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Shayan Akbar - Prison Dad
Shayan Akbar - Prison Dad : Chapter 6 - part 2

Chapter 6 - part 2

  2012.10.15. 22:07

'Yeahhhh. You know the score, son. You know the fuckin score. I'm well proud o yer.' Sike saw the relieved grin below and matched it with a sly one of his own. 'How about you take another good hard look at yer old man's tackle before we hit the road, hmmm?'

A breathless nod from the teenager. Jack sensed how his dad was teasing him by drawing the moment out, felt the wire of tension tighten. Nervous excitement hammered in his skull. He obediently lowered his gaze back down the muscled torso to where the tapering trail of fuzz led down the man's firm stomach. Down. Down to where... Stiff young meat filled his briefs with proof of his acquiescence. No escape. He absent-mindedly stroked it through the fabric and felt the good sensations spread out from his groin. Fuck yeah.

Sike confidently compared the size of his meaty weapon to his son's mouth, remembering the desperate look on the lad's face the first time he'd forced it in real deep, even though the lad had quickly shown a natural ability to deepthroat his dad's full length. Apart from this morning, of course... Hmmm. Still had some learnin to do. A further surge of blood and his aroused meat twitched in response. He remembered how tight that pussy hole was gonna be. Fuckin ace. He loved the feeling of giving some bitch more than she could handle. Fuckin loved that. Takin em to the edge...

'Fuckin massive, innit? You love getting yer gob round that motherfucker, don'tcha?'


'You said it yerself, straight blokes with big dicks need to get em seen to. What it's all about, innit?'

The lad stared in a hypnotized horny trance at the virile member, ready for pleasuring, potent symbol of his dad's rightful dominance. His straight instincts slammed into the floor of the ring, defeated all over again by the simple force of the man's masculine superiority. Reality check, Jack: you know exactly where this is goin, don'tcha? That thing's gonna fuck you. Hard. You know he likes it rough. He remembered the previous time and a bolt of fearful lust shot through him... Gonna fuckin hurt, you know it will. And you gotta tell him how much you love it, yeah? Why the fuck do you want this? You're fuckin insane... Yeah, so I am. Fuckin insane. SO FUCKIN WHAT?

The man caught a glimpse of the turmoil in the lad's eyes. He spoke softly and seductively. 'Nothin complicated bout it, son... You're doin it for me. Doin it for yer dad.'

Jack pushed his unwanted confusion aside and nodded. 'Makes perfect sense, dunnit. You're the fuckin man.' The truth, and nothing but the truth...

'Go on then, son. Start workin that meat. Let's get some fuckin action goin.'

Permission at last. Jack shifted his weight slightly and leant forward, the sexual magnetism of the forbidden drawing him in, his dad's raging arousal dimly illuminated. His eyes were wide open to bear witness once again to the terrifyingly profound act, his lips already parted in anticipation.


Sike let the lad take his time. They were in no rush. The stormy summer night was theirs for the taking. The lad's well-practised lips enclosed the waiting prick head and an eager young tongue began working instinctive magic on ultra-sensitive skin. The muscleman let out a deep groan of grateful release. The warm mouth slowly enveloped more of his engorged sex, skillfully performing its necessary duty.

'Oh yeahhhh. You're gettin better n better, son. I fuckin swear you are. Feels sooooo fuckin nice...'

Jack moaned in horny contentment at the strong man's approval. He felt certain that every straight lad with a proper tough dad must have this shadowy fantasy buried deep within them, and here he was living that unspeakable dream. He took the mighty beast further in, feeling the serious weight of it there in his mouth for a moment. Slowly, he began to start up a smooth steady rhythm. Out and in, out and in, out and in... Hypnotic.

'Mmmmm. You can fuckin keep on doin that, kiddo.'

A sudden undeniable hint of nutjuice sent the lad's tastebuds wild and saliva flowing freely. He reached up and caressed the dangling hairy sack, knowing exactly where the tasty stuff was made. But he wouldn't be getting a load pumped into his gob tonight... Oh no. The big guy gave another deep groan of sexual pleasure, and Jack felt a shiver of passion at the sound. He knew how to do it right for his dad. Seemed to come naturally to him. His fate.

