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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter
Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : In a parallel universe (IDM special)- part 1

In a parallel universe (IDM special)- part 1

  2010.04.11. 23:08

Note by Capri: This fanfiction was written for the Valentine day contest – though we already had the idea of this complementary story. It wasn’t easy to write it, but we managed. I hope you’ll like it. :D

Note by Useless-girl: True. This little short story is in connection with our “It doesn’t matter” fanfiction and from a certain point it becomes an alternative version of that story. Enjoy!

Category: SLASH (Dave/Martin)

Rating: R


In a parallel universe

He glanced over his shoulder to let everyone pass him then he couldn’t bear it anymore: he pushed the grinning and sweating singer against the wall when he saw that no one was around. He pressed his hungry lips against his – barely hearing the crowd’s still hurricane-like chanting in the dark. They haven’t switched on the lights yet – the fans were waiting for them to go back on stage. But they won’t. Now something else will come. Something very different… which the blonde man wanted to make clear for the singer, who panted into his mouth. In the dark he slid his hands gently between his legs. That smack on his butt at the end of the show was the last drop for him. He drove him mad. He wanted him. Now.

Dave moaned lustfully into the other man’s mouth and gave him his sensual kisses. Then he pulled away from him and noted with a dark grin: “Did I manage to turn you on?”

“Hell yes!” he panted, grabbing the wonderful hand and led it onto his own groin “I want you, David!”

Dave’s smile got wider from this and his hand on Martin’s groin reached for his hand to start pulling him towards his dressing room. He didn’t let him disobey. He closed the door behind them and pressed Mart against it, just to attack the silvery trousers greedily and nearly violently. Mart helped him hastily unpacking himself and already felt his member hardening just from the anticipation. He couldn’t wait anymore – with one hand he eagerly pushed the singer onto his knees.

Dave let him – he grabbed the already hard cock and went for it like a hungry beast on fresh meat. His hands grabbed the edge of the vest firmly as he started moving his head wildly, without any warning. Martin couldn’t really control his voice – he began moaning loudly as he grabbed Dave’s wet hair firmly and started moving his hips unwillingly to the rhythm of his mouth.

“Fuck!!! That’s it!!!” he threw his head back in his pleasure.

Dave glimpsed up with a dark look at the adored face. But he didn’t break away from the object of his pampering. He loved feeling his hardness, his taste in his mouth!

“David! Jesus! David…” he was repeating this with a few additional moans. He knew that this act won’t last too long, because the demon kneeling in front of him had already turned him on so badly earlier that he knew that it was just the question of minutes. He loved it that the singer was able to do such wonders with his throat… and not just when he was singing…

Dave didn’t show any mercy – not slowing the pace he chased Martin further towards oblivion. The blonde man’s body tensed even more and compared to the wild dash he stroked his watcher’s face gently, letting their eyes meet again seconds before his orgasm. He let his lustful and cloudy eyes speak instead of him. Then his mouth opened slightly, but he didn’t close his eyes, he forced himself to hold the singer’s gaze while his body strained. He had to give out a loud groan as he shot his hot seed into his lover’s mouth, who swallowed the nearly burning liquid. He wanted to have even the last drop of Martin. Finally he slowly slid him out of his mouth and stood up, pressing his body against him and whispering into his ear:

“You were screaming like a filthy bitch. I’d be surprised, if they haven’t heard outside” he laughed quietly.

Martin was still panting with dim eyes and smiled, but as another wave of the whistling desire caught him, he took Dave’s flushed face between his hands, pulling him close to kiss him, pressing his body against the other’s.

Dave didn’t protest, but he didn’t let too much for the blonde man – he leant to his ear again: “You’re dirty, Gore.”

“Would you tell me more about this?” he caressed Dave’s butt.

“You’re an exciting dirty snake, who can tame me with only one move” he whispered hoarsely and pressed his groin against him nearly painfully “You can turn me on so badly!”

“Do you want me to rub you off?” he squeezed Dave’s hard cock through his trousers and gave him a dirty smile.

Dave couldn’t stop a deep growl, which ended in a moan. His black eyes were telltale.

“Let me hear it…” Mart whispered on a deep tone as he started stroking him.

“Ah… yes!” the singer moaned, his whole body shaking.

