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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : In a parallel universe (IDM special)- part 3

In a parallel universe (IDM special)- part 3

  2010.04.11. 23:11

He pampered the rock-hard cock’s bottom with his tongue with sheer pleasure. He moved his mouth up and down his whole length while he gave a nice massage to Dave’s balls. He wanted to give him the biggest pleasure possible. He shot a hot glance up at him and saw that Dave’s dark thoughts were swept away completely by the longing. He found him beautiful as he pressed his head into the pillow and moaned out of his mind, scratching his shoulder with one hand and grabbing the sheet with the other. Dave completely surrendered to his emotions and wanted more and more, which he signaled too. He groaned his begging in a staccato voice.

For a moment Mart slid off of the cock, which was glistening from his saliva and the pre-cum “What’s it, sweetie? What do you need?”

“You!” he looked at the man between his legs with pitch black eyes.

Martin smiled a sweet smile then crawled over him again for a luscious and long kiss. After finishing it he disappeared from above him and crawled next to Dave, propping his back to the headboard and pillows.

“Come, my little beast… climb onto my lap” he asked tenderly. He knew that from this Dave could guess what was awaiting him.

Dave sat up in silence and moved closer to Martin. First he nuzzled to him like a cat and took him into his arms, caressed his skin while he nearly unnoticeably moved into the position he was asked for. He kindly squeezed Dave’s left hand, smiling, and lifted it to his mouth to kiss every single fingertip, looking into the singer’s eyes. After this he randomly chose one finger and licked along it just to take it into his mouth and start sucking on it sensually. He placed Dave’s other hand onto his painfully throbbing and neglected hardness. The dark-haired man understood the hint: his long fingers started to work while he was watching the beautiful man sucking on his finger. He had to sigh lustfully. His mate had to close his eyes for a moment and let Dave’s finger go to moan on a low tone. He wanted Dave to touch him so very badly! He didn’t pay too much attention just slid two fingers back into his mouth – and enjoying the wonderful hand’s gifts on his groin. He knew that he won’t be able to last for too long. Every single cell in his body was whining for Dave. He wanted to bury himself into the tight hotness of his body.

Dave let Mart’s member go and put his hand on his lover’s hip, forcing him closer to him. “I want to feel you!” he moaned, offering himself to him.

He had to inhale sharply from this single, nearly begging sentence. He had no intentions to deny his request. He moved into a better position and spit into his palm to wet himself. A dirty thought crossed his mind for a moment as he remembered how flexible Dave is.

“Would you do something for me?” he whispered hoarsely, his heart jumping up to his throat.

“Anything” came the answer.

“Get ready… Stretch yourself for me, please…” he let out a longing sigh as he glimpsed at that finger which he had been sucking on so eagerly a few minutes ago.

Dave seemed a bit unsure. And this feeling appeared in his eyes too.

“What’s it, sweetie?” Mart’s eyes turned more serious and maybe he even worried “You’ve already done it for me before…” he thought back at a few of their lovemakings when his dominant self controlled Dave’s every move.

“I know, but… I’m still not used to it that much” he confessed nearly shyly “But… if you help me…” he glimpsed up into the green eyes.

“Oh come on, baby… you don’t have to feel ashamed… Not in front of me. Ever!” he bent forward a bit to caress him with his left hand. Now his love looked like a lost little boy to him “Of course I help you, if you want…” he whispered and kissed him reassuringly. After it he pulled away just to wet his fingers with his saliva, but before he did anything with them, he took Dave’s member into his hand and snapped at his lips – this time he was a bit more passionate to distract Dave’s thoughts.

Dave welcomed the kiss and the very exciting touch gratefully. After this Martin – not breaking their kiss – embraced Dave so that his wet fingers could reach his butt. First he just played there a bit. He wanted the singer to take the next step, if he was ready for it. Suddenly he felt as if they were doing this the first time. From the memory he had to smile into Dave’s mouth. He didn’t have to wait for too long – the burning desire clouded Dave’s mind soon and he wanted more.