'Just you and me now, son. Always knew I'd find yer. I've waited fuckin years too, y'know.'

The man's gruff voice rumbled in Jack's skull: yer dad's been waiting for yer too. All this time. Fuckin amazin. He grinned madly inside himself, the knot of confusion unravelling further. This isn't roleplay any more; this is reality. He really IS yer dad, Jack. Believe it.

'But I'm gonna fuckin look after yer from now on. Y'hear me, son? You're fuckin MINE.'

The lad's stretched lips clamped tight as he kept up his slick action, the man beginning to gently thrust his groin in time. Jack felt his whole body tuning in to the sexy sensuous motion, the two of them synchronized perfectly. He gazed ahead in wonder, his vision filled with wiry fuzz, rugged masculinity and unstoppable muscle, the animal heat swamping his face, breathing in the scent of his dad's crotch sweat, pungently familiar and essential.

Sike again rubbed the lad's short dark hair vigorously, domination firing him up. He watched the youth's soft lips working back and forth as he thrust in time, thick mature tool stretching his son's mouth into a wide O. Just like that porn pic his boy had homed in on the very first night... Yeahhhh. You knew what was in store, dintcha? Pure sexy violation. His meaty hand moved to the back of the lad's head and he began to take the control he required.

'Yeah, yer dad's a proper hard fucker, son. You know the fuckin score, don'tcha? Big motherfuckin dick's gonna sort you out. That's what you fuckin need.'

Jack felt the shift and moaned in submissive acknowledgement. Fuck yeahhhhh. This was where he truly belonged: at his well-hard dad's feet getting his gob fucked. Like a fuckin bitch. Who'da fuckin thought it? Prison was the best fuckin thing that had ever happened to him... He felt his head locked into position and the pace stepping up a gear. He sucked for all he was worth as the sexual assault on his mouth increased in pace. One hand again caressed his dad's nuts and the area around, the other rubbing again at the hardness in his briefs. Yeahhh. Oh yeahhh. Fuckin give it to me, dad.

Sike was breathing heavily now, the perfection of the moment making him almost close his eyes as waves of intense pleasure rippled out from his groin. With his free hand, he gripped his own bulging right pec and squeezed the muscle hard, before running the hand down and up his torso firmly and repeatedly. Fuckin nice. The lad was fondling his nuts in just the right way: he obviously wanted more of em. He released his grip on the lad's head slightly and withdrew his slick meat, holding the mighty weapon up with his other hand.

'Fuckin lick them nuts, son. They fuckin made you.' He brought the lad's head firmly in to the source of his heat. Jack went for it, lapping repeatedly at the heavy hanging sack and the deep darkness around, buried himself between his dad's solid thighs, mind on a wild ride to beautiful oblivion. He tasted the heavy scent and sweat of the man, felt it covering his face, chewed gently at the balls which had so often unloaded into him, and would so many more times again. The man gave a deep groan of approval.

'You're fuckin firin me up, son. Makin yer dad feel real fuckin good intcha?'

Jack glanced up, nodding in earnest. 'Yeahhhhh. I'll do anythin you fuckin tell me to dad.'

Sike grinned at his conquest, the pleading look in his son's eyes turning him on still more. He brought his monster tool back down to target the lad's mouth. 'That's right. Anything I fuckin tell yer.'

The lad looked at the thick juicy prick he was bound to serve and opened his mouth in unquestioning acceptance. Anything. Fuck yeah. His dad resumed the horny facefuck, Jack's sweat-coated tongue working overtime to please the veiny cylinder as it demanded total satisfaction. The rhythm of it pounded in his head: a primitive drumbeat of male domination. Timeless. Relentless. Pleasing his tough-nut dad. Don't ever fuckin leave me again... Please... He pressed again at the bulge in his briefs, and gripped one of the man's rock solid legs with his other hand.

