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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter
Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : Chapter 13

Chapter 13

  2010.03.18. 20:58

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Recommended song: London After Midnight – Heaven Now

Chapter 13

After a few minutes the blonde man broke their long kiss and pulled back a bit from Dave to moan into his mouth: “I want you! I want you… now…” he grabbed his love’s T-shirt by his side nearly painfully firmly.

Instead of words Dave answered with a passionate and long kiss, enjoying the feel of Mart’s skin lingering on his fingers. His mate shivered and let himself get lost in it. Every cell of his body screamed for Dave, his body crawled all over. Dave - with the help of his palms – drank in the heat of the other man’s body as he pulled him closer, pressing himself against Curly. He wanted to feel him more than anything!

Martin wanted more! A little voice in his head was yelling “MORE! MORE! MORE!”. He nearly set upon the body in front of him and he didn’t care, he just wanted to feel his lips and touches on his own. Dave became hungrier, his touches and kisses turned more urgent and moved toward Mart’s neck, tasting his skin with his tongue. In his pleasure Mart moaned on the ceiling and his hands unwillingly sneaked under Dave’s T-shirt by his waist to deeply scratch along the warm skin. From this the sharp teeth bit into his skin. Another throaty moan escaped Mart’s mouth, trying to push Dave away a bit so he could pull the T-shirt over his head. Dave – even if it was difficult by now – obeyed and in turn he attacked Mart’s pullover too, dragging it off of him. Finally he bent back to the pampered surface and started tasting the blonde man going lower and lower.

“You’re so incredibly tasty…” he whispered glimpsing up for a moment “I’d die, if I wasn’t able to savor you again” he said then went on.

Martin’s heart jumped from this sentence and without thinking he let his fingers dug into Dave’s hair, giving him a sad smile.

“And I’d die, if I wasn’t able to feel your lips on my skin anymore…” he sighed.

“I fade away without you” he whispered onto Mart’s stomach then his fingers slid onto the belt.

He had to close his eyes from this to hold the tears back from falling. He felt the same, but he was afraid that he’d collapse in the moment he opens his mouth, so he remained silent. He rather let Dave undo his belt and pull his trousers down then he stepped out of it.

“Come here” Dave said with a lopsided smile as he pulled down his underwear too and spotted his favorite body part.

Mart couldn’t stop a smile as he stepped closer to Dave.

“Tell me… what plans do you have with him?” he asked quietly.

“What do you think?” came the reply then he gave a peck on Mart’s lower-tummy before slowly sliding his mouth onto the semi-hard cock.

Its owner sighed and bent his head back then he slowly looked down to let every moment burn into his mind. He was caressing the soft hair while watching his rapidly hardening member becoming the singer’s plaything. Dave used the well-known moves – his fingers formed a ring around him and he attacked Mart from below as well, meanwhile looking straight into the green eyes. Martin went crazy from the sight! He went nuts from this man with all of his beauty and caducity. He didn’t know what he would do without him…

“Dave…” he half-moaned, half-whispered. A shiver ran down his spine from this glimpse. He wanted to taste him too, so he grabbed his hair a bit firmer, signaling to let him go. “Come into bed…” he murmured hoarsely.

He let him go, but couldn’t stop himself, he had to lick along the bottom of Mart’s member then he stood up and pulled his lover to the bed. His mate gently undressed Dave then made him lay down onto the sheets before he joined him. Mart was lying on his side now, continuing their intimate kiss. The brunette was just drinking in the emotions and his hands were restlessly wandering on Martin’s body. He could have cried from the sweet feelings.

The blonde man was listening to Dave’s ragged breaths as the desire awoke in him. As he was lying on his side, halfway bent over Dave, he let his hand slowly slide along the warm chest, palpating the madly beating heart. His fingertips barely touched the skin - which was covered in goose bumps - lower on the taut stomach.

Dave’s muscles tensed from the touches. He nearly went insane, he could barely wait for Martin to grab him. His lover looked deeply in his eyes: he wanted to see his love’s look when his fingers find him. He loved the feel, the hardness of it. He loved knowing that it waits just for him, that this beautiful man was turned on just because of him… He grabbed him gently and slowly started pumping it. He was already wet from his pre-cum. Dave’s eyes turned into black then threw his head back, moaning into the air, his muscles softly tensing onto his bones.

