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Shayan Akbar - Prison Dad
Shayan Akbar - Prison Dad : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2010.10.29. 10:36

Chapter 2


Jack awoke. A bang and a shout in the distance, then silence. Where the hell was he?

After a brief moment of confusion he remembered, along with the events of the night before. Prison. Fuck. It was all real. He was lying on his side in bed facing the grey wall, dick semi-hard from sleep inside his boxers, the fabric slightly crunchy with dried cum. He reached down to stroke himself and tried to make sense of the angry conflict immediately rushing around his head.

He wasn't fuckin gay, no way. He just wasn't. He could easily call on any number of straight porno clips in his head to fire himself up, and he'd certainly never looked at a guy in a sexual way before, except for when there was a woman there getting boned, obviously... So why the fuck had he enjoyed being used? Gladly swallowed that mouthful of cum? It made no fuckin sense. NO fuckin sense at all. Musta been the vodka. Musta been. He'd been well out of his head.

He thought about this place and the way he'd been so cocky about it all beforehand... Remembered laughing with his mate Carl that it'd be like going on a free holiday. No big deal, mate, no big deal! Huh. The reality was very different. The realisation had come too late that he couldn't play with the big boys. Now he was stuck. He wondered if Carl, wherever he was, was enduring a similar fate; pictured his best mate struggling as some guy's massive dick forced it's way in his mouth. He stroked himself some more to shut out the bad thoughts and felt the warm glow spread out from his crotch.

This Sike guy sure was a scary fucker. Not one to cross, deffo. Looked like an ex-cage fighter or something. A shiver ran through him: he was gonna do whatever it took to keep in line. Whatever it took. Couldn't afford not to or he'd get mashed up real bad. He wondered if he really was gonna have to suck that meat every single day like he'd been promised... The bloke was seriously fucking hung, he thought admiringly. Lucky bastard. Think of all that cum, Jack... He squeezed his dick again. So wrong, so wrong. But his mouth was dry with anticipation. The dad/son roleplay once again hotwired his young horny mind. He wanted to please his dad. He wanted to...

There was the sound of movement from the other bed, footsteps and then the sound of pissing in the sink. Jack rolled quietly on to his back and let his dick go, tilting his head up a fraction to see the tall, naked well-muscled figure standing in shadow at the back of the cell. The man was scratching his fuzzy chest and yawning, casually holding his lengthy member steady over the lip of the sink. There it was. Jack looked back at the ceiling again and shut his eyes, fearing he would be caught watching. He wasn't fuckin gay.

The man slowly finished and shook the remaining drops out. He was thinking about last night too. Fuckin ace. The guvnor had really hit the bullseye. Some kind of gratitude would have to be shown so he'd better make sure the next deal was extra sweet. He turned to look at the sleeping lad. Time for some more fun.

'Wakey wakey, son. Time for breakfast.'

The man stood in the middle of the cell and stood, arms folded, watching. He was gonna stamp his authority proper; no slow build up this time. Jack faked waking up and made eye contact, forced a grin.

'Morning Dad.'

The man didn't smile. He looked like he was well angry about something, and his bulky tattooed biceps seemed to Jack even more threatening and fearsome with arms folded. His eyes narrowed.

'I'll count to ten, son, and if you ain't got your gob on my dick by then I'm gonna come over there and make you fuckin choke on it. Got that? One. Two.'

Jack stared incomprehendingly, a rabbit in the headlights. What? Right now?

'Three. Four.'

With a sudden rush of adrenaline to jolt him out of his usual morning laziness, the lad pushed the cover away and half fell out of bed in the rush to get up, scuffing a knee in the process. His vision swam as he steadied himself on the floor and tried to shake the sleep out of his head. The man eyed the smooth, lean youngster exposed on all fours and licked his lips. Nice.


Without standing up, Jack crawled over to where the man stood, his eyes fixed on the goal.

'Six. Seven.'

This was the first time he'd seen his dad completely naked, head on: the wide, chunky legs planted firm; a dark fuzz of wiry pubic hair framing the man's dangling meaty snake, head concealed in its near-soft state; the large nutsack lurking behind. The sight scared and thrilled him. Admit it Jack, this is what you wanted. Now here it is: ya daddy's fat juicy dick. Fuck. He felt weirdly lightheaded.


The man watched him, outwardly impassive, but enjoying the moment immensely. His young straight cell-mate's face was fixed on his tackle like some kinda crazed puppy. He had him alright. He was gonna feed it to him night and day.


