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Shayan Akbar - Prison Dad
Shayan Akbar - Prison Dad : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2012.10.15. 12:42

Chapter 4


Another week. The third. Early morning. Jack is dreaming...

He walks through a long deserted corridor which seems to stretch on forever. It feels like his old high school, even though it doesn't look very much like it. Where is everyone? He speeds up, sensing something following. Doesn't want to look. Breaks into a run. Some red double doors. Locked. Tugs at them furiously. Open you fuckers. Bursts through to yet more corridor. Still running. Another set of locked doors. They don't open, no matter how desperately he kicks at them. Turns round. An explosion of light.

Now he's in a small arena of some kind. A handsome young matador faces a large dark brown bull, people crowding around the arena to witness the spectacle. No one can see Jack there observing the action. The young man dodges the bull's horns again and again, but he has no weapon, no defence except his agility. There can only be one winner here. The bull catches his side and he goes flying into the dust. He scrambles on to all fours, panting and naked. Too slow.

His opponent charges again from behind, but instead of goring him, stops and clambers clumsily over his back. The young man knows what is about to happen and freezes; Jack knows what is about to happen and stares in envious anticipation. The bull bends its back legs and the erect shaft, a metre or so long and thick as a beercan, presses up against the young man's smooth skin, skillfully edging into position. Magnificent. Fearsome. Deadly.

Impossibly, it begins to penetrate its conquest, the great head pushing past the unready ring of muscle. The terrified young matador can't possibly take such a size and grimaces, his face down to the ground, sweating into the dust. But all Jack can do is admire the savage beauty of the ultimate bestial act. The moment of entry repeats itself in gory close-up: gigantic bull-dick squeezing open the young man's tight behind. Incredible. The beast is inside him now, sliding relentlessly in. And still further in. The young man's muscles are tensed in exquisite agony and Jack is totally transfixed. Suddenly, the man transforms into a bull himself: small, dark and sleek. The adult bull keeps up the pressure regardless and the younger one confidently takes what is given. The crowd are silent.

Jack's eyes flicked open and he stared at the wall a few inches away, reality taking a few moments to kick in.

Fuck, that was weird. That was soooo fuckin weird. The shocking image of the beast's dick forcing it's way into the naked young matador etched terrifyingly into his memory. He won't forget that in a hurry. Trouble was, his reaction to it in the dream had been all wrong: it had turned him on.

He became aware that there was the sound of heavy regular breathing and movement in the small room. Must be the big guy exercising again. Crazy fucker. How he found the energy so early in the morning, Jack had no idea. He listened awhile, trying to get normality back into his head.

Already the outside world felt like something of a distant memory, even though he'd had his first visit two days ago from one of his crew, Tommo. Ever loyal, if a bit dim, was Tommo. He'd expected to feel a pang of envy or something at news from outside, but hearing his gang mate bang on about stuff which he wasn't part of anymore was just... well... a bit meaningless. He felt like he'd outgrown it already. He'd found himself thinking about Tommo's ugly bruiser of a dad and idly imagined him shoving his meathead son down on to his knees, pulling out the chunky old tool from his paint splattered work jeans... 'Shut the fuck up, lad, and get yer mouth round that. Yer mum can't be bothered anymore, so you might as well make yerself useful. You owe me some fuckin rent anyway.' Jack had grinned to himself, hornily imagining his mate's confused face as his dad's prick was rudely shoved in. Tommo, you haven't fuckin lived...

Turning on to his back, the lad rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He lay there uncovered to the waist, contemplating. He put his hands behind his head and looked over at his dad, the man's powerful torso moving up and down.

Finally, Sike looked up and saw Jack watching him. He sprung to his feet, now a muscular shadow looming over the bed, blocking the light from the high barred window. Jack eyed the bulging curves of the man's worked muscles and smelt the sweat from him. A vein pulsed.

'Mornin dad.'

'Mornin son.'

