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Useless-girl - Strange Affaction
Useless-girl - Strange Affaction : Chapter 9

Chapter 9

  2009.10.06. 16:10


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Chapter 9

Tegara seemed to be a nice witch. I was wondering a few times what she was doing in such a company, but I didn’t ask her, it was her business. None the less she flooded me with different teachings and she explained everything fatigueless, there was no such thing like tiredness. She put different spells on me and hypnotized me to call my sleeping power forth. Somehow I felt that it was getting closer and closer to the surface. As the days passed I was able to do more and more from the things she’d asked me to do. Once we were practicing at night too, because we began it in a later hour. She just praised me and asked me to walk into the middle of the large room where we were practicing.

“And now I’d like you to do your next step.”

“What do you mean? What should I do?”

“Fight. But not with me, but with Amarth” she waved towards the edge of the candlelight’s circle where the well-known cool blue eyes glowed and Amarth’s tall and muscular figure evolved from the shadows.

“Elizabeth, let me help you to achieve your goal.”

“But I can’t fight. You’ll defeat me within a minute.”

“I guess you have a dagger which you used a few times quite well.”

“Yes, it’s in my bag.”

“Great. If using that wasn’t difficult to you then using this won’t be it either…” he turned around and in the next moment he was holding a katana in its case respectfully. The light glistened on its beautiful slim and black case and the dangling bow was in a wonderful harmony with it. The sight took my breath away. It was my sword.

“This is the sword I’ve got on my travel to Japan and I’ve learnt how to use it there as well” I said so naturally as if they were my memories.

Amarth smiled faintly which made his charming face more attractive despite its hardness. I looked deeply into his open eyes when he spotted my desire, which’s little sparkle moved in me like a cat awakening from its long dream. After a few moments – before I could get lost too much into his eyes – I looked at the sword and gently stroked its case.

“Here, take it. It’s yours” he looked deeply into my eyes again.

I grabbed the case and took it decidedly but with respect. I slowly drew out the razor-sharp glistening blade. Its sound was familiar to my ears. I put the case down onto one of the tables then let my gaze wander on the blade. I stepped aside and tried a few tricks which came into my mind without thinking.

“Does it feel familiar? The way it fits into your hand?”

“Yes it does.”

“Then let’s test it how much do you remember” and from thin air he conjured up a thicker sword and attacked me.

I dodged his first blow and jumped backwards. He attacked again. The clinging of the swords got louder as they filled the room and the sparkles of the blades flashed again and again in the half-light, which he could use to easily hide from me.

“Not bad” he whispered into my ear when he managed to get behind my back and he pressed his blade against my neck.

I danced out of his embrace with anger in my moves. I felt that his blade had bruised my skin a bit, but I didn’t care. I wanted to defeat him. I watched him as he spun his sword standing in front of me. I made a half-circle with the tip of the blade next to my leg and looked at Tegara, who was still watching us next the wall.

“My dagger!”

In the next moment she threw it towards me and I caught it easily. They both knew that I’d ask for it but this wasn’t important now. I made circles around Amarth with the sword in my left and with the dagger in my right hand then I attacked. We were fighting quicker and harder after every minute. Sweatdrops had appeared on my forehead from concentrating hard, my black halter and trousers were wet too, just like the rest of my skin, which was glowing in the faint lights of the candles.

Once I nearly got Amarth. His smile pissed me off. I wanted to wipe it off his face. After the momentary break I continued my attack wildly. I felt that the speed of our fighting was already beyond a human’s power. It was as if I’d stepped into another dimension. My unsure moves from the beginning had disappeared. My weapons fitted my hand as if they were the extensions of my arms – just like in the old days.

I was getting more and more furious, the desire after victory was growing in me as I attacked him again, but he used the half-light very expertly. I hated this ability of his and I had enough of it. I exclaimed and felt my eyes glowing. I unwillingly narrowed them for a moment and when I opened them wide, fires appeared in the air, lightening our surroundings. I didn’t know what was going on, I just looked into Amarth’s eyes – I watched what his next move would be and we didn’t break the flow of the amazingly quick moves.

“That’s it, Elizabeth, let it out! Defeat me! I know that you always wanted to do this! Are you strong enough to do so?” Amarth exclaimed grinning.