Mart’s smile got wider as he squeezed Dave once more then pulled his hand away – but not to loosen the badly stretching trousers…

“No… Just in the hotel…” he whispered as revenge because of that little erotic show Dave gave him on stage “But just in case you’ll be a good boy…”

“What must I do to be a good boy in your eyes?”

“If you do what I want you to do… maybe you will be one…” he lightly scratched the sweaty chest with his black fingernails.

“You know I’m your slave, no matter what you from me…” he closed his eyes in the moment of his confession.

Yes, he knew. There was no need for Dave to say it out loud. He left his dominant attitude behind for a moment and let his eyes soften and open up. He caressed Dave’s face and leant to him, whispering nearly into his mouth: “And you know that this is mutual…”

Dave just smiled then leant to Martin again – this time kissing and tasting him softly and gently. The blonde man was drinking in his kisses thirstily for long minutes then he pulled away a bit, just to let their foreheads touch for a moment then he gently kissed Dave’s.

“Come… we have to hurry. We’ll go back to the hotel soon.”

Dave didn’t answer just pulled away from Martin with a light smile on his lips, taking off his vest and throwing it onto one of the chairs – he was already on his way to the bathroom. But in the door he stopped and looked back over his shoulder, waiting for Mart, who followed him within seconds – taking off his wet clothes, noticing Dave’s hot gaze as he watched him. Mart could barely wait for getting back to the hotel…


A shadow stepped quietly into the dark room. He looked around, but didn’t turn the lights on. He stared into nothing, his gaze looking through the glass – he saw the night-time city, but he turned his look away uninterested. The exhausted black panther laid down onto the bed – stretching his human-shaped cage and yawned an enormous one. He was hungry – very hungry – but his prey had not entered his trap yet.

After a few minutes a messy and wet-haired figure stepped out onto the quiet and deserted corridor to reach his destination without any noise. He didn’t knock – he knew that it’d be open and the darkness didn’t surprise him either. After all those bright lights the children of the night welcomed the nice half-light. He closed the door quietly behind him. Then he was just standing there for a few moments, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness and to spot the contours of the figure lying on the bed.

Green eyes flashed in the dark as the predator lifted up his beautiful head. Finally he has arrived… He could have used the darkness of his cage and jump on his unsuspecting victim, but he rather huffed lazily. He waited until the gold comes near to him.

Mart walked towards the bed in a comfortable pace – now bare-feeted. He sank onto the bed without a word and crawled over his waiting mate on all fours, not letting their bodies touch yet, though he wanted that the most. But first he wanted to bath in the dark energy swirling around his lover. Dave looked into his eyes with a smile then reached up with his left hand to touch Mart’s side softly – his fingers gently playing on his ribs. His mate inhaled sharply as he shivered unwillingly. The fingers found their way between the bones as they hung on them and pulled Mart’s chest downward by them, so he could finally taste Curly’s mouth on his own. Before their lips could meet, Mart moaned on a low tone from the mixture of pain and pleasure then he touched Dave’s lips just feather-lightly. The singer enjoyed this torturing game and let the blonde man taking command. His mate used this opportunity and lowered his body so he could press it all along to Dave’s then he rubbed his burning groin against him as well. The man under him had to moan out lustfully from this. His voice was a bit hoarse from the two-hours-long singing. He couldn’t take this slow torture anymore – he quickly grabbed Mart’s nape and pulled him onto his body. Mart lost his balance and fell over him. He didn’t say a word just watched David for a few moments then his eyes glimpsed down at the full lips again – this time making them his passionately. Mart returned the kiss contentedly puffing, propping himself on his forearms next to Dave’s shoulders and enjoying the touches of the hands on his back and butt.

Dave’s hands came to life soon as they were sliding on Martin’s back then grabbed his ass. He couldn’t get enough of him! His tongue chased the other one with wild passion, sometimes softly biting down on the lower lip. The blonde man couldn’t stop himself: he had to move his hips a few times, rubbing their members harder together. Meanwhile he didn’t let Dave’s mouth go.