Sike stared at his boy a moment. Too cute. He eyed his buzz cut hair (as of the day before); his smooth exposed chest; the thin line of dark fuzz leading down from his bellybutton; those sleepy innocent grey/blue eyes... Some Irish blood in him somewhere, probably. Horny. Sure, the boy didn't turn him on quite the way some sexy fuckin bitch would, but he knew once they got started it would be just as good. No two fuckin ways about it. Being in control fired him right up, and rough, fuckin action was what he was made for. Best he was gonna get. Best the lad was gonna fuckin get.

This morning he'd woken up extra horny and aggressive after some frustrating dream or other about someone from his distant past; the dream vanishing like smoke and leaving its emotional charge behind. The quick work-out had channelled his anger but not managed to reduce it. His pumped up body and mind were yearning for a proper release. Easily solved.

Eyes fixed on his prey, and without a word, he dropped his shiny exercise shorts and stepped out from them. Malicious sexy grin. He saw the lad's uncertain eyes flick irresistibly down toward his tackle. Yeahhh, that's right boy. Get an eyeful o that. Dad's gonna be doin somethin with it very soon...

'Always too fuckin hot in here, innit?'

'Yeah, just a bit.'

Jack knew he shouldn't be caught staring at the man's mighty tool until the choice was taken away from him. He quickly shifted his gaze away from the long dangling snake, and back up to the brute strength in the man's awesome upper body instead, the bulging curves of those hairy pecs and tattooed biceps, the scar on his thick neck, the serious jawline and shaved head. His scary fuckin thug of a dad. Nervous swallow of anticipation.

'Guess what?'

'Wot?' Jack feigned innocence.

'You're fuckin getting it, that's what.'

Sike clambered on to the bed, straddling the lad's chest. So far, he'd mostly made the lad get on his knees before him. This time though, he fancied tryin somethin a little different to fit his angry mood. Jack felt the hefty weight of the man trapping him in place; now he couldn't touch his surging dick even if he wanted to.

'Get yer head up' the man instructed. Jack folded his pillow so as to prop up his head to a better angle and the man shunted the lad backwards several inches so that his head and the pillow were firmly pushed up against the low headboard.

The bulky masculine torso and arms filled Jack's field of vision; sex and violence incarnate. Raw male meat lurked there between the tree trunk thighs. His dad's big straight motherfuckin dick... He watched helplessly as the man shifted forward slowly, widening his mighty legs, and bringing the sweaty crotch up toward its target. A flutter of nerves slithered through; he sensed, rightly, that he was gonna get rammed mercilessly in this position. Fuck. He could feel the animal heat swamping him. He cautiously laid his hands on the firm hairy thighs.

Sike looked down his well-worked muscular body with approval; yeah, he still had what it takes. He was the fuckin man. He felt the blood rush to his dick. The familiar sight of his lengthy member beginning to harden before the teenager's cute face filled him with a raging lust to dominate. So wrong it just had to be right, yeah? Like anyone gives a flying fuck about right or wrong in here... The ritualistic act of sexual barbarism was everything he had thought it would be these long frustrating years. The prospect of forcing those soft lips wide with was just so unbelievably fuckin sexy. Every. Fuckin. Time. The stark contrast of his darker flesh against the lad's pale skin. A bad straight dad reminding his son who was top dog. Just like it should be...

'Take a good look at that fucker, son. That's a real fuckin man's dick, huh?' Sike's voice was deep and deliberate. Authoritative.

Jack had still not shaken the strange dream entirely. It flooded back into his consciousness and he felt weak. Fuckin bull-dick.

'Sure is, dad.'

'Fuckin bigger than yours, innit?'

'Yeah. Fuckin is... Fuckin massive.'

'Want me to feed it yer again?'

A moment's hesitation.

'Yeah. Fuckin give it to me, dad.'


Jack stared, only half aware of what he was saying. The fat juicy dick was dangling threateningly in front of his face once more, preparing to assault him. Serious male tackle intimidating him into submission. Symbol of his dad's rightful position over him.

'Please dad...'