No time to think, the lad leaned forward and took the entire thing into his gob, nestling his face deep into the wiry fuzz. He breathed in the heady scent of that unwashed crotch once more: the smell of his mean and muscly dad. There had been the faint sharp taste of something as the monster dick slid over his tongue - piss? An involuntary shudder at the thought. The thick cylinder lay heavy, easily reaching the back of his mouth even soft. He sucked gently to moisten it up and the beast stirred. Unreal. Was this really what you wanted Jack? No. You sure about that?

The man ran his fingers through the short, dark hair and held the back of the lad's head firmly in place. So good. He loved being in control.

'That's the way. A bit slow gettin there, but you're learnin. Don't keep me waitin next time.'

The confused lad tried to look up the solid, hairy torso, past the bulge of the man's pecs. The man relaxed his grip very slightly and their eyes locked. Jack felt so small by comparison. The veiny snake was swelling, stretching his inexperienced mouth wider and pushing the emerging head deeper. Jack felt it grow and tried to relax his throat to accommodate. Last night it had seemed easier to take with the buzz of alcohol and porn gradually working their magic. Going full on so quickly now was proving more difficult. He should have been quicker out of bed to service his dad, he realised with remorse. He'd get whatever he deserved. The man nodded at him.

'You just hold it there and make it nice n wet, son. Feel yer dad gettin it hard for yer. Mmmm... This is gonna be fuckin good, I promise.'

The man looked down at the soft lips encircling his mature meat right at the base, at the lad's sexy, smooth skin. What a fuckin horny sight. He'd almost forgotten what it was like being with a girl, though the porn kept reminding him, but this was surely as good as it was ever gonna get in here... Man, this was FUCKIN GOOD! Dominating a cute straight lad came easily to him: same rules as the other, just rougher. The kid was certainly tough enough to take it; wouldn't be much fun if he wasn't. He thought briefly of his own son who he'd not seen for well over ten years. What the hell would he look like now? Something like this, maybe?

His aroused manhood pressed deeper and wider still. Jack gagged for a moment but managed to bring the reflex under control, focussing attention back down to the man's crotch, trying for an easier angle. The man very slowly began to hump his son's face with steady, unforgiving force. The lad gripped his dad's firm, hairy legs for reassurance as he sought to keep the gag reflex at bay.

'Yeahhhh. You fuckin take that nice n deep, son. Nice n deep. This is what it's all about. When yer old man wants something, he gets it, know what I'm sayin?'

Jack moaned and nodded eagerly as he watched the thick shaft being plunged repeatedly in. His well-hard dad was giving it to him all over again, just like he'd said he would. It was really fuckin happenin. That thick meaty weapon slamming into his mouth; the grim reality of prison. He felt utterly powerless. Desperate. Horny. A door slammed in the distance somewhere.

'Feelin real good, kiddo. Reeeeeal good. My dick was just made to fuck your mouth. You want another load of yer dad's tasty cum, don'tcha?'

Another moan and nod from below. Jack's own dick stiffened some more in his crunchy boxers. He felt dirty and alive. His jaw ached already. The man was working up the speed now, fucking his son's face with serious intent. The lad kept his lips tightly encircled around the fleshy torpedo, willing the maximum pleasure for his mean dad, wanting the creamy juice to blast out and fill his gob as soon as possible.

'Fuckin take it, son. You know you want it. You fuckin take it.' The man nearly spat the words out.

Jack began to struggle under the increasingly aggressive onslaught, every inch of the monster dick now ramming his throat mercilessly. His tough-nut dad was fucking his face like an animal. This was really happenin. Gotta take it... Somehow. A rough restraining hand kept his head locked in place. No escape, Jack. Was this really what you wanted? He gripped the hairy legs even harder thinking he might pass out. Please dad, please...

Unexpectedly, the man stopped his assault and moved slightly back to remove his erect manhood. It glistened with saliva in the dim morning light, fully aroused and dangerous. Jack, dumbstruck, stared in exhausted amazement at his dad's slick meat. So fuckin intense. Hands free once more, he absent-mindedly rubbed himself through his boxers, his dick jerking in satisfaction at the attention. Yeah, that felt good. He looked up at the shaven headed muscle man towering over him, saw the menacing expression on the rough stubbled face, the thick scarred neck, the brute strength in those tattooed arms, the huge breadth of the man's firm, hairy chest... Sheer rock-hard masculinity. Submit, Jack, submit.