'Fuckin like that do yer?' A nod and a moan. 'Course you do. Yer dad's givin you what you always needed... Shame it took so fuckin long, huh?' Another vigorous, heartfelt nod. Sike looked at the cute straight youth through the dull-red gloom, the soft lips gladly receiving the ritual offering. Yeahhhh. You're really doin it for yer dad, kiddo... 'Let's fuckin step it up a gear, yeah? Come up ere.'

The man released his grip and his slick weapon slid out. Jack took one last close-up view of it before standing back up as instructed. One of his legs had gone a bit numb and he rubbed it quickly to get the circulation going again, then stood straight and proud before his dad. Another roll of distant thunder.

Sike regarded him in silence for a moment, the cute eyes locked on his. He wanted to try something and gestured for the lad to come closer still.

'Stick it between yer legs, son.'

The man spread his legs and bent his knees a little to get the right height. Jack, excited by this new development, did as he was told, placing his slightly trembling hands on the man's fuzzy chest, kneading into the tough muscle like he so often wanted to do. The thick veiny tackle slid between his thighs under the dark briefs, rubbing gently against the tender underside there, smoothly back and forth. Fuckin sweet sensations. He felt his hole aching to be filled by it.

'Fuckin look at that son. Looks like you've got a pussy and I'm fuckin it, don't it?'

Jack looked down. Deep red shadows played with the image, turning it around and around in his mind, making it seem just like his dad said. A seriously hung dick sliding into a smooth dark pussy. Slivers of straight porn fantasies from the magazines danced around his skull, the impossible made real, him getting fucked. His hushed reply betrayed his awe. 'Yeahhh. Fuckin does.' He gripped the man's pecs harder. Sike spat copiously into his hand and spread the spit over his dick, Jack watched the tattooed arm at work for a moment and then looked back into his dad's serious face as the psychological fuck continued. The lad instinctively squeezed the man's hardness between his legs, feeling the powerful crotch being pushed into his. So. Fuckin. Hot.

'You like the feel of that, son?' The lad nodded, eyes wide in the red gloom. 'You wanna get fucked for real?''

'Yeah, please dad. So fuckin horny now. S'what I fuckin need.'

Sike gave a mean half grin and nodded back. 'That's my boy.' He stroked the lad's cute face, rough skin on smooth. Close range. Jack's mouth hung lightly open with gnawing desire as he felt the touch and stared deep into the man's dark eyes. The man pushed a finger in up to the gnarly knuckle and Jack sucked and chewed on it. Another finger went in.

'Anything else you wanna fuckin chew on?' Jack moaned, mouth full. 'What?' The man removed his fingers to let him speak.

'Let me show yer dad...'

Sike pushed his groin in hard and held it there pressed up against the lad's concealed stiffness. Jack slipped his arms around the man's chunky frame and let his forehead fall on his dad's shoulder, the man's tough muscle against him, strong arms wrapping around his body, one of em sexily stroking his back. He squeezed the hot hard weapon between his legs, totally lost for words; began to urgently chew on the man's muscled shoulder. The man grunted and leaned back slightly to indulge his son for a moment, watching him intently.

Jack worked his way quickly down the shadowed side of the man to work on the bulging curve of his upper left arm. He tested the powerful muscle there between his teeth. Fuckin good stuff; he'd wanted to do this so many times. A firm hand took the back of his head and pressed it in.

'Yeah, you like that? Like a bit o muscle in yer gob?' The lad moaned in affirmation.

'If it's fuckin muscle you want to chew on, how about some of this?' The man forcefully moved the lad's head to his chest, his prick swinging free again as he moved back. He really can read my fuckin mind, thought Jack, gratefully sinking his teeth into the solid hairy mound. His tongue found the man's nipple and lapped at it, savouring the man's obvious arousal. He chewed softly at it. Sparks flew in Sike's head and he groaned.

'Yeahhhh, fuckin chew on that, son. Feels reeeeeal nice.'