Dave praised this with another big moan then his long fingers slid under the hem of the T-shirt to pull it up and reveal the soft and tasty skin. Mart growled and closed his eyes while he went for Dave’s neck – sinking his teeth hard into the fragrant skin. The singer sighed from pleasure and more blood ran into his member. His fingers dug into Mart’s skin and he scratched it thanks to this stimuli. As an answer he got another stronger bite and a moan then Mart soothed the sharp pain with licking him. Dave was just moaning and moaning towards the ceiling – one growl came after the other – while Curly’s back was already full of red scratches. He let Dave’s skin go and greedily licked along Dave’s jaw then he nearly attacked the swollen lips. He discovered every corner of Dave’s mouth then he lost his mind: suddenly he pulled away and kneeled up to slide onto Dave’s thighs and pull him up into a sitting position by Dave’s T-shirt. This way he had a chance to pull it off and after another passionate kiss he pushed him back onto the sheets nearly violently, while he was still sitting on Dave, attacking his trousers and underwear. He wanted to see his hardness right away! Dave just let Martin take control again – he loved watching him as he gets wilder, as he lived just for the moment and for his emotions!

As soon as he unpacked Dave, he licked his own mouth – never leaving Dave’s groin with his gaze – and he tried to get rid off his sweat-pants as quickly as it was possible. He wasn’t wearing anything under it. He moved a bit closer to touch his rock-hard cock to Dave’s then he started slowly moving his hips, keeping one hand on both of them. He let out a wobbly sigh.

Dave’s eyes turned into black frighteningly quickly, giving him an animal-like stare. First he glimpsed down at them then he moved forward to catch the blonde man for a bruising kiss. Mart let his lover sit up and bite into his lips, grabbing him by his butt and pulling him closer. His breathing sped up as he nuzzled to Dave more and more then he leant to his ear and whispered:

“Take us both in your hand!”

Dave flinched from this dirty sentence. He looked into the green eyes as he slowly reached down and found the rock-hard members. He sighed from his own touch. Mart moaned hoarsely and closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling to the full. He went crazy from knowing that Dave’s hard cock is touching his while the singer’s hand started to move up and down on them. He embraced Dave’s tattooed shoulder with one hand and had to look down at them to burn the sight into his mind.

“Harder!” he moaned.

Thanks to the demand he squeezed themselves harder and accelerated the pace of his hand. He had to prop his forehead on Martin’s shoulder, while he was moaning his name from the pleasure he felt. His senses were almost on fire, consuming him.

Martin’s hip started to move without noticing it as he felt the stronger grip and Dave’s pre-cum on his cock, which signaled that his love got even more turned on. Another wave of desire washed over his head and he grabbed his mate to pull both of them into a kneeling position. This way he could grab Dave’s balls then his fingers slid back to the platinum ring behind them. He pushed his index-finger in it and started pulling on it mercilessly and lecherously.

To suppress his now very loud yell he bit into the musician’s shoulder without thinking. His hand never stopped moving on them. But the blonde man couldn’t keep down his cry – and to be frank he didn’t even care. He just wanted to give as much pleasure to the singer as it was possible – and because of this he profusely slobbered two of his fingers and reached to Dave’s ass to start exciting him sensually. He could wait only for a few seconds before penetrating him with his middle finger and his other one followed it soon. He found Dave’s love button quickly, who felt that he won’t be able to hold himself back for long, cuz his throbbing cock was already at the brink of exploding. He was moaning – nearly shouting – out of his head, calling out Martin’s name as the sign of his pleasure.

Martin was watching the face in sweet agony while he was moving his fingers deep inside of him then he quickly pushed away Dave’s hand from their cocks and grabbed his lover’s to start pumping it fast and hard.

“Come on… that’s it… cum for me, sweetie!” he moaned onto Dave’s chin and quickly licked along his throat just to focus on his face again.

Dave panted a bit more then a shiver ran down his spine as his orgasm hit him and he had to gasp for air, giving himself to the pleasures completely, marking Martin, who growled contentedly as he felt Dave’s sperm run down on his tummy and groin. He loved this dirty and exciting feeling! He pumped his lover a few more times, looking at him with his cloudy eyes. He wanted his last drop too which ran down onto his slippery hand. He let go of his relieved cock listening to Dave’s hasty breaths and his last few moans. He touched his own tummy and groaned quietly as he smeared the thick liquid first there then on his own cock.