Fuckin massive, innit... The real fuckin thing... Had to be sucked by someone, dint it? (Yeah, that'll be you Jack). Them huge hairy nuts behind, waitin to release the payload... Yeahhhhh. Firm muscles ready to flex... Fuck yeahhhh. His straight instincts battled vainly for traction, struggling against the full-on headrush of his dad's testosterone fuelled sexual aggression.

(Why are you lettin this happen, Jack?) You know why. Ain't got no fuckin choice... (That monster prick's fuckin with yer mind...) I know it is. Can't fuckin say no, can I? Feels horny givin in to it... (It's gonna totally fuck you up...) Yeah, but he's fuckin lookin after me, ain't he? (Or maybe he's gonna fuckin destroy you...) Fuck off. Fuck right off. I want this to happen. I wanna get fucked by him. (You mean you wanna get fucked by the bull?) That wasn't fuckin real. He's real.

But a sliver of fear spliced Jack's dreamy desire. The memory of the metre long bull-dick being driven into the matador again flashed across his young skull; the young man about to be fucked to death by the mighty animal. Shit. What a way to go...

Sike watched the lad's confusion with amusement. He loved toying with him. 'Tell me how much you want it, son.'

Jack paused and refocussed. Dangerous territory. Despite everything that had happened over the past two weeks, he couldn't admit to needing this too readily. He had enough trouble admitting it to himself.

'I... I ain't fuckin gay, dad. You know I fuckin ain't.'


'Just... Wanna be a good boy, y'know? Wanna show you some respect.' This was the only rationale which allowed Jack to save some face. His life-raft in the stormy sea.

'Yeah, course you do... But you like the taste of it, don'tcha? Yer dad's tasty straight meat shootin its big load in yer gob...'

Jack felt his identity being crushed all over again by the man's interrogation. Of course he didn't want it, but... but it felt so good obeying his tough-nut dad; being forced to do these forbidden things. Made no fuckin sense. His heart pounded furiously. Yeahhhh. Reeeal fuckin tasty. The truth spilled out of him.

'Fuck yeah. Best fuckin thing about it... Can't fuckin wait!'

A confused gulp. Did he mean that? He thought about how much of the thug's steamin juice he'd had to swallow these past few weeks; how much there was still to come in the months ahead. Fresh cum in his mouth, every fuckin day. The man marking his territory. His property.

'You're a good lad.' Sike stroked the boy's head with rough affection. He meant it.

'You're the fuckin man, dad. I can fuckin take it... Whenever you want me to.'

Sike chuckled with anticipation. 'Gonna do me proud, huh?'

'Fuck yeah.'

The muscle man's weapon was nearly at full charge now, despite not having been touched. The dirty talkin had done the trick nicely. He could wait no longer. He grabbed the base of it and began swiping Jack's face with dull heavy thwacks. Left, right, left, right. Blood surged. Yeah, Sike thought, it's a fuckin weapon, this is. Time to do some damage...

'Sure you can take it, son? Yer old man's in a hard fuckin mood today.'

Jack felt the fear again and tried not to flinch. His dad wasn't giving him a choice. Just a warning.

'Yeah, course I can.' He lightly opened his mouth and let his tongue hang out to catch any moistness as it passed, and to encourage his dad's dick in where it truly belonged. Sike obliged and let it pass over the youth's tongue a few times. A few drips of sticky juice lingered. The familiar taste hotwired Jack's horny young mind and he stiffened in response.

'Let's find out, shall we?'

'Yeahhhh...' Jack stared in horny resignation as the man's mighty straight shaft took aim. A chunky hand grabbed his chin with a firm grip and squeezed either side. Jack's jaw gave in to the pressure and dropped open. He watched with disturbing excitement as the hot hard meat pushed right in. Here we fuckin go again... He clamped his lips upon the rigid veiny tool. Fuck. The reality hit home all over again.

'There you fuckin go, son. Daddy's gonna show you how it's done. This is gonna be reeeal good...'

Sike clasped his boy's head on both sides and began a steady, sensuous rhythm, pushing in nice n deep with each thrust. Jack head was locked into place. He couldn't move an inch except to glance upwards along those awesome arms at the tower of strength above, a menacing male shadow in the dim light, pumping that amazing tackle in and out, in and out. Muscles flexin, deep grunts of satisfaction. Their eyes met in the dim morning light.

