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Bridgycat - Words Like Violence
Bridgycat - Words Like Violence : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2010.05.03. 17:37

Chapter 3

White, yellow, and orange. These are the colors of the first sunrays that have the courage to sneak closer to the horizon. They caress the tall grey concrete buildings. They bring the city to life. A beautiful dawn after a beautiful night. Thinks Dave laying in his bed, holding his girl on his chest. They spent a nice evening together. A quiet peaceful one. The man smiles “Well before dinner it was quiet”. Somehow he forgot all the bad things at her presents. Martin did it good when he dared to call her up. Could it be possible that he is worried because of him? Maybe he does care. Maybe he still wants him. Or even he still loves him…No, he probably dreaming too far again. But all those love-songs again… Well it is Mart way to force his will on him. Count on his sensitive heart. On his needs. Jezzzz! He just said it in his thoughts. He needs him…

Dave unconsciously holds his lover closer as his own mind seems to betray him. He has to get out from that room quickly. Martin not loves him like that. And he doesn’t need him. It was just comfortable. Yeah, that’s it! It was comfortable. He doesn’t have to look for a man-lover to feed his need. Martin was there. It is all because of his laziness that things got so carried away. They not even friends. They like fire and ice. Little sadness appears inside him. Yeah, the two opposite sides that’s couldn’t be without each other. Together they kept the balance right. But Mart was the one who kept distance. He tried to get close to him for long years. It’s seems they like the bipolar magnets. They can never get too far from each other, but they can never get too close either.

- Those knitted eyebrows look really good on you – touches his face Jen. From the warm female hand Dave smiles immediately. – Oh, I was wrong. That smile looks even better on you – She sits astride him, leaning on his body to kiss him. She taste so sweet, her skin is like velvet. Dave gets dazed in the emotional kiss, as their naked bodies melt together. His slender fingers lost in her long silky brown hair. They savior their lips slow and tender. In the end of it they just caress enjoying the silence. Jennifer touches her forehead on David’s.
- You know with that sweet smile you really look like an innocent little boy – starts with some dirty grin in the corner of her lips – not that vicious dirty old bugger who you really are.
- HEY! – laughs the man turning the slim figure upside down. He hovers over her holding her arms down and try to make an angry face. But he doesn’t scare anyone. Jenny almost screams from laughter watching him.
- So you naughty little girl…I will show you who is a small boy! – Hissing in her ears – What did you called me?
- BUGGER! – she chuckles unstoppably from his show he puts on. Dave stars to lick her neck slowly, his long locks tickling her shoulder.
- Oh, so you are laughing at me, huh? I think I will have to spank you for this.
- But you buggers like to spank each other – squeals the woman.
He let her hands go, guiding one on his waist. She grabs his ass hard, so hard it makes him moan.
-Told you that you are like those fags – giggles still Jen. – I remember in rehab the way you were checking out that Turkish male nurse from head to toe every time he bent down for something.
Dave stars to giggle also from the memories.
- Oh fuck, I forgot to get his number! He was a sexbomb!
For a moment they stare at each other, and then both burst out in roaring laughter.

The frantic snigger fades out slowly. They run out of air. Wipe off their tears, still holding the other. The forming tender caress get’s interrupted from the loud roaring of Dave’s stomach. Which start another giggle.
- Did you eat something at all yesterday? – Looks at him seriously the woman like she used to her own perky son.
- I tried! – The imaginary comic with his stomach comes in his sight and he can’t help the smirk appear. – No! Really! I tried and I did eat, but I got sick. – She does not believe that story. It is very clear by the way she screw up one eye.
- Well alright! But now I make some breakfast. – Jen gets up leaving no chance to him to protest. Well, she is right though. He has to get himself together. Dave goes in to the bathroom to refresh a bit for the new day. His system is urging him to that direction anyway.

Under the shower he enjoys the hot splash over his back and nape. Try to clean his head empty from all that confused thoughts. From the thoughts and feelings for Martin. The wild imagination he got and his hand soaping his body not helping in that at all. He’s not aware that he washing his chest and upper belly over and over in some kind of trance. Jennifer watches him from behind as his breathing gets deep and rugged. She steps closer and smooth his back gently. The man wakes with a jitter. Looking back at her like a kid who got busted.
- Hey David, it’s alright – she caresses him, kissing his nape. - You miss that, didn’t you?
- What? – swallows hard in his embarrassment
- That kind of encounter with a man.
- A little – he lies. The tone of his voice is giving him away. Jen knows that too. She can’t force the confession from him, she knows that very well. Sigh one she starts to wash the tattooed skin. Rub her fingers under the dark locks, massaging the long neck. The man in her arms shivering from her tender touch. She can control him, his hunger. She can feel that strongly from his reactions. She woke something that he’s longing.
- Let me play with you. – Whisper in Dave’s ear. – show me what’s inside you. – Jen holds him to her body closer. Her right is smoothing the man’s back and side greedily as she got the taste of control. Now she is the one giving. She knows about those bisexuals techniques. She was curious and searched for some info. And had some talk with Dave too. Last night too this subject appeared. Now she is the man. And this role is very easy. So easy it surprises her. She wants to help this man, wants to understand him how he works. And this makes this situation almost natural. Just simply one human please another human with no interruptions of the genders.

