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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter
Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : Chapter 11 - part 1

Chapter 11 - part 1

  2010.03.10. 23:58

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Chapter 11

A few days had passed since the successful

Budapest gig and as planned, Jen visited Dave again after she’d succeeded to break away from NYC for a while. She liked Paris where the guys had a double concert now. She has been here lots of times and the romantic nights in the city mesmerized her too. She watched the lights of the city and the walking couples from the cab. To tell the truth she missed these simple things as well. Like walking hand in hand with her husband by the Hudson. After she’d found the right hotel with John’s help she greeted her husband, whose hair was still wet from the shower he just took a few minutes ago. Sadly because her plane was late, she arrived just after the show. But she didn’t mind – they’ll have another concert the following day in that same arena.

Dave was happy to see his wife and he greeted her with a tight embrace and a kiss.

“How are things? Tell me about your days!” she sat down next to him onto the couch and after kicking off her shoes, she put her tired legs onto Dave’s lap.

“We are in grate form and enjoy the shows very much” Dave smiled “And what’s at home?” he asked back.

“Rosie’d told her opinion about one of her classmates in Greek when he pissed her off” she laughed “She’s getting more and more like you in her nature as well!” she caressed his forearm - resting on her legs-  through his thin pullover.

“I don’t know whether it’s good or bad!” he laughed.

“I think it’s good in many ways…” she stroked his chest as she bent forward a bit “Of course sometimes it makes it difficult to handle her, but… I’m quite good in handling you too, don’t you think?” she smiled, biting her lower lip a bit.

“We can say…” he smiled then took Jen’s chin into his hand to pull her closer for a kiss. After the last couple of days he needed the tenderness Jen could give him, he wanted to be the dominant one in a relationship.

“So… just like this? ‘We can say’…?” she asked between two small kisses while she straddled Dave – of course from this her skirt slid up, letting Dave see more of her stockings on her long legs.

And her husband rolled her skirt up even more “Well, you know, a while ago I’m not under your control” he joshed.

“And? Are you a bad boy, honey?” she slid closer to Dave’s groin and hand while she put her arms around his neck. She really wanted him to finally touch her.

“Do you want me to be one?” he pointed out the tip of his tongue as his look became dirty.

“Oh yes, I’d love it…” she moved her hips a few times to rub herself against her husband’s groin “Don’t you want it?”

“I didn’t say that!” Dave growled as desire filled his body “Do you want me to make you mine right here?” he whispered dirtily while the animal-like hunger became visible in his eyes.

“You’d jump on me and prevail over me?” she took Dave’s hand and led it onto her already wet panties to touch her where she wanted him the most.

“Don’t you want it?” Dave asked while his fingers quickly disappeared under the thin material, finding their way easily into the hot wetness.

Jen gave out an unarticulated and loud moan as she threw her head back, grabbing her own tit with one hand. She loved it when Dave’s long fingers disappeared in her body.

“So you don’t want it?” he asked again, still waiting for the answer and pulled his fingers back a bit.

“I want it! Yes, I want it!” she sputtered and quickly focused on Dave with her cloudy eyes “Please! Fuck me!” she panted. She was totally hungry for her man.

“Ohhh, I will – you can be sure about that” came another dark smile then he intensified the work of his fingers.

After a longing moan Jen hastily by-passed Dave’s hand to undo his trousers. She greedily reached into it, finding her way under his pants. The hard cock she was searching for slid into her hand, waiting for some pampering. Dave moaned on a low tone, but didn’t stop exciting his wife even more.

“I’ve missed you so much…” she whispered onto his mouth – her hand never stopping its moves.

“Now I’ll make up for the lost time” he said and slid his fingers out until he pulled her panties down, giving more space for his hand’s maneuvers.

Jen felt that she was nearly burning after Dave between her things and couldn’t wait to feel him fill her out again. But before that she grabbed the edge of his pullover and T-shirt and with one swift move she pulled it over his head. She smiled from his messy hair then stroked his shoulders and leant closer for a longing kiss. And Dave answered her call with giving her a lustful kiss. He freed his fingers to be able taking off the disturbing pieces of clothes. She willingly let him take off her halter, but she couldn’t wait for him to get rid off her bra – during a greedy kiss she took Dave’s wrist and led it back between her thighs, right onto her clit. Dave smiled from this stubbornness and dash. His fingers started to work again, letting out a moan from Jen right away, followed by others. She loved making love to her husband. He always knew what she needed – but of course sometimes he willingly tortured her, but she didn’t really mind it. She felt that she was quickly getting close, but she didn’t want to cum yet so she rather took Dave’s wrist again and started pulling it away.

