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Short-stories : Bridgycat - Here is the house

Bridgycat - Here is the house

Bridgycat  2011.07.26. 20:11

NC-17, angst, dark, slash

Here is the house

Tiredly leaning your head against his chest, he's so big and warm and cuddly in the mist of your mind right now, you inhale his scent mingled with or maybe made of soft leather and hairspray and grown in smoke as you stroke your face up against his jacket for a bit, trying to find the most comfortable position to rest in and you think you smile as he puts his arm around you. Feels so good you'd stay there forever if your legs would only let you, just standing there so close to him in the warmth and coziness and alcoholic haze, timidly rocked by the moving elevator space. You bury your face right below his throat, if you had the strength you could tilt your head a bit and kiss his bare collarbone and the sudden thought of it trails into thinking about him, his warm, naked body holding yours and you can't tell whether it's more of a giggle or a sighish kind of noise but there it is, your soft, grinning soundwaves up against his chest and you don't care it's his clothes and not his skin your lips press against when you turn your face slightly to give him an a little too devoted kiss. He strokes your back, feels so good, feels so warm, and his free hand places itself right by your neck only to make you lolly your head upwards to look at his quiet face. He says something, you think it's "come on", you don't care because he smiles so prettily and you want to kiss him, just kiss him and kiss him and kiss him for hours.
"I want to kiss you."
"I know."
"Do you want to kiss me?"
He merely gives you another smile and you keep your glance on his face as he somehow manages to make you walk with your arm around his waist and his over your shoulders. Doesn't give you an answer but you love him anyway. You decide you'll kiss him once he comes close enough and when he finally does after he's gotten the door to his hotel room open and you stand by the bed you've forgotten all about it.
"You're so pretty", you mumble as he draws the jacket from your shoulders, your back, your arms, you don't even realize you're fingering his belt until he puts his hands around yours and pulls them away, getting you out of your shirt and tight, black jeans too before leading you further towards the bed where you fall right on your back upon the white, white sheets.
You see him stand before you by the mattress you lie upon, spreading your arms from yourself and looking at him from slightly different angles when you roll your head from side to side. He's so beautiful in the dark, in the light, whenever, wherever, he undresses himself and you feel like helping him but you don't have the power to rise. Oh, his body, so warm and bare and endlessly pretty, want to feel it against you, him inside of you, want him to make love to you and you slide your hand down your goosebumped body as you look at him, releasing a heavy exhale once he finally turns his head to meet your drunken gaze. Before you know it he's down on your side, his arm around you drawing you into a more proper sleeping pose with your head actually near the pillow area and your hand for some reason no longer between your legs. You try to touch him, feel his warmth like every other night but he doesn't let you.
"Don't you want to fuck me?", you murmur against the soft, white pillowcase, drawing your hands over his bare skin and trying to comprehend the actual distance between your heavy-set heads.
He takes your fingers in his slightly sweat-moist palms once they reach his warm thighs and cock and he pulls the sheet up over your naked bodies and tells you he wants you to sleep. He lets you hold him for some reason, allowing your fingers across his skin as long as they stay away from his crotch and it takes a few times before you learn to respect that he honestly doesn't want you there right now. Strokes hair from your face and rests his big, warm hand by your neck as you look at him lie there so close to you, don't understand why he doesn't want to fuck you but you stop bringing it up after a while and kind of suddenly realize how tired you are.
"You feel so good." You don't even know if you think it, shout it or merely whisper it into the air but he smiles against your lips as he finally kisses you so blissfully soft you can't help but give a light moan into his pretty, warm mouth and you never want to let him go, never want him to stop touching you. You crawl up closer to him and bury yourself in his kiss and you wonder if you'll even remember this in the morning.
"I love you."
"I know. Go to sleep."
His lips are so soft and sweet against yours and you don't even know how long you just lie there, kissing, you don't care because it's the last thing you feel before falling asleep and it's all you could ever wish for right then and there.
Wake up with a throbbing headache and cum on your thigh and you're not sure where you are until you recognize his scent in the sheets without any idea on how you even got into his bed in the first place. You really don’t need to know.

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