Jack reached down to find the beefy man's monstrous weapon as he worked, knowing he shouldn't leave that unattended. His hand grasped it - like a fuckin thick iron bar it was - and slid the foreskin gently up and down. It pulsed in his hand as he continued to stroke it. The horny teenager knew the fuck had to be gettin close now.

'And the other one, son.'

'Yeahhh. Anything you say, dad.'

Sike continued to watch, the bad desire charging through his veins. The eager lad was chewing away on his dad's muscle like there was no tomorrow. But of course there fuckin would be, and they'd fuckin do this again. And again. And again. He lifted his boy's head up sharply to look at him.

'Right, enough o that. Yer old man's big dick ain't gonna wait any longer. I'm gonna fuckin do yer.' He let go, and Jack stood up straight, letting go of the man's massive shaft and staring down at it expectantly, nodding slowly as if to help convince himself that this was what every straight lad secretly wanted: their thug dad's monster dick sliding inside them. Yeahhh. Here we fuckin go.

'Fuck yeah. This is gonna be fuckin amazin, dad.' He sounded more confident than he was, especially as his hole had already been invaded once today and was bound to be a little tender. A flash of recollection sent a shiver up his spine. The married officer sliding in his smooth long prick. Yeah, do me like yer do yer missus... Being slammed into the desk. Fuck. That should never have happened. He tried to blank the memory and looked up again into his dad's face. A serious stare greeted him.

'We're gonna do it standin. Lean over the bed.' The man reached across for his bottle of massage oil as the lad assumed position. Smooth youthful vulnerability in the shadow of his criminal dad. Prison domination. He grinned with an all-conquering lust, swiftly oiling his raging tool then pulling the lad's briefs down a little and applying some to the waiting hole, gently pushing into the tight ring of muscle with a searching finger.

'Oh fuck.' Jack bit his lip and leaned further forward, placing his fists on the bed, feeling a twinge from his injured shoulder and the oiled finger opening him up. This was gonna be intense.

'Yeahhhh. Gonna fuckin loosen you up real good son. Remember what I said this morning?'


'Don't fuckin forget.'

Two fingers now worked the lad's hole, preparing it for the beast to follow. Sike didn't care if it was fuckin dirty, it was gonna feel sooooo fuckin good. Nice tight fuckin hole for his motherfuckin dick to fill. He removed his fingers and brought the shiny head of his shaft into position. He nudged, testing the resistance.

Jack closed his eyes, the striking image he'd pictured in the darkness earlier - dad and son engaged in a masterful fuck - was about to happen. He moaned in a horned-up trance as the slick torpedo of male desire pressed again, this time more insistently. He swallowed his nerves and pushed back into it, grinding his rear a little, sexily encouraging the man to penetrate him. Sike liked this a lot and let out a low growl.

'Oh yeahhhhhh. You fuckin want it up there, don'tcha son?'

'Yeah. Fuckin do.'

'Well here it fuckin comes.'

The man gripped the lad's waist, steadying him for the onslaught. The fat head of his prick began its irresistible push and the lad pushed back on it again, inviting the man to take full possession. Oh yeah. Oh yeahhhh. I fuckin love you dad. And then Jack felt the man enter him... He froze, mouth dumbly agape, eyes wide. Fuck. Fuuuuuuck. He let out a small strangled cry.

Sike was in fuckin heaven, his delayed satisfaction making it all the sweeter. Yeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhh. He gave another deep growl of pleasure at the amazing sensation, and the hot, hot sight of his manly thickness forcing itself in between those tight white cheeks.

'There you fuckin go, son. There you fuckin go... How does that feel?'

Jack felt his head swim. His body was almost starting to accept the idea of being taken like this, but it still felt fuckin extreme. His mind reeled with thoughts and fantasies, colliding with one another in a chain reaction of tumbling horny confusion. His dad, the bull. The terror of the matador. The woman in the porn fantasy arching with delight... He rubbed at the hard meat in his briefs.

'Ugghhh. It's good dad. It's what I... Ughhhhhh... Fuckin need.'

