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Bridgycat - Vampire LaCour s 2nd Coming
Bridgycat - Vampire LaCour s 2nd Coming : Chapter 12

Chapter 12

  2010.09.08. 22:35

Chapter 12


Gage Angle strutted down the stairs of his new plantation house, gathered his extra-long sweat shirt around his waist, climbed onto his cycle, and roared off down the long driveway on his way to the Hornet's basketball stadium in downtown

New Orleans. He'd have to wear long sweat shirts like this when he wasn't cruising now or he's scare everyone he met on the street out of their wits with the size of his gigantic basket.

He didn't think he'd have to face the life that Emile had for a long time. He was still young and virile in his own right. He wouldn't have to feed yet on and take life weekly to rejuvenate as Emile did for years. He could enjoy his sex. True, he'd have to feed occasionally to maintain the monster cock and ass canal he'd inherited from being invested into the life of his erstwhile mentor, but he'd just have to see how long he could go between feedings and still keep his size.

But now there was some exploring and experimenting for him to do, and he knew just where he wanted to start. That monster guard of the Hornet's basketball team, that seven-foot-two giant Andre Harris, whose physic promised to match the proportions of his height. Gage had gotten his nuts off while watching Andre for two seasons. Gage had that front-row seat, where he could moon over Andre and fanaticize about what the two of them could do together. And now, thanks to his topping of Emile, Gage was good to go with a low hanger and a deep hole for weeks to come. It was time to make a play for Andre.

It wasn't as if they hadn't made eye contact before, and Gage had seen the interest in Andre's eyes when they did. And now Gage had those mesmerizing violet eyes that Emile's elixir had passed on to him.

So, there he was in the second half of the game, watching for his opportunity. Down on the floor they were trying to figure out a foul by someone other than Andre near the end of the game, with the Hornets well in front on the score, and Andre had time to look around the stands in boredom. His eyes passed over the big blond guy in the front row who he'd seen and silently lusted after for the last two seasons. His eyes zipped back to the man and to those violet eyes. He hadn't remembered the man as having those violet eyes before. They pulled Andre in, and then his gaze went down. The big blond was holding up his sweat shirt, showing Andre his magnificent torso, with all of those nice tattoos and the rings in a nipple and his navel, and then his eyes descended even further. Holy molley! Look at the basket on that guy. He must be hung a good twelve inches to push out a package like that - if, of course, that wasn't padding in there. But Andre could feel his own twelve-incher taking notice of that body.

Andre grinned wide and pointed his finger directly at the blond, who dropped his sweat shirt and pointed back, matching grin for grin.

At the end of the game, Andre went over to the bench, jotted something down on a piece of paper, and returned to where Gage was standing. Gage reached out for the note and Andre held his hand in his big mitt for a few extra seconds.

"If you think you're man enough," Andre said, "present this at the locker room door over there at eleven, and they'll let you in and show you where I am."

"I'll be there," Gage responded.

"Well, I'll let you view the goods, and you can always change your mind." And Andre and the team ran into the locker room and the fans cleared out of the stadium quickly.

And Gage was there at eleven. He presented his note and was guided through almost deserted halls to the Hornet's shower room. He was told where to sit, and then he was alone in the locker room. He was facing the showers, and there, through the steam, he saw Andre. Over seven feet of solid, perfectly proportioned black muscle, all in balance, including the twelve inches of meat dangling between his legs and the big tennis-sized balls. He was completely hairless and his body glistened with vitality as the drops hit and slid off to the floor. There was no indication that he'd seen Gage taking his measurement.

Andre turned off the shower, rubbed himself down, fastened the extra-big towel around his middle, and padded out of the shower.

"Oh, you came, and you stayed."

"Of course."

"Most don't, you know. One look at me in the natural and most scurry off. I scare people - both women and men."

"You don't scare me. I want you to fuck me."

Andre laughed. "Direct aren't you? And brave. But you're so hot, I'm sure I couldn't hold myself in check, so no can do on the fuck proposition. That was some advertisement you did out there. Flashing like that; beautiful bod and that basket. Are you close to twelve too?"


"Yeah, right."

"Try me."

"I think we can settle on hand jobs and partial blow jobs. That's pretty much the limit for me because of my size. But I'm hot for you, so follow me."