'Fuck yeahhhh. 'S feelin real nice, kiddo. You likin that? Yer old man fuckin yer face?

Trapped and unable to speak, Jack moaned his agreement. His tough-nut dad was really fuckin usin him.

'Yeahhh. You know just how fuckin massive it is now, don'tcha? Let's see how fuckin deep you can take it.'

The man leaned up and forward to get a better downward angle. His grip on the lad's head tightened as his thrusts increased in depth and intensity. He begun to channel his substantial aggression into the movement.

Jack felt the long plunging strokes bashing the back of his mouth and his gag reflex tried to kick in. He used all his experience of the past few weeks to attempt to relax and let the invader search out his throat, but this was a new position with virtually no room for manoeuvre. The monstrous male member plunged relentlessly on, the man's sweaty crotch coming up toward his face, the bristle of his wiry fuzz, swinging nutsack against his chin, hot meaty hands pushing tight against his head. Pounding claustrophobic heat and darkness. Ever harder. Ever deeper. He moaned again. His face was gettin pulverized by the beast.

'Now you're really feelin it, aintcha? How fuckin good is that?' Sike chuckled.

Jack moaned again, his mind on a knife edge: one side indescribable pleasure at the extreme intensity of it all, the other side sheer raving insanity. He wanted to please his dad so much, but he was coming up against the limit of what he could handle. He could barely breathe. His dad was the fuckin bull alright.

Sike, oblivious to Jack's state of mind, had tapped in to a rich seam of aggro and lust and was really goin for it. He was getting exactly what he wanted. He slammed the hard fleshy cylinder into his son's cute face over and over again, enjoying the ferocity of the assault and the lad's wide-eyed expression of confused desire and disbelief. The fierce infliction of his dad's pleasure.

'Fuckin take yer dad's dick, boy. Fuckin take it. You know how much you want it.'

Jack's heart raced. He was being facefucked like never before. He tried to nod again. Couldn't. Oh yeahhhh... Want it... Want it... Please dad... Shoot yer load... Fuckin shoot it... Straight down my throat...

'Your mouth was just made for my fuckin prick, kid. Fuckin made for it. Feels real good bein in there, don't it?

Jack moaned in acknowledgement. It was true. He was just a kid, destined to take his tough-nut dad's brutal tool. And now he was also the young matador in the dusty arena... Oh fuck. Oh fuck. No way out. The seconds ticked by into minutes. Jack's entire world was filled with the imprisoned straight man's sexual rage and the raw masculine power of his torturous sex. He began to feel suffocated by the position he was in, breathing becoming more and more difficult. Fear slowly turned his horny submission inside out. Please dad... Can't take much more... A blackness began to descend: he was gonna pass out for sure. Approaching panic.

'That's the fuckin way, son... Gonna shoot my fuckin load right down your throat. Fuck yeahhhhhhh... ' Sike felt his cum surge getting closer and closer. Fuckin ace. He thrust with all his might.

Something snapped in Jack's desperate and confused skull. No. Fuck this. Fuck this shit. He was fuckin straight. FUCKIN STRAIGHT. The bull-dick was gonna destroy him. Sheer survival instinct kicked in and all other reasoning vanished. He vainly tried to push Sike off him, but couldn't. Too heavy. Gotta get out. Gotta fuckin... Get out of this...

The sudden act of rebellion took the man completely by surprise. What the fuck? A small part of him thought it funny... Showed the kid was still putting up a bit of a fight, which was kinda sexy; a little bit of resistance gave things a nice raw edge. However, the greater part of him was fucking furious at the lad's bad timing, just as he was gettin ready to fuckin shoot the juice. He grabbed the young forearms and whacked them back hard against the low headboard.

'What the fuck do you think you're doin? Don't fuckin fight me, son. Don't fuckin fight me.'

Jack, his dad's huge dick still rammed firmly in his gob, continued to struggle in his full on panic attack. The bull clambered over the matador and it's metre long shaft found the lad's virgin hole. Impossible and terrifying. Fear filled his crazed young head. It's gonna fuckin kill me...