He looked round on the side of the light to see what he could. The man's tree trunk leg bent slightly and touching his, higher up a densely tattooed arm holding him in place. Crushing muscle and masculine authority being exercised in the warm red glow. He felt his dad starting up a gentle rhythm, workin the fuckin beast steadily inside, bit by bit, inch by inch. He continued to grind back on it a little, sensing that the man liked this, and that somehow it would help him take it better. Show him how much you want it, Jack...

'You been waitin for this all week, intcha? Yer dad's motherfuckin meat workin yer like one of them porn bitches.'

An eager nod of affirmation. 'Yeah. I can fuckin take it just as good for yer, dad.'

Sike drove deeper still. Three quarters in now. He heard another sharp intake of breath from the lad and grinned nastily.

'Well, we'll just have to test that out, won't we?'

Jack clenched his jaw tight in anticipation and pushed back again, determined to do his duty properly. His mind wanted this so fuckin much, probably more than he had ever lusted after anything before: wanted to have that straight meat filling him, to accept his tough-nut dad's brutal passion. He'd fuckin take it good. Had to or else...

'Get it right in there dad. Wanna fuckin feel it all.'

Sike obliged with a firm insistent push, the full nine inches. Jack gasped again in shock.

'Like that?'

'Ughhh. Ughhhhh. Yeahhhh. Like that.'

Sike regarded the powerful porn scene before him, the cocky straight lad completely submitting to his bad dad's twisted need for satisfaction. His substitute bitch. Fuck yeah. He was the fuckin man around here. No one fuckin doubted it.

'Stand up for me.'

Jack carefully raised himself to stand, fully impaled. He felt the press of his dad's body against him from head to foot, the man's muscular arms wrapping themselves around him, the hot meat gently pushing part way in and out, a slow deliberate action. The gruff voice spoke quietly in his ear.

'What was it you fuckin said? You ain't had no dad for years?'

Jack tensed. 'Yeah. Long, long time.' The knife in his heart twisted suddenly.

'Ever thought he'd come back?'

The lad paused for thought. He'd stopped believing her in the end. Useless promises.

'Fuckin wanted him to, but... '

'But no fuckin way?'

The rain drummed on and ever on; the world turned.

'Nope.' Jack's jaw was tight with emotion.

'And that's why you want this chance so much, even though you're straight.'

It wasn't really a question. Sike continued his slow, deliberate thrusting, the wiry fuzz of his muscled groin sensuously pressing into the lad's welcoming rear. The revelations of the night had set cogs whirring in his frustrated lust-crazed head, overcoming his normal suspicious defences. He was starting to realise that what he'd initiated for his simple gratification was becoming something much deeper, for both of em. The kid was fuckin special. He was gonna fuckin show him how special he was. He was gonna be the best fuckin dad in the world...

Jack remembered his confession, made as he'd sat transfixed by the awesome sight of his dad's thick veiny snake slowly coming to life in front of his face, rising up to be serviced. It reminded him, as if he should need it, of the significance of this fuck compared to the callously abusive one he'd endured earlier in the day. This was the real fuckin deal.

'Yeah. I know I shouldn't want this, but I just fuckin do.' The lad paused, feeling the strong embrace and the press of the wide muscular chest into his back. He stroked the hardness in his briefs. His real dad... 'Yeah, I fuckin do alright. Don't fuckin understand it tho.'

Sike hugged the lad tighter still. 'Oh I do. I understand what you need son. You need a good strong dad. One who don't take no shit from anyone. One who'll do stuff with yer. And you've fuckin got him now, haven't yer?' An eager nod in response. 'Tell yer somethin else, you fuckin got him for life...'

Jack tensed. The low words in his ear feeding him as surely as the man's engorged sex unloading seed on to his eager tongue. 'Yeah?'

'You fuckin better believe it. One day when we're both outta here, I'm still gonna look after yer, just like I'm doin now. It's like I told yer right from the start: I'm gonna fuckin own you. You're fuckin mine.'

Jack felt the massive arms around him, protecting him, the press of his dad's bristly face rubbing against the side of his neck and the deep insistence of his sexy weapon. The words circled round and round his head. He dared to smile at what the distant future held.