They padded through deserted corridors to a workout area, and then to a smaller massage room. Andre flipped on the overhead light, but closed and locked the door and pulled down a shade over the window in the door.

"We'll be okay here," Andre said. "They'll all be gone soon, and I've got the key. The trainers know I do this occasionally, and they don't mess with me with the contract I've got."

Gage backed up to the massage table, facing Andre, and slowly pulled off his sweat shirt and pulled down his pants, taking his shoes and socks off when he stripped.

"Holy shit!" Andre said. "I've never seen anyone hung that low. And is that a ring in the head? You're uncut. I understand that slides real well inside a man." He let his own towel drop, and his monster cock was well on its way to standing straight out, or, in his case, curve up in a gentle curve when it went hard.

"The ring comes with attachments," Gage said matter-of-factly. "But we'll see about that later."

Andre walked right up to Gage and leaned down, searching for Gage's mouth. Gage turned his head, deflecting Andre's lips. "That wouldn't be wise, I'm sorry to say."

"Now, don't be shy, Honey. Don't be a tease."

"Is this being shy?" Gage asked, bringing Andre's attention to his cock grinding around on Andre's thighs and to his hand that was already rubbing Andre's cock around beneath Gage's pecs. "But I don't promise not to tease."

Andre put his big mitts under Gage's thighs and lifted him up onto the high massage table, forcing his legs apart and moving in to where his and Gage's bellies and cocks matched. Gage had hold of both of their cocks and was rubbing them together; a meeting of the bludgeons.

"Can I kiss you elsewhere?" Andre asked. "If I can't kiss you on the mouth, can I kiss you elsewhere?"

"Sure, anywhere else, but I've got a cold and don't want you to get it. It's nothing to do with you. You are magnificent, and I'm not leaving here until you fuck me."

Gage had arched back and Andre was kissing and tonguing and sucking him from neck, down along his pecs and nipples and to the ring in his navel.

"No can do, dude. I go fourteen inches or more hard, and I get too excited when I'm fucking a hot fox or a hunk like you. I've hurt people, dude. I can't risk that anymore. I'll blow you and you can blow me, and we'll both leave happy."

"We're going right on by the blow jobs, Andre. I came here to get a monster fuck from you, and that's what I'm going to get. I came here to fuck you too, and, believe me, if you can take me, I can take you."

"Pretty cock sure of yourself, aren't you, Blondie?" Andre said. "But I kindda like that, even if it's all talk. You're making me real horny."

With that, he dropped his mouth to Gage's gigantic rod and started working it into his mouth.

"I said fuck me Andre. Fuck me now. The hole. Work on the hole and then fuck me." With that he plopped his rod out of Andre's cheek and raised his pelvis so that Andre's mouth went into his crack.

Andre went down on his knees and started tonguing and licking Gage's ass. After a while, he stood, reached over to a nearby table and dug out some oil. He oiled up Gage's ass as best he could, all the time trying to reason with Gage, to no avail. Then he oiled up his own cock real good. But he just stood there.

"This really ain't good, Gage. The last time I tried this, the woman went to the hospital and I never heard whether she recovered. I'm just too big for this world, man. I just have to live with it."

"Oh, for the love of . . ." Gage came off the table, taking Andre by surprise. He pulled on the big man's knees and he tumbled to the floor. Gage came down on top of Andre, straddling his pelvis and grabbed for the giant's hands and held them as he impaled himself on the athlete's curving cock.

"Oh, my God . . ." The blond guy had the widest canal Andre had ever plowed. He slid in six inches and then he had the sensation of a suction cup picking his cock up under the rim of the helmet and pulling him up, up, up, into the blond's guts. The blond's ass canal tightened like a sheath over Andre's cock and muscles moved up and down around the cock, driving the athlete crazy. Gage was arched back, his eyes focused on the ceiling, his own cock growing, snaking its way up Andre's belly and abs, reaching for the deep cleft in his chest. Andre had both of his hands wrapped around it and still they didn't meet.

"Oh God, Oh God," he was groaning and moaning and panting and gyrating his hips. Gage started pumping him deep. Fourteen inches of hard cock out and in, his ass walls grasping and releasing the cock as it stroked in and out. The suction sensation at the helmet of Andre's cock was sending little electric flashes through him, milking his precum hard.