'I said don't fuckin fight me. Are you fuckin deaf?' Sike held Jack's head and hands in lockdown as the lad tried to work himself free, his vicious low whisper matching the aggression with which he'd been fucking moments before. Yet the message just wasn't getting through; the lad was lost in his own nightmare, seemingly unreachable.

'Right. I ain't fuckin havin this. Ain't fuckin havin it.' Sike was properly angry now. That his near climax was having to wait was bad enough; that he was being ignored was ten times worse. He contemplated knocking some sense into his son, but decided instead to withdraw his meat and get off the bed before he did something he might regret... Count to fuckin ten, man... He stood, watching, thinking of what punishment would be appropriate.

Jack gasped for breath but stayed horizontal, staring at the bleak grey ceiling, shaking. The fearful dream released him from its grip, and he swum back into reality. What happened? What the fuck had he done? Shit. The last thing he remembered was his dad tellin him his mouth was made for...

'Get up. Now.' The menacing tone chilled the lad to the bone. He wanted to try and explain but couldn't speak. His brain seemed to have come unstuck. What the fuck was he gonna do?

'Don't make me even angrier, son...'

Jack unsteadily got out of his bed and stood, naked, facing up to the tough guy a bare few metres away. He blinked stupidly. The shaven-headed muscle man was cracking his knuckles and glaring at him. He looks seriously fucked off, thought the lad. The sinking realisation of what was happening sunk home. You fuckin idiot, Jack. You complete fuckwit.

'So you wanna fight me? Yeah? Yeah?' The man punched the fist of his left hand into the palm of the right, making a high-pitched thwack. Tattooed muscles threatened. His nostrils flared.

The answer was a resounding no, but Jack still couldn't speak. He was terrified and frozen to the spot. The bull wasn't gonna fuck him; it was just gonna tear him to pieces. He simply shook his head slowly. Sike's eyes narrowed.

'No, you fuckin do, don'tcha? Tell you what. I'll give you a head start. C'mon, hit me.' The man opened his arms in invitation, gesturing with his fingers for Jack to do it. 'C'mon son. Think yer hard enough, huh?'

Jack stared disbelievingly, the tension cutting into his spine. His moment of madness had got him into deep, deep trouble. This was all wrong... It shouldn't be like this. Should be on his knees... Should have been a good boy. The still air in the room was heavy and stifling; the grey walls seemed to be closing in on him. Sweat beaded his forehead. He shook his head again.

'I said fuckin hit me. FUCKIN. HIT ME. You do what I fuckin tell you, son.'

His self-preservation instinct was to run, but of course there was nowhere to run to. Jack felt the need to obey his dad suddenly kick in, even though what he was being asked to do made no sense. A crazy rush of adrenaline to his head. Just do what he fuckin says, Jack... He took a quick step forward and threw his hardest punch at the man's stomach. Like hitting a fuckin brick wall. The man adjusted his balance slightly, but otherwise barely flinched. Drawing ragged breaths, Jack did it again. And again, using his dad's hard body like a punchbag. No fucking reaction. He growled out loud his frustration with himself for being too weak. Punched again.

Sike watched him with fascination, knowing how unfair the match was, the white heat of his temper subsiding slightly. Hmmmmm. The lad could certainly pack a fair punch for his size and age, but if he'd really wanted to do damage he would have aimed for the face or nuts... He was clearly just doing what he was told, knowing full well which side his bread was buttered. He felt a surge of affection for the angry young man: his wannabe thug of a son, making a show of defending his straight honour. Still, this little game wasn't done yet. The kid needed to be taught a lesson.

Without warning he went on the counterattack, catching the punching arm and twisting it right around so that Jack yelped in pain and froze again. Sike hugged him close from behind, his left forearm crushingly tight against the lad's smooth chest. Jack grimaced at the contortion and the man spoke low, slow and quiet into his ear. Soothing and threatening in equal measure.