'Fuckin hell dad... D'you... D'you really mean it?'

'Course I fuckin mean it. I don't say stuff I don't mean, son.'

Jack felt the force of the man's promise and his heart exploded with emotion on top of the fierce pounding lust. Complete reality shift. When had he ever felt this good? Maybe there was a point to life after all...

'You're the fuckin best, dad.'

Sike grinned.

'I know. And now I'm gonna fuckin show you why.'

Jack felt the desire rush within him; the overwhelming need to give his dad the total satisfaction he deserved. 'Fuck yeahhhh. Show me.'

At that, the man began to reaffirm his rightful authority, his meaty thickness starting to make longer strokes, building momentum. He let the lad lean forward again to take it better, but continued to hold him at the shoulders, partially upright. Jack, head still buzzing with his dad's words, arched more by pushing back once again with his behind, feeling it being seriously ploughed now for the man's aggressive pleasure.

'Nnnnnnghh. That's the way I like it, dad. Yeahh.'

He could see the explicit image again in his head: well-muscled dad intimately bonding with his son, showin him how it should be done, might makin right... Fuck yeahhhh. He reached back to feel the side of the muscular body that was driving its raw masculinity into him and moaned in horny abandon, his other hand lifting his own meat out of his briefs to wank himself properly. His well-hard dad was fucking him like some sexy bitch... Filling him... Filling him with brutal intensity... So... Fuckin... Amazin...

'Yeah, you said it yerself son... Straight blokes with big dicks deserve to get em seen to. You know the fuckin score. I'm doin your pussyhole good n proper.'

'Nnnghhh. Fuck. Yeahhhh. Feels so. Nngh. Fuckin good.' Jack was breathing hard and fast now. His dad was a hard fucker alright: massive meat driving in again and again, owning his hole. An invasion of rough male virility, testing his levels of endurance to the limit. His body jolted with every thrust.

Sike felt the sweat trickle down his face as he went to work on the lad's tender backside. Yeahhhh. He was a fuckin machine. His son's smooth back was arched in ecstasy between the grip of his rough hands and the thick mature shaft below doing what it did best. Sexy forced submission. Loosenin that hole up real good. Drivin him to the edge.

'Mmmmmm yeahhhh. Feel this motherfucker workin yer tight hole. You're fuckin takin it good now, intcha? '

'Fuckin right. Fuckin am. Nghhh.'

Jack felt the fire in his hole growing, but the feeling from his own aching dick transformed it into a burning desire that only his dad's king-sized meat could ever satisfy. He stretched his neck to look round at the incredible sight, the monstrous muscled thug in the red gloom, outstretched tattooed arm holding his body in place, moody face in furious concentration. Fucking hell. A shiver ran through him, and his hand moved faster over his own hardness. Sike saw his son looking round, the horny desperation written across his disbelieving face. He growled at him.

'This is what it's all about, son. This is how straight blokes with big dicks give it to their bitches. S'what they fuckin love, innit? S'what you're fuckin gettin..'

'Yeah, I fuckin love it too dad. Fuckin do.'

'Course you do, son. I'm the fuckin best, int I?'

'Yeah, fuckin right. Nnngh. The fuckin best.'

The image lodged itself permanently into Jack's mind and he looked back in front to the dimly lit wall. He shut his eyes tight and concentrated solely on the feeling of dominant manhood slamming into him. His long-lost dad's hard shaft screwing his hole to perfection. So this is what you wanted, Jack. Yeah? Yeah. Fuckin is. It's what I need. And what I want... Me dad's fuckin givin it to me.

Sike sped on toward the finish line, a furious demon. His powerful lust was absolute, locked on target and readying to fire.

'Feel that kiddo. Feel yer daddy's motherfuckin prick. Takin it like a bitch, intcha?'

'Aghhh. Fuck yeah. Fuckin do me. Nnnngh.' Jack was submerged in his dad's virility, his straight instincts no match for the terrible beauty of what was being done to him. His hole was being drilled to a numb throb, the man's iron weapon plunging relentlessly on. Totally merciless. Driving male heat deep inside him.