Andre was writhing and bouncing up and down off the floor as he shot his semen deep inside Gage. When Andre was near to exploding, Gage had reached back and rolled and squeezed and pulled on Andre's balls, so that when he jacked off, Gage was milking everything that Andre had to give, which seemed like bucketfuls.

Andre flopped back on the floor, exhausted. He was crying. "God, Blondie, I've never had a fuck like that. You took me, you took me all. No, you didn't just take it; something inside you grabbed me and gave me the ride of my life. I had no idea how good it could get. God, I hope I didn't hurt you."

And then, "Holy, Christ!" He was looking at the cock he was holding. It had expanded to fourteen inches.

"My turn," Gage said with a smile as he pulled up out of Andre's lap and looked around for something to use to elevate Andre's pelvis.

"Christ, I don't know, Blondie. I've never seen anything that big and long. It's not even rock hard yet. I don't know if I can take it."

"Oh, I think you can. I've done the calculations on your stats, and if you are in the same proportion inside that you are on the outside, you can take me. And that's the whole reason why I'm here. Because I think you can take me. And almost no one else can."

Andre started to argue.

"I think it's time for that kiss, now," Gage said, and he locked lips with Andre's, passing on the numbing toxin in his saliva that he'd stolen from his mentor. Not much. He didn't want Andre passed out. He only wanted him to be calm and a little confused and disjointed, and feeling more pleasure than pain.

When Andre was calmed down, Gage commanded him to rise on his knees. The Athlete did so, Gage laid down and scooted his head back between the giant's thighs, Andre's softening cock dragging down Gage's chest in the process. Gage spread Andre's huge, bulbous butt cheeks with his hands and instructed the giant to squat down on his face. Andre did so, and brought his asshole to Gage's mouth, where, as he rotated his butt around and writhed in somewhat distant pleasure, Gage rimmed and reamed and tongued him for several minutes. Then he stood and pushed Andre back down on the floor on his back. He scanned the room and found a small exercise pad, which he folded up and pushed under Andre's pelvis, raising his pelvis up. Gage stood there, over Andre, within view of the athlete and rubbed down his fourteen incher with oil.

And then he came down and entered the giant smoothly and slid in to the six-inch depth. He waited for Andre to adjust while he took his cock in his hand and rotated it around in the hole, bringing it back a couple of times to drag his helmet across Andre's large prostate.

"Man, that feels good," Andre murmured, "An uncut cock; the loose-skin fuck feel. They were right about uncut dudes. Ahhhh. And that little ring across my spot. Ohhhh."

"That reminds me," Gage said, as he popped out of Andre and went back up to his feet and over to his shorts. He took an eight-inch string of small rough pearls out of the pocket of his shorts and attached the end of that to the ring in the end of his foreskin. Then he took a thick and long leather cock belt out of his pocket and wrapped it around the base of his cock and cinched. It barely stretched around the base of his cock.

"What's that for?" Andre asked dreamily.

"The cock ring? It's got little suction cups on it. You'll know when I'm all in and when you can celebrate our mutual victory."

"Oh." Andre responded, not seeming all that concerned. Still half drugged from Gage's saliva injection.

"And you can find out about the pearls right now."

And Gage came back, reentered Andre's ass, and stroked him slowly at the relatively shallow level of nine inches.

Andre was awake enough to be driven crazy by the pearls revolving around in his ass canal, seeming to have a mind of their own, interacting with Gage's pumping cock and Andre's own ass canal walls. He couldn't control himself. He spasmed and shot off again onto his chest. Gage dipped down and licked him dry, and his cock went to fifteen inches. Gage was still pumping at the mid level, though, and Andre was handling him without trouble. Gage went down to the eleven-inch level, and Andre as comfortable with that. This was close to where his favorite top plowed him. But his favorite top didn't have those rough pearls being dragged around by his buried cock.

"Show time," Gage said, as he pulled out of Andre and told him to stand and bend over the massage table. Andre did so. His torso arched over the top of the table and he put his cheek on the back wall and laid his palms on the wall, as Gage dragged over the folded mat to give him the necessary height. Gage, now at sixteen inches, took Andre by the hips, tilted his pelvis back, raised his left foot to the side of the massage table to add to his leverage, pulled Andre's butt cheeks aside, and entered him and went to the twelve-inch level before he started pumping again, and then shortly to thirteen inches. Andre was panting and groaning. He'd never been plowed at this level, but he was managing. It was great. This was a fuck to be remembered. At fourteen and a half inches, Andre felt the little suction cups on Gage's cock ring teasing the rim of his ass.