'Now. Listen to me, son. I hope you realise how generous I'm bein here... I've killed a few people in my time, with my bare hands. People who deserved it. You don't deserve it in the slightest. You're a fuckin find in this place, you are. Made me right fuckin happy. Happier than I've been in a long time... But... there may be days when I'm errr... how shall I put it... less rational, yeah? So... guess what I'm sayin is, best not make me angry too often, yeah? You might just catch me on the wrong day.' He paused.

Jack felt the man's breath on his neck, the firm body pressed into his, the warm chest fuzz tickling his back, the press of male tackle against his exposed buttocks. Despite the pain and the fear, the closeness intoxicated him. His dad still cared about him, alright. Young meat stirred.

'You understand me?' A nod from the lad. 'We still got ourselves a deal then, yeah?' Another nod.

Jack's aching arm was released, his body likewise.

'Turn around.'

They stood, Jack's eye level at the man's thick scarred neck. He looked up into his dad's eyes, trying his best to look calm and not betray the torrent of violent emotion in his head. He wanted the man to hold him close again... His arm hurt, but all things considered he was lucky to still be in one piece. Sike gripped the lad's chin and yanked the lad's face toward him as he lowered his. His expression was deadly serious.

'I know you're fuckin straight son; so am I. This is just the way things are gonna be in here. I'm yer dad, you're my son; I look after you, you look after me. Simple.'

Jack nodded slightly in the man's vice-like grip. The man's dark eyes glinted.

'And y'know what? I'm gonna fuck you again. Just like I promised yer. Tonight. I'd do it now, but there ain't enough time. You know how I like to take me time...'

A dry swallow from the lad. No fuckin word of a lie.

'And y'know what? If it hurts, tough. You're not gonna complain about a fuckin thing. Not one single fuckin thing, y'hear me? In fact, you're gonna tell me how much you fuckin like it, how good it feels to have yer dad's massive straight dick up there. Yeah? And you're gonna fuckin beg me for more when we're done too. You got that?'

Sike liked these mind games, entrenching his control over the lad. He wanted to keep him at the limit of what he could handle; wanted to teach him that a bit of pain endurance would make him more of a man in the long run. Same with their work-outs. It was the kind of lesson he'd had to learn when he was young. Hadn't enjoyed it at the time, but it had toughened him up alright.

Shards of uneasy excitement scattered through Jack's body as he stared into his dad's eyes and heard what was going to happen. He was gonna get shafted again. Tonight. Oh fuck.

'Gotcha dad. 'll do it right this time. Promise.'

Sike let him go at last. 'Good lad. That's what I fuckin want to hear. You gonna fuckin make it up to me, yeah?'

'Yeah.' Jack looked down, relieved, wanting to apologise properly for his bad behaviour, but unable to find the words. He saw his dad's dangling tackle below, still waiting there for him. Look at that fuckin thing, Jack. His dad's very own fuckin bull-dick. That's gonna be slidin right up inside yer later. Unreal.

'So now you're gonna show me some respect... Yeah?'

'Yeahhh.' A pause.

'Well what you waitin for?' Sike's irritation was plain to hear. He was eager to unload after the delay. 'Fuckin get to work. Everyone'll be gettin up soon.'

Jack dropped gladly to his knees. His rightful place. In his troubled mind, his long lost father had long been his ultimate hero; now he'd found him, thought the lad. Tough, brutal, unpredictable... Sure. A real fuckin man... Definitely. Just like Jack had always imagined he would be. Approval had to be earned. That was only right n proper.

The thick, mature sex hung there before his awed face: tantalising, impossibly real, head mostly revealed as the man's arousal resumed with gusto. He licked his dry lips and moistened his tongue, with an inward shudder of recognition that this was what he truly wanted: to have his father's king-size meat unload in him. His straight instincts sulked, subdued by the undeniable... It's OK, Jack, any straight lad would want this if they'd only fuckin admit it, if they only had their strong hard dad ready to feed it to em... You're so fuckin lucky. You're actually fuckin gettin it.