'Lick it, son. All of it.'

Jack, still looking up at his dad, started to do as he was told, casting his tongue all around the shiny engorged head. The man nodded approvingly at what seemed to be a pleading expression on the lad's face for affirmation that he was doing it right. The mighty shaft jerked as his tongue reached the sensitive underside, a wordless rumble of pleasure emanating from above. The lad worked his way down one side in a frenzy, under and back up the other. The size of the fucking thing. His dad was a proper man.

'Mmmm... You like the taste of yer dad's meat, don'tcha?'

Jack paused, a trail of saliva hanging from his open mouth on to the rigid tool. 'Fuckin amazin' he muttered. He resumed his task from hairy base to shiny head, reaching up to steady it with his hand as his tongue and lips did their duty.

The man stared with intense satisfaction. He could see the lad was loving it now, worshipping his dad's hard meat as only a son could. He clenched his fists and admired his own well-worked out body. Yeah. He was the fuckin man. The lad looked up, awaiting further instruction.

'Do me nuts...'

Eagerly obeying, the lad gripped the solid tree-trunk legs once more and thrust his face to the underside of the man's crotch. The heady masculine scent again filled his nostrils, his tongue now working overtime on the hairy sacks. He caught the groove between balls and thigh and there was a grunt of pleasure from above. He repeated the action, eager to please his dad, pushing his tongue deeper still into the sweaty gap, and going for the other side likewise. His smooth face was soon covered with crotch sweat and his own saliva.

'Yeahhhhh, that's the way, son. That's the fuckin way.'

The man began to wank his dick as the lad continued to tongue around his balls. Jack imagined the spunk there ready so close to his tongue. He lapped away urgently, his entire field of vision filled with male sex. The animal heat engulfed his face.

'Fuck yeahhhh. You do that just right. Gettin me hot now, kiddo.'

The man continued to pleasure himself as the teenager nuzzled into his nuts. The kid really was into it. Too into it, perhaps... Maybe he wasn't straight after all? Hmmm. That wouldn't do. Gazing down through an angry red mist of dominating lust, he roughly pushed Jack's head away from nut duty and back to the head of his fearsome fuck muscle, released once more from his iron grip to target the lad's face.

'You want some more, son? You fuckin want some more?'

'Yeah. Please Dad.' The lad was transfixed by his dad's mighty tool, imagining the damage it was gonna do to him.

'Fuckin tell me then. What do you want?'

Jack paused. It was one thing going with the flow and letting his dad tell him what to do, it was another thing entirely to admit out loud that he wanted it. He just wanted to please his dad. He mumbled, embarrassed.

'Wanna suck yer dick, dad.'

'Speak up, son.'

'Wanna suck yer fat juicy dick, dad.'

'Uh-huh. And?'

'Wanna taste yer cum again.'

The lad looked as confused as he felt. He didn't really want those things. Or did he? His whole sense of identity was being crushed. He wanted his dad.

The man sensed the teenager's discomfort and belatedly remembered the hungry glow in the teenager's eyes when he'd been handed the porn mag, the immediate boner in the lad's boxers at the sight of some tits and pussy. Hmmmm. OK. So he was straight. Just VERY keen to please. That was fair enough. All the same, he fancied some sport...

'Sure you're not a homo, son?'

Startled, the boy looked up. Another wave of shame ran through him. He had to deny it - it wasn't true.

'I ain't fuckin gay, dad. No way.'

'So why'dya want it then, huh? Huh?' The threat in the voice was unmistakable.

Jack's mouth went completely dry and fear gripped him. This didn't make any sense. He'd been forced into it. It wasn't his fault. His dick softened in terror and the vulnerability of his position made his stomach lurch.

'I - I don't...'

'You wanna suck my motherfuckin dick, don't you? You just said so. Don't fuckin lie to me, son.'

Jack looked back at the monster tool hanging there in front of face, taunting him. He had to admit defeat; he wanted it in his mouth again. He nodded slowly and mumbled.

'Sorry dad. Tastes good.' Fuckin homo. He waited for a kick or a punch. But the man had other ideas.

'Right. Maybe you want more than that then, huh?' A pause. Jack froze. 'You know what I think, son?' Another pause. 'I think you wanna get fucked by yer old man. I think you wanna take it like that hot bitch in the magazine.'

The lad's heart raced, fear and desire merging so that he no longer knew which was which. Get fucked by his dad? Yeahhhhh. His imagination ran wild and hot for a moment over forbidden territory. Really doin it, Jack... Getting forcefucked by yer tough-nut dad... Real dirty, like.

