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Short-stories : Bridgycat - Night of the Hunter

Bridgycat - Night of the Hunter

Bridgycat  2011.10.06. 15:09

First part of a short-story serial. NC-17, SLASH, Placebo - 30 Seconds to Mars crossover.



Night of the Hunter

Another morning in another city. Fuck, I’m getting too old for this! Seems the only pleasure is in that few hours on stage, then after everything turn into the well-known and miserable routine. It’s more a drag each day to only see my son on a web cam. Hate the airports, and from a while now literally almost everything. Just want live through this festival season and go home finally. But it’s far away still.

In ten minutes I must go on stage. That time is good. But now all those upsetting thoughts are swirling inside me as I just look at myself in the mirror. I see me as a zombie, or an old tired man with raccooned out eyes. A clown. Pierrot, the sad clown.

Okay Molko, snap out of it! You just pitying yourself couse you don't fuck with at least five people after every show. Fuck! I don't have sex with one person either. I’m homesick, family sick, son sick, or just old and sick.... Face it. You don't feel like going hunting out as you used to. And the sperm that built up in you must be bugging your brain now.

I rub my face in my palms sighing deep. Okay, I need a fuck. But this desperately? Maybe not, couse I’m still rolling all night alone in bed and not with the first fan. I’m too picky. Well, in either way the circus begins so let’s go.

As I nod to my reflection the mood is decided, switching into rock star mode and walk to the back of the stage. The other band still playing. Yeah I know them.... 30 Seconds to Mars. Nice ones.

The singer guy shouting into the mic with much enthusiasm the song 'Night of the hunter'. Heard it before, already know how dirty they are but still. A long forgotten chill runs over me seeing and hearing the passion he has for his art. Only after a few minutes I realize I’m smirking wide. Hmmmm, Jared Leto.... Let's see.

The last song is over and they are getting off stage to my bands direction, he sees us and smile warmly. Good sign!

"My goodness, Brian Molko, and Stefan!" comes hugging us one by one friendly. "How great to see you guys" he smiles wide and honest looking me all over in my cleavage cut white shirt and black vest on, I think he likes what he sees as I left there by my band mates with him.
"How come you cut off your beautiful long hair?" he asks touching my almost shaved head carefully then search my reaction with his big round eyes.

"Yeah I must done it now" I giggle "It’s too warm and everyone said with that ponytail I looked like a young short Count Dracula." We laugh like good old friends. Boy, this guy just making my appetite. "So, any plans after this shit? We are the last gig, if you care for a drink or something..." Well I’m way too into the main thing, but I already confessed that I’m desperate.

"That or something sounds very promising" he says low and dirty smirking at me with sparkling eyes. Is that a yes, or I’m just so hungry now that I imagine it in his expression.

In either way a crew member comes by with a camera saying he is a huge fan of us both so may he have some pictures, well what the hell. We hug each other by the waist smiling in the lens. Click, click, click. The guy looking at his new trophy at once happy while we are still hugging for no reason if the thing that his perfume mixed with his freshly sweating body's scent works like a pure lighting SEX sign for my brain.

My signals at the feeling of your rock-hard body under my hand as I squeeze it lightly must be too obvious couse as we part you touch my chest looking at me "We were at the 'something' you mentioned after the gig." God damn, and I though I was straight on the subject...

"Sure man, we can meet here, if you want me."

The pleased smirk on his face tells it all. "Sure, I always wanted to see you guys from close anyway" licks his lips eyeing me all over again "It’s a rendezvous then."
We hug and I run up the stage such vital as in the good old days.

Good audience, the songs playing themselves almost with my closest friends to share that magic hour again, we all one, one music, one feeling, one joy, one band. In the heath of the playing I look aside seeing Jay still standing there lip-singing my songs, smiling. Our sights meet making sparks of clear desire for a moment then I put on the next guitar.

Congratulations, chit-chats, autographs. I say bye to the others, shower and go out the back to him standing lean to my ride lost in typing on his BB as if nothing. "Your place or mine?" I ask and he looks at me smiling under his hood.

"Hmm... I always wanted to see a rock star's hotel room" raise an eyebrow "So let it be yours... Maybe I take some pictures for the fan site" whispers the last one to me playfully as we enter the car and the driver takes us away.

The ride till my hotel is way too long as we exchange some double meaning lines in the back of the car where it somehow gets hotter and hotter with each minute. Finally the back entrance appears and we can sneak inside as some kinky teens on a forbidden date. In the elevator both of our sights turn onto the camera bursting out in laughing cuz we think of the same. Nice harmony we seem to have, just thinking of this opening my door when he kicks it shut holding me by my waist and smelling in my neck rubbing my back. "How nice you are...." says and step a bit back from me eyeing me over with a smile "How come you stay this beautiful?" shakes his head smiling, so I step close to him to touch him under his shirt, getting chills running over me feeling his rock-hard abs under my small palm when I reach to his lower belly.

"The same as you handsome" I wink at him with my naughty girlish smile "We almost the same age" I say this at his lips, puffing the words on it without touching it with mine as my other hand also wonders under his cloths stroking his waist and grab it pulling him closer.

