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Useless-girl - Strange Affaction
Useless-girl - Strange Affaction : Chapter 11

Chapter 11

  2009.10.06. 16:14


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Chapter 11

Pleasant warmth embraced me. Someone was stroking my face. I was floating in the soft darkness. I sighed. I felt the warmth from closer. I heard the sounds of the sea. Birds were singing and I smelled the salty breeze too, which caressed my body. I opened my aching eyes very slowly. It took a little while until I was able to focus my blurry eyes on what I was staring at. It was a black bird. Maybe a phoenix. Dave’s bird. Dave’s left shoulder. Dave!

“Dave… are you really Dave?” I whispered so quietly and hoarsely that even I could barely hear it.

“Yes, I am” he tightened the embrace.

“Thank God… you’re alive!” I sighed but flinched right away because of the pain in my chest.

“No. Thanks to you and your blood. Sleep now! You’re still weak. Don’t be afraid, I’ll stay here with you. You’re safe now.”

I smiled and kissed the bird, hugging its owner tightly then I wrapped myself up in the warmth of his body and went back to sleep.


I didn’t know how many days had passed with lying there and sleeping. I woke up a few times and Dave was always next to me. He was holding me in his arms and his body warmed me. Not that it was too cold, but it seemed that the magical fire run down in me too much and it needed the heat of Dave’s body. It was a wonderful feeling as it bundled and tickled us! Then the healing sleeps came. Without dreams, restfully.

And finally today I felt that I was be able to stay awake more than just for a few minutes. As I came round I found myself in a very pale-blue room between white blankets, covered up to my chin. Now Dave wasn’t next to me. I was lying there alone in the light room. I looked to the right and discovered a door. There was a little washbasin next to it, but another thing drew my attention to it: a glass full of water on the nightstand. I reached for it carefully and quickly swallowed nearly all of it. Then I sat up and looked to the left. A two-winged traverse led to the sandy beach. So the sea wasn’t a dream. But I still saw everything in a light-golden colour.

I very slowly sat onto the edge of the bed and wrapped a thick white blanket around my body. For a few minutes I was just collecting my strength then I reached for the warm clothes waiting for me on a chair. After dressing up I’ve managed to stand up and I stepped in front of the mirror. For a minute I was shocked from my look. The whites of my eyes were still bloodshot and the gold irises hadn’t disappeared either. After I brushed my hair and put it up in a ponytail I took the dark sunglasses from the table. It fitted me perfectly and covered my abnormal look. I pulled up my pullover’s neck and stepped out of the room, which was a part of a nice summer house on the beach.

I started walking towards Dave who was standing on the beach in a white T-shirt and worn-out jeans. The sun was probably shining warmly, but I still felt cold. He was on the phone so I stopped before I could hear what he was talking about and I was just watching him. It was clear for me that he was okay – he was bursting with health. The fire was back in his movements as he gesticulated.

‘My fire’ I thought with a smile, which turned wider when he started digging the wet sand with his shoe. I was standing there – still feeling cold – as I folded my arms in front of my chest. He put his cell away and spotted me. His face brightened up and he hurried to me.

“Liz! Finally you woke up! I’m so happy!” he hugged me to him and I did the same.

“Hey, little girl, you’re shivering!” he rubbed my back with his hands and I sucked his warmth greedily into me.

“You know, I think now I’m in the same way with the warmth like you with the smells. Or at least I still have to reload” I shrugged and buried my head into his chest.

He laughed “Oh god, how I’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you too. Would you tell me when did we get here and what’d happened and what’s this place and why can’t I see normally?”

“Whoa! Don’t forget to breathe, sweetheart!”

I looked at him questioningly. His hand reached for the sunglasses, but I grabbed his wrist. He smiled.

“Familiar situation?”

“Yep, just the roles had switched.”

“Yes. Can I take it off?” he pointed at the sunglasses. Finally I nodded. He lifted my chin a bit and studied my eyes.

“I’m sorry Liz, but it’s possible that your eyes’ll stay like this for good. After bringing you here Jennifer’s doctor friend said that your ‘human’ eyes had suffered serious damage from Amarth’s powder. There was probably such a compound in it, which causes blindness. It’s very possible that you can see at all just because your ‘vampire-self’ helps you out, so to say.”

“So my eyes have been like this since the fight?”


“How many days had passed since that?”