His lover enjoyed the sight then gave a tender kiss onto his lips, just to move along his jaw-line and neck, licking his collarbones then slowly reaching one of the small nipples. He lecherously licked around it then started softly biting and sucking on it. He knew that his mate’ll go crazy from this. But of course meanwhile his hands were busy too:  in time with one if his bites one hand slid lower to reach behind his balls and find the well-known platinum ring and when he bit harder onto the nipple between his teeth, he slid the ring onto his finger and gently pulled on it.

Dave gave out a feral yell. The sensual pain, the love and the lust pounced on him in the same time and he couldn’t take it anymore. The muscles on his neck became more visible and his veins drew a design on them as he cried out on the top of his voice. It was music for Martin’s ears and he had to let out a longing and satisfied groan as his rock-hard erection touched Dave’s thigh. He couldn’t stop himself, he had to start gently rubbing himself to the singer. This way he could get more pleasure for himself as well.

As if he got some order, Dave’s hand started searching for the hard cock immediately. Martin panted onto Dave’s hot chest and had to close his eyes when he could finally feel the long fingers on him again. He looked up with his cloudy eyes to make eye-contact with him. He watched him panting and as another wave of his emotions washed over him, three words left his mouth quietly: “Hurt me, Dave!”

“Are you serious?” the dark eyes glinted.

He nodded and felt that his eyes were still deeply open “Yes, my sweet… I want you to mark me” he swallowed hard “To have your signs on my body… to know that I belong to you.”

“Why? Didn’t you know it until now?” the reply came with a dangerous smile as Dave was eying Mart’s body, as if he wanted to decide which part would taste the best.

He didn’t answer. He wanted to call forth Dave’s beast to tear him up. He wanted the singer not to hold back, to release everything he had hidden inside. He wanted to feel that dark, wild, inhuman energy radiating from him, washing over Mart’s body, burying him, leaving him without future, hope or light.

The singer found the surface he fancied this time and pounced like a snake, biting between the ribs forcefully, feeling the bones between his teeth. He even tousled them a bit, intensifying the pressure until his leopard-like teeth broke the skin and he felt the sweet metallic taste. He had to growl hungrily from this. Martin howled from the mixture of sharp pain and pleasure and unwillingly grabbed Dave’s hair with one hand, trying to pull his head back a bit. But Dave growled and with a forceful movement he pinned the hand to the mattress as he tore it away from his hair. He liked listening to his cries as he was suffering from the pain, as he ruled him, as he tore him into pieces… and now he won’t show any mercy, now he won’t hold back.

Martin panted from anticipation. It was quite a while ago since he had seen Dave like this. He could spot his other self as it glided behind the dark gaze as a black shadow again and again, getting closer to the surface with every moment, as if the beast winded. And yes… when Mart looked at the full lips, he saw that they were smeary from his blood. He knew what he had to do to get more: he tried to put up a fight against his mate’s steel grip, playing the trapped prey’s role willingly. Dave pulled away from the sweet wound, licked the blood off of his lips and put nearly his whole weight onto his hand, which pinned Martin down, pressing him into the mattress.

“Stay still!” he ordered on his deep, growling tone.

“No!” he faltered out, still squirming under him, trying to break free.

But his mate didn’t let it. He sat onto Curly’s hips and the fingers of his free hand found his neck, grabbing and pressing it slightly. He bent down to Mart’s lips and whispered his order onto them again.

He gasped for air, but wasn’t taken aback. Not yet! Because he knew how hot this demonic figure over him could get from this, and he wanted Dave – maybe for the last time – to get free from his restraints completely, and live just for the moment. He was his prey willingly.

“No!” the next protest came and he squeezed Dave’s wrists firmly

Dave’s beast squealed, but just the singer heard it. Just his eyes filled up with more fire as he let Martin’s neck go and grabbed both of his wrists with one hand. He gave him a devilish smile and licked his own upper-lip. He was about to gorge himself.