'You wanna go all the way with me?'

The man's question hung in the air unanswered. Jack stared at the enormous veiny weapon in front of his face. Imagined it sliding in... Deep... The muscular arms pinning him down... Total submission. His dad boning him like he was a sexy hot bitch. Fuck. Fuck. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, his dick stood to attention once more. The sheer brutal possibility of it overwhelmed him. Going all the way with his dad...

'If you fuckin want it you'll fuckin get it, son. DO YOU FUCKIN WANT SOME?' The man's snarled words hit the lad full on.

What the hell are you thinking, Jack? Crazy shit. You can't take that thing - you'll be ripped apart. But... But... It'd be amazin, wouldn't it? Wouldn't it? The lad desperately wanted to admit his dark curiosity, to let his dad do him, but the fear proved too strong. He looked up in trepidation.

'Just want to do what I'm told, dad. I'll... I'll do what you tell me.'

The man stared, then relented. The teenager looked so lost and cute all of a sudden, even his loveless heart couldn't resist. Give him a break Sike, he's only been here a day. The fuck can fuckin wait. Plenty of opportunity ahead. Porn and booze to break down the barriers... You'll have him beggin for it in a few weeks. He grinned at the boy.

'I know that, son - just playin with yer. You keep on doin what you're told. Yer dad'll look after yer. Ain't a gay thing, like I said.'

He ruffled the boy's hair. Jack visibly relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. Thank fuck for that! His dad believed him after all. The man moved over to his bed and sat on the edge, upper body reclined to rest on his elbows, legs splayed. Easy and confident. He gestured at the lad and pointed at the floor in front of him.

'Over ere. We ain't done yet.'

Jack padded over on all fours, settling between his dad's hairy legs with renewed excitement. He was gonna get fed now, he felt sure of it. Yeahhhh. His dad was really gonna give it to him. Was he gonna get his face pounded again, he wondered... He wasn't sure how much of that he could take in one session. He eyed up the show of raw strength there before him: such a hard fucker. His heart beat faster and he waited for instruction.

'You done good so far, kid. Time for yer reward...' The man gave him a cocky half-grin and a small unfriendly chuckle, pointing his hard meat outwards. The young lad stroked his own straight stiff meat through the damp fabric of his boxers and bit his lip with anticipation. There it is, Jack. Yer dad's fat juicy dick. You want it now, don'tcha?

'Come on, get stuck in, son!'

Jack watched the man's expression as he slid the shiny head between his lips once more. Fuck. This was the real deal. He sucked eagerly, making the action smooth, slick and rhythmic. The look of satisfaction on his dad's face sent a thrill up and down his spine. He was doin it right.

'Uggghhhh. Now you're doin it, boy. Now you're really doin it.'

A trail of precum tantalized his tongue. Fuckin hell - he was tasting it now. The dirty animalistic ritual had him by the scruff of the neck again. He wanted more. He reached out to gently caress the man's large nutsack: all that cum, right there. His other hand stroked his own meat. His balls ached.

'Yeahhhhhhhh. You're suckin yer dad's dick, son. How about that? Gonna load you up real soon.'

Extreme pleasure flowed up the man's body from his groin. Last night was clearly no fluke: this kid really knew how to work his tackle. He'd be shooting his load in no time. He kept eye contact, nodding his approval now and again, slightly thrusting his crotch in time with his son's rhythm as the good sensations spread. What a turn on. Look at him. Straight, 19 goin on 16, bright-eyed and innocent, taking his dad's thick meat and learning to enjoy it. Fuck yeah. He resumed his aggressive sexy talk.

'Yeah, you keep that up, son. Suck that big motherfucker. Do yer dad proud.'

The words swirled around the lad's head and took root as the man's demanding gaze bore forcefully into his. You're suckin yer dad's dick, son. You're suckin yer dad's dick. Jack felt lightheaded. He really was. He really fuckin was...

'Oh yeah, you're a fuckin natural, kid. Suckin yer dad's juicy prick like a bitch. You're gonna get it every day. Yeaahhhh.'

Jack moaned gently. Every day. He'd almost forgotten that promise. He thought about how many hours he was gonna spend here in this cell with this hard-nut's massive tool in his gob. All the hot cum he was gonna be made to swallow - for weeks, months... Like a bitch... Yeahhhh. Total male domination. You know you can't fight yer dad, Jack, so this is how it's gonna be. This is your life now.