I saw his long and hated vampire fangs – I remembered those times when he tortured me with them! I had to win! Back in those days I couldn’t win, because he was my Lord, who gave me orders. But now he can’t give me orders! I didn’t give a damn that the others were watching our fight greedily in the other room through Tegara’s eyes. I saw just Amarth, whom I hated and loved in the same time. The old Elizabeth’s feelings broke free in me and overflew my body.

I cried out loud and accelerated the tempo. Now Amarth wasn’t smiling. He had to pay attention on every one of my moves. In the same time with my cry more fire flared up dancing in the air and they made all shadows disappear in the large room. Amarth was panting now. The heat was getting unbearable, but he held up.

“Defeat me if you can!” he whispered mockingly, pressing the last two words.

My mind clouded over and I wasn’t thinking anymore. My mouth opened and unfamiliar hissing words came out of it then I felt something huge moving inside of me. The glasses shook in their frames, the flames in the air started shuddering then their blinding lights swept through the room and hot energy shot out of me breaking out the windows and I felt it flowing through the whole castle. It was throbbing and it was alive, like an enormous animal, which let out its claws and discovered every living person for itself. I knew that everyone from yesterday were in the big room, I knew how many vampires were in the castle, I knew where the mortals were – they were here willingly to offer their blood to the vampires – I knew about every secret passage and I knew that I’d won. I let out a long yell, still holding both of my blades to the kneeling Amarth’s throat. It was as if I saw my face from the outside as I turned my head towards the ceiling. My eyes were glowing with gold light, my canines got a bit sharper and my body was still standing in the same spot in the bright light and heat. Amarth covered his eyes from it. But it didn’t last for too long – I felt the air shudder from my call and the energy returned into me.

I looked down at Amarth panting while the lights slowly faded away “I’d won” I stated on a strangely echoing voice then I felt my weapons sliding out of my hands and they thudded on the floor loudly. And I followed them, but I still felt that Amarth caught me in my fall.


“Amazing” Ditta said on a neutral tone.

Dave looked at her in disbelief as he was standing on his usual spot next to the throne then he glimpsed back at the picture in the air, which was projected by Tegara from the other room. Dave felt the jealousy in his Mistress’s words.

‘Amazing? This is it? No, this is absolutely unbelievable!’

He could still feel that warm energy in his cells, which came from Liz’s body. His senses were still blazing from it and his eyes were still glowing just as his siblings’ eyes did without exception. He could have sworn that his Master and Mircella had to concentrate hard too to keep their irises’ usual colour. Only the grey old man seemed normal, just a few of his white hair were out of place.

“This is more than that” the count looked back at them “This is success. Think about it – this erupted from her just after the first try, without a prepared body. Well, I think, we’ll able to fulfill our plan… Just a few practicing with Tegara and we can start preparing our moves.”

Dave tried to guess what their plan was. He was convinced that they’d sacrifice Liz for this goal without hesitation. He was worried about the girl, whom Amarth took into his arms carefully then they disappeared from the picture, which dissolved in the next moment. For his greatest surprise he felt jealousy. He wanted to carry Liz! He wanted to be next to her trembling body! This frightened him for a moment then he exhaled the air quietly and knelt down next to his Mistress.

‘What do you want, Dave?’ she looked at him emotionlessly.

‘Master, please, allow me to stay on her side tonight. Let me take care of her! Please. She might need me.’

‘No Dave, Amarth has plans with her and you have to go with Mircella.’

‘But please…’

‘I said NO! You dare to disobey? David, David, don’t force me because of your pitiful kindling towards this girl to punish you! Don’t worry, I’ll let you fuck her a few times before we fulfill our plan, but not today’
she said on a hard tone in his head as she looked into Dave’s green eyes, who held the eye-contact, but pressed his lips together from the sudden pain in his head. ‘I don’t want you to become a goner! Understood?’

‘Yes, Master’ he moaned in thought and the pain vanished in his head.

‘Fabulous. Now go to Mircella and take Amelia too. They’re waiting for you.’

Dave stood up without a word and walked down the stairs. He offered his hand to the blonde woman without paying attention and led her to Mircella, who hooked on him too and let herself led out of the room by Dave.


I woke up because I felt horribly cold, my shoulder was throbbing and I felt the arrow in my heart. The memories from Elizabeth’s former life were still swirling in my head. Sweat was pouring from my forehead and temples and my whole body was trembling as I sat up suddenly and I felt that someone grabbed my shoulders so I couldn’t fall back into unconsciousness. I knew that it was Amarth. From the strange light in which I saw the room and him, I knew that my eyes still haven’t returned to their normal colour. Tegara’s figure swam into the picture too. She held a cup to my mouth, which had a nice herbal smell.

