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Useless-girl - Strange Affaction
Useless-girl - Strange Affaction : Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  2009.10.02. 19:51


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Chapter 7
Dear Elizabeth,
By the time you read this letter, I will most likely be dead. Although I wasn’t allowed to talk about this when I was alive, I’d like to inform you about a few important things at least in this form. These things will influence your life and it’s high time for me to tell you a few old, but heavy secrets about your family. Just a very few people knows the things I’m about to reveal here and for your own safety, please burn this letter right after reading it, or keep it in such a safe place, where no one can find it except you.
It’s important for you to know your background, because there’ll be such people or creatures, who’d try to play upon your naivety and would try to use you to fulfill their impure purposes.
When you were little you asked me about your mother several times, but I always avoided answering. I had my reasons. There was vampire blood in your mother’s veins. Yes, vampire blood. Because they do exist. They aren’t just fiction. Your mother was a Van Helsing. The descendant of that family, which showed up in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Your grandfather had spent most of his life searching and hunting vampires until he’d found the one thing he was always searching for. The real Dracula. You can read more about your grandfather’s journeys and discoveries in the diary, which he’d started writing then after his death in New Orleans your mother had continued it.
Your grandfather had captured and locked up Dracula and took his blood in small amounts with the help of leeches to elongate his own life. Please, don’t judge him, he just wanted to protect the world. But through his blood a part of Dracula got into your mother too. You can read this story in the diary too. The main point is that after we’d defeated the notorious vampire, we thought that every bloodsucker’d die. We thought that cutting off the snake’s head’d help us to get rid off this awful folk. But we were wrong. Your mother had left us soon to hunt the survivors, but at the end she’d died during a hunt too. She entrusted me to bring you up. And my little flower turned into a beautiful and strong woman. I’m so sorry that I had to hide this from you during all these years and that some vampire blood is sleeping in you too. But I did everything to protect you, to allow you to live a normal life until it can be possible.
For a long while we thought with your mother that the vampire blood would show itself in you, but I was already left alone with you when I’d discovered another astonishing thing. When you had fever and raved, I’d realised what the thing was which blocked the vampire blood. From your dreams it turned out that you were a witch in one of your former lives. Ironic, isn’t it? I’d started to search for information about that life of yours, because I knew that you had some kind of connection with vampires. I’d managed to find out that you were a witch in a vampire lord’s castle. Your power was remarkable and everyone around you respected you, but the time came when the ancient clan’s elders had ordered your lord to take you to see them. They found out that there was more in you than they thought previously. I didn’t know what that “much more” meant, but I know that after they’d asked you to do something, you’d denied to obey, because it would have brought just destruction and misery upon the vampires and humans too. You’d died during your escape. One of your lord’s servants had killed you.
Elizabeth, I’m afraid that I’m not the only one who knows that this person was reborn in my daughter, in you. I’m afraid that they’ll hunt you up to use you. This is why I ask you to be very careful and don’t fall for their tricks! ‘Not everything is what it may seem.’ Your beloved mother used to say this often and I’d learnt this lesson too. Please, don’t think of us with anger and forgive us that we could be with you just for this short while. If there’s life after death, we’ll try to help you from there too.
With never-ending love,
Your Father
The paper was shaking in my hand as I lowered it back onto my lap. I barely noticed my tears, cuz I was thinking hard on the things I just read. I knew that I had to be strong even if I’d failed centuries ago. This time I have to survive this and protect the things which are important to me. I knew that until my powers and vampire blood are asleep, I have a little time to think my situation over. I have to cook up some solution. I suspected that if I could remember, I’d recognize some faces from the guests Ditta was talking about. But for the time being I can’t give away myself. Probably they’d want to make me learn the things they want me to do, or they’d want to awaken my abilities. It won’t be easy, but I have to let them do so, and maybe this way I’ll be able to protect myself.
I asked myself whether I could trust Dave at all. It is clear to me that he’s depending on his Master way too much. She can influence him. After all let’s face it: he’s a vampire, who stands on their side and it doesn’t matter that I loved him during all those years. This hurt. More than I thought it would. I think I was getting to fall in love with him, although I “knew” him personally just for a few days. It was as if weeks had already passed. And the other side – the vampires which were after me? What could they want from me?
I’ve decided to deal with this question a bit later. Today’s happenings gave my brain more than enough to process so after I’ve managed to hide the letter under the diary’s leather cover I just leant back onto the pillows in my clothes and fell asleep immediately.