“Eight days. After you saved me you lost consciousness and I took you with me to search for Jen and Stella. Then we sat into the car and I brought you here. Jen called her doctor friend, who had already seen a few strange things then they took care of you while I tried to calm Rosie down. Then they’d left but before that they threatened me not to leave your side and they wanted me to protect you. Well not that anyone could have dragged me away from you. You were clinging to me as if your life was depending on it.”

“And what did Jen say to this?”

“She’s a clever woman. She accepted it and understood that this is a special situation and furthermore she’s very grateful that you’ve saved us.”

“She’s a strong woman.”

“Yes, she is. She’ll stop by in a few days time. She wants to thank you for saving us all.”

“Now, now!” I bent my head and nuzzled back to his chest. I thought that I’d rather saved his wife and daughter because of him.

“But it was an important and noble deed. We’ll be always grateful for this. Come now, let’s get inside, I don’t want you to freeze here!”

“Let’s go. Dave…”

“Yes?” he looked at me when we were already walking hand in hand towards the house.

“Would you warm me up?” I smiled at him.

“What do you mean?” a malicious grin appeared on his face.

“I think I know a great method…”

“Hmm… really? Then come now, show me so I can help you!” he pulled me into the room and was already pulling off my sweater.


After a few days - when we were love nearly in every hour - Jenny really stopped by and squeezed my hand gratefully. She couldn’t stop saying “thank you”. By that time I felt quite good, although I still had to wear my sunglasses when I went out to the beach if I didn’t want to frighten anyone. We’ve got used to it with Dave, but for the time being I couldn’t get at peace with the thought that I’ll have to walk among people like this for the rest of my life. We ate a nice dinner with Jenny, which she had prepared. Then she said goodbye saying that she had to go back to Rosie and Jimmy. Jack, Dave’s eldest son, was baby-sitting them. At night – resting my head on Dave’s chest – I was thinking about Jenny, Dave and me for long hours.

I gave a few days to myself until I felt myself completely healthy. We’ve spent nearly every minute together. It was a nice discovery for the both of us that it seemed that my blood gave enough energy for Dave, because he hadn’t been hunting since the fight – he just sipped a few mouthfuls during our lovemakings. Nonetheless my mood started to sink with every passing day.

It was Thursday. I woke up alone. I saw Dave walking on the beach. I’ve got dressed and followed him.


“Good morning!” he turned towards me with a smile and embraced me before he kissed me. But he saw that I wanted to tell him something and he let me go – just my hand remained in his. He gently pulled me along with him to join his walk. “What is it?”

“Dave, I was thinking a lot.”

“Uh-oh, this doesn’t sound too good.”

I jogged him with a smile then my expression turned serious again. “I’m leaving.”

“Where?” he asked inquiringly. He didn’t get it.

“For good.”

He stopped and looked at me confused, taking off my sunglasses.

“What? Why? Now that we can be finally together?”

“Dave, this makes no sense. Now you’re with me, but soon you’ll have to go back. You have to be on your daughter’s and wife’s side. You have to help them to process the happenings. They need you. Help them, I’m fine.”

“But Liz… We’ll solve it! Move to New York! We’ll be able to meet there…”

“No, Dave” I took his face into my hands “That’d be selfish. You’d just cause harm to everyone. No, I go back to London. Now I can protect myself, thanks to you. I’ll start a new life and I’ll try to close this chapter of my life.”

“But Liz, with this you’ll close our love too! Do you want this?”

I smiled bitterly. “Yes. This will be the best.”

“But… but I love you!”

“You know well Dave that I love you too, but I’ve already decided this” I looked seriously into his eyes where I saw pain.

“Tell me! Why are you torturing me?” he whispered.

“Please, don’t make this even harder” I put my forehead to his, closing my still aching eyes. I felt him hugging me firmly.

“Liz! Liz, my love… Don’t…” he embraced me and caressed me everywhere he could touch me with his hands.

“I’d already packed my things. The cab’ll be here within minutes.”

“Did you really think this over?” he looked at me.


“Fine! Then take this with you…” he whispered and started kissing me passionately for long minutes. The sound of a horn dragged me back to reality.

“I have to go. This is for me.”

He just nodded and slowly let me go. I caressed his face, pressed a last kiss onto his lips then quickly headed for the house.

‘This isn’t the last time you see me…’ he sent his thought after me.

I didn’t answer just put on the pace, covering my silvery teardrops with the sunglasses.


By: Useless-girl


Strange Affection - The Sequel

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