He gently slid first one then two fingers into him, exciting him deeper and deeper. He found the right spot soon and he pressed his fingers against it – which had its effect soon. Dave started groaning out loud and his hips found the best rhythm. Mart took notice of it with a contented sigh and enjoyed the feeling of the tight warm body around his fingers. During their harmonious moves he grabbed Dave’s fingers again, but this time he took them into his mouth greedily. He was about to lose his mind completely, because as Dave was moving, he unwillingly rubbed against him. He pulled out the fingers from his mouth and led them to Dave’s own butt. He pulled his digits out and replaced them with Dave’s, biting down on the full lower lip reassuringly and excitingly.

Dave let Martin slide his fingers deeper and deeper into his own body. He had to moan. He didn’t know what else he would do for Martin. Everything? He thought so. When his fingers disappeared completely, Mart pulled away his hand and let Dave do the hard job. But the dark-haired man was already over his shyness and enjoyed shamelessly the way he was playing with himself more and more passionately. Curly watched his ecstatic face contentedly as Dave was exciting himself with closed eyes, throwing his head backwards. Mart couldn’t stop himself – he had to grab and squeeze Dave’s cock too and suddenly he led his hand back to Dave’s butt. He gently pushed his middle finger into him as the third finger, his hand finding Dave’s rhythm immediately.

“I want you!” Dave whined “Please!”

After a few moves he pulled out his finger without a word and grabbed Dave’s hand too to do the same. Now he grabbed his ass more urgently, indicating to move a bit. When he did, Mart squeezed and pumped himself a few times, already panting then he positioned himself and moved his hips upwards. He penetrated his love nearly up to the hilt. Dave’s voice cut into the air in the form of another loud groan.


In her distraction Jen took a step away from the door. She had to look somewhere else, she shouldn’t have seen this… No… to see Dave let… let this happen… And the way he played with himself before that… There was a completely different person in there with Martin from the one she knew. Barely 20 minutes ago he was a beast and now he shifted his shape again! Which one is his real form? Maybe just Mart knows it? Which one is the real Dave Gahan? Or is he both? This duality can be the cause why he needed to have both women and men?


Martin cried out really loud when with the next push his whole length slid into the tight hot body. He thought he’d go crazy. He couldn’t hear or see a thing, just panted and whined from his rapture. He wanted this so badly! He wanted Dave so badly! His fingers grabbed the squirming Dave’s butt painfully hard. For a few moments he stilled and moved the singer’s hips with his hands, forcing him to make circles on his lap – stretching him even more with this – and causing enormous pleasure for both of them. His mate’s fingers dug into Mart’s shoulders painfully as he grabbed them to hold onto something before going totally crazy with lust. He loved his torturer so much that he couldn’t find a suitable word for it. His swirling emotions filled him as he bent down to kiss and feel Mart’s lips.

The blonde man welcomed the passionate lips’ attack thirstily while he started to move his hips again, tightly embracing Dave, digging his nails into his back. His whole lower body strained urgently for satisfaction and he had to groan into the singer’s mouth again and again, completely losing the connection with reality. In those moments he wouldn’t have been able to notice if the world was shattering around them. Just this beautiful, passionate, adorable man existed for him, whom he loved deeply and completely, despite everything… and whose happiness was more important for him than his own life.

Finally the singer broke the kiss and threw his head back to groan his beloved one’s name towards the ceiling – and he asked for even more.


She had to look back at them. He couldn’t stop watching the two passionately moving sweaty bodies! This way she could see as the blonde man – straining with his last strength – gave her husband what he wanted the most and accelerated his pace. He even slid one hand between them to pump the still rock-hard cock to their rhythm. She had to swallow from the sight and she didn’t know why her throat was so tight. Was it because of lust or she just wanted to cry? She clung to the doorframe so hard that her fingers turned white again.


“Look at me, sweetie!” he panted, sweat drops running down his forehead. His eyes had such depths that it was rare even for Dave to see such a sight.

He obeyed and the endless ocean of emotions he saw in the green eyes mesmerized him He could understand Mart, because he felt the same. His own emotions nearly ate him up alive – that burning fire Mart was feeding and which has been burning for 21 years now. It never died out, its light never faded away. He loved him beyond words; he adored him – every part of him. Everything about him – there was no exception, neither physically, nor spiritually. Dave Gahan was condemned just for this one and only man.