After a few hours I was lying in the fetal ball position and the feeling that someone was watching me woke me up.
“For how long have you been watching me?” I turned my head towards Dave, who was standing motionlessly by the bed’s foot. I’ve recognized him from his unmistakable glowing green eyes.
“For the last couple of minutes” he said on a hoarse tone. When he saw that I was watching his eyes he added: “They are glowing the whole night long every time I taste Her blood.”
“Is it this strong?”
“How does it feel?”
“Tasting her?”
“Yes” with my eyes I followed him as he sat down next to me.
“It’s like fire and ice, bitter and sweet, an immensely dark and glorious feeling. I can’t really describe it” he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply as if he could still feel his Mistress’ presence “And her scent… I can still feel it. It’s indescribable…”
“Do you love her?” I asked quietly.
He opened his eyes and looked at me.
“This hurts you. Why?” he mustered me with curiosity.
“It’s not important just answer my question.”
“Somewhere I love her, yes. But I hate it when she does this to me.”
“It didn’t seem that you hated it” I sat up a bit edgily.
“Believe me, I don’t like it when she intensifies this love through my desires just to show me how great her power is over me. I think these games are humiliating and she knows this well.”
“Why don’t you disobey?”
“Oh, Liz, if it was that easy… I’d have done it ages ago, but I’m not strong enough. I’m too young and too many things tie us together. I have to follow her orders.”
“Would you kill me, if she asked you to do so?” it suddenly slipped out.
“Why do you torture yourself with such questions?”
“Would you kill me?” I straightened my back as I was sitting on the bed and looked firmly into his eyes.
He was just looking at me. He was suffering. He didn’t answer, but his eyes were glistening sadly behind the green light.
“Okay, forget it. I don’t want to hear it, I have my answer” I bent my head down to hide my eyes with my hair “I just thought… Uhm, I’m stupid. Never mind.”
I felt my heart aching. I felt myself like a naïve little chick. It hurt. There was silence in the room for long minutes. Such a silence that I thought that he wasn’t there anymore. But he was there, because he touched my chin and lifted my head up to find eye-contact with me, but I turned my head away.
“Why did you cry? I can smell the scent of your tears.”
“It was too much for me.”
“Because of me?”
“Partly. And because of the whole situation. I’m not in an easy situation. I don’t know what to think and whom to trust. I’m not sure that I can trust you” I looked up at him. I saw even in the half-light that a muscle flinched from this on his sad face.
“Hey, I’m sorry” he caressed my face and leant down to kiss me, but after a minute I turned my head away.
“Leave me alone, Dave. I don’t want you, cuz I can imagine in what kind of orgy you could have participated earlier” I said mercilessly. I didn’t want to get involved in this even more and this is why I didn’t mind hurting him. But why would I hurt a vampire with this?
“There was no orgy” he stroked along my right arm, but I pushed his hand away “She was talking about our arriving guests and our duties.”
“So this is why your clothes stink from those two women’s cheap perfume and this is why your collar is bloody, hm?” I eyed him with a bitter smile. He took off his jacket with one move and got rid off his black shirt within a moment too. “What the hell are you doing?”
“Here, now you can feel just my scent.”
“Dave, don’t do this!”
“Please, Liz, make love to me…” he asked with a whisper and took my face into his right hand, while his other hand led mine onto his chest.
“What is it? Haven’t you got enough?”
“Don’t hurt me, Liz. Please…”
“But why, Dave? To satisfy you? To have someone who can help you sate your piled-up desires?”
“No, I just want to feel you. Just you. In the way you are. Your scent, your humanity. That you’re alive. That you’re human, which I can never be again. Please! I need you.”
I looked at him deep in thoughts. I wouldn’t have thought that he could have such reasons too. He shocked me. I was wondering how it could have felt living among humans and knowing that you will be always something else…
“Let me cheer you up, let me make you happy and forget your problems for a while!” he asked nearly begging.
Who could resist him like this? I sighed and smiled very softly.
“You know it’s strange but a few minutes ago I just wanted you to love me.”
“And now?”
As an answer I pulled him closer by his nape and started kissing him nearly angrily.
“Be careful… with… my teeth!” he moaned faintly.
“I don’t care!” I whispered back, returning to his neck and let him unbutton my bourdon shirt.