“Give me your hand, baby!” she whispered hoarsely from lust.

Her husband didn’t say a word just he let Jen take over command. She lifted Dave’s hand to her lips with a little smile and ran the tip of her tongue on his fingers, which were glistening from her own lovejuices. She took them into her mouth and started sucking on them sensually – looking right into Dave’s eyes. He hissed quietly from the sight and he couldn’t take off his nearly black irises from Jen. He felt more blood running down into his groin – stretching him nearly painfully.

Getting enough of the foreplay his wife was about to sit on Dave’s hardness, when her eyes got stuck on his wrist. She froze for a moment then slid his bracelets out of the way and looked at the bruises shocked.

“What are these?” This was when the light marks of scratching, biting and grabbing came into her focus on Dave’s upper body.

“Nothing” Dave pulled his hand away. His eyes reflected confusion for a moment.

“And these?” she stroked along some nearly completely healed scratches questioningly. The shock and incomprehension was already in her voice – just like the premonitory signs of anger.

“These… these are just…” Dave didn’t know what he could say – not even a single explanation came into his mind.

“With whom did you cheat on me again?” Jen straightened up as she was still sitting on him and her whole expression hardened “With a woman or…?”

“Or what?” Dave asked back.

Jen’s eyes grew darker as she pressed her lips together. For a minute she just examined Dave’s eyes then she quickly and angrily crawled off Dave’s lap to reach for her thong, pulling it back on and dashing off on a shaky voice: “Oh for fuck’s sake, David!” when she’d already stroked down her skirt she straightened up she added: “It was Martin, right?”

Dave’s eyes popped out and it was difficult to decide whether he was taken aback because of the nonsense of the statement or because it was true.

“Yes, I know that you’re lovers!” she puffed, putting on her halter as well.

Dave wanted to say something, but he was so shocked that no words came out from his mouth, so it ended up in a silent gawping.

“You really thought that I’m this stupid?!” she bursted out and pain appeared in her eyes and voice.

“For how long did you know about this?” Dave found his voice again, but it seemed to be broken.

“I was suspicious for a few years now, but I know it just since a couple of months… when I confronted Mart” she folded her arms as if she was cold.

“You went to see Martin?” he stood up too. His shock was growing more and more. “How did you know?”

Jen turned slightly away from her half-naked husband and answered on a low, hurt tone: “There were signs, David.”

“How much do you know?” he asked, slightly scared.

“Not much. I didn’t want to go into the details. I was very mad at Mart. We had a fight. Then I shooed him away to drag you out of your depression! I didn’t want to think deeper of it how he’d managed to do that” she closed her eyes.

It seemed that he sighed a bit relieved. He reached for his T-shirt and put it on “And what do you want to do now?”

Jen slowly opened her eyes and looked at him half-accusingly, half-painfully and faltered out “I don’t know” she said and these three words echoed coldly in the silent room. Then she passed Dave, picked up her shoes and bag and nearly ran out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her.

The singer was just standing there. He couldn’t process this shocking information, he barely could take it in what kind of consequences this conversation can have or what will happen now. He had to discuss this with Martin.

Meanwhile his wife was hurrying on the streets, never looking up. She didn’t even know where she was, she just wanted to get far away from Dave for a while. Why did she come here? She should have known, she should have prepared herself that while the tour was on and they can be together this much, it was likely that they slept together! Basically such relationships didn’t disturb her, but it was something else hearing about such things than experiencing it. She was confused. She had to think about what to do or say to David. She needed time.



Meanwhile Dave knocked on the door.

“Yes?” the blonde man opened it – his cell by his ear – and seeing Dave’s confused look he waved him inside “Yes, that’s the deadline… Yes, okay, I’ll transfer the money… Yes, thank you. I have to go now. Bye!” he ended the call quickly, his eyes following the troubled singer crawling in the room “What’d happened? There’s something wrong, I can tell…”

“Why did you tell her?” Dave asked quietly, coming to the point right away. He didn’t look into the green eyes, he didn’t want to see them now.

“What and to whom?” surprise appeared on his face.

“To Jen, for fuck’s sake, to my wife!”

This enlightened Martin as the pieces fell into their places. His face went dark right away. “So finally she brought it up…” he said on a grave tone. In the last months he felt this constant fear, because he didn’t know how Jen was with this whole thing. He was afraid that she’ll confront Dave with this… and this was happening now!

“What did you tell her? What, Martin?!”

“Nothing” he sat down into an armchair.

Dave sat onto the bed. He bent his head down and ran his right hand’s fingers through his hair “I shouldn’t have let it…”

“What?” Mart came back from his thoughts and frowned suspiciously.

