any at all? Why if not using her for some purpose?”
Dave remained silent and puffed the smoke without a sound. Somehow I didn’t believe him. I was confused. Or they mislead him too? Were there fights for power in the background? My knowledge of the vampire society was quite blurry.
“I’m a too low-class vampire to know everything” he turned away. I saw a muscle flinch on his face.
“And with delivering me you hope that your ‘Master’ will raise you to a higher class?” I looked at him with anger in my eyes and flicked the ash into the ashtray. I felt sick even from the thought that someone wants to climb up on my back – even if it was Dave Gahan, whom I knew I’ve started to like more and more…
“No, this isn’t my aim. Good gracious no!” he turned to me suddenly.
“I hope so.”
“But now we should go” he looked at his watch “My Master’s waiting for us.”
I stubbed out my cigarette and looked out of the window. It was getting dark. I stood up without a word and followed him. I hoped that I’d get more information from that “Master”.

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Utolsó hozzászólásokÚjabbak 1 KorábbiakLegelső hozzászólások
2010.09.08. 14:18
Well what an action filled fic of our sweet singer!!! I'm not into the heterosexual stuff but i like this for it's story. And big thanks for the tasty It doesn't matter pics!!! Lamby

Dear Lamby!

(how innocent BTW... :P)

I'm glad that you like it so far and thanks so much for your comment! It's really appreciated!
If you read more, you'll see that even more action will be there with our lovely singer. :P

And about the IDM stuff: well, I had to do some visual things so... I'm really happy that you like them. They're my very personal favs too.... :P


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