Dave watched Mart’s moves with his dilated pupils and nearly black irises. He had to swallow from the heat he felt and he couldn’t stop his long fingers, which slid onto the rock-hard member, gently caressing it then they danced onto Martin’s hand to grab it and put it around himself. He was still holding his hand when Mart started to pump his cock. Curly had to moan on a low tone. His eyes grew dark quickly as he propped himself on his free hand so he could move his hips upwards easier, still sitting on Dave’s lap. Dave smiled contentedly then he gripped Mart’s hand harder so Curly had to squeeze himself firmer as well. This way they were able to pump him more powerful.

“Oh fuck! Dave!” he moaned hoarsely, he wasn’t able to keep the sounds of pleasure inside anymore.

“That’s it… give yourself to me… I want your soul…” he growled on a low tone, drinking in Martin’s sight. He loved watching the blonde man enjoying his pampering. He didn’t let Mart’s hand go, he gave him no mercy: the intense, hard pumps were replaced with a quick rhythm.

His whole body was shaking and he was constantly moaning out loud, head bent back, feeling that he was quickly rushing towards the edge of the cliff. He looked at their hands with dark and cloudy eyes, blushed face and slightly opened mouth and the sight hit him as another visual stimulus first in his brain then in his groin, making him harder even more. He thought he’d die from this sensual pain, but he didn’t mind it. He wanted it! He wanted Dave to kill him! He wanted to finally scream Dave’s name into the silence of the room. His lover could read all this from his lust-filled, dim eyes when he looked up.

Dave slid closer a bit and licked along two of his fingers, looking into the green eyes with a smile. He moved them to the right spot and pushed them into Mart, pressing his love button right away. Dave knew he didn’t make a mistake, he knew where to reach to drive the blonde man crazy with pleasure.

If he was shouting until now, now he was howling! His hips found the perfect rhythm skillfully and from the double stimulation he thought he’d go crazy! He squeezed his cock even harder to pump it harder a few times before his body tensed from his first climax – caused by the fingers playing inside of him. And within a minute his hot fluids nearly exploded from his aching member. For a few moments he really thought he’d faint from pleasure, yelling “DAVID!” out loud.

Dave laughed and watched as joy pierced through Mart’s body, eating itself into his bones, straining his body then letting it relax painfully. He pulled his fingers out and let Mart’s hand go. The blonde man just simply collapsed onto his back between Dave’s legs, still sitting on the singer’s thighs. He wasn’t able to say anything or to react. He was just gasping for air, still on cloud nine, his muscles flinching time after time. But Dave bent down to the previously pampered area and gently licked along the semi-hard cock. He moaned from their taste and couldn’t bear it: he had to take him into his mouth. An unarticulated moan escaped Martin’s throat and he squeezed his eyes shut. His overloaded senses could barely take Dave’s delicate torture, but he wasn’t able to move or do anything – he just let the singer lick and suck on him. He went nuts for him! He loved him!

Dave made a profound job: he licked Martin clean then slowly slid him out of his mouth and rested his head on Mart’s tummy, his fingers caressing his sides. Curly’s skin broke out in goose bumps from the soft caresses of the long fingers. After his breathing calmed down a bit he ran his fingers in Dave’s slightly wet hair. His lover gave a kiss onto his skin then freed his thighs to crawl next to Martin and bury his face into his neck, inhaling the beloved scent deeply.

After a few moments he caressed Dave’s face to turn it towards him. He found a better position so now he was able to look him in the eye comfortably. These wonderful irises could always mesmerize him as they changed colours like the weather does. Now they were shining darkly and contentedly, full of love. He loved it when his mate was easy on hand like this. He reminded him on a big satisfied, purring cat as he nuzzled close to him, putting his leg across Mart’s thigh, embracing him with one hand. He caressed the tattooed arm smiling and sinking into the depths of the open eyes.

Dave was lying there in silence for long minutes then gave a kiss onto Mart’s forehead and asked “Do you fancy a shower?” he whispered and his hot breath puffed against Mart’s skin.

His lover shivered with pleasure and another contented smile crawled onto his face.

“Sure… Let’s go” he said on a low tone, a bit hoarsely.

Hearing this Dave nodded and sat up. He was about to stand up, but before he could do it, Mart grabbed his forearm and pulled him back a bit.

“Wait a minute!” and he sat up too and kissed his love tenderly and deeply.