“To let her see the signs” he showed his wrists “I should have dodged it. It’s my fault.”

Martin moaned faintly “So this is why she freaked out?” he ran his hands on his careworn face.

“Maybe this was the last drop for her. She told me that she had suspected it. But I don’t get it. Why didn’t she tell it earlier? Because our relationship – for many people – is disgusting.”

“Because I’ve kept you on the right level…” Mart bent down his head “Or at least she thinks so.”

“This is partly true. But she…” Dave started but then went silent. He stared into nowhere and started to see the bigger picture here “… she profited from this” he finished the sentence in a whisper. Now he got it why his wife abided this relationship. If she hadn’t, who’d know where Dave was now? “She profited from your actions and from what I mean to you and you for me. She benefited from this…” he repeated while a mixture of shock and anger filled his chest and stressed his ribs.

Martin remained silent and dug into his hair with both of his hands as he bent forward and propped his elbows on his knees, still holding his head this way.

“I’m scared, Mart” he whispered his confession into the silence of the room.

“Me too…” he muttered and looked at his love with pain in his eyes. He had more time to think through the possible consequences hundreds of times and tried to prepare himself for the worst. However, his heart was beating painfully in his chest because of the frightening insecurity of the situation. Jen could kill everything inside of him with just one sentence.

“I never wanted this” Dave looked into the green eyes “I believed that we were experienced enough to hide this. You were right… I went too far. I’m sorry.”

“The damage is done” Mart sighed and leant back in the armchair, lifting his gaze onto him absently.

“What’s on your mind?” Dave asked. He knew that it was in vain hoping that his mate’d come up with something. They can’t do anything – they have to wait.

“That everything depends on Jen now. We have to explain this to her. She cannot decide without knowing our story!” he sighed while a frightening pain started to crawl into his heart What if…?

“If this can save us…”

“It’s worth trying it…” he whispered and closed his eyes for a moment. Then he was just drinking in the sight of Dave. He wanted to go there and hide in his embrace and tell him finally that he had been dreading himself with this since months and he was thinking so hard to come up with a solution, but nothing came into his mind. And that he was afraid and he is still.

Cold emptiness filled Dave’s heart. He would have never thought that once he could depend on Jennifer this much. He felt as if he was waiting for his death sentence. Can he walk away free or not? He didn’t want her to leave him and he didn’t know how Jen could live with this knowledge – especially after telling her their story with Martin. He was scared. This was clear to see for Martin too and he hated to notice this fear on Dave, because it was the reflection of his own. He couldn’t bear it anymore! He stood up, hurried to the sitting Dave, fell onto his knees in front of him and bent his head down onto Dave’s thighs, hugging his waist tightly.

“Don’t be mad at me! I wanted to tell, but… I never did. I thought it’ll be better this way…”

Dave slowly dug his fingers into the blonde curls then bent down to place a kiss between them. Who knows how many times will he be able to do this?

“It’s okay…” he said quietly. He just wanted to enjoy the moment.

As an answer Martin hugged him even more then he changed his mind and pushed him back onto the sheets. This way his mouth was at Dave’s ear as he was still desperately hugging him. He had such emotional outbursts rarely, but this time he felt that something bad was coming and he didn’t want it to end with the thing he feared the most.

“If I lose you… I die…” he whispered hoarsely into Dave’s ear and his voice was barely audible.

Hearing this made Dave grab Martin’s T-shirt firmer as he hugged him tighter. It was as if he could prevent their separation this way.

“I’ve promised you that I’ll never leave you” he said huskily.

Martin’s heart sank and he had to concentrate awfully hard to hold his tears back.

“Yes, I remember.

“I’ll keep my word. I’ll stick up for you. Because I love you. You are a part of me.”

Mart’s heart was overflowing with emotions – he thought they’ll drown him, but he managed to pull himself together a bit and lifted his head, taking Dave’s face into his hands, looking into the open eyes.

“Whatever may come, I love you too. You’re a part of me as well, because I am you and you are me…”

Dave had to close his eyes in case he didn’t want his tears to run down on his face. He was so scared of losing Martin! And he had never told him how much he really loved him, how much he needed him!

Martin’s whole body was shaking and he was just caressing Dave’s face like there was no tomorrow. And maybe there wasn’t. They were waiting for the judgment like culprits, who still had a little hope left… But they couldn’t be sure.

“I love you…” Curly bent down to his lips and gave a quick kiss on it “No matter what’ll come, I love you so much…” he kissed him again, trying to show every emotions he had in this kiss.

 Dave couldn’t say a word just returned the kisses the same way.


Part 2

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