'Yeahhhh. That's what you want, innit? Yer dad's big straight dick. Tell me how much you fuckin want it...'

Jack was in a state of trapped arousal and overwhelming physical pressure, prepared to say anything to please his tough-nut dad now.

'Oh I fuckin want it dad. Nggh. Want it real... Bad. Fuckin dream about... aghhh... yer big straight dick... ngh... every fuckin night, I do. You know I'm...hhnnghh... fuckin straight, dad. Fuckin am. Hnnngghh. But I fuckin love suckin it... uuughh... every day, gettin that... nnnngh... fuckin hot load in my gob. Nnngh. From my real dad.'

'Course you do, son. Fuckin tasty, innit?'

You're so fuckin... nnnghh... awesome... Uuuurrrgh. And then... Feelin you fuck me with it... nnghhhh... like I'm yer... hnnnggghhh... fuckin sexy bitch. Can't fuckin get enough... Please... Uuurrrghhh. Don't stop... I'll be a good boy... Nnnghh. Yeah. I'll... Argh... do what I'm told.

Sike grinned with grim satisfaction. Perfect. He had him on the edge now, he knew it.

'You got it. Doin it for yer dad, intcha? You're a good boy. Fuckin feel it right inside yer son.'

Jack's youthful face contorted in a state of pained ecstasy. Yeah. That big straight dick was inflicting the sweetest fuckin torture on him. Fuckin insane. Dad, please...

'Yeah. Nnnnngh. So good. So good. Nnngh. So fuckin good.'

'Gonna fuckin shoot in a minute.'

'Oh yeahhhh. Right up me dad. Ngh. Shoot it right... Up me.'

Jack's breaths were coming in quick sharp bursts now, his body fiercely jolted by the aggressiveness being channelled into his rear end. Then the thought of his dad's hot seed sent him completely over the edge. He teetered there for a moment, trying to comprehend what was happening, the huge hard torpedo of male sex pummelling his tender hole. Then the wonderful rush of ecstasy as his dick begin to spurt in his hand, scattering his cum on to his dad's bed. He moaned in unbridled delight.

'NNNNNNNNNGHHHHH. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Yeahhhh. Want your fuckin load so much. Please dad. Fuckin shoot it.'

Sike felt the fury of his desire reaching a glorious climax. His son had done him fuckin proud. Eyes narrowed, grip tightened, he slammed in a last few fearsomely powerful strokes with his poised weapon, breathing fast and furious.

'Aggghh. Here it fuckin comes lad. Here it fuckin well comes.'

'Yeah dad. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ngh.' Jack was frantic now, eager for his dad's nuts to unload inside him. He reached back again to feel the hard fuzzy muscle thumping against his body and pushed back one more time with his rear, back arching in the half-light. A slave to the rhythm pounding into him. Total submission to his dad's rightful dominance.

Sike could see his son showing him how much he wanted it. Sheer fuckin pleasure overload. His nutsack tightened. Fuck yeahhhhhhh. He looked down one more time at his brutal size sliding unstoppably between those sweet smooth cheeks. The aggressive perfection of it. Doin his son like a bitch. He buried the meat deep and held it there. Felt the breaking of the wave...


The violent release shook him to the core, and the cum shot out from the head of his buried tool. Jack heard the guttural cry and felt the pulsing within. He closed his eyes in amazement, his body shaking slightly. He knew what was happening: the man was giving him the load he'd craved. Claiming him for his very own... He heard his dad groan deeply with satisfaction.

'Nnnnnghhhh. Yeahhhhhhh. Fillin you up, son. I'm fillin you up...'

Jack, drunk and high on emotion, could barely speak. The feeling was so right. So fuckin right. The rest of life faded into insignificance. 'Oh yeah dad... Yeah.' The entire length was in there, his dad's meaty groin pressing into him, the massive motherfuckin dick possessing him, pumping out the juice. 'Fuckin. Incredible.'