His tongue touched the shiny purple head and began to lick steadily and assuredly all around it. A sliver of salty sweetness from the man's gaping pisshole set his saliva flowing. He felt like a dog. The ripe smell of crotch sweat again filled his senses. He gazed up past the curved fuzzy pecs to his dad's moody bristled face. Sike was looking down at him intently. Totally into the moment with his boy.

'You like lickin yer dad's big straight dick, don'tcha son?'

'Fuck yeahhh. Well tasty.'

'Gettin it hard for yer old man... And doin what yer fuckin told.'

The lad nodded eagerly, eyes still locked upwards. His dad knew what this was all about. The horny submission was back in Jack's bloodstream, stronger than ever. He reached up to gently caress the large dangling nutsack, awestruck. All that fuckin cum...

Sike felt the visceral headrush of domination empowering him once more. His temporarily denied meat was surging again. Yeahhhh. There was a look in the lad's eyes he couldn't quite fathom.

'You want a fuckin mouthload from it, don'tcha? You want me to fuckin fill yer up...'

'Yeahhh. Fuckin do... Let me suck it for yer, dad... I'll make sure I do it proper this time...' Jack was completely in his element now; this was where he belonged, at his dad's feet. Right now, he didn't care who might be watching or listening. He desperately wanted the big guy to know he wouldn't screw up again, that he really could take whatever he was given.

Sike enjoyed watching his straight son begging for it. That little incident had pushed things along nicely, it seemed.

'OK, if you want it bad enough...' Barest hint of a grin. 'But I'm gonna be in control, just like before. You gotta learn to fuckin take what yer old man wants to give yer...'

Jack nodded, remorsefully.

'Open yer gob and be grateful, then.'

Jack did so and the long veiny weapon duly penetrated him, inch by fuckin inch. A real man's dick; his own dad's dick. Total fuckin straight male domination. This was gonna make it all better, he knew it would. He felt it sliding smoothly against his soft young lips, stretching them wide. Pulsing and hardening more as it went. Sike watched with satisfaction the renewed violation.

'Ahhhh that feels fuckin nice, son. Don't it feel fuckin nice?' Jack moaned and nodded. He couldn't believe how good it was this time. Somehow, his dad had hammered his mind into a new shape, a new way of thinking.

Sike took a firm hold of the back of Jack's head and started up the perfect rhythm. Oh yeahhh, thought the lad, dad's really fuckin givin it to me now. The rigid tool slid back and forth, smooth, slick and deliberate. Really fuckin givin it to me. The pumping fuzzy crotch filled his vision, firm legs planted either side, vast thigh muscles workin, stomach flexin; animal grunts from above. Really fuckin givin it to me. Oh yeahhhh... His dick stood painfully to attention and he rubbed it gently. Fuuuuuuck.

Waves of primal pleasure spread from the man's sweaty, meaty groin, rippling and intensifying. Yeahhhh. You're the fuckin man, Sike. You're his dad, alright. He could see and feel the lad's extra willingness to please. Too fuckin right. Had to teach you a fuckin lesson, lad.

'Fuck yeahhh. You're takin it good now, intcha? This ain't gonna take long, kiddo. I'm fuckin fired up.' He could try to draw it out, but he knew time wasn't on their side. His thrusts became more and more urgent, pounding into the lad's skull, drawing the ecstatic climax near.

Jack felt the pace hotting up and steeled himself to withstand the onslaught. Yeahhh dad, I can take it. I can take it. I can fuckin take it. He knew he deserved everything he was getting... His lips clasped as tightly as they could to the mighty tool, willing maximum pleasure into it as it slammed in repeatedly, the head bashing at his tender throat.

It all felt so much more natural in this position, so much easier to take: no hint of the suffocating panic which had kicked in earlier, just awesome recognition of his dad's muscular superiority and mounting excitement as the forcefeeding ritual headed toward its inevitable frenzied conclusion. Fuckin give it to me, dad. You're the fuckin best... He abandoned his own meat to grip the chunky legs he was kneeling at. His dad's pleasure was all that mattered.