David props his forehead on the cold tiles, his need now is bigger than his pride as her hand is stroking his thigh and butt. He is shaking from the desire. Jen grabs his ass roughly. It makes him moan again with pleasure. The yearning is unbearable. No one did this to him from years. Panting he lets her reach between his hams. The slender fingers pet him with the help of the slippery soap. Her hand is stroking his chest, rubbing his nipple. Now he can’t hold it inside. The yell of joy leaves his mouth, as he unconsciously leaning closer to her and her curious hand.

The complete surrender of Dave is making Jennifer’s head dazed. She focuses on his reactions. Now she wants to take this man the way he longs it. He is showing her his secret need. His weakness to that kind of touch. Jen feels honored. She wants to act up to that trust.
- I want to please you David. – She’s kissing his nape and shoulders. – help me please you. Tell me what you like. Tell me what you want me to do.
He is still confused but has all his faith in her. Her slender arm around his body and the other is rubbing his geish, and the ring that is still pinned in there. Part of him resists, but he is intoxicated now from the long awaited feelings. Whatever! She already saw him in various rankling situations.
- Bite me – Whispers in his shaky tone – bite me hard…
The small sharp teeth buried in his skin, causing a lighting of pleasure inside him. Jen bite him stronger as she hears the echoing moan. She licks his nape, as she starts to pull on his ring below.
- Oh god! Harder! – The man squeaks pressing himself closer to her. Now he wants it. He wants to feel that kind of joy again.

Jen knows now what to do. She let her slippery finger rub his entrance, the soap helping her to press apart the ring of muscles. She takes it easy. Slowly enter in him. Move her finger around to unloose the tightness. Pulling her finger out she gather some soap foam and press two inside the shivering man quickly. The sharp high-toned hiss mixed with the growling moan is the sexiest sound she ever heard of him. Dave’s body is stiffened. Breathing deep he adjusting the pressure inside that he felt so long. Jen rubbing and pinching his nipple, kissing his shoulder, trying to make him comfortable. After a few moments she feels him move a little towards her. Still lost in kissing and biting his back she presses her fingers more inside. Retrain a little and push it back again. Dave moans loud close to her ear makes it even more exiting. She do it right. His body takes her easily now, moving in a slow rhythm. The woman feels like she has to pass the exams. Concentrating on what she knows it should come next. She presses in the direction of his tummy.
- It’s a small lump right? – she asks quietly. The gasping man nods in answer. Turning her hand around, she looks for his magic spot. When Dave curses out loud with a heavy hitch she knows she found it.

Jen can only act on her own experience. She starts massaging the sensitive spot in small circles like she would rub her clit. As she read it the prostate is just as sensitive and works like woman clit. Dave’s body starts to flop as the short cramps rush over him. He’s reaching over, lost in his pleasure and holds the slim female body as close as he can. Grabbing her butt, he presses them together. The woman squeezing him in her arm, they became one spirit in the moment Dave jitter hard before her, growling like a mad dog ejaculating on her hand that’s smoothing his belly. Pulling her fingers out she hugs him with all the love she feels for him. That insight to his soul moved her deeply. Especially from this huge trust, that she now got the proof of his faith and feelings for her.

Coming back to earth the man’s shyness comes back too. God, now what she might think of him? Yeah she knew all this. But to experience it is another thing. Jen saw his purple face as she was kissing him still.
- Hey big boy! Don’t be ashamed! You made me so happy to let me do that. – She tries to brush away the long hair that Dave tries to hide his face from her. – We talked about this, remember? I knew this, and this won’t make me change the way I think of you. – It doesn’t seem to work. She changes tactics – Now you ARE my chick! You can’t disagree with that anymore! – laugh lightly. – Anyway! God got some sick sense of humor! You buggers took away even the orgasm from us girls. You all got some nerve you know. – slapping his bum to smack. From her last comment his mode seems to get back. Giggling he turns in her arm.
- You shouldn’t forsake the Boss for the only thing he did right with me!
- No! The Boss put you together very good. You should accept it now! And for me and a lot of people you are just perfect! – With that she pulls his head to a passionate kiss.

In the kitchen Dave watches this woman who seems to have no expectations towards his actions of being. He knew that; felt that since the day they met. She has her own share of the troubled life and still she’s understanding and caring. And has that kinky side of her as well that turns him mad. This shower-scene is another proof for that. Last night they talked about so much. Mostly about how they see themselves in the future, and together. Jen thinks they could have a future. Maybe he finally gets it. An honest and caring relationship. A family that would stay together. She knows him from years and now as he think of it probably waited for years for him to finally get more serious with her. Not just whine over all the time about his male lover. Yeah he was wrong. For all those decades he was blind. Well maybe just yearned for the wrong kind of angel. That dark angel of doom left him in the dark alone… Hopefully this shining angel that found him in the gutter can wash off all that scars and blood and hurt that Martin covered him over the years.

The four day passes over fast. His girl is on her way home to her son. And Dave has to go to the studio again. He feels strong. The weekend filled him up with new energy. A new kind of assurance of himself. That he might worth something to someone unique like this woman. He will stand on his feet again. He won’t let anyone weakening him again. In a good confident mood he walks in the building. All of the crew greets him. Chris as usual full of smile and jokes. Threat him to make future penalty work if he ever dares again to come near the studio in that condition. The musicians buzzing, everyone is busy. Behind the control panels Martin seems very tired. His lap is full of papers. He looks at Dave when he gets close. The singer opens his lips to star those lines that he thinks over on his way. How to thank him that great idea, of calling Jennifer to meet him earlier. The stare that meet his eyes are tired and emotionless. It makes his mouth stay open without a sound.
- Well you look better finally. We could use you finally for some recording after all. I was afraid you might fall back or something.

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