“Elizabeth, drink this. It’ll help” she forced the infusion of herbs into me, which I swallowed despite its bitter taste. The witch turned to Amarth, who was still holding me and told him something, but I couldn’t hear that anymore. I fell back into darkness and this time it didn’t bring dreams.


Dave got dressed quietly and stepped out onto the balcony just to jump down gracefully into the garden. He undid the top buttons of his shirt and walked along the path between the bushes and trees with his voiceless steps. He was glad that finally he could leave the two sleeping women behind. He was fed up with this whole thing. He wanted to disappear, but he knew he couldn’t do that. He has to stay here at the mercy of his Mistress and he hated this. More than anything.

He withdrew deep into the shadows as he looked through the French windows. His jaw tensed when he saw Amarth sitting on the edge of the sleeping woman’s bed. Tegara just said goodbye and left the room. Although the vampire didn’t do anything to Liz, his smile wasn’t too promising. Dave watched them tensely. He was afraid that the vampire was up to something. And yes, he sensed that something has started to change. The curtains in the room moved and Amarth mouthed some words without a sound while his right hand slid over Liz’s body. Then he saw a tiny blue flame appear in front of the vampire’s face and it seemed as if it had came from his forehead and it started to move towards Liz.

Dave realised what Amarth was up to and he was about to make a move towards the window to interrupt the ritual, but he felt that someone grabbed him from behind by his chest and arm. He recognized him from his scent. He tried to break free in vain while the little flame was closing to the woman’s forehead.

‘Zenon, let me go! I won’t let him put the sign on her! This is the second one!’

‘Dave, you leading man! Isn’t it moving how you care about this little witch? You even peep on her? It’s not a nice habit.’

Dave tried to break free nervously, but Zenon was holding him firmly and watched the scene next to Dave’s neck.

‘Get off of me! Look who’s speaking, you peeping Tom! Let me go there!’

‘Dave, honey, you know that I can’t let you interfere. First of all I’m loyal to the Mistress and you should be too…’

‘Don’t play the innocent little vampire. You have your own dirty little secrets too. I can’t let him put the second sign on her – it’ll take her freedom away!’

‘Is she this important to you?’
he asked seriously and looked at Dave from the side.

‘You know the answer…’ he thought after a few moments.

‘I’m sorry Dave. You know that I love that broken heart of yours, but I have to follow my orders. For the greater good.’

Dave watched helplessly with glowing eyes as the flame reached Liz’s forehead then for a moment it covered the tensing body with a blue light.

‘She doesn’t even know what’s happening to her. She’s unconscious!’ he exclaimed inside.

‘The end justifies the means.’

‘And what’s the goal? What can be so fucking important that they have to exploit this poor girl this much?’
he shook the loosened hands off of him.

‘Davie, Davie, you still have to learn a lot of our world. Our rules are similar to the animal world’s rules. The strong survives, the weak gets devoured. In the vampire world we seek power next to blood. This is why we swarm around your little Lizzy in such a great number. You felt her power too, which is like a magnet. It’s still lingering in the air. You can feel this warmth too, don’t you?’ he sniffed into the early morning air.

‘I don’t care about her power.’

‘Do you really think that you aren’t under her spell already? None of us can resist it. Not even our Master. This is why she’s jealous of your little protégé. She’s afraid that she’ll get stronger than we and won’t obey to our will… that she’ll turn against us and she’ll try to destroy them.’

‘Would she be able to do so?’

‘What do you think?’

Dave didn’t answer just watched the sleeping girl. Some lazy energy was still floating around her.

‘She won’t be the same girl whom you got to know in the park. The other one has awakened in her. Amarth marked her – the woman he knows – and she was his lover, whom he’d ruled and whom he will rule. She has to be controlled, otherwise she can be dangerous to us all. Even for you. Give it up, Dave, you can’t save her… It’s too bad… she was quite good in bed…’

Dave struck to the side as quick as a thought, but his hand reached just the air. Zenon wasn’t there anymore, just his laughing lingered in his head. He looked at Liz with sadness in his eyes. Amarth just kissed her forehead. His jaw tensed again as he turned around and walked away in the garden. He knew that everything’ll be different from now on. But he won’t give up hope. Martin’s lyrics had thought him that there’s always a little hope.

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