Sike pulled the lad toward him, his mighty weapon still in deep. That was some fuck. Don't come much better. Jack stood unsteadily. He felt the muscular arms being wrapped around him, trapping his own arms and body in their strong embrace; felt the press of sweaty fuzz against his back. He looked down at the tattooed muscle holding him, dimly visible in the red shadow. He felt wanted.

'I'm the fuckin best, son. Dint I tell yer?'

'You're a fuckin pro, that's what you are.'

Sike gave a short, knowing chuckle and nuzzled into the side of the lad's neck with his bristly face.

'Yeah. I know what I'm fuckin doin, don't I?

'Fuck yeah. Anytime you want it dad, I'll be ready n waitin.'

Jack closed his eyes and savoured the moment. This was how it was always gonna be from now on, whatever other shit happened out there... The two of em together. His unavoidable fate to give pleasure to his dad's big straight motherfuckin dick whenever it was demanded of him; their secret arrangement. Nothin homo bout it, just might makin right... What life's about, innit? His mind revisited the image from earlier, the juicy dangling snake there before him in the hellish gloom, slowly expanding and lifting to target his awestruck face. Yeah dad. I'll be a good boy. Promise.

The aftermath of the storm faded into the night.

Outside the cell door, the figure stood silently watching through the grill, transfixed, hand in pocket gently squeezing good sensations from the head of the long hard prick hidden inside his uniform. He understood now. Forbidden knowledge, impossible to unlearn...


 To be continued...

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Duguláselhárítás Debrecen    *****    Frissült a Szerkesztõ ajánlata! Szeretnéd, hogy a Te portálod is kikerüljön? Küldd be:    *****    Olvass kritikákat filmes és sorozatos párosokról! Itt biztosan megtalálod a saját vagy leendõ kedvenceidet is!    *****    Az asztrológiai elõrejelzések olyan tendenciákat mutatnak,melyek,nehéz döntéseknél nélkülözhetetlenek. Rendeld meg most!    *****    Az Éjszaka Misztériuma várja régi és új látogatóit újult erõvel, és heti több bejegyzéssel! | Nox Arcana    *****    Simonyi ingatlan Debrecen, Balaton 2019 Sok-sok új eladó ingatlannal bõvült kínálatunk válassza ki az önnek megfelelõt.    *****    Nagyon részletes születési horoszkóp, 3 éves ajándék elõrejelzéssel, ingyenes konzultációval, csak nálam. Kattints ide!!    *****    Ha te is szereted a Zöld Íjász elbûvölõ szerelmespárját az Olicityt akkor itt a helyed! Mindent róluk és a sorozatról!    *****    A születési horoszkóp az ÚJ ÉV legszebb meglepetése! Ajándékba küldök 3 év elõrejelzést, jó tudni milyen lesz a jövõ!!!!    *****    Zenei blog. Kritikák, listák, ajánlók és még több! -> Popusz    *****    családi pótlék utalása 2019 - dátumok, kifizetések, idõpontok az utalásról itt:    *****    MOVIE-NIGHT -> ÚJ FILMES OLDAL NYÍLT <- MOVIE-NIGHT    *****    Szerepjáték &#8211; Csatlakozz közénk, és részese Te is a kalandoknak - FRPG    *****    Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs. - Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs.    *****    A Roxfort Boszorkány- és Varázslóképzõ Szakiskola megnyitja kapuit!    *****    "Ó, én bizony korántsem merném állítani, hogy ismerem a Roxfort összes titkát." /Dumbledore/    *****    THE EVIL WITHIN| Harry Potter szerepjáték    *****    BOOKISLAND - könyvajánlók, ahol a könyvek életre kelnek - BOOKISLAND    *****    SoulSisters/ Nézz be az oldalunkra, ha érdekes cikkre, vagy épp kritikára vágysz. Hangolódj velünk az ünnepekre!    *****    Szereted az ünnepi idõszakot? Már hetekkel elõtte készülsz? Vagy legszívesebben elkerülnéd? Mondd el!