His heart jumped up into his throat, his pulse was awfully quick. He thought his blood will boil in any minute from this look. Another wave of blood ran down to his groin from anticipation and from that little fear he always felt when he was with Dave this way, when he let his beast get this close to him. But now there was no turning back. Dave leant to Mart’s skin and first tasted it with his tongue, sometimes sucking it between his teeth. The blonde man sighed from the luscious feeling, but knew that he had to prepare himself for the next outburst, and his rock-hard cock twitched painfully from this thought. Dave moved towards the soft stomach slowly. He couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into that just to hear the painful yells again. He let go Martin’s wrists, which turned white from his grip, so now he could slide lower, reaching his temporary goal. He inhaled deeply, the tip of his tongue touched the surface for a moment then he couldn’t take it anymore – the sharp teeth snapped and disappeared in the warm softness.

The silence of the half-lit room was broken by Martin’s painful yell again. Dave didn’t care, he was biting the skin greedily, sucking the blood out of it till the last drop. When the free way of his food was blocked, he tore another wound on him just to leap on it eagerly like a wolf, which digs the bloody meat with his nose in his ecstasy, just gulping the mouthfuls. He knew that Mart’s voice got out of the room, cuz after all he had quite a range of voice and now he used it out in 100%. But Dave didn’t rush – he was greedy but didn’t fluster. He bit every possible surface of the skin over the insides, leaving bloody wounds behind him.

Martin – from the ecstasy of pain and pleasure – was in kinda trance and he didn’t care anymore what this wild beast was doing to him, he was just howling as loud as he could. Strangely he felt himself this good a long time ago. He’d missed the feeling as Dave completely reigns over all of his senses and body. The singer’s painful path came to an end when he reached the lowest point of Martin’s tummy. He pulled his sharp teeth back. As a sharp contrast with the previous pain, he took Mart into an unbelievably wet hotness.

His senses were on high and from this sudden change his whole body jerked and goose bumps covered his skin. He didn’t care about his throbbing and bleeding wounds, he focused only on the flames of pleasure. From their heat he felt as if his flesh peeled off of his bones, burning into flagrant ashes in the wreathing storm of passion, which was straining and straining his body towards Dave.

Dave glimpsed up on Curly’s face, while steadily doing his job, sucking on the cock, which filled his mouth, with pleasure. His tortured lover was already totally out of his mind and was moaning without any break, grabbing the sheet – he knew that it was dangerous to touch Dave now, cuz he could react erratically. He wasn’t able to pull himself together enough to look down at him, though he wanted to do it badly. With eyes squeezed shut tightly, not paying too much attention, he dug his finger into one of the burning wounds so the pleasure could mix with sweet pain again.

Dave placed his hands on Mart’s thighs, digging his fingers into them as he put his weight on them, giving more space with this to his head. He used the opportunity and played with the member in his mouth more intensely. Now his teeth touched it too, scratching the upper layer of the skin.

The blonde man rattled inarticulately and his whole body strained. With much difficulty he collected the rest of his sanity and lifted his head, focusing on the singer with his glistening, cloudy and swirling eyes. The tone he used was nowhere close to his original one:

“Please, Dave…. Pleeease…” he tore out the words from his dry throat.

Dave broke away from Mart.

“What do you want? Say it!” he ordered. He wanted him to say his topmost wish aloud.

“I… I… want you… to finally fuck me!” he panted in agony.

“Maybe I can fulfill that… if you ask me” his green – nearly black – eyes flashed.

“Please!!” the reply came without hesitation.

Dave mused then “No” he answered coldly.

“No! Dave! Please!” he looked at him desperately and grabbed one of his arms.

“No. Until you won’t ask me more nicely.”

“Pretty please!” he whimpered.

“What’d you do for it?” Dave smiled darkly.

“What do you want? Ask anything!” he panted and couldn’t stop his hips from moving.

Dave crawled to Mart’s ear and whispered into it: “Stay with me…”

The blonde man gasped for air and his whole body froze. He didn’t see Dave’s quiet demand coming. The sharp swift dragged him down from the heights of dirty pleasures. Dave’s sentence shot right into the middle of his painfully throbbing heart. He didn’t dare to look at him. He barely dared to move at all.

“Promise me this… please” he looked him into the eye.