Gage took his leg down from the table and made Andre revolve in place, spinning on the deep-encased cock to where he faced Gage, his legs thrown wide and his feet digging into the side of the massage table, so his butt hung out and was still tilted up. He head was jammed into the wall and his hands were holding his legs out. Gage couldn't help himself. He lowered his lips to Andre's big tits and bit him under the right nipple, burying his teeth and sucking gently, but not deeply. His cock went almost immediately to sixteen inches, and still Andre's rim was being caressed with those suction cups. In fact the inside of his hole was being suctioned as well. Andre had managed sixteen inches.

Shocked that he was feeding, Gage let loose of Andre's nipple. His cock went to seventeen inches, and he hoped to heaven he hadn't overdone it. But Andre seemed to have held his own. He was lying there, looking at Gage dreamily, his breath coming out in little pants. Andre held there in suspension, for almost ten minutes, keeping Andre stretched at seventeen inches; training the big man's ass walls to be able to take seventeen inches, and who knows how much more. Gage intended to come back to find out how much more, because now, to maintain the seventeen-inch depth, he was finding he had to pull his cock back. He must be at twenty inches now. How long could he go? Someday he wanted to find out.

When he couldn't hold his wad anymore, Gage slid his cock out of Andre just in time to shoot off over the basketball player's belly and chest. He turned Andre onto his back, stretched along the length of the table and then gave him a deep, saliva-filled kiss. As the giant drifted off to sleep, Andre murmured. "I'll be back. I've got a season pass, and I'm betting I can train you to take twenty-one inches."

He then licked his cum off of Andre, savory the magic fluid of vitality and longevity, and found his own way out of the darkened stadium.

This is what Emile missed out on, poor chump, Gage was thinking, as he got on his cycle and roared back to the Mississippi River plantation house. Not having to finish them; saving the good ones for seconds, and thirds, and fourths; enjoying your fuck. Training assholes to take it deeper than a foot; not always depending on following the routine.

It was two weeks before another Hornet's home game, but on that night Gage was there, cheering on his hero from the stands. Afterward, he found Andre alone in the shower. Chucking his own clothes off, he padded into the shower. Andre was happy to see him, which was a good sign. Gage went to his knees and gave Andre at least part of that blow job and the giant has wanted on their first meeting. When Andre was fourteen-inches hard, he lifted Gage off his knees and turned him around. He held Gage there like a rag doll, while he entered him from the rear, holding Gage's buttocks to his pelvis with one strong arm around Gage's belly. Gage arched his back up Andre's torso, wrapping his arms back around the giant's sides, burying his head in Andre's chest cleavage, and tucking his feet into the hollows behind Andre's knees. He was letting Andre dictate the fuck, and Andre, now knowing Gage could take his length, was freely and jubilantly pumping his new blond friend.

When Andre had jacked his load deep inside Gage, Gage climbed down off him and ordered Andre to the floor. There really weren't any other options in the shower for Gage to be able to take his cock to its root inside Andre. Andre stretched out on his side on the tiled floor of the shower, and Gage nuzzled in behind him. He raised the giant oak of a right leg on the basketball player and entered him, side splitting him. Andre thoroughly enjoyed the pumping fuck until Gage was at about seventeen inches in depth, and then he started to show some signs of distress. Gage dug his fingernails into the giant's lower belly in a feigned love act to distract his sense of pain and went searching for a vein in Andre's side that Gage had felt throbbing earlier. He found it and pierced it with his teeth. The tough athlete only felt it as a pin prick. Gage pumped toxic saliva in while he quietly sucked blood out; but not much, just a small amount. He was able to hold himself in check. The giant calmed down, and Gage mined to eighteen inches and held it there, training Andre's walls to stretch, to accept this as possible, and not to split. He went on to eighteen and a half inches, with success. Then he pulled out and ejaculated, and just let the precious semen swirl down the drain with the water that had been cascading over them during their lovemaking. He turned the water off and covered Andre with several dry towels before he dressed and glided back down the hall and to his cycle.



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