'That's the way, son. Suck it reeeeeal good. Daddy's gonna feed it to yer. You're gonna fuckin get it.'

The lad's excitement continued to build. So close now. He'd let the man's nuts and his own dick go free and his hands were wandering up over the chunky torso, reaching up toward the well rounded pecs and the hardened nipples. His dad grunted approvingly as the lad's smooth arms rubbed over his rough skin. Sweet. The thrusts became more insistent. He was gonna unload any moment.

'Ughhh, it's comin, son. Gonna fuckin shoot me load. Yer ready?'

The man saw his son nod at him, the pleading eyes, the innocent young mouth forced wide open, his cute face takin it. Fuckin takin it. Yeahhh. Here it comes, kid. He shifted his weight slightly and reached forward with one hand to wank his primed weapon straight down into those soft lips. He wanted to see his boy fuckin drinkin it - drinkin his dad's fresh spunk. His breathing quickened.

Jack kept well low so that he could keep looking up at the man's face. He worked vigorously at the shiny head, one hand now gripping a chunky leg, the other back on his own aching member. His dad's meaty knuckles worked rapidly back and forth, dangerously close to striking him in the face, the mighty forearm taut and vicious. The tattoos blurred up his line of sight.

'Yeah. I'm comin, son. Fuckin comin. YEAHHHHHHH!' The man stared at the lad with fierce determination, drilling his gaze into the back of the lad's skull as his nuts tightened and began to unload.


Dizzy with pleasure and anticipation, Jack let his dad's fierce stare pin him firmly in place. Brute strength filled his mind and vision, the man's deep ecstatic groan his signal to succumb to the inevitable. Here... It... Comes... The first blast of fresh cum landed on his tongue and the insane reality hit him like a sledgehammer. His lips parted slightly in dutiful acquiescence. With a sudden impossible rush, his aching dick began to release it's waiting juice into his already crusty boxers.

The man watched through narrowed lustful eyes as his creamy load streamed out. Fuck yeahhhhh! Feeding time. His lad was really takin it. The meaty fist slowed, and he twisted his hand round so that the thumb was now on top, nudging the lad's head back a touch so that the shiny head spewed more cum on to those soft, young lips. Jack's overpowered senses were filled with the taste and smell of the accumulating seed: the essence of his dad being fed to him again. He focused his attention back on the still leaking prick and lapped up the flow at source with his now cum-covered tongue, felt the creamy juice oozing right from the man's piss-hole. Awesome. Fuckin awesome.

The man basked in the afterglow of his climax. The lad had done a damned good job there, no mistake. It was mighty fine to be gettin his dick regularly serviced again like this... It had been so long.

'Think you liked that, dintcha?' Jack nodded in a daze, too far gone to even think about arguing.

The man began moving his dick around the lad's lips, smearing the remaining juice all around. The lad gave in and let it happen, staring up again into the hard man's satisfied face. He let a load of the gunk slip down his throat to lodge deep inside and sat with his mouth still slightly open, dumbstruck.

The man bashed his boy's face with his thick manhood, the last dregs of cum flicking out on to the tender skin. He wanted to make the lad flinch, but Jack accepted the onslaught. He deserved whatever he got. He swallowed the rest of the man's seed: down, down it went. The buzzing taste lingered in his mouth.

Thoroughly despunked, the man let his dick go and leaned back on both elbows again.

'Well, that was fuckin good for me, son. You're a talented kid, alright. Think yer old man might want some more of that later...' He grinned knowingly.

Jack nodded again in his cum-soaked daze, in no position to refuse; the fire in his mind was now out of control. Couldn't blame the booze this time. He was just a horny straight lad addicted to servicing his dad's meaty dick. No one else had to know about it. No one else would ever fuckin know about it.

'Sure dad. Whenever you want.'

'We'll do some training too, like I said. This afternoon. Gotta start beefin you up a bit if you're gonna survive in this place.'

The lad slowly licked the cum from his lips. He wanted his dad to teach him stuff. Loads of stuff. He grinned back.

'Sounds good to me.'

Outside the cell, there came the noise of the prison wing coming to life. Slamming doors and barked instructions. Down the corridor, the officer worked his round. He fingered his firm tool through the lining of his pocket, replaying what he'd just seen and heard. The guvnor had told him to keep an eye out for Sike and the new kid, and man, that had been a good show. Maybe something could be arranged...

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