“You know that I’ve already promised this… don’t you remember?” he swallowed hard, but nothing wet his dry throat.

“But I want to hear it again. Make me believe it… even if it’s not true.”

His love looked deeply into his eyes and examined the endless depth of it for a few minutes.

“I promise… again.” But Martin knew that both of them were clear with it that it wasn’t sure that they’d be able to keep their word.

Now Dave didn’t want to think about such things, he just believed the words. He started a passionate kiss, leaning onto his forearms next to Mart’s shoulders. He wanted him so badly!

“Love me, Dave! Please…” he put his arms around the singer’s back and because of a sudden wave of desperation he hugged him so tightly that his nails dug into the warm skin “I beg you!”

Hearing his demand Dave quickly wet Martin and started penetrating him. He needed no help, he was still rock-hard.

“Straddle, you bitch!” Dave moaned while he slid into him slowly.

Martin obeyed without a word and pulled his lover even closer – nearly panting into his face. He knew that he was getting closer and closer and couldn’t stop his hand, which grabbed his own cock. This made him cry out again. Dave’s back-muscles tensed as he picked up the rhythm and bent down until he could moan into Martin’s ear.

The owner of the sweaty body was out of his mind again within a few moments. He moved his hand on his rock-hard cock wildly, while he was clinging to Dave painfully tightly. He needed him so badly! By this time his moans got plaintive as the tears started to silently flow from his eyes.

Dave looked down at him and spotted them. He bent down to console him with his kisses, while his hips moved sensually and time after time he had to break away from Martin to groan.

The blonde man – without any warning – cried out loud as his whole body tensed and welcomed the long-awaited orgasm, shooting his load onto the moving singer’s stomach. He wouldn’t have been able to hold himself back any longer. From this Dave had to throw his head back and groaned loudly, cuz Martin’s sphincter squeezed him painfully, stopping him from every move, but the grab eased up soon and he got a green light again. He couldn’t take it anymore – he wanted relief right away! He accelerated his speed, which turned into a kind of animalistic rape. Martin didn’t protest, but if he did, Dave wouldn’t have given a damn – if he has to do it, he’d rape him. Now he concentrated fully on himself as he growled and was moving wildly, faster and faster until he fell off the cliff and his body arched and he was cumming without a word.

Mart’s hand slid on the sweaty back and let it rest on the singer’s waist. He just watched as his love came for him. The sight was beyond expression as Dave leaned over him, as the veins stuck out nearly painfully on his skin, as the light glinted on his sweat drops… He saved every moment into his mind again. No matter what’ll come, he’ll always remember the color of his flushed skin, the tattooed arms shaking from the feeling he just experienced, the closed eyes and the face, which was distorted from the pleasure he felt. He found his lover so beautiful that his tears found their way into the pillow again.

After the moments of ecstasy were over, Dave collapsed onto Martin panting. His wet hair stuck to his forehead, he was gasping for air, his throat was dry, his arms were shaking, but he could say just one thing:

“I love you…” he whispered faintly then buried his head into the soft neck.

His mate couldn’t take it anymore: he nuzzled to the singer even more as his sobbing burst out of him. Dave couldn’t do anything else just held him tight. He couldn’t console him, because he felt the same.

Mart thought that it’d be useless to say anything to his sweaty lover. Everything they could express with words had been told. But he couldn’t hold back his tears, they were flowing freely. The whole act had a “smell of goodbye” and he hated this! He couldn’t take it! His whole body was shaking as he hung to his only one support. The brunette man let his fingers sink in the blonde curls then – as tightly as it was possible – embraced him, and he never wanted to let him go.

Martin moaned silently as the salty sweat started burning his open wounds, but this pain was nothing compared to the one tearing him apart from the inside. He panted his pain into Dave’s shoulder for long-long minutes. He had to suppress it for so long, but now he let it flow out, hoping that it’ll bring some relief.

His lover pulled back a bit and bent onto Curly’s lips with all of his love. Mart’s face was tear-stained as he returned the kiss greedily, sniffing, his whole body shaking. He let all of his guards fall. Just he was lying under Dave naked, lost in the whirlwind of his emotions and he wanted to stay there forever.



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