And now Jen new this too. Because she saw it. She couldn’t blame her husband. Maybe deep inside she understood what Dave could feel: two souls met and it didn’t matter that they were from the same sex, neither did the conflicts or the world’s moral view, they couldn’t resist each other… and this became their fate. Nearly completely each other’s forever. Maybe this was the worst. The endless longing with those painfully sweet stolen hours spent together… Because they can never belong to each other completely. They have to hide their love, their true nature until the last day of their lives. And how ironical it is that they are the ones who can cause the deepest cuts for each other!

The first teardrop ran silently down on her face. She couldn’t tell for whom she was crying – for herself or for her husband. But she felt sorry for the two men, she felt the understanding among them. She understood them despite she couldn’t take from their burden. But somehow she… understood them.


“I love you so much!” the shaking Martin moaned suddenly and after a few moments the flickering flame of his love ran from his heart down into his groin – torturing, burning him – and with a deep push his body found relief, got rid off its burden so he could fly so free and easy as his soul did in that moment. He couldn’t take this much passion – he closed his eyes unwillingly, his face strained, and he threw his head back. His body stopped and he gave himself to the absolute joy.

Dave felt his hot release shot into him and he had to hiss from this. Meanwhile the hand pampering him had never stopped on his painfully hard cock. The ecstasy he felt suddenly intensified as his own electric sparkle rushed down along his spine, reaching his groin then exploding out of him with his orgasm and he was lost in the fierce feeling.

His heart was at the brink of exploding, a vein throbbed on his neck, the blood was pounding in his ear, but he could just bend his head onto Mart’s shoulder and he embraced him, inhaling his scent deeply and he said quietly:

“I wish I could be free with you…” He didn’t say more just listened to Martin’s breathing, which slowly calmed down.

“I… I wish the same from the bottom of my heart…” he whispered hoarsely and leant his face against his love’s head, pulling him tightly to himself. He turned his pleading eyes upwards. In the corner of his eye the sweat mixed with a silvery drop.


She closed the door quietly behind her, she didn’t want to disturb the two men in love. Because by now she knew that they were really in love, this wasn’t just about lust. She walked out of the room with shaking legs – still under the effect of the scene – and searched for a calm place where no one could disturb her and she could think this through. Finally she found a solitary corner. She fled there nearly gratefully.

She saw them. She saw the emotions, the desire, the love… yes, this was love – she recognized it immediately. Pure, untainted, sweet. Dave was unbelievably lucky. She loved her husband, but knew that she’s not able to love him in the way Martin does. No one else can love him that way, just the blond man – and no one will ever. Without him Dave… he would not just crash, but stop existing. And how could she live without her husband? No, never. She loved him, even if Dave didn’t set a high value on this, even if he thought that her love was less important than Martin’s. She would never be able to tear this precious and fond part out of him. She wouldn’t bear to see him suffer, or feel his pain.

She started to sob. She loved him so much! And he can’t even see it… he sees just Martin now… But she can’t separate them. She can’t push them into the dark depths of Hell; because of jealousy she can’t tread on this love, which is fragile and massive at the same time. She knew that she has to sacrifice herself on some degree, if she didn’t want to lose David. Martin wasn’t just his fixed lover – this has changed a long time ago. She saw on her husband what he wanted. He wanted Martin. She knew that he loves her too, but she wasn’t the love of his life. That was someone else. It was Martin. His mate, his support in the last 30 years. She can’t compete with that. This was so much bigger than her. Her always collected and strong-minded self was nowhere to be found now. She was just sitting there broken and sobbing. She didn’t even know where she was. Her chest ached and she felt herself like a lost little girl flooded with problems.

A few minutes have passed like this then she looked up and exhaled slowly. Her rational side was already taking control next to her disappointment. She knew that her husband will never love her the way she wanted, but she’ll be satisfied with what he’ll give to her, because it was clear to her that he loves her on his own way. She filled the role of the thoughtful house-wife and mother, she was his safe family background. Everything works around her and she always has a good grip on the situations which may come up. She’s the one who comforts him, if he’s on the floor, the one who gives her love to him, if he needs it… and the one who supports him, no matter where… and into whose arms life will lead him.

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