Jay just smirks into my eyes licking his lips and 'accidently' mine too. "We both just awesome then" raise his brows holding with both hands my face and bend down to touch his lips to mine.

He feels like hot silk as he slowly brushing his lips to mine. I have to hold on to his nape from the taste that flicks a sinful flame in my inside making me breathe fast as he presses his tongue to my lips to ask for entry. He holds my back so close that his heartbeats almost feel with mine in my chest, looks like he took control… I have to smile on his lips from that thought. Alright then, just play the hungry bitch Molks, you so good in taking what they give you anyway. I lick back on his tongue, massaging it with his more and more faster as I back till the bed and drop on it making him fall on me. He leaves my mouth gasping looking in my eyes as a hungry animal, which makes me shiver with desire.

"You're way too dressed for my taste honey...” he says low kneeling over my sides and pulling my cloths roughly off me one by one till I’m all naked before him as he stare at me like his prey before he will feed slowly pulling his shirt over his head. That's it... The sight is just too much for my starving senses. I have to sit up pushing him on his back hearing him chuckle and I let myself enjoy the taste of the velvety skin covered hard flesh under my lips finding his hardened nipple hearing his joyful moan as I bite on it sucking the skin a bit rough. He likes it... Encouraged by his reactions I bite every part of his stiff belly licking the marks feeling him trembling. When I reach the hem of his tight jeans he is already on his elbows looking as I work on him with sparking eyes. "Look at me... I wanna see your eyes when you suck it" he whispers as I tear off his pants with the boxer lying comfy between his opened legs to enjoy my long awaited feast.

His skin smells so musky it makes my mouth water with desire and I lean closer licking the base of his thigh, then grabbing his already hard flesh I drive my tongue over it till its tip looking at his eyes dirty seeing his lips shake with a low moan. Those out of this world eyes roll and hang up when I greedily suck his shaft in my hot mouth, moving on his length fast, rubbing it with my tongue, making him drop back on the bed and hold my head, pushing me more on the long lollipop. It tastes like pure pulsing sin.

"Fuck, Molko" he gasps grabbing my nape and pulling me up rough, turning me on my back pressing his hard body all the way to me with desire breathing fast and heavy in my face from close, staring at me with eyes in which I want to burn.

"Come on you beast " I moan to him wrapping my legs around his waist pushing his hips to me, trembling hard, feeling his wet dick touching my ass while he leans and with a growl bites my neck hard.

"You asked for it..." grunts on my skin entering in my hungry body with a rough hit, making me scream out low with eyes wide open to the ceiling, grabbing his shoulder with my nails desperate because he don't leave me any time and just start to ram his long rock-hard pole in me, making me lose breath, feeling high enjoying it.

He buries his face in my neck, sucking on the skin, gosh I’m gonna have a love bite on me in the middle of the festival season. Hmmm, god it's worth it, yes Molks you asked for it and now you get it plenty as Jay keeps on grunting and moaning in my ear, mumbling exiting nothings to me and my 'tight, soft, hot' body. The way he keeps on hammering in me slowly but surly makes me lose all my mind. Suddenly I grab his hair rough, surprising him, but as the way the round 'Martian' eyes shine dangerously I have a feeling he just loves it. I push him quickly on his back sitting on him, squeezing my eyes shut, supporting my body on his broad chest digging my nails in his flesh as I force myself lower to take him fully. The feeling cannot be described with words. Breathing fast I look at him curving his body in joy with open mouth breathing something I can't hear but still it makes me grin proudly – hey I still got what I had.

While I try to get back to myself from the feeling of his pulsing cock filling me he grabs my hip rough, lifting his ass to enter me even more. Holy crap! Must swing my hips from side to side slowly to feel it reach all my sensitive spots. Jay sits up pulling me to him almost raping my mouth with his rude full of teeth kiss as I began to move on him. What a gentleman... He cups my butt helping me slide on him up and down more and more faster. It's just pure passion now. We growl and moan in each others mouth, tearing the soft skin of the lips, scratching with nails till the flesh of our body as we move in one ancient rhythm covered by desire's maddening cloud.

My balls and cock keep rubbing to his rock-hard abs making me lose the remains of my mind as his shaft gets harder, goddammit! I leave his lips and yelling out bite down on his shoulder hard, my body and brain washed away by the huge orgasm releasing my load on our bellies just a second before he shoots inside me grunting while he mumbles about Jesus and some forsaken saints. Quiet. Fast breathing and floating spirits. Yeah, I definitely needed a good lay!

"Holy fuck Brian" Jared gasps turning us on our sides and he slowly leave my trembling body, wiping his forehead and giggling touching his cum covered belly smirking at me dirtily, licking his fingers clean while keeping my view.

"Bastard" I sigh rubbing my sweaty face in the sheet "By the way, yeah it was some divine fuck, indeed" I admit giggling and crawl on my belly to help him clean those nice fingers then lick his lips in a hot kiss.

"Yeah, it was a blast as I thought" winks smiling bright and lean to get his Black Berry, typing something fast "and.... check!" leaves the mobile, searching my frowning face and chuckles at me. "Just my 'list', don't worry handsome... What do you think would be Stefan free after the London gig?"


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