He slipped it down my shoulders soon while I loosened his belt and bit his neck. I really smelled just his divine scent. He laid me down on the bed and unclasped my bra too. He greedily helped me unbuttoning my trousers then I lifted up my hips to let him pull down my black jeans and bourdon panties as well. He leant over me and I’ve started kissing him passionately, pushing down his trousers and underwear on his perfect butt. His left caressed my breast then he had to prop himself next to my body again when a loud moan found its way out of his throat. His long teeth bruised my tongue and I touched his hard member in the same time.
“No, Liz!” he pulled his mouth back when he tasted my blood.
“Don’t hold back, Dave! Love me like only a vampire, only You can do!” I whispered into his mouth, licking his lower lip with my bloody tongue.
He looked into my eyes seriously. They were still glowing in that strange light then he licked my blood from his lip and leant back to me, sticking to my tongue, hoping to get some more blood. Suddenly his left stroked along my body and disappeared between my legs. I pressed my pussy into his palm and I moaned into his mouth. His lips wandered onto my jaw-line then they slid lower onto my neck. I dug into his hair by his nape and sighed and moaned from his hand’s work. I shivered when he sniffed into my neck and started kissing my skin over the artery.
When I thought that I’d come from his hand’s caresses he gently stopped pampering me and after getting rid off the rest of his clothes, his lips started to move downwards on my body, showering my skin with thousands of kisses. It was a maddening feeling as he was playing with my hard nipples. Then he was kissing my tummy with such an élan as if he wanted to bury himself into my skin. I felt his nose pressing against my tummy – he was inhaling my scent. Dave was sighing quietly then after a few minutes his mouth slid lower, finding my sensitive inner thigh. For a moment our eyes met then he leant back down and I put my head back onto the pillow. I held back a loud moan when he carefully bit me. He just licked into my blood and he was already pulling away his head, but I pushed him back.
“More!” I whispered quietly. I didn’t want to believe that I was saying this, but I didn’t want to think.
Dave hesitated for a moment then he bit again, but his fingers found my body’s most sensitive spot in that same moment. This time I couldn’t stop moaning out loud. It was unbelievingly exciting! I was grabbing his hair and the sheet like mad for the next few minutes.
‘Dave, please… come into me!’ I screamed in my head. He slowly finished the kiss and licked along the wound a few times to stop the bleeding. But I didn’t care too much, cuz I was already light-headed. I grabbed him by his nape and pulled him over me. He pulled back his upper body a bit to prop himself on his left hand. He grabbed his rock-hard cock with his other hand and slowly led it into me. He closed his eyes and moaned towards the ceiling and I did the same when I felt his whole length buried deep inside of me. He leant over me again and with closed eyes he started moving slowly. My hands were wandering on his shoulders, back and butt while he kissed me tenderly with his bloody lips.
After a few minutes I broke our kiss and bit down on my lower lip, looking up at his rhythmically moving figure. He was moving just his lower body, but he did it very expertly. I sighed quietly from a deeper thrust. He was watching me. I pulled his face closer, but I didn’t kiss him.
‘Open your mouth!’ I asked him in my head.
‘Just open it, please!’
He obeyed and I could admire his long canines in his slightly opened mouth. I lifted my right hand and touched his canine with my thumb. He grabbed my wrist, but he didn’t stop moving with his hips.
“What’re you doing?”
“You’ll see if you let me go.”
“Do you know you’re playing with fire?”
“I know” I smiled “We are good friends with fire…” I thought on my dream I had shown him earlier. He let my wrist go and I let his tooth bruise my finger. While I licked down the blood drop I made a circle with my hips so I couldn’t decide which action made him moan – the sight or the feeling. I offered him my finger and he took it into his mouth and started sucking on it greedily.
‘Bite me, Dave! Make me happy! Give me such an orgasm whereof Jennifer was talking! Show me! I want to see it. Love me!’
He lifted his head from my thoughts and looked at me with his glowing green eyes. I’ve got quite used to his vampire-eyes.
“Are you sure you want this?” he stopped for a moment.
‘Yes! Yes!!’ I exclaimed voicelessly. I saw him hesitating. ‘Please! Show me all of what you can give!’