'Yeah, fuckin take that motherfucker, boy. Fuckin take it. Fuckin... Take it... 'm gettin close.' Sike gazed down with fierce delight at the punishment he was inflicting with his sexy weapon. He was mesmerised by the sight. He gritted his teeth, repeating the spell he'd cast, over and over. 'Fuckin... Take it...'

The final straight. Jack had learned to recognise the imminent warning signs: more and more precum leaking out, the huge tool swelling to ultra firmness, the aggression and frequency of his dad's grunts goin into overdrive... Fuck yeahhhh. Fuckin let me 'ave it, dad.

'Oh yeahhhh. It's comin. Get ready for it, son. Gonna fuckin feed yer. Gonna... Fuckin... Shoot...'

The speed, the force, the sweat... Jack was delirious with pride at having matched up to his dad's angry lust. Managed to fuckin take it this time, dintcha? You fuckin trooper, Jack. Time for yer reward...

'Yeahhhh.... Fuuuuck. NNNNGGGGHHHHHHHH.'

Sike felt his tightened nuts begin to unload. In the grip of absolute pleasure, he firmly held the back of the lad's head, his eyes narrowing as the fantastic sensation spread through his tense body. His vigorously thrusting tool began to spew out the hot juice. He watched with greedy desire the lad's flushed features, young eyes glazing with delight as the cum was unloaded, the handsome youth being forced to receive his dad's fuckin seed. Those insistent thrusts, still deep, became slo-mo, the shaft streaked with cum; visual proof of the ritual's dirty and vital climax. Swallow it all up son... Fuck yeahhhhhh!

'There you go, son. Yer dad's fuckin load. Just the way you fuckin wanted it...'

Jack nodded enthusiastically. In light of what had happened, this felt as significant as the very first time. The man's raw nutjuice was still spilling out into him from the punishing veiny tool.

'Fuckin tasty, innit?' Sike grinned confidently.

Yeahhh, thought Jack. Fuckin is. Some had slid down his battered throat immediately, whilst the rest was now coating the inside of his mouth... Hot spunk there in his gob from his dad's king-size straight meat. His complete submission to it. Felt like nothing else ever would.

Sike rubbed the lad's short dark hair affectionately, his bond with the lad renewed and strengthened. He felt the young tongue slidin gently over his meat, savourin his father's cum. Never knew how much you wanted it, huh, son? But then the same was true for him. Things had subtly shifted these past two weeks. His goal now was to make the boy fuckin worship his bad dad's straight dick, to make pleasuring it more than just a daily duty. Respect wasn't gonna be enough. No reason.

Jack gazed up longingly at him for more, mouth still packed full, a few last drops of cum leaking out on to the back of his tongue. The buzzing salty-sweet taste overpowered him, the smell mixing headily with that of the man's pungent crotch sweat. He gratefully swallowed most of the seed down. Fuckin result.

'Like I said, son, you make me right fuckin happy... You just keep takin it like that, and I promise I'll take care of yer. We make the best fuckin team, you and me.'

The young man nodded once more. Too fuckin right. He felt warm inside. Wanted. Best of all, he remembered suddenly, the man was gonna fuck him again tonight... Fuck him with this big motherfuckin dick of his. Unbelievable. He let his tongue slide over it again, feeling the heavy weight of it still there in his mouth. Oh yeahhhh... The real fuckin deal. His mean n muscly dad pushin it right up him... Workin that tight hole of his good n proper... Screwin it to perfection... Fuck yeahhhh. This was such fucked up horny shit. Him, in prison, gettin his rear end pounded by a well-hard fuckin straight bloke, just like Jack was his horny fuckin bitch... Who'd have fuckin thought it? And as if that weren't enough he was gonna have to tell his dad exactly how good it felt whilst they were fuckin doin it... Mmmmmmm...

Sparks of aching anticipation zipped around Jack's mind, forging new pathways of desire. Hard young meat twitched down below. The dreamy image of the powerful mature bull fuckin the sleek younger one returned unbidden... Might makin right.

It was gonna be so fuckin good. So. Fuckin. Good.

Sike grinned at him. Yeah. Things definitely headin in the right direction.

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