Dave smiled into the kiss then let himself completely lost in it as he closed his eyes and let Martin deepen it. He felt already dizzy from this, but the rest of his body wasn’t ready to follow his desires yet. Martin gently slowed down their kiss until he closed it with a few playful pecks. He was happy and loose as he pulled away a bit and smiled, stroking the slightly flushed face.

“Thank you, sweetie.”

“What?” he asked with a smile.

“That you are here for me…” he whispered quietly and honestly.

Dave felt the warmth spreading in his heart hearing this. He smiled softly and caressed Mart’s face tenderly “I’ll be always here for you.”

This time the blonde man was the one who was nuzzling to him like a cat – he closed his eyes and bent his face into Dave’s caressing hand then he kissed into his palm.

“Come… it’s time for me to wash your back, you little beast…” he smiled again and took his hand to pull him up.

Dave followed Martin obediently. He’d follow him anywhere, because his love bound him to Curly… and something else too. They were inseparable. They had a bond, which won’t let them go… maybe ever.


They were washing each other under the shower without a word, just exchanging gentle kisses. Martin ran his lathery fingers with pleasure on the wet and glistening soft skin. He loved touching Dave – if he was able to do so, he would never take off his hand of him.

Dave couldn’t break away from him – not even for a moment – he was just kissing and kissing him. He felt as if that bond came straight from his heart, throbbing delicately. It was a long time ago since he felt something like this. And he thought that he won’t feel it anymore – that this feeling had disappeared with his youth. Back then he fell in love easily, he was always hot-headed and could get anyone he wanted. But those years have passed by quickly and he would have never thought that one day he’d have someone who would be able to call forth this feeling again. Now he felt like someone in his twenties – nearly like a schoolboy – as his blood was fizzing, his stomach fluttering and inexplicable warmth spread in his whole body.

Martin let Dave nearly dump all over him. He loved it when he was lost this much in his own little world and emotions. Although he couldn’t know what thoughts he had, he accepted his kisses happily, while he enjoyed as their wet bodies touched. The water was running down on them unstoppably, washing their skins and soul clean, giving themselves completely to the love they felt for each other for so long.

Dave’s hands came alive, sliding up and down on the slippery skin, caressing it. They discovered Mart’s body greedily as he pressed him gently against the tiles.

His body shivered as the cold tiles made contact with his back, but he never broke the slow and sensual kiss. Just his hands squeezed Dave’s waist a bit, asking if he wanted him again. Dave pulled away from the red lips and went for his neck, kissing and biting it softly, pressing his body against his lover’s. His cock started to wake again – though it just got rid off the tension not so long ago – but Martin could always turn him on. Always.

Curly gave out a long sigh and a small moan echoed in the bathroom too in the moment he felt Dave’s mouth on his neck and his rapidly hardening cock pressing against his lower tummy. He went nuts for this man! Dave broke away from his neck to whisper onto the swollen lips:

“What do you do to me? I want you again!” he said and his deep voice was filled with lust and love and he pressed his hips against the soft body even more.

“Just the same you do to me…” he moaned hoarsely onto the singer’s lips, which nearly touched his. Mart even rubbed himself to the slim body in front of him.

“What do I do to you?” he asked while he gave delicate kisses onto the line of his jaw.

“You turn me on…” Mart whispered “I adore you… I want you! In every minute of the day…” he slid his hands onto the fine butt and scratched it gently “I want to touch you… I want to love you… kiss you… make love to you…” he grabbed his ass.

Dave leant to Mart’s ear and whispered dirtily into it: “What are you waiting for?”

Martin couldn’t take it anymore: he pressed Dave’s body against his as he put his arms around him and eagerly snapped at his mouth. He took Dave’s lower lip gently between his teeth, sucking on it then his tongue penetrated Dave’s mouth greedily, not caring about the water flowing into his eyes. He was attacking him until he turned with him over. Now Dave was the one who was pinned to the wall. He slowed down his kisses bit by bit and whispered his question hoarsely onto his mouth: “How badly do you want me, Dave?”

The wild, black eyes met the green ones “Are you serious? Terribly! I go crazy if I can’t feel you!” he panted, his whole body shaking.

His mate smiled contentedly then pressed a small peck onto his lips before going for his soft neck, licking along a wet and throbbing vein. He inhaled sharply and grabbed the already semi-hard cock, starting to move his hand on it slowly.

“You’ll have me… I promise…” he breathed into Dave’s ear.

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