He didn’t say a word just leant down to my neck and started gently kissing my hot skin, restarting his hips’ moves as well. I thought that he’d finally bite, but his mouth wandered lower through my collarbones until it reached my breast. He bit suddenly, sinking his teeth into me. I cried out loud from pleasure and pain. He pressed his body harder against mine as he started drinking my blood with small sips. I felt his burning breath on my chest, his strong arms around my body, his rock-hard member between my legs and his sharp teeth in my flesh. I was completely his. More than ever. He stuck to me completely, nearly melting my body into his. And I enjoyed it! I enjoyed as he was moving in me, as his lips stuck to my breast, slowly sucking the life out of me. Oh god, how I enjoyed it! There was no word for this guilty pleasure! As his moves got harsher, he started sucking my blood even greedier and I was screaming louder and louder from joy until my body strained wildly and I lived through the biggest orgasm in my life, scratching Dave’s shoulders harshly. I sensed nothing around me. I didn’t feel when Dave came either. The waves of pleasure were still blasting me. Then everything went black.
I came round when Dave gently slid out of me and called my name a few times, resting his hand on my face. I looked at him and I saw bewilderment in his eyes, which were glowing now just faintly. I snapped at his lips greedily and licked down my own blood. Its taste was sweet and familiar like honey. When the last drop was gone too from his lips and chin, I let my head fall back onto the pillow and took a few deep breaths, savoring the taste of blood in my mouth.
“This… this… ah…” I moaned hoarsely on a low tone “This was amazing!”
“Your eyes are glowing!” Dave broke out still shocked.
“What?” I sat up and spotted myself in the mirror. Yes, my eyes were glistening in a light-yellow shade. No, it wasn’t yellow, rather a pale shade of gold. I blinked a few times and the glowing disappeared nearly completely. I lay back down. Dave was sitting next to me with a questioning look in his eyes.
“I could have known that this’d happen sooner or later” I glimpsed up at him and gently caressed the eagle-tattoo on his right forearm “Don’t worry, it’s okay. It’s not your doing – or at least not completely.”
“Liz, what the heck is this? What are you? I don’t understand.”
My finger drew the outlines of the eagle and stroked the ribbon it was holding with Dave’s name on it.
“I think you just touched the vampire-blood in me.”
“Haven’t you felt it in my blood? Dave, I had ‘vampire’ ancestors, although they had just stolen and inherited the blood.”
“So this is why I found your blood so… different and strong?”
“Perhaps. I don’t know.”
“And why haven’t you told me this earlier?”
“Because I’ve found it out just today.”
I sighed and caressed his hand “I’ll tell you this story one day.”
I still couldn’t decide whether I could trust him or not. It seemed that his Master hasn’t told him everything. I turned my head towards the window “It seems that Zenon had seen the whole scene” I noted.
Dave looked at the other vampire, who was standing not far from the window. He hissed at him, baring his teeth. The black-haired vampire gave us a faint smile then disappeared.
“I’m sorry. Peeping is one of his habits.”
“At least we gave him a few happy minutes” I shrugged “It’s no problem.”
“But I could have count with this.”
“Hey, don’t worry! I’ve told you it’s not a problem. Honestly, what new information could he possible tell to Ditta? I guess she already knew that we’d slept together not just once. The new information could be just that you tampered with my ‘vampire-self’ a bit.”
“How do you know that he goes to the Master?”
“Let’s face it: it’s not difficult to guess it…” I grimaced.
“True” he stroked along my tummy “It’s a bit new for me that you could spot him. He’s the best in hiding among us.”
“Maybe he wanted me to see him.”
“I don’t think so. I guess your power is awakening.”
I quietly shrugged, but the pain was didn’t came.
“Hey, my shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore! Although it did just an hour ago!”
“I must repeat my former answer” he smiled at me faintly.
I returned the smile and run my fingers on his chest, which made him shiver “This was one of your tasks next to protecting me, huh?”
He looked at me guiltily after glimpsing down onto my hand, which stopped on his knee “Partly. Are you mad at me now?”
“No. I know that I can’t avoid it. And I’d rather choose this very nice way with you than any other method” I smiled and slid my hand a bit further up.
“True” he smiled then lay down next to me with a sad expression and hugged me to him.
“Something disturbs you. What is it?” I stroked his face while he was caressing my shoulder.
“It’s so good to be with you. I don’t want this to end.”
It didn’t matter that these two sentences felt awfully good from him, I had to return his sad smile.
“Both of us know that this can’t last for too long. You belong to Her and who knows what’ll happen to me?”
“There is no ‘but’, David. That’s the way it is and it’s okay. It’s a waste of time chewing upon this. We should rather enjoy it while we can.”
“You’re right” he kissed